Open Minded Person: “I thought the fact alone that I eat chicken would have made me a complete hypocrite for even suggesting the idea.”


– Gameness til the End

How This Cock Fighting Event Changed My View On Life…


There is nothing either good or bad, only thinking makes it so.

For starters, I was extremely hesitant about posting this video (or even making it for that matter)

But in the end, I decided the main reason behind this blog and hence my travels, is to document what life is really like in different parts of the world, regardless of what my experiences might be.

Coming to this conclusion has really helped me overcome some of my own inhibitions and feeling like I am holding back on certain things in an effort not to offend some people. After all it’s not me who doing these things, I am simply an observer or a reporter showcasing my experiences to the world.

I’ve also come to realization lately, that no matter what one does, they are never going to please everybody all the time…so what difference does it really make.

I am not saying that I condone this sport by any means. But I have to say that after spending many years of my life searching for that “one truth”, this experience helped me understand that there really is no “one truth” and that we all perceive things in a different ways. It all just depends on what the culture we were raised in deems as acceptable.

Seeing this cockfight made me realize that nearly everything I’ve been taught in regards to what is right and wrong and what is acceptable and unacceptable has been nothing more than a set of ideas and beliefs that have been instilled in me by the culture I was raised in.

The thing that really got me thinking while I was sitting there, was to see the kids in the room. And I started to wonder what it would have been like if I were raised in the same situation.

For one, I would probably see absolutely nothing wrong with cockfighting, and in fact, I would probably consider it a common pastime on Sunday afternoons like all of those people.

Without question, it would have been very hard to convince anyone in that room that what they were was considered wrong. Nor do I think they would have cared.

Furthermore, I thought the fact alone that I eat chicken would have made me a complete hypocrite for even suggesting the idea.

Although I would probably not actively seek out another cock fight as I travel, I would say that the process is no more in-humane than how the poultry industry operates in the U.S. or any other part of the world for that matter.

To see for yourself how truly cruel the process can be, check out a movie called “Food Inc.” You can visit the site here and see a free trailer.

It will blow your mind and help you see the reality of what it really takes to get that chicken, beef or pork in your sandwich everyday. It really is enough to make you consider vegetarianism. Or at least buy organic meat from specialty farm raised animals. I highly recommend the movie.

Anyhow, attending this event oddly became a profound experience for me. And these types of occurrences are the exact reasons why I love to travel.

It is common knowledge amongst fellow travelers I meet, that it’s simply impossible to explain to people who never leave their own country the feeling of self discovery and understanding of life one gets from world travel. There really is no better substitute for life education and growing ones concept of what this world is really about.

The best explanation I can give is this. People talk about the potential existence of alien planets in our Universe and some even dream of how interesting and amazing it would be to visit these places and experience these cultures.

But the fact is, these types of situations exist right here on earth. And when one travels to these places, one gets a feeling of being in another world.

People look different, they speak languages that often times are not understood and live in ways that are completely foreign to what one is used to.

The more I travel, the bigger the world seems to me and the more I realize just how little I really know. It is truly my desire that more people get the chance to experience global travel and the effects it inevitably has on ones thoughts and life. There is a whole world to discover and I promise it will change you forever.

What was one profound experience that you had that took you by surprise? Looking forward to your comments.

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