Philippine Law: Local Government, Games and Amusement Board, International Derby

The Philippines, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Guam are the models for the world to learn on how the government becomes a partner of cockfighters in the sports of cockfighting.

This is the third Philippine Law about cockfighting. And it implies that local government take precedent instead of Philippine Gamefowl Commission as Philippine Supreme Court Decision took that ruling in PGC vs Cebu City.

Next article will be about new proposed Philippine Laws on the sports of cockfighting.

– Gameness til the End






Article Three.

The Sangguniang Bayan

Section. 446.


(a) The sangguniang bayan, the legislative body of the municipality, shall be composed of the municipal vice-mayoras the presiding officer, the regular sanggunian members, the president of the municipal chapter of the liga ng mga barangay, the president of the pambayang pederasyon ng mga sangguniang kabataan, and the sectoral representatives, as members.

(b) In addition thereto, there shall be three (3) sectoral representatives: one (1) from the women; and, as shall be determined by the sanggunian concerned within ninety (90) days prior to the holding of local elections, one (1) from the agricultural or industrial workers; and one (1) from the other sectors, including the urban poor, indigenous cultural communities, or disabled persons.

(c) The regular members of the sangguniang bayan and the sectoral representatives shall be elected in the manner as may be provided for by law.

Section. 447.

Powers, Duties, Functions and Compensation.

(a) The sangguniang bayan, as the legislative body of the municipality, shall enact ordinances, approve resolutions and appropriate funds for the general welfare of the municipality and its inhabitants pursuant to Section 16 of this Code and in the proper exercise of the corporate powers of the municipality as provided for under Section 22 of this Code, and shall:

(3) Subject to the provisions of Book II of this Code, grant franchises, enact ordinances authorizing the issuance of permits or licenses, or enact ordinances levying taxes, fees and charges upon such conditions and for such purposes intended to promote the general welfare of the inhabitants of the municipality, and pursuant to this legislative authority shall:

(v) Any law to the contrary notwithstanding, authorize and license the establishment, operation, and maintenance of cockpits, and regulate cockfighting and commercial breeding of gamecocks: Provided, That existing rights should not be prejudiced;

Powers of the Games and Amusement Board

In line with the goals and objectives envisioned behind its establishment and pursuant to its various mandates, the GAB is provided with complete power and authority to perform the duties and responsibilities inherent in the work aspects cited hereunder.

Supervision of International Cockfight Derbies

This Board issues, upon compliance with requirements therefor, permits for the holding of international cockfight derbies, accredits cockpit officiating personnel, supervises the actual holding of such promotions and prescribes policy guidelines for the issuance by the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) of permits for the importation of foreign-bred gamecocks for competition purposes during such derbies.

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