Kenya: Luhya Abaluhya Cockfighting


– Gameness til the End

Cocks Battle For Supremacy

Cockfight is a common sport among the Luhya / Abaluhya community of western province, Kenya.

PRLog (Press Release) – Aug 21, 2009 – Introduction

Cockfight is a common sport among the Luhya / Abaluhya community of western province, Kenya,. It attracts foreigners and brings together different sub-tribes in a social event that leaders say reduces immorality. This has not only been common event in Kenya or Africa it is also common in India and United Kingdom.


The ceremony is one of the several major tourist attraction events in western province besides bull fighting of Kakamega . The western tourist circuit has classified this as a must see events.

The cocks are always bred, fed and natured by the owner before the fight. They are always fed on maize grain, ugali remnants (meal made from maize or corn flour).

The centre stage for this battle is at the village of Busotso south, Lurambi district.

The observance here is a common practice and attracts an audience from the community around and visiting tourist.

Chanting Luhya war songs participating cocks leave their home in company of their owners and heads to the market centre for a showdown.

Both the owners are always optimistic that their cocks will emerge a victorious. At the fight there is always a referee who blows a whistle to signal the start of the fight.

The crowd sings and prod the cocks “Kamata shingo yake ndiyo hivyo Shujaa” (hold his neck, like that Brave) making this scene exciting. The winner cock earns the owner recognition and respect among his peers and not only these but the fans also join him in a victory song. Really it’s amazing?

A local chief was quoted saying, “when people come and watch the battle they are able to mingle and know each other”. This tends to limit people from indulging in vices like drinking, immorality and theft when idle.

This event is just like a football, rugby, or even athletics among the Luhya community. It is categorized into various levels beginning with local preliminaries up to the district level.

The cock that emerges the district king always cost more money because of his status. The cocks always fight until one quits or is unable to continue with the fight just after which the winner is declared.

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