Thunderbird PFGB Digmaan vs DerbyAce NFGB Bakbakan (vs Sagupaan National Derby)

I will enjoy even if it is only a spar… a hack… no bet…

Classless sports… now… let’s do it… Open Derby.. Free Derby… Sponsored by companies’ ads…

The three largest racing series sanctioned by NASCAR are the Sprint Cup Series, the Nationwide Series, and the Camping World Truck Series.

  • Sprint, a mobile company, stock symbol “S”
  • Nationwide, an insurance company
  • Camping World, a recreational vehicle and camping supplies company

I am guessing you can join all three nascar series if you can handle all three…

Thunderbird, DerbyAce, abc brand, xyz brand…

Cockfighting leagues must respect your rights to join any league you wanted…

Money is the only reason they oppress you from joining other leagues aka derby competitions.

I wonder when an international or national competition derby be about winning and not money for all concern in cockfighting – industry, livelihood, lifestyle, etc…

Where is sports? It is the first and foremost… SPORTS!!!

Why can you not join Thunderbird PFGB Digmaan as mandated by DerbyAce NFGB Bakbakan?

And NFGB Affiliated associations will terminate your lifetime membership if you do so as mandated again by DerbyAce NFGB Bakbakan.

PFGB officer confirmed to me that they will accept associations that are affiliated with NFGB.

NFGB mandate to “independent” local associations is to terminate members of local associations which is also a member of local association affiliated to PFGB. Where is the independence of the local associations?

  • First, an individual is a member of the local association.
  • Second, NFGB do not have power over local association memberships.
  • Third, what is the point of NFGB?

Let’s make it simple.

  • A school might be accredited to many “standard giving body”. A student might be an active student of many universities at the same time.
  • An individual might have many “internet service provider” at the same time.
  • A boxer might be an active athlete in many international organizations.

BAKBAKAN is an 11-Stag Derby for stags banded by NFGB and bred by members of local associations affiliated with NFGB.

  • PHP 15,000 pot money + (PHP 5,500 min bet x 3 elims stags) + (PHP 5,500 x 4 semis stags) + (PHP 11,000 x 4 finals stags)
  • PHP 22,000,000 Champion Prize from PHP 40,000,000 Total Prizes

DIGMAAN is an 9-Stag Derby for stags banded by PFGB and bred by members of local associations affiliated with PFGB.

  • PHP 6,600 pot money + (PHP 4,400 min bet x 9 stags)
  • PHP x,000,000 Champion Prize from PHP 10,000,000 Total Prizes

Is it not that NFGB Affiliated association is independent by itself?

Local association must be able to join any group their local association have met the requirements for affiliation.

Sagupaan National Derby in its first year this year.

The start of what might be the closest to Open Derby/Free Derby in terms of ratio of pot money of PHP 9,000 plus minimum bet of PHP 5,500 each fight in a 9-Cock to the Champion Prize of PHP 10 million + PHP 1 million if you are the handler too for your team.

  • PHP 9,900 pot money + (PHP 5,500 x 9 cocks)
  • PHP 10,000,000 Champion Prize from PHP 15,100,000 Total Prizes
  • Add PHP 1,000,0000 to Champion Prize if you are the handler too

What is more interesting is that your locally bred gamecock might faced foreign bred gamecock. Be proud! SND!

Sagupaan National Derby will not be alone in the near future. Others will create their own leagues too. Just like SND, maybe with larger Champion Prize. We do not care about total prize. Champion Prize is what matters. Prestige to be a World Champion.

We might see a truly Open Derby/Free Derby soon without any restriction and oppression to any of the teams and will be CLASSLESS – the poor can compete without worry of pot money and minimum bets.

– Gameness til the End

poultry gamefowl chicken gamecock

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