Hawaiian Classic In June

My last memorable Hawaiian Classic I enjoyed was the one where there are three teams vying for the championship in their last fights. It is fought in mexican short knife (with american length of 1 1/4 inches instead of 1 inch) and filipino long knife. All entries just need to choose which weapon are they fighting. But it is one event.

The beauty of american rules is that only the no loser teams got to continue to the next fights. No come from behind or spoilers. You really have to have the best gamecocks from the start to the finish in order to succeed. This method also speed up the event by eliminating teams that got one loss. You can keep the rest of your gamecocks for future competitions where you have a chance for the championship.

When the computerized (re)matching can not find any match among no loser teams’ gamecocks, a loser team’s gamecock will be used but a loser team win does not count for him anymore towards the championship.

On this event, the three teams agreed to split the championship prize in private before they go for their last fights. Less than $400,000.00 is the championship prize with entry fee of $1000.00 for almost 400 entry teams. All entry fees goes to the champion. Nothing for the cockpit owner and the runner ups.

No need to name them here. The three of them are going to be remembered by all who witnessed the event.

The cockfighter who won eventually the title Hawaiian Classic Champion is not a breeder cockfighter. He is one of the best in selection, feeding and training of ace gamecocks which he bought from breeder cockfighters. No wonder these breeder cockfighters let him have their best. I think he won derby championships often in Louisiana and known to all who frequent the events.

The other two cockfighters who shared equal amount of the championship money are breeder cockfighters.

From Bayou Club to Texas, I managed to drive so fast leading other motorists to navigate the highway under construction with no shoulder roads and lots of concrete barriers on both sides. And I was holding my mobile phone up my ear all the way home to Texas. I called Papa about 1 mile from Bayou to break the news. We ended our stories when I reached home in Texas.

I told my Papa what I wrote above and more about the event and that I bought two t-shirts for him at the event. First is a black t-shirt with the United States’ Founding Fathers who are cockfighters. Second is the Hawaiian Classic t-shirt.

This might be in the year 2008 as it is before Louisiana State Congress banned cockfighting on August 15, 2008. Or is it in 2007?


I was about to write something like three years since the last legal cockfighting sports event in Louisiana but my fingers are not moving. 🙂 So I changed the topic to this one.


Scouting report to my Papa is what really I need to tell him. We have bonded on how to select well since I was a young child.

Done it always after each event especially the Grit & Steel Breeders Cup event.

Papa is known to some cockfighters as Jun 🙂 And Hawaiian Classic is in June.

poultry gamefowl chicken gamecock


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