Peru Cockfighters, Peruvian Slasher Gamecocks

Peru Cockfighting

The story is that fighting cocks were raised initially in India and from there arrived in China 1,500 years before Christ. They were then taken to the Middle East and from there went to Europe. In our country came together with the Spanish conqueror. Since then spread throughout the country. Despite disagreements on this activity penchant for cock and skills are practiced throughout the country. Alfredo Masias Price, president of Circulo Gallistica de Peru, said that currently there are about three millions of gamecocks in the country and over a thousand cockpits for both slasher gamecocks and postiza pico gallos.

Peruvian Slasher Gamecocks

It is a single spur. It is a hybrid resulting from the mix of various breeds from the Netherlands, Mexico, the Philippines, England, France, Malaysia, Japan, United States, among others. He is admired for its beauty and its great size. It weighs about 5 kilos. Average height about 60 cm (23.62 inches).

Navajero Peruano is another first for Peru as horses are said to be a product of Peru. (VMNC)

Peruvian Knife

The knife used in Peru today is the development model made by the artisan Dionisio Jimenez, in his shop in Tambo de Mora, Chincha, between 1920 and 1930.

The knife is tied in the left shank using a boot on the natural spurs. (VMNC)



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