How To Create Your Own Strain of Gamecocks?


Last time, we wrote the article, Breed or Breed, to define “breed”.

– Gameness til the End

When will I have a nick?

I do not know when a huge leap of strain improvement will happen. But if it happened to my breeding, here’s what I will do.

1. I will line breed on the cock side and hen side until both die.

Why? I have to duplicate their genes or close to duplicate as genetics is not a simple math on blood percentage. So that I can replaced this cock and this hen when they die. They will good for crossing when time comes. And pure line bred strain for battle.

2. I will mate brothers and sisters (these are the nicks) then brother-sister again on the offsprings then brother-sister on their offsprings’ offspring and it continue forever until I die.

Why? This is how to make the offsprings look and act the same. Breed true to genotype and phenotype. Phenotype is not that important if you started with mixed leg colors and mixed feathering etc. Just like the Kelso strain of gamecocks – it comes all kinds of reds (even white) and all color of legs and all kinds of comb. Selective breeding will produced uniform phenotype but uniform “gameness” genotype is more important (as Walter Kelso’s decision to breed all types and colors – although Walter also kept separate lines like the out&out, left out, and brokewing families – these families have a majority on a certain phenotype but still not breeding true).  Just like a Lemon strain of gamecocks by Duke Hulsey. Lemons are a cross of three gamecock strains – Claret, Butcher, and McLean. Duke created and developed this breed or strain of this nick or blend.


The nicks (aka F1) are more difficult to use as brood stocks than using pure stocks as brood stocks. F1 brood stocks will NOT have consistent offsprings (F2). Thus, selection of F1 brood stocks to breed must be top priority. Remember, nicks (aka F1) are crosses (aka hybrid).

Duplicating the nick

  • the #1 above will duplicate the parents of my nick. Good for crossing as they are deeply line bred AND might again create a nick when I cross the cock line and hen line – this is duplicating the nick.

Creating a strain

  • the #2 above will create and homogenize the genes of the nick and will be my own breed and I can call it “IN”. This is creating a strain or breed.

Battle cocks

I should easily produced battle cocks using #1 and #2 and other newer breeds or old breed but different than #1 and #2. Sometimes, same breed of #1 from a different breeder is what I call a cross. Some will call it pure still as they have the same bloodline. Some will call it outcross. But it is a cross as the other breeder’s breeding is different than mine. And this same name breed from me and from other breeder when mated will produce hybrid vigor too.

Immortalized IN

I hope it will be the same as Kelso, Lemon, etc. And will be bred by all best breeder cockfighters. Not just me. So when will you acquire your pure IN? Let me know. There might a long waiting list when I got a nick. Reserve now before my nick happens 🙂 You will be proud owner and breeder cockfighter of IN strain of gamecocks. 🙂

– IN

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