Penn & Teller vs People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Non-Profits Wars and Secrets

PETA is being watched by Peta Kills Animals.

HSUS is being watched by HumaneWatch.

These four groups are all non-profit organization, if I am not mistaken.

First two groups are parading as animal rights group. The other two groups are antagonists to the first two groups.

What are they quarreling about? Donations which are their salary and expenses and perks.

Whatever their advertised cause, they are only after their main source of income. Their salaries in their non-profit organization.

Vote Choice. Free Thinkers.

Respect liberty and freedom of fellowman. Mind your own business.

Whether you are NOT an animal farmer or an animal farmer, do not mind other animal farmers way of raising their own animals.

Life… animal farming..

Liberty… sports of cockfighting..

Property… gamecock strain of chickens.. eggs..

Pursuit of Happiness… taking care of gamecocks.. being a world champion in the sports of cockfighting..

Do not oppress others with your own twisted greed and causes. Do not use animal products and products tested on animals if you do not want to.

But let other fellowman enjoy meat, leather, medicine, vaccine, surgery, implant, transplant, companion, pet, sport athlete, etc. which are animal or animal products or not possible without animals. Animal farmer and hunter are the guardians of animals.

Farmers know how to take care of animals, that is their profession.

Hunters know how to select and control wild animals just like forest firefighter know how to protect the forest from fire.

Animal rights groups’ profession is to manipulate others to give their donations and use that donations for their salary, expenses and perks. The cause is always a twisted greed for naive people who do not know the truth.

Penn & Teller vs People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

30 minutes episode of Penn & Teller

– Gameness til the End

poultry gamefowl chicken gamecock


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