How To Breed A Gamecock That Is Dead Game?

Pit Game

The best we can guarantee to breed is pit game gamecock.

A gamecock that will keep trying to kill his foe until his body consume the oxygen from his last breath. To secure a draw. Most will win though.

The gamecock that survived all inflicted wounds including fatigue can be considered as a brood cock for deep gameness that might be passed to his offsprings.

The gamecock that become crippled can still be considered as brood cock using artificial insemination. The cripple gamecock’s sisters and daughters must be coveted for deep gameness as well.

Dead Game

A true dead game gamecock is lifeless.

Breed the best potentially dead game gamecock during his prime. When he has several generations of offsprings from inbreeding and linebreeding to him, it is time to verify if he is really dead game gamecock. He has to be lifeless to be considered dead game gamecock.

Breed the daughters of the lifeless dead game gamecock. The sons of the lifeless gamecock can also be used. But more important are the deeply inbred-linebred direct daughters. To brother or to pit game gamecock that is an inbred-linebred direct descendants of another lifeless dead game gamecock.

Test for Dead Game Gameness

Right after long battle in non-weapon or any weapon combat, pit game gamecocks with injuries will show fight.

After four to 24 hours, the same pit game gamecock might not show fight due to trauma of the injuries received 4-24 hours earlier. This behavior is due to:

The pit game gamecock is badly sick now that his dead game gameness is the only reason that he might show fight when another gamecock put in front of him.

Hypothetical Mishaps

If your recovering pit game gamecock with injuries is attacked by another gamecock that got loose from his pen or tie cord with long pointed natural spurs, will your pit game gameock yesterday in the cockpit be pit game again in your yard?

What about if the next day, same mishap happened, will your two consecutive day pit game gamecock be pit game gamecock again for the third consecutive day?

And fourth consecutive day? Fifth consecutive day? Sixth consecutive day? Seventh consecutive day?

Hypothetically, many battles in consecutive days. Until he is lifeless but showed “Gameness til the End”.

Everyday Mishap

A 6 month old stag was found in the morning with a 3 year old gamecock in what seem to be at least 2 hours of drag fight. Both stag and gamecock are pecking and trying to hit each other still when separated.

After 4 hours or 24 hours, both gamecocks (stag and cock) must show fight when another gamecock is put in front of him. To pass the one battle after 24 hour gameness test. I have witnessed this mishap more than expected due to my neglect. But it is a joy knowing that they are game after this unscheduled test of gameness.


Does your gamecock show fight even an hour before his death due to “plague disease”? If he does, he is dead game gamecock. I have witnessed this for a fact in my childhood days. It was bittersweet. Losing him then realizing he is dead game.


“Gameness is Relative.” – INH

– Gameness til the End

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