Individual Liberty Lovers of the World: Our Fellow Cockfighters in Texas Needs You To Call From Your Country Their Texan Law Makers to STOP HB 1043 and SB 939 – Use Gmail to Call FREE


First, be calm and be united worldwide.

Second, you, the cockfighters of the world, need to support your fellow cockfighters in Texas. Your support will help you to bring back the Sports of Cockfighting in public domain in our own country too (e.g. Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, United Kingdom, Ireland, etc.) Remember, we are a worldwide Sports community.

  • Create a gmail account and you can call all United States phone numbers for free from anywhere in the world
  • Call (+1)512.463.0127 and tell them you are against SB 939
  • Call (+1)512.463.0698 and tell them you are against HB 1043

Third, ask your friends and social networks to give these numbers 10 calls per day.

Fourth, share with everyone this article and hope they support Cockfighting (From All Over The World) including our new battle in Texas. We will win the war. I invite you to read more articles in this site and others.

Fifth, read the original post below.

Sixth, read or download at the bottom both HB 1043 and SB 939. Or go to State of Texas website to read HB 1043 here and SB 939 here.

Seventh, join Texas Gamefowl Breeders Association (TGBA) to express your support.

I am thanking Mark Alvarez for bringing this new battle on individual liberty in Texas to my attention.

– Gameness til the End

Texas HB 1043 and SB 393: We Need Help


Guys Texas has a bill on the floor that will make it illegal to raise are sale gamefowl in the State of Texas. You can google TEXAS LAW HB 1043 and read it at it’s entirety.They will be in session until May 1st. THIS BILL IS # 1043 PLEASE CALL THEM AT (512) 463-0698 AND TELL THEM YOU ARE AGAINST HB 1043. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RESIDE IN TEXAS TO DO THIS. Thank you all in advance for your support on this, yfis Joe @ AUTOPSYFARMS


Count me in Joe, it’s too late to call right now, but I will be calling them tomorrow.


Thank you Sir, also it is my understanding they are meeting a lot of opposition from folks who are not gamefowl fanciers as well. Questions of privacy, to much Government control and someone has finally clicked that if this is allowed to happen what could be next CATTLE, EQUINE, SHEEP AND GOATS ARE THE BELOVED FAMILY PET???? The list could go on forever. Please everyone pass this info on, HB 1043 CALL (512) 463-0698 AND TELL THEM YOUR AGAINST HB 1043. YFIS Joe.


WE WILL BE IN AUSTIN FOLKS TUESDAY AT 12:00 PM AT THE CAPITOL!!!! BOBBY JONES (TGBA) AND OTHERS TO ATTEND. Please any and all support on the matter greatly appreciated, thank you.



Rep. Young Refuses Humane Society Award

Washington, Mar 30 – Rep. Young Refuses Humane Society Award

Alaskan Congressman Don Young refused an award this evening from The Humane Society of the United States (****) and the Humane Society Legislative Fund that would have honored his work for animals in 2010. While capitalizing on the good work of local humane societies that shelter, spay, and neuter animals, the **** does not own, operate, or directly control a single animal shelter in our country, despite a budget of well over $100 million.

“HSUS are hypocrites, plain and simple, and I will not join them by accepting this award,” said Rep. Young. “Local animal shelters and humane societies do excellent work by caring for neglected and homeless animals, and through their spaying and neutering programs. This organization, however, has absolutely nothing to do with animal welfare. Instead they prey on the emotions of big-hearted Americans. They flash images of abused animals on our television screens to raise money that will eventually go to pay their salaries and pensions, not to helping better the lives of these animals. They run anti-hunting and anti-trapping campaigns and are of the same cloth as **** and other extremist organizations. I can only guess that I was to receive this award due to my support of the Wildlife Without Borders program, which develops wildlife management and conservation efforts to maintain global species diversity. That program is true conservation; what this group wants is preservation. To accept this award would be supporting their manipulative ways and misguided agenda, and I want no part of that.


He has his radar on Sir and spoke the absolute truth. Less than .5% of there budget actually go’s to the housing and feeding of any animal. The other 99.5% go’s directly into fat accounts.


Guys this was changed to sb 939 and has been left pending. Sections 7 through 12 have been removed. All language attatched (pornography) has been removed. It has been rewritten to include protection of stewards (breeders), and all antiques. It would be a misdemeanor to a spectator only if admitting to guilt. They will not confiscate fowl, property are go on cooberation any more (someone calling in and reporting an illegal cockfight)………..


Sorry, (correction) sections 2 through 7 have been removed. You can and are encouraged to contact Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr and express your opposition to sb 939 at (512) 463-0127. Thank you all and please repost and let every one know.

STOP -> HB 1043

STOP -> SB 939

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