World NakedHeel Cup


– Gameness til the End

You might have heard about World Slasher Cup or simply WSC. The international 8-cock derby event held twice a year – January and May/June. Foreign cockfighters come to the Philippines to pit their best long knife gamecocks.

As naked heel fighting is getting popular in the urban area in the Philippines as like it is always popular in the rural areas. It is not a far to see that the Philippines can host an annual event just like WSC international derby.

This time naked heel and tape boxing foreign cockfighters will be the celebrity.

  • The Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Afghans will be the most popular I think.
  • The Thais, Malaysians, Indonesians and Vietnamese will be numerous as they are just a stone throw away.
  • But do not count out the Europeans with their long ago imported Shamo, Hints, and other orientals for naked heel or tape boxing.
  • Japan and China might even field their teams too.
  • The Americans both north and south will come with their Brazilian Shamo and Thais and Aseels.

We may call it World NakedHeel Cup or simply WNC. And it will be 12-cock derby in naked heel with cut spurs (or maybe tape boxing). As I am sure some of the cockfighting movers are already planning this event, of course the event name are of their own choice. I just hope it will be unified and not split up like WSC has become.

Although splinter groups from WSC create other International event and other group or cockpits also have their annual International event – it is better if we got one International event so that we can determine who is the real world champion of the year. Now, I believe we got more than 5 International derby during January-February. So there will be 5 world champions. But I acknowledge that you may field an entry for each of these 5 International event. And be 5 time World Champion in one year.

Hope to see you all there in the Philippines when this Naked Heel international derby become a reality in the near future. So start breeding your best producers. It will be soon. See you there.


For 10 minute time limit, it is feasible as typically inside 2-3 minutes one will be paralyzed or killed already if the ace naked heel fighters are fought.

For no time limit, do we have to figure out a new rule? Or, just have many simultaneous fights or pits in the WNC (or whatever name is it given) . About 200 pits enough? Araneta Coliseum have the space I am sure.

  • Do we use small or wide ring?
  • What will be the weight range?
  • Do we need a larger and smaller categories to accommodate both smaller and larger naked heel fighters of the world?

What do you think? Will you be there?

– IN

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