Syed Shah Akhtar Hassan, Indian Jala Lakha


Lakha is Red. Jala Lakha is color of over burned red brick.

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– Gameness til the End

Mastaan – Intro to the Great All indian Champion and Deadliest Aseel of All times..

By Syed Hammad Aseels on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 11:29am

Introduction of the Great Owner of Mastaan (My Grand Father)

My Grand Father MR. Syed Shah Akhtar Hassan (Late) was one of the greatest lovers  of Animals and birds , He spend whole of his entire life with them , kept every thing  like pigeons, fighting goats, horses, etc. and the most daring warriors on Earth aseels . What ever bird or animal he kept he made it reached to the top level.

His high flyers pigeons won the Championship of Patna, India  and breed was known as Patna Champion for a long period of time with great records until he gifted all of his to a retired Judge  before his death.

His fighting goats (maindha) (don’t know the exact name in English) used to participate each year in the fights competition and championships and was given so much severe and intense training that just one head butt of his maindha used to leave the opponent unconscious.

But the creature he loved to keep and showed his love to them for over 65 Years was none other then aseel . 

When Gama Pehlwaan came India in 1935 he became student of him, then learned wrestling, sword fighting, Lathi etc.  After 30 years of age he remained unbeaten in palm wrestling and had put down thousand of hands of the top wrestlers and challengers and his physique was worth to watch even in his last days of life.

He died in 1981 after 4 years of the All indian Championship of Aseels and Victory of Mastaan.

Introduction to Mastaan

Mastaan was a pure Indian Jala Lakha , had a beak of parrots, very very powerful legs, inside eyes and downward tail like a peacock, deadliest but yet a beautiful sight to watch.

Though he kept many aseels which also remained unbeaten throught their life but none of them stood a chance against Mastaan. Mastaan was different and someone very Special.

Mastaan came into being after 9 years of hard work to inject each and every great quality of aseels into a single one, he created his own training tectics and methods and used to give training to each of his male chicks since childhood.

Mastaan’s strike was more than a hammer, he broke legs of more than 20 aseels in his life and this is very unsual. His strike was severe voilent and deadly, and was the master of Kari and spur moving so much that he made impossible for even the toughest aseels and winners of the  cities to remain alive infront of him for more than 3 minutes.

He held records for killing in just seconds many times. Just one stoke and neck gone, accuracy was his business! He fought the All Indian Championship in 1977 at 3 years of age and died natural death in 1984 (3 years after his Master’s Death) .

All Indian Championship 1977, Banaras, India

All indian championship 1977 was held in Banaras India and over 6000 aseels participated in it. Campaigns were held in each city of India for the selection and participant aseels, the first round was to be held in one’s one city and winners will moved to Banaras.

First round criteria was all the interested people of the particular city had to brought their aseels to a place where they had to win 4 out of 4 fights to move to banaras with other winner.

Mastaan in no nick of time finished 4 out of 4 aseels in overall 7 fighting minutes, the selectiing ones were highly impressed and shocked how bruetly he is killing other with in no time, so together wilth the adventorous will of my Grand father and his confidence over Mastaan, they added a criteria that any aseel who stood for more than 4 minutes against Mastaan will move to next round and will not be required to must win 4 fights, people who saw his fights found it really better to go for the four fights than to stand against him, and some who hadn’t unluckily tried this.

And Mastaan brutally killed 35 aseels on account of the new added criteria and 4 aseels he fought before, so where in first round which lasted  for 40 days an aseel could win maximum four fights , Mastaan won and killed 39 on his capability and speciality.

About 200 aseels with Mastaan moved to the main place Banaras. And collectively more than a thousand qualtiy aseels moved to Banaras from different regions and cities. Mastaan gracefully keep winning and heading forward to next round every time leaving no aseel alive infront of him and entered into the Finals with the best aseel of india an ex Champion as his opponent.

Mastaan was in every one’s eye and he took heart of everyone, Bacha Baboo a very famous person and owner of numerous ships in India specially came to see the historical fight for the thirst of championship. Mastaan thrashed badly that Mushka ex champion of an Indian Royal family in 3 minutes with severe holes of spurs and broken neck.

Mastaan got the honor of being All indian Champion Aseel  and for the first time and last ever in history named with the title and  honor of Rustam-e-Hind Murgha. Mastaan was so fresh after the final fight that when he got back some relatives suspected that he hadn’t been put into fight.

When was Mastaan was brought to our home in Alahbaad is was a scene to watch, hundreds of people pouring in our house to see that special aseel the champion but then no one was ready to put his aseel against him only one famous personality Mr. Methayi Laal tried his luck and put his best cock against him.

Mastaan was seemed to be wrapped with peice of cloth of his leg to decrease severity of his shots to Laal’s aseel and again he was finished without his neck in 55 seconds only. Richest aseel lovers at that time offered upto 40 Lacs for Mastaan but he was priceless and precious .

Grand Father came to Pakistan after few months in Novemeber 1977 to meet his beloved chidlrens here, and told my father and other elders of mine lots of very expensive things about aseels and said I am confident enough that Mastaan will defend his title next time too by the grace of allah but unluckily his health shaked and he had a heart operation in Pakistan and when he got recovered went back to his home and was not in a health to train Mastaan and keep his fitness and health at best so his health didn’t let him to go for the next year championship with great Mastaan and the noticible thing is there were no more championships again after 1977 otherwise they were held in each interval of time before .

Grand Father died in 1981 by natural death and Mastaan was kept by my uncle in India , Mastaan died in December 1984 completeing his age of Ten years and his breed was shifted here to us to his elder brother (my father) and running well till now by me with the grace of All Mighty Allah !.

I have seen lots of fights and have been amongst lots of aseels but none of them is even a percent of Mastaan , I am just unlucky not to see him , I can say any aseel who is even 5% of Mastaan can beat anyone ! but even 1 percent is not a bed of roses .

Mastaan came and conquered .

When, few months before, Grandfather’s death my Grand mother and aunty went to visit him for his health he gave her a diary of all his experience on birds and animals like aseels, pigeons, horses, teetar, Turkey, bulbul, dogs, maindhay and many more and instructed her to give it to his eldest child ( my father) Syed Shah Safdar Hassan, it also included a letter for him and the paper cutting of the news of Mastaan’s Victory and Alhumdulilah it’s been 34 years since then and it is in perfect condition, you guys have seen the photo copy version before but this time the orignal version is attached here ! ….

Lots of Love to Mastaan !

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