Happy Birthday! Gregor Mendel (the founder of the new science of genetics)

Happy Birthday Gregor Mendel … !!!

Thanks to Gregor, the founder of the new science of genetics.

Instead of trial and error, everything on physical inheritance become simple mathematics or simple logics.

Cockfighters can easily breed different phenotypes to their preference.

Some are even using it to mask the true “fighting and gameness” phenotype/genotype by altering the “physical” phenotype like making a peacomb family into a single comb family or vice-versa.

Still, most will doubt someone when they claim they have

  • A single comb aseel family
  • A pea comb irish gamecock family
  • A dom family but red color (without barring)
  • A red family but showing dom color (with barring)
  • A single comb roundhead family (A typical roundhead strain of american game is pea comb)
  • A pea comb blueface family (A typical blueface strain of american game is single comb)
  • A pea comb bihaingam family (A typical bihaingam strain of aseel is single comb)

These cockfighters that most will doubt are simply applying math of genetics knowledge in their breeding for a true gamecock for our sports of cockfighting.

These articles’ contents are direct results of the work of Mendel.

Cockfighters (beginners and masters), share these articles to others.

Let’s also think about gamecock cloning as an option.

poultry gamefowl chicken gamecock

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