A Gamecock For The Guinness World Records (All Indian Champion)

The most times one particular gamecock won in filipino long knife is 15 wins, as far as I know personally. And another gamecock won 17 times in naked heel. Those are the days. Which most of us have forgotten. But of course the competition is different then. Maybe the quality gamecocks are only in the hands of a few of cockfighters.

What is written below is one for the history of gamecocks from all over the world.

He must be the best of the best

  • of all times
  • of any weapons
  • of any size classes
  • of any animals in sports (e.g. horse racing)

Here goes…

Different group of aseels were created in every city and region. The winner got to go to the next rounds and so.

In 27 February 1977, Banaras India (now known as Varanasi), the All Indian Aseel Championship was held in which above 6000+ challengers participated from all over India. This is in the national level. The winner of the competition was to be awarded the title All Indian Champion. Out of those 6000+ aseels, Maastan and a Black Aseel of an Indian Royal Family got into the final. Mastaan killed that 2nd best of 6000+ aseels in no more than 3 minutes with very violent spur attack and hard hitting which broke the opponent’s neck.

Mastaan, the name of the All Indian Champion of 1977, was an aseel very expert in both sort of games – tape boxing and naked heel. But that competition was naked heel with natural spurs.

Mastaan entered the Championship and no other aseels from his breeder. Mastaan had to fight all the games according to the Championship sequence. After group matches between the cities and regions all the best aseels from each cities and regions went for the second round and so on. Mastaan fought 82 aseels and brutally killed all of them in no more than 3 minutes including the preliminary games in city and region level and the Championship games in national level.

Mastaan got the pride of being an All Indian Champion and remained the undefeated throughout his life, with excellent health, beauty and both eyes still fine.

Mastaan’s story and poetry were published in the newspapers in Urdu language.



  • Mastaan was his name.
  • Mastaan was a large aseel.
  • Mastaan was 82 times winner.
  • Mastaan was 82 times killer (in naked heel with natural spurs).
  • Mastaan was All Indian Champion of 1977

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