Velocity is distance over time

Fast is about the sense of velocity

  • My speed was a fast 911 mph
  • Moving or capable of moving at a high speed
  • An action that occurs in a short period of time
  • A fast learner describes the speed at which one learns

Quick is about sense of time

  • My quarter mile elapse time was a quick 9.11 seconds
  • Moving fast or doing something in a short time
  • The completion of an action in a short time
  • A quick student is implying something about the student herself

Gamecock: Fast or Quick

A fast gamecock is all about speed.

I have seen a fast gamecock that crossed from one end to the other end of World Slasher Cup arena. It is more than 20 feet of distance but he still caught the other gamecock on the ground. And he killed his foe with his multiple blows right there where it is standing still.

A quick gamecock is alert, smart, and intelligent.

I have seen a quick gamecock that killed several fast gamecocks right where he is waiting before the fast gamecock can deliver a blow.

I have seen a quick gamecock that dodged the attacks and blows of his foe by just side stepping a little. Then before his foe can maneuver to change direction, a quick gamecock will deliver a killing blow from behind or from the side.

– IN

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