Animal Tags and Bands vs RFID Tags vs RFID Implants


– Gameness til the End

Animal Tags and Bands

Breeding needs proper identification. Competition needs proper identification especially stag competition.

For chickens, there are three types of tags and bands:

  1. wing badges
  2. wing bands
  3. leg bands

For gamecock strain of chickens, wing badges are not much used. Maybe for breeder gamecock chickens.

Wing bands and leg bands are commonly used for gamecock strain of chicken. These tags and bands can be tamperproof or not. Tamperproof tags and bands provide proper identification of an individual gamecock both female and male.

The stamped numbers and letters identify an individual animals or gamecock chicken.

Barcode Tags and Bands

Barcode provide integration with computers via a barcode reader. Mistake is less without human error on encoding the ID code.


RFID readers provides same integration with computer systems as the barcode.

For chickens, not yet available on the market but there could be some chicken farmers using RFID tags intended for other animals.

RFID Implants (Microchips)

RFID implants provide a level of security better than RFID tags and the traditional tags and bands. It can be utilized to identify lost animal when found. It is not visible thus tampering is lessen. A surgery might be needed to remove it from the animal, thus, identification is more secure.

Horse, Ratite, Emu, Ostriche, Deer, Elk, Antelope, Water Buffalo are some of the farm animals that may be tagged with RFID implants.

For chickens, not yet available on the market but there could be some chicken farmers using RFID implants intended for other animals.


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