Happy Memorial Day! And Fourth of July Events for Chickens

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As americans celebrate the remembrance of the soldiers in american civil war up to the present day wars, we also have to remember some of our cockfighters in the past that made the sacrifice in their lifetime for us to enjoy cockfighting today. From the farmers, breeders, feeders, trainers, gaffers, referees, cockpit owners, and last but not the least pitters and handlers.

Today, some of our cockfighters are outlaws. These outlaw cockfighters are our guide to the gameness. They are brave and enjoy cockfighting even it is illegal due to unconstitutional laws enacted by lawmakers bought by lobbyist money to promote oppression to us all. These outlaws of today are our heroes today. They make it possible for the future generation to have gamest gamecocks tested in the best pits in the United States.

But criminals might end up in jail. Activists become the free. Be an activist.

To show our support to individual liberty, you are all invited to bring your gamecocks for the First Annual Fourth of July Chicken Expo. To RSVP, click this link.


  • Saturday, July 2 at 9:00am – July 4 at 9:00pm


  • National Mall
  • Constitution Avenue NW
  • Washington, DC

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  • Kids and adults traveling to the Washington DC for the Fourth of July celebration will surely be delighted both by your best recognized breeds by your associations and your best unrecognized breeds.

General Information

  • For the organized shows, different associations have to coordinate with their members and with their sanctioned judges.
  • For the unorganized shows, the public will have to interactive through social media to place their votes and to share photos of their favorite male and female chicken(s) using ‘AFOJChickenExpo’ as Tag and Checkin Place.
  • For the poultry industry suppliers, plan to provide free training to the public especially kids.


  • We chicken lovers have the right to bring with us our pets namely chickens just like our dogs in public

poultry gamefowl chicken gamecock


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