Thai Government Helping Cockfighting Industry To Save $4M Gamecock Export Revenue


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Thai Fighting Cock import industry in trouble, 120 million baht lost

News ID: 255401260022
News Date : 26 January 2011

BANGKOK, 26 January 2011 (NNT)-Thailand’s fighting cock industry is in trouble as export of the birds encounters serious restrictions from overseas. The move has prompted the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives to step up a plan to help the industry survive and prevent the revenue loss of over a hundred million baht to the Thai economy.

According to Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Theera Wongsamut, indonesia, one of the major importing countries of Thailand’s famous fighting cocks, has slapped a ban on the import of the birds from Thailand despite the Department of Livestock Development’s petition in November 2009 asking Indonesia to lift the ban, given the deadly bird flu is no longer an issue in fighting cocks imported from Thailand.

Exports of up 6,000 fighting cocks inject an income in excess of 120 million baht into to the Thai economy each year. The Department of Livestock Development has met with the Fighting Cock Association to assure that the birds to be exported are free of bird flu virus and meet the requirements of importing nations in terms of quality. The Department has also coordinated with Indonesian importers trying to have the import ban lifted, said the Minister.

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