What Happened To Alyansa Sabungero (Cockfighter Alliance)? Philippine Political Party List?


Hope to know “What Happened To Alyansa Sabungero (Cockfighter Alliance)? Philippine Political Party List?”. Google is not helping much… Email us.

“This Party-List is alive and kicking. We are about to file anew Registration cum Accreditation with COMELEC, but as Aasenso Sabungero this time around. Thanks for your concern, Nid Alcantara Anima (2012-03-26)”

The articles below are in reverse chronological order.

– Gameness til the End

Comelec rejects ‘sabungeros’

By Sheila Crisostomo (The Philippine Star)
Updated October 20, 2009 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines – The hopes of an alliance of cockfighting aficionados to be represented in Congress have been dashed as the second division of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) rejected the application for accreditation of Alyansa Sabungero.

In a resolution, the second division headed by Commissioner Nicodemo Ferrer ruled that the petition of Alyansa Sabungero was “not verified and does not conform with Section 5 of Republic Act 7941” or the party-list law.

Under the law, “any organized group of persons may register as a party, organization or coalition for purposes of the party-list system by filing with the Comelec not later than 90 days before the election a petition verified by its president or secretary stating its desire to participate in the party-list system.”

The verification should include the group’s constitution and bylaws, platform of government, list of officers, agreement and other relevant information.

But in a motion for reconsideration filed with the Comelec, Alyansa Sabungero founder Nid Anima said the poll body’s “adverse resolution… has been done without due process…

“Alyansa Sabungero never having been called to a hearing and thus, never given its proverbial day (in) court,” he noted.

Anima added that it was an “oversight on the part of Alyansa Sabungero to skip on things it thinks as obvious” as he mentioned requirements for putting up a party-list organization.

These requirements include nationwide coverage, non-affiliation with any religious sect or denomination, adherence to law and being non-recipient of foreign funding.

Aside from filing a motion for reconsideration, the group had also lodged a supplemental petition that seeks to “correct the infirmities in its original petition.”

Comelec nixes Sabungero party-list

October 19, 2009, 8:08pm

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has denied the accreditation of a group of cockfighters called “Alyansa Sabungero” for party-list after it failed to meet “basic” technical requirements.

In a resolution, the Comelec said the petition of “Alyansa Sabungero”, did not have any verification necessary from its president or secretary.

“It boils down on the technicality. For us that is not strict technicalities because that is a basic requirement for you to file anything in court of the judicial party. It has to be verified. They don’t have that,” said Commissioner Nicodemo Ferrer of Comelec’s Second Division.

Ferrer was referring to Section 5 of the Party List Law (Republic Act 7941) where it states that a petition should be verified by its president or secretary in filing with the Comelec their desire to participate in the party-list system.

But in its Motion for Reconsideration, the group admitted that they overlooked the need to have their documents verified by founder and president Nid Anima.

“It is admittedly an oversight on the part of Alyansa Sabungero to skip things it thinks as obvious… even its having to commit compliance with the laws, rules and regulations relating to elections,” the group said.

A total of 264 organizations have filed for accreditation at the Comelec, including Ang Ladlad which represents gays, lesbians, transgenders, and bisexuals.


CARREO by Rolando S. Luzong
Peoples Tonight (September 9, 2009)

You have to give it to Alyansa Sabungero founder Nid Anima for balls. Say much in the vernacular and you will be saying obscene. It is the only way – there’s no other – to describe the willingness to be recipient of so much flak.

The flak emanates from everywhere, print, radio, tv and event internet, not to mention word of mouth. The last is very real in the watering places, cafes, barbershops, cockpits and elsewhere.

You have to give it to Nid Anima as well for decisive action, his known trademark. Other sabungeros, whether individually or in groups, have been so much inyo the talk of putting up a cockfight party list and this direction is privy to the same. Yet it was still all blabber and no action.

Anima is quite the opposite. His words come few and far between, but as it turns out, he acts quite decisively. His filing for Accreditation cum Registration of the Party List Alyansa Sabungero thus exploded in everybody’s face like the bomb it is not.

It really surprised everyone, especially from the ranks of the sabungeros. Not one expected it, least of all from a quiet man like Anima. His move is not precipitate, though.

“It was the least of my wishes for the burden of filing the party list to fall on my shoulders, if I had the choice at all” so says the Alyansa Sabungero founder.

But it would seem he has none at all.

He continues, “I waited long enough and patiently. Election after election after election, so many really, came and went and no sound is heard from the cockfight front. Not even a whimper. No pary list has been filed…My patience came to a head.-its short end – in 2007. I told myself then : ‘Should no one still come forward to file a sabungero party list, then I’ll take the initiative in 2010. ‘And that was that’.

The filing for Accreditation of the Alyansa Sabungero definitely pulled the rug beneath the feet of those are all plan and talk but deficient in resolve and action. They have only themselves to blame. They are now sour-graping over the fault, not of Nid Anima’s making but their own.

You have to give it to Nid Anima for other things besides. This cockfight is something controversial and almost indefensible. It takes a fellow of superior intelligence to be on top of any debate regarding its morality. Anima is equal to the task of justifying it, thanks to his being cerebral.

For the elections of 2010, there are more than 250 party list petitioners. Yet none of them attracted so much public attention and outcry as does Alyansa Sabungero. Only this party list really and no other. Sympathizers try to appease its founder’s punctured feelings with the cliché : Publicity, good or bad, is still publicity.

The enormous attention laid on Alyansa Sabungero is quite understandable. The cockfight is such a controversial subject. Funny and crazy, but it has made of its proponent sort of an overnight celebrity. Something he could not have bargained.

If he were a movie star, there would be no problem about his identity. But he is not. He is just an ordinary man. Very much like you and me. For that, the query – Who is Nid Anima?

The query jolts him somehow, not having previously figured it out. Would he have had, but he has not? It strikes him as some of challenge and if we know him enough, he is not going to shirk it. Next time his answer will be filed in. Hack that on rock.

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