MoltGame INTL (Every September 21)

The information below is from facebook page of MoltGame INTL.

This tournament will definitely improve the gameness of gamecocks from all over the world. The genotype and phenotype of molt deep gameness will be tested and selected for our gamecocks to compete in this event.

– Gameness til the End

World Community (Feel Free To Upload Your Moltgame Photos and Videos)
Sept 21 Every Year (your own city or worldwide)

Sept 21 Every Year (your own city or worldwide)

Only heavy molting gamecocks will compete for the title prize.

Molted and non-heavy molting gamecocks can join or can be used but not towards the title prize. Just to make the game more interesting.

1. pay the entry fee
2. no bet each fight
3. no loss continue to next fight
4. winner take all

3-cock will be a good start. Up to 12-cock later when INTL really happen.

Entry fee of P1,100.00 will be a good start. May increased when INTL really happen.


Steel Weapon: LH, SK, LK
Weight: 1.8 – 2.3 kgs
Matched Difference: 40 grams


Naked Heel Weapon: natural spurless, natural spurs, tape spurs, tape cut spurs, postiza, peg.
Weight: open
Matched Difference: 100 grams


Worldwide coordination if all countries or organizations participate in united tournament. This will make the winner purse bigger as there will be more entries in different cities in the world. No need to come to one place.


Fair Tournament: Entry Fee, No Bet Each Fight, No Losers, Winner Take All


poultry gamefowl chicken gamecock


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