Fair Tournament: Match By Weight Balance Scale

Digital Weigh Scale

The digital readout can have graduation of 1 gram or less. Precise. Yes. But is it tamper proof? No. This is the easiest to tamper with. The weight of the syndicate-owned gamecock can be displayed to be lighter in just a click on a remote control or even a cellphone sms txt or any means.

This method of weighing is a no-no for true fair competition.

Mechanical Spring Weigh Scale

The analog readout can have a graduation of more than 1 gram. Typically 5 grams graduation is the most precise. 10-20 graduations are more the norm. Precise. Not really. A little, if it is made the right. But some manufacturer design will have it’s analog display change by just the placement of the object. But is it tamper proof. No. Electronics can be added to the spring analog setup. So that it can be controlled like the digital weigh scale. 

This method of weighing is a no-no for true fair competition.

It can be made tamper proof by opening the panel that enclosed the spring mechanism, so that everyone can see that there is no electronic circuit controlling the analog display.

This visible spring mechanism method is great for true fair competition IF the analog display does not change when the placement of the object are changed.

Balance Weigh Scale

The lever display the true weight of the object. Precise. Yes. With 1 gram graduation for the metal test weights. Gamecocks just need to be standing still for a moment, just like the two weighing scales above.

This method is great for true fair competition.

Also a variation of this method, the gamecocks are placed inside a sack then hung at the end of a balance’s levers.

poultry gamefowl chicken gamecock

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