Philippines: The Longest of Short Knives

Short knife is shorter than two inches:

  • Mexican short knife is an inch
  • American short knife is an inch and a quarter

Philippine short knife might be pegged at an inch and a half as the Philippine Short Knife Association will host its first international derby competition this coming 4th of November. Filipino rules apply just like in slashers or long knife competition.

It will be the first to my knowledge to use stags in an international derby in all non-weapon and with-weapon events.

Submission of weights is a day before the event. Stags must be NFGB or UGBA banded in your own farm.

Check out the photos and videos of the press conference last 27th of October here.

Complete support from the cockfighting media entities as all showed up to hear about the 3-stag derby and the goal of the group; which is to improve the gene pool of the Philippines in terms of deadly accurate deep cutting gamecocks.

Several top Philippine cockfighters attended in a jovial atmosphere to welcome new competition aside from slasher or long knife in which the Philippines reigns supreme.

Knife cockfighters from Mexico and United States will have another top competition to look forward to every year aside from many of these competitions every year:

  • Derby Intercontinental
  • Gran Derby Mexico vs USA

with several days of knife competition.

– Gameness til the End


For more information, the poster can be found in this facebook link.


I sent this message to Carol NeSmith:

I wrote on my wall…

“do you know who is a great sk in sunset? before being wsc champ? using same bloodlines…”

and my answer is you.

can you tell me more about your short knife beginnings and experiences in top usa cockpits when it was legal?

Carol NeSmith answered with:

I have won in the american gaff, the mexican sk, and the PI. lk. as much as anyone i know using the same Blackwater bloodlines in all of the three weapons when it was legal to do so.

poultry gamefowl chicken gamecock

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