Thailand Cockfighting Status Quo: Living Room

Status Quo

Public cockfighting is going to be preserved in Thailand for future worldwide generations of Liberty loving people. But Thai cockfighters have to continue their fight to expand their rights and not to compromise with oppressive laws.

In the previous articles, we learned that Thai government is helping Thai cockfighters with their exportation of gamecocks to other countries, Indonesia primarily. But others in Thailand is using a computerized system to appease the animal rights, instead of real cockfighting. This has to change, fast.

When you let go one of your rights, the rest of your rights are just a matter of time.

This actually happened in United States of America. Where some cockfighters are complacent about the ban on cockfighting. They are thinking they can continue to own and raise gamecocks for sale. They gave up the fight for their right to enjoy the sports of cockfighting. They gave up ONE of the only rights worth fighting for. Now, they are besieged on their rights of owning and raising gamecocks. If some of our fellow americans do not wake up and do not stand up, then gamecocks will be for poultry show or we all be living as criminals.

Activist become the free. Criminals might end up in jail.

Nonetheless, we are all making our sports of cockfighting flourish in the minds of our youths.

Gamecock on TV

Our sports is growing in Thailand as these videos are from a Thai TV Channel regular show.

Channel 8 is providing a view for the world to see Thai tradition and culture of our sports of cockfighting.

#1 Part 1

#1 Part 2

#2 Part 1

#2 Part 2

#3 Part 1

#3 Part 2

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