SPCAs and Humane Societies are at the forefront of Animal Enterprise Domestic Terrorism


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GFN’s Letter To Matt Bingham, District Attorney, Tyler, Texas

Dear D. A. Bingham:

GFN respectfully requests an investigation into the racketeering enterprise run under color of law and with the assistance of your Sheriff, Constable, Justice Court Judges and your D.A.’s office, in relationship to the SPCA Texas out of Dallas and Frank David Garcia DOB 12/6/51 SS# 527-84-6119. They claim to be saving animals from abuse, but are raising donations by publicizing illegal raids, hushing up the owners with threats, then selling the animals and charging owners high boarding fees before the owners can unravel what’s happening.

The SPCA of Texas and the actions of David Garcia match activities across the U S involving SPCAs and Humane Societies whom we are surprised to learn are now at the forefront of Animal Enterprise Domestic Terrorism that is now in your front yard. You can be a hero by exposing this criminal agenda of illegally stealing registered pets and putting hard working constituents out of business while damaging your State’s economy and tax base, if you so choose.

Every time you or your colleagues haplessly prosecute one of these fraudulent cases, you all personally damage the economy of your state and the US. For every animal they kill, that is one less sale in your state/county, and there is a ripple effect. The vet loses 20 years of business from that pet. The pet store loses the sales of dog/cat beds, toys, foofoos, books, food, meds, brushes, combs etc.

It’s a little known fact that the pet business in the United States is one of the largest multi-billion dollar industries in the world. If a group wanted to undermine a free country and do it with the help of the uninformed local government officials, this would be a way.

The rescue groups want us to believe that they are innocent of the above agenda, but why would they then want to lobby and make all the laws against pet ownership? Why would they have secret boot camps to learn how to carry out raids and successfully gain donations? Why would they charge boarding fees before a person is convicted of animal cruelty? We have learned that their real agenda is not about “saving” or “helping the poor animals”, it’s about MONEY, POWER, CONTROL. After the press covers these raids on the word of the rescue groups, the SPCAs gets upwards of millions in donations. It is suspected that a lot is in cash and is distributed out the back doors.

When an owner is successfully prosecuted, the townships are often eligible for federal funds in the upwards of a million dollars per prosecution. This fact is often dangled in front of the nose of a Justice of the Peace, as warrants are requested. It’s no wonder JP’s eagerly sign warrants based on photos the SPCA took, and without reviewing all of the facts.

Hopefully, we can count on people like you who are not lurking at the back door of an SPCA. If you are a stand up DA that wants to know the truth and wants to administer justice with an even hand then you will do it. Tyler, Texas now has an incredibly corrupted reputation across the nation due to back door deals that have been covered on the television shows, “City Confidential”, “American Justice” and now 20/20. Still, the corruption there continues. Can you be the hero to turn it around? Investigate what the SPCAs and JP’s are doing in Tyler. Talk with local attorneys who have witnessed these crimes.

GFN should say that we are aware that it is possible that some of the staff, which include volunteers for these groups, have no knowledge of the criminal activity. However and moreover, the volunteers appear to be like robots who respond to commands at the top, no matter how healthy the animals are. They seize and euthanize animals. It’s difficult for the volunteers to know that some of those in authority at these organizations cannot obtain a job in law enforcement because of their own prior criminal histories of drunkenness, drug use, mental handicaps, rape, kiddnaping and various other issues.

Who knew that venerable SPCAs and Humane Societies were infiltrated in recent years by Animal Enterprise Domestic Terrorists with objectives that have morphed into financial gain? These rescuers say they are “finding better homes for animals” but they are actually selling or euthanizing the animals they seize. For every animal they kill, that is another food sale lost, another vet loses business, one more pet store loses sales of dog/cat beds, toys, foofoos, books, food, meds, brushes, combs etc. We say, “Not in My Backyard!” Check out the so-called “animal rights” lobby groups who help to legislate new laws. If lobbyists were innocent of the above agenda then why lobby to make all those laws against pet ownership, except the animals seized and sold by rescuers? Their real agenda is not about saving or helping the poor animals, it’s about MONEY, POWER, CONTROL. Get the press out there on these raids and the SPCAs garners millions in donations from viewers who watch the orchestrated images.

Now the SPCA of Texas’ Dave Garcia has notoriously made the news with his own HORRIFYING history of outstanding warrants and rape and kidnapping convictions. But let it be known that there is a Garcia-type in every SPCA/Humane Society across the nation, with scary backgrounds and boot camp training by the HSUS, ASPCA, PETA, ALF, ADL’s across our nation. People like him are indoctrinated and become jack booted enforcers trampling the rights and the emotions of the citizens. He, like the other rescuers, are trained to be a Domestic Terrorist. Remember, these are all non-profit PRIVATE CORPORATIONS. Under the US Constitution and every state constitution “no private person or corporation can be appointed powers by the legislature”. In other words, Wal-Mart cannot raid and steal from Kmart. They cannot go along on a search & seizure with a police officer and reap the fruits of the raid. Why would this be done with animals by the SPCA vs. a breeder? Animals are a person’s PROPERTY. Evidence is to be held undamaged by the court and to be returned after the trial except if it is stolen of the fruit of a crime.

Dog poop in a dog pen is NOT cruelty. Ticks on a dog is NOT cruelty. Mange is a common parasite on a dog and is NOT cruelty. They are curable problems. The SPCAs have created WITCH HUNT MENTALITY in order to profit from the seizures. You will recall the witch hunts of the 1980’s across the nation as a result of the McMartin in California and the McCuen case in Bakersfield. Both involved phony child sex abuse allegations by adults coaching children. Families served 10 years in prison before being released and found not guilty. All of this because a Prosecutor was overzealous or wanting to make a name for himself. Again, they had their own private agendas.

Now it’s poor animal breeders that are being “Burned at the Stake”. Right now, today, in Smith County, Texas, you can find a mirror of these past events involving the same hysteria– the pointing of fingers and voices screaming, “Witch, Witch” at mostly women dog breeders, this time, Julia McMurrey, who cared for lots of animals. Instead of the SALEM JUDGES of the 1600’s, we now have the SPCA’s and the Texas Judges and prosecutors who, as quiet as it is kept, are becoming Fat Cats. Will your decedents look back at your legacy and laugh at you for believing in and not stopping the “Animal Cruelty Hysteria” of 21st Century America?

At best, the Garcias of our country are the little coerced children and the ignorant Salem judges pointing their fingers screaming “CRUELTY, CRUELTY!!” If you research you will find that NO non-profit corporation under the IRS Code can write legislation, lobby, endorse a candidate or even speak about anything political or they are to lose their non profit status and can be fined $10,000 if they do. But look at all 50 state’s laws and you will find that SPCA’s lobby again and again. YOUR duty is to report to the FBI and IRS the fact that Dave Garcia and the SPCA Texas are violating those Federal Laws.

Check the news video archives. Garcia brags that he is a chief lobbyist on the Board of Directors of the TEXAS HUMANE LEGISLATION PAC. Read his name on the website, print it out, along with the laws he helped to enact, including one which provides for “NO APPEAL” to animal owners, and forward it to the nearest IRS Agent with a letter of complaint. Thank you for your time and we look forward to your work on this matter. GFN

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