Prohibition vs Marijuana vs Cockfighting Ban

When you oppressed people. They submit their rights as they want to survive in your rule. You are the strong and no one can say “no” to you.


In cockfighting, the UNCONSTITIONAL LAWS and the SECTARIAN people running the government are oppressing Liberty and YOU.

They do not respect LIBERTY. They are not SECULAR.


Right now, in the United States, there are supposedly progressive liberty loving representatives in the Senate and Congress. They are fighting for the legalization of marijuana. Recently, they tried to pass a Federal Bill instead of each States deciding separately. They were not successful as I gathered, if I am not mistaken. They will soon try again for Liberty. Or for election?

Ron Paul

He is the leading Senator on this Federal Bill. Everyone might have thought he is for Liberty as he is always to be the candidate of the Tea Party which is not really a political party in formal terms.

But I always debate on Ron Paul facebook pages about Pro-Choice and Christianity.

The facebook pages always admit that Ron Paul actually got Pro-Life in his Official Website. What kind of Liberty is that? What about the Pro-Choice. Are they going to be oppressed?

First, Pro-Life is about religion and in this case Christianity. Not about Liberty. Christianity morals are for Christians. Not for everyone. Why oppressed non-christians and no religion folks?

About Ron Paul stance about Christianity. He made speeches that were posted on youtube from start to finish. Meaning he will walk up the stage then speak then walk down the stage.

In all of these videos, he speak like only Christians have the right to live. No other religions. Worst, what about those who do not have a religion? Where is Liberty for these supposedly Liberty Advocates?

Thomas Jefferson

Do you know that marijuana is cultivated during the time of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson? It is a source of fuel, fiber, paper, plastic, food, and medicine among others. Lots of sites even have this quote.

“Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.”
– Thomas Jefferson

Below are some articles I found that have what happened in Prohibition. Did the criminal minds profit on oppressive laws? Read on.

21st Amendment

The 21st amendment repealed the 18th Amendment which banned alcohol.

As activist cockfighters,

  1. We work hard to have similar to the 21st Amendment
  2. We work hard to have our sports enjoyed by all ages publicly and on TV

– Gameness til the End

Prohibition (18th Amendment)

The Mafia during Prohibition

By the 1920s The United States and the provinces within Canada had adopted prohibition (a law forbidding the sale of alcohol). It was during that era that North America gave birth to some of the largest crime syndicates, most vicious criminals, and mafia leaders. Al Capone, Bugs Moran, Johnny Torrio, The Purple Gang, and Peter Licavoli became household names. For the Mafia and the gangsters, prohibition meant employment, easy money, good times, shiny new cars, and new suits. The tainted money, prostitution, loan sharking, bookmarking, extortion and other criminal rackets paled in comparison to the intake from bootlegging. Prohibition created an atmosphere that allowed crime to fester, an atmosphere which the mafia exploited.

Less than a year after prohibition after the legislation was enacted, more than 900,000 cases of liquor were being shipped to the border cities for what was allowed as private consumption. In the area of Windsor, Ontario Canada alone, the per capita consumption of liquor increased from a pre- 1914 level of 9 gallons to a staggering 102 gallons by 1924 while it was technically illegal to drink. This mass consumption created a high demand for liquor products and the mafia in Canada and in The United States was able to provide for this through numerous interconnected and highly efficient transport methods.

Liquor was transported from the province of Ontario, Canada into the states in America which bordered Canada; including Michigan, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota along the Detroit River. Criminal gangs developed methods to speed up the delivery of contraband liquor and to avoid the jeopardy of the organized effort. The Mafia in North America carried out their operations on a national or corporate scale employing a system that worked like clockwork. One group arranged the purchase of liquor at the export docks along the river, another crew transported the liquor across to a designated location; a third team quickly picked up the cases of whiskey and transported them to warehouses and later another arranged the shipments to speakeasies in Detroit, Chicago and other Midwestern cities. A favorite tactic of the mafia was hijacking other gangs’ booze shipments or forcing rivals to pay them for “protection” to leave their operations alone, thus frequently if not always, armed guards accompanied the caravans that delivered the liquor.

The aerial rum runners were big time and gang organized under contract. Al Capone and The Purple Gang were lucratively involved in this method, since they needed swift supplies on a daily basis. It was estimated that as much as $100,000 worth of booze left Windsor and neighboring areas each month for the American landing strips. The mafia also employed the use of the railway which crossed the Detroit and St Lawrence River for more efficient transportation. Liquor was hidden within legitimate cargo or the mafia employed the use of bogus seals allowing the cars to pass undetected.

The epitome of power that the mafia held during prohibition would be felt long after its end in both the United States and Canada in the 1930s. Criminal empires which had expanded on bootleg money would find other avenues within North American life to continue to make large sums of money. Business was good and the bootlegging business even better. In the 1930s, prohibition petered out. This coincided with a declining economy and ultimately the great depression. As a result of these less than prosperous times, some of the smaller mafia factions which arose because of prohibition disappeared altogether.

Organized Crime and Prohibition

“The reign of tears is over. The slums will soon be a memory. We will turn our prisons into factories and our jails into storehouses and corncribs. Men will walk upright now, women will smile and children will laugh. Hell will be forever for rent.”

Reverend Billy Sunday delivered this quotation during a speech at the beginning of prohibition. Many people believed and hoped that prohibition would make the above true. However, as they watched and waited, they realized that nothing was improved, and somehow, things had gotten worse.

The following are statistics detailing how much worse crime got:

  • Police funding: INCREASED $11.4 Million
  • Arrests for Prohibition Las Violations: INCREASED 102+%
  • Arrests for Drunkenness and Disorderly Conduct: INCREASED 41%
  • Arrests of Drunken Drivers: INCREASED 81%
  • Thefts and Burglaries: INCREASED 9%
  • Homicides, Assault, and Battery: INCREASED 13%
  • Number of Federal Convicts: INCREASED 561%
  • Federal Prison Population: INCREASED 366%
  • Total Federal Expenditures on Penal Institutions: INCREASED 1,000%

“Not only did the number of serious crimes increase, but crime became organized. Criminal groups organize around the steady source of income provided by laws against victimless crimes such as consuming alcohol or drugs, gambling and prostitution. In the process of providing goods and services those criminal organizations resort to real crimes in defense of sales territories, brand names, and labor contracts. That is true of extensive crime syndicates (the Mafia) as well as street gangs, a criminal element that first surfaced during prohibition.”

“The contributing factor to the sudden increase of felonies was the organization of crime, especially in large cities. Because liquor was no longer legally available, the public turned to gangsters who readily took on the bootlegging industry and supplied them with liquor. On account of the industry being so profitable, more gangsters became involved in the money-making business. Crime became so organized because “criminal groups organize around the steady source of income provided by laws against victimless crimes such as consuming alcohol. As a result of the money involved in the bootlegging industry, there was much rival between gangs. The profit motive caused over four hundred gang related murders a year in Chicago alone.”

Bootleg alcohol is what fueled the work of Organized crime. Most of the men involved in the Mafia or gangs were young immigrants. The business of bootleg alcohol was highly profitable for everyone involved which often fueled the Mafia or gang wars. By the late 1920’s more than 1 million gallons of bootleg liquor had been illegally brought into the United States. Most of the alcohol came in either through Canada or from ships that were located just beyond U.S. waters. See Coast Guard Pictures during the Prohibition Era. However, there was alcohol being produced legally in the United States that was also being bootlegged. Most of the alcohol being produced for use in manufacture often ended up being bootlegged. We will look more at bootleg alcohol, speakeasies and other forms of illegal alcohol as we look at life for the average American.

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