Breed or Breed


Boston terrier was developed from 4 ferocious breeds but it is not ferocious. This is a glimpse on how we can select our gamecocks traits.

– Gameness til the End

Sample Dog Breeds

boston terrier (american breed, 1850’s, not ferocious)

  1. pit bull terrier
  2. bull terrier
  3. boxer
  4. english bulldog

1. pit bull terrier (dogfighting)

– a bulldog breed
– a terrier breed

2. bull terrier (1830’s, lighter agile fighter)

– english bulldog
– english terrier

3. boxer (1850’s, fighting bulls and bears)

– bullenbeisser (german bulldog)
– english bulldog

4. english bulldog (1200’s, bullfighting)

Kennel Clubs’ Standard of Perfection

All of these dog breeds have been recognized by clubs so they should be bred in the standard that is recognized. That is today’s standard. Before the breeder breed them for his own purpose. Behavior and look are bred together as breeder wanted a breed of his own to do his purpose.

Standard of our gamecock strain of chickens

We also decide if we want to maintain the original stock together with our newly developed improved breeds. Breeding as its root word “breed” as noun means a type of a species it must have same looks and behavior while “breed” as verb means to create something new.

I think, I will be using breed both as noun and as verb. So I will maintain my original stock and my new improved breed (cross or infusion) and make them my own breeds or strains. Then I will also create newer improved of my old breeds or other breeds and then may choose to maintain these new breeds again.

Breed as noun

Maintained uniform species in looks and behavior.

Breed as verb

Create improved species.


All of us has to decide if we just keep improving (breed as verb). Without maintaining a foundation stock of the original species (breed as noun).


For battle cocks – breed as verb is quite obvious

For seed stocks – breed as noun might not be obvious as we always forget these genes in our breed (as noun) may be used by future generations.


Aim for one breed that will be your best breed – it will be your legacy to this world.

– IN

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