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Petition to Legalize Cockfighting In The U.S.

To: U.S. Congress

Before basketball and baseball took the Philippines by storm, cockfighting was and still is the Philippine’s most popular and national sport. Cockfighting has a history which traces back to times before Christ. However, before cockfighting even became a sport, the bird, the fighting-cock, was regarded as an admirable animal, drawing respect from men. The fighting cock was a subject of religious worship. According to Diodorus Siculus, the Ancient Syrians worshipped the fighting-cock as a deity. The Ancient Greeks and Romans associated the fighting-cock with the gods Apollo, Mercury and Mars. Magellan claimed that in Borneo, the bird was so sacred that no one could eat its flesh. In South Canara, the bird claimed to ward off evil demons. In Sumatra, the gamecock was worshipped, a temple built to it, and rituals performed to honor the deity. Cock fighting occurred in the temples and the dead bird which lost the battle was prepared to be presented to the deities. The bird would be placed in a gold cauldron, soaked in gums and spices. Then its body was burned on an altar and its ashes were placed in a golden pot or urn. Scott, “History of Cockfighting”

The history of cockfighting is hazy, there does not seem to be a definitive point in history as to when cockfighting became an official sport. In the times before Christ,approximately 3,000 years ago during the times of the Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Canaanites, cockfighting was popular. Breeding gamecocks for fighting in a pit was considered an art and trading these birds was profitable. In Egypt, in the time of Moses, cockfighting was a favorite pasttime. During the height of Greek civilization, Themistocles — a general who was preparing to drive away the invading Persians — decided to hold a cockfight the night before the battle to inspire his men by showing the courageous nature of the fighting cock. Persian traders loved to gamble by pitting their fighing birds against each other. They would often carry their birds with them and pit a fight in the marketplaces and trading centers.

In the first century after Christ, Julius Caesar led Rome into enjoying the sport of cockfighting. He was the first citizen of Rome to be an enthusiast of the sport. Caesar ultimately introduced cockfighting into England. In the 16th century, cockfighting was flourishing in England. During the time of King Henry VIII, cockfights were held at Whitehall Palace. The game became a national sport at one point and exclusive schools were required to teach students the points of cockfighting, such as breeding, walking, and conditioning of the gamecock. At its very height of popularity, even the clergy encouraged the sport. Church yards and inside of the churches were used as an arena for cockfighting. The sport declined in England during the reign of Queen Victoria in the 17th century, when she banned cockfighting with a royal decree. Today, cockfighting is almost nonexistent. However, in the British isles, there still esixts a breed of gamecocks known as the Pyles strain of Charles II that is a highly sought after bird by cockers and breeders.

In ancient Gaul, cockfighting was somehow brought into the country through travelling caravans or by those who returned from Rome or the East. During the Middle Ages in France, cockfighting was very popular. Eventually, France adopted the cock as a national emblem. Today, cockfighting has been driven underground.

In Spain, cockfighting has existed for the longest period of time. How it arrived is uncertain. Theories point to travelling Phoenicians or the conquering Moors. Today, cockfighting is a popular sport in Bilbao, Oviedo, Madrid, Barcelon, and Valencia. Many Filipino breeders travel to Spain to obtain ideal birds for breeding. Many gamecocks in the Philippines have a blood strain of Spanish game cocks.

In the United States, famous presidents who were lovers of the game were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln. It was socially acceptable and encouraged for a gentleman to have a flock of gamecocks and to be an expert on the sport. At one point, the U.S. became a center for cockfighting activities and events. Cockfights were even held in the committee rooms of the President. It is said that the fighting-cock almost became the national emblem. It lost by one vote to the American eagle. Cockfighting declined when the civil war started.

In the Philippines, it was said cockfighting was already popular by the time the Spaniards arrived. It was recorded that in 1565, natives of Butuan were watching cockfights when the Spaniards came for supplies.

Legalizing cockfighting would bring in billions of much needed tax dollors!!

It would help out a number of feed mills and gamefowl supply stores.Also the hotel and resturant industry’s would sky rocket.Overall there is everything to gain and nothing to lose except needed money!!

As Abraham lincoln once said:

“As long as the
Almighty has permitted
intelligent men, created
in his likeness to fight in
public and kill each
other while the world
looks on approvingly, it’s
not for me to deprive
the chickens of the same
Abraham Lincoln

Thank You.


The Undersigned

Signatories and Their Comments

Updated 23 April 2011
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3681. Brooke I’d rather watch birds anytime not grown men and women its rediculous!
3680. Cody Kreizenbeck
3679. John Webb Give me Liberty, I will do the same for you
3678. jose d martinez legalize this old sport mass murder of chickens is allowed by kfc but this noble sport is outlawed wtf
3677. Troy Thrasher
3676. Timothy D. Poss A rooster is born with the deep drive to fight,you can’t teach him.They are natural born fighting/killing machines.If you put two game roosters close to one another.One would kill the other.You should at least legalize natural heel fighting.
3675. Emily Coleman
3674. Stacy
3673. Edwin Oquendo Legalizing cockfighting = tax money
3672. Robert Smith What gives the animal rights supporters the right to take away our heritage.
3671. jessica
3670. justin oliver if they are going to allow men to fight in cages they might as well let chickens fight
3669. desirae this fine
3668. Stephanie Oliver
3667. Levi Wilson
3666. Ryan Chaney we raise chickens,cows,and pigs to eat but people believe its wrong to let them fight wich would happen in the wild as they were please explain why two men can fight in a cage but measly chickens are unable
3665. Stephen Green
3664. Brandon Rhudy
3663. Adam Rhudy
3662. wesley jarrell
3661. jonny lee
3660. jonny .D.
3659. Ray Carrillo
3658. Misty foust
3657. brent ogletree
3656. Dallas
3655. Norman make it legal it would help the country alot. i think Abraham Lincoln said alot or should i say (Honest Abe) refereering cock fights is where his name came from and not to mention 2 more famous names in American cocking the first u.s. president George Washington and the 7th u.s. president Andrew Jackson (chicken George) won his freedom owing to his skill as a “handler”and feeder” of fighting cocks.On the other hand President Andrew Jackson – (The old Hickory)- kept his brown red gamecocks in the WhitHouse stables so give us back out rights that should of never been taking.
3654. Andrew C. Shupe I believe that the sport that I came to love at such a young age has been unfairly banned from every state. It has been attacked by different standards than are used to pass any other law. The bans on the sport have been strong armed through the law making process by the politicians that are running this great country into the ground. I love the sport and everything that comes with it and would love nothing more than to be allowed to participate in it once again without fear of persecution.
3653. gaidon this is mother nature creation ,its been here since adam and eve it needs to be legal just like casino in the world
3652. Dewayne Brooks
3651. Ashley
3650. Larry
3649. Eric this article came out of the game cock How about this decision. The United States Supreme Court, Handed down in 1871 a decision, that may be of interest. The Court held that canary birds were NOT live animals because in a tariff act Congress spoke of “animals, living, of all kinds,” in one paragraph and of birds singing and other in another this the Supreme Court said, showed that Congress did not believe that birds were living animals.The Appellate Court took it from there. The canary bird decision, it said, also indicated that Congress meant that only FOUR LEGGED creatures were animals
3648. rick cantrell family tradition
3647. robbie legalize cockfighting if you dont like it dont attend them its alot of our lives
3646. William Ross
3645. Michael Wigginton
3644. Matthew
3643. Martin F God Glory Gallos Legalize It !!!
3642. C.Wombles EVEN our founding fathers were cock fighters and if it is done properly and carefully it can be very entertaning and profitable for the government!!
3641. Steven LaRue as an avid cocker back when it was still legal, i can look back now and say that i really miss the sport
3640. Mr. Page the native americans should open pits on the reservations. it would show the government how much they could be making. its really simple. have everyone fill out a w-4 at the beggining of every year like you would a regular job. then at the end of the year you get a 1099. at every derby they take 10\% off the top of the entry fee and then that way they get paid twice. its just so easy even a caveman can do it
3639. Brock Page think of the farmers. the feed they grow. the money it would bring in for our country
3638. Brock by doing this millions will be made for business and will bring back the United States out of turmoil
3637. Jessie Powell
3636. robert vanderryt
3635. Ben Dreyfuss
3634. larry hatfield its our right to life liberty and the pursuite of happyness
3633. Jessica Jones
3632. Mitchell Romero Bring it back! Leagalize it.
3631. scott feldpausch
3630. Juan Murillo It’s an AMERICAN TRADITION!!!!
3629. A.Souksan What is the point of it being illegal? Humans fight. There is a ref in the middle, but in cockfight the owner knows when to pull out his gladiator…. People should do what they want with their property as long as it is fed and cared for!
3628. richard valenzuela
3627. Angel Valdez Jr.
3626. Angel Valdez Jr.
3625. Kara It’s an amazing sport .
3624. Virginia Chapman make cockfighting legal!!!!!!!!!!!
3623. Ed Froyalde
3622. Clint L. Welsh
3621. Ellena Sanchez this would bring in money that is much needed in our economy
3620. mike sanchez it will help our economy need grow corn to feed them.ever since all states banned the sport economy crashed look it up.
3619. james bean
3618. Aredee Andrade Bring cockfighting back it’s a traditon.
3617. Mike Workman We butcher millions of unwilling chickens each year. Yet we can’t let 2 fight as they please?
3616. William Carl Dockery III
3615. William Carl Dockerey III
3614. Thomas K. Beavers A family tradition
3612. George Branch
3611. cesar calderon i really belive rooster fights should be legal. if they can use dogs in an agressive manner to catch hogs. why not rooster fights
3610. Brenda
3609. Heather Boggs
3608. Juan Benitez
3607. Byron Pojol Gameness til the End ( – Publisher of articles about Cockfighting From All Over The World (The Only Universal Sports, 8000BC, An Individual Liberty)
3606. B Ashley
3605. william black
3604. K Crow
3603. Bryon Kelley
3602. Joe Stuart
3601. Joe Stuart
3600. Nathan Stuart
3599. robert j malig
3598. charles stop being stupid
3597. brian simmons do it
3596. Cha Let the birds be the best as they can be and preserver the tradition of man kind
3595. Brian Scroggin
3594. Charles Barney III The United States of America is a free country… Right?
3593. alberta Legalize Cockfighting
3592. Rachael Jones Ft. Game
3591. Matt Trulli
3590. Ruben Morales Let me say a word or two and see what you think.
3589. Jeff Ray
3588. van lewis I think Lincon said it best……
3587. dorothy moore Legalize it!!!
3586. T.J. Legalize cockfightiing and keep america free.
3585. Trevor Byers i want my sport back
3584. mai_thaiarmy Cockfighter in Thailand
3583. santiago
3582. JOse!
3581. Jose Romero
3581. Jose Romero
3580. jose Pulido1
3579. Justin P. legalize it
3578. glenn burgess
3577. timothy j. luethje
3576. ronald barron
3575. J M Jones Save our culture/ tradition and rights to private property.
3574. Bobby Baird You have no idea the tax revenue that could be made right now…and we know our country needs it!!!
3573. roger legalized it
3572. justin wilson
3571. joey
3570. Andrew
3569. Brian Cunningham I believe it should be a right. Not forced on anyone but a choice for a man to make.
3568. beto
3567. victor
3566. Scott Noble
3565. Nico Monarrez
3564. Adrian Garza
3563. john c stidman
3562. Kevin Haynes Free or die trying!
3561. jose romero
3560. weston rines
3559. lucio gallegos
3558. Emer E. Manlogon
3557. ryan surber peta and hsus kills all the birds at a raid atleast our birds have a chance to live in the pit
3556. Raul R. Tiongson Please legalize cockfighting in the U.S.
3555. michael kennedy
3554. Bronx Susvilla
3553. Ben J.Taylor Its a shame that a once great sport is looked on with such disdain by folks who want to do away with all animal agriculture and use cockfighting to raise money to see thier agenda through.
3552. Miguel
3551. Bryan Jongkind Just showing my support for other people’s cultural Heritage.
3550. Diosdado D. Maninang
3549. jimmy wilson
3548. randy cash
3547. kenny wilson
3546. phillip cate
3545. channing beeler
3544. steven wilson
3543. billy alcaide
3542. pefecto alcaide
3541. Waylon Lee Reamy NatureBoy Farms
3540. Spencer Hartness Peta needs to be made illegal not cock fighting
3539. Thomas Warfield
3538. asteck souls this is supposed to be the land of the free
3537. matt evans
3536. Manuel
3535. mario ibarra
3534. Dennis Jolly
3533. Thomas Bundy If men war unwillingly , why must fowl be made to quit their hearts desire.
3532. Rigoberto O Rodriguez
3531. ryan legalize it! the bet on ufc and boxing so why cant we on our chickens
3530. Tommy Dunham This is cockfighters standing up for their God given rights.
3529. erik
3528. kevin branch
3527. daniel vest this is our rights
3526. James C. support cocking 100\% keep the sigs comin
3525. Tyler Branch
3524. Jalyn Bray
3523. Shawn Robertson
3522. Casey Stewart Ft. Game Farm
3521. Paul Jones
3520. Gene jones
3519. tristan satin they are natural warriors let nature be…
3518. John D. Madisson
3517. Travin Blaylock guess we will never be land of the free again as long as there is laws that will not allow us to simply enjoy our hobbies as our for fathers did
3516. Jose P
3515. Alberto Pulido
3514. jose
3513. issac its ok with me
3512. Jarrod R. everyone needs to get there whole family to sign this we need a whole lot more people to sign this to get it passed keep the sport goin long live the game cock
3511. Gilbert Vallejo Human rights first. Animal rights second
3510. Genaro hidalgo
3508. tara dickerson
3507. chad dickerson
3506. Humberto Romero
3505. jose luis l.
3504. eduardo r.
3503. gabriela r.
3502. Humbert R
3501. Ronald W. Shepherd
3500. Rodney Ferreira jr.
3499. michael hardegree
3498. nik why be allowed to pit two humans in a ring and not chickens
3497. Creek Side Game Farm I have been around game roooster since I was about 2 years old the only thing i want to know is how can it be animal crualty when it comes natural to a game rooster to fight to death i can unerstand dog fighting being elegal because you train dogs to fight each other but at 5 to 6 months of age a game rooster will become agressive toward another rooster. that is the way god wanted them to be.
3496. carlos
3495. Ponciano Batres stop taking from the people and start doing your job.
3494. zach I think people should be able to fight gamebirds because its in there blood
3493. Johnson Carlyle
3492. Tommie Hall
3491. jose d martinez
3490. nicolas chavez cockfighting is a sport loved by many. please take the time and see how we kept the these birds a live and how we do daily chores to keep them as healthy as they can be. these birds are game and they are not trained to fight but conditioned to enhance there natrual behavers. legalizing cockfighting would bring back a sport that many have done for years.
3489. nicolas chavez cockfighting is a sport loved by many.
3488. kevin landers
3487. Travis migues Like I was saying ive been fighting roosters since I was alittle boy and my dad has also been doing it since he was A young boy its mess up they took away the sport I love so much I still raise roosters
3486. Travis migues Like I was saying ive been fighting roosters since I was alittle boy and my dad has also been doing it since he was A young boy its mess up they took away the sport I love so much I still raise roosters
3485. Travis migues Like I was saying ive been fighting roosters since I was alittle boy and my dad has also been doing it since he was A young boy its mess up they took away the sport I love so much I still raise roosters
3484. Travis migues Like I was saying ive been fighting roosters since I was alittle boy and my dad has also been doing it since he was A young boy its mess up they took away the sport I love so much I still raise roosters
3483. roger prewitt
3482. Jennifer Torres Legalize Cockfighting in America!
3481. Genaro Torres
3479. Benjamin Cisco
3478. Aaron Graley
3477. Heather too be exact the last known cockfighting material dates back 743 years ago in jarusalim so if jesus allows it in his land seems like the goverment would follow the ten comandments and put no other god before him
3476. rusty cockfighting is no diffrent than ufc cage fighting only cock fighting is illegal but you can get on tv and beat the brains out of another human and the world loves it
3475. Sammy Dawson Be the Congress who brings back ” old and proven ways to exist”
3472. DENNIS DOZIER leagl means of harvest
3471. Bill Branson dis is ‘mericka! if me want cockfight, dats me right!
3470. R R C I believe it is the right of those who choose to do so, to partake in both the enjoyment and competitive sport of cokfighting.
3469. megan gentry
3468. kenny bishop III
3467. Anthony Condra
3466. Paula Jeffery
3465. Eric Layne
3464. Alicia Condra
3462. Marc Joson
3461. Albert Seastrom
3460. jpex legalize cockfight
3458. Esben carrasco it can be tax for a poor country we live in right now and I am talking about the u s.
3456. cecil dillman
3455. Raul Casillas free the gamecock
3454. Peter Quezada legalize, we treat them better than commercial farms treat thier chickens we eat.
3453. John Cambra I think this is still a free country AMEN
3451. marcos olivo
3450. daniel marquez bring back what was once already here.
3449. caston mai
3448. joe savala
3447. Jaime C This can help us fix the economy.
3446. Rick S. Canete
3445. Richard must preserve our culture
3444. Brian Speights Thanks For Reading.
3443. Mike rice
3442. Papa Ritz If done correctly, we could help country finance problems from Local – State & Federal
3441. Papa Ritz If done correctly, we could help country finance problems from Local – State & Federal
3440. Juan Alonzo so many of us want it ….Give us our right.. The right of freedom!!!!
3439. Mark Ziemkowski
3438. Dezmond semana
3437. kelcee chapman
3436. Dale Sabungero Cockfighting is my life!
3435. Joshua Alonzo
3434. jason berry cockfighting is the oldest sport there is.
3433. Shawn Hall MAKE IT LEGAL
3432. Sheena
3431. sam weaver
3430. Chris
3429. Jaocb W. Gohagan
3428. Shauba vang
3427. Hoang Long Nguyen
3426. Jaime Sanchez
3425. Jason Ray The people against cockfighting should leave all us alone and worry about the children being abused & molested,& get their facts straight on how a chicken is a fowl
3424. Tim Teal people keep signin everyone should get at least 2 or 3 people to sign this to push to get it passed
3423. ernesto fernandez UGBA
3422. Albert O’Connor Please legalize cockfighting
3420. willie p why take away a way of life
3419. David Tanner What happened to the pursuit of happiness
3418. gregory a nance god made the cock fight not man for his right to live
3417. Stanley Ballo
3416. Michael Chua
3415. jaime cardenas this sport has been in my family for about 80yrs we are tax paying usa citizen and feel its not right that we have to hide to enjoy our time off work.
3414. Nick Powell
3413. Robert Vargas
3412. Francis Lee Torres
3411. Pedro Quezada if abortion is legal, why is cockfighting not???! and activists that raid farms kill the rooster they confiscate!!
3410. Jason its a way of life for everyone to enjoy
3409. Jose Romero
3407. zoraida
3406. victor Legalize our Sport ! This is the land of the free ??? + the hole counrty could benefit from this.
3405. cynthia costorio
3404. Arthur Mangaoang
3403. Glenn
3402. Apolonio Garcia Legalize cockfighting in the U S
3401. roger where is our freedom
3400. erik eisenhower
3399. Ken Ross
3398. Andrew Gard
3397. Jim Clem Legalize cockfighting! It is good for the country.
3396. joel whitsel
3395. luis ignacio larios mendoza
3394. caleb summit
3393. jaime rayo
3392. Katheryn Tagomata Please legalize the cockfighting in the U.S
3391. Lee Ledesma Please legalize the cockfighting and farmers will benifit to that too and help our economy.
3390. James C. Yu Legalize Cockfighting to improve US economy. Money will be flowing in from all asian countries and Mexico
3389. Jacob Fisher
3388. tan
3387. Drew Bailey This is a great thing we are doing to try to help out our country in this time if everyone on here could get at least one or two people to sign this our numbers will rise and have a great chance in succeeding the life that we know and love
3386. kawika burley
3385. Troy Guillory
3384. anthony Santos
3383. marcus olivo please consider as tax revenur
3382. Louis Torree This most certainly would bring in the needed revenue to each state that allow cockfighting. Cockfighters are your typical factory worker, Construction, labor and many of the leaders of society. They are not like the PETA and Humane organizations that allow and approve of terroristic behavior.
3381. jordan pavao
3380. rafael fernandez
3379. Art Hernandez
3378. Junior Chaidez
3377. Lalo Hernandez
3376. Junior Hernandez
3375. Rigo Hernandez Doing this wll help our country and communits at this much needed time, by bringing work of all kinds and tax payers. Right now that country needs more work for our taxpayers and money for the counrty, this is one small way to help our country and our people..
3374. cody davis
3373. Allen Self
3372. William Martin
3371. A. Vince Quimpo
3370. Alvaro Garces we need this
3369. Tammey Carter
3368. Jason Everett
3367. Jeffery Carter This is supposed to be the land of the free. But the goverment keeps taking our rights away from us. Our freedom of happiness was taken when they made it ilegal to cock fight. As you all know many of our Presidents fought game cocks but the goverment will never admit that this is so. Because they want every one to think that the sport is wrong when it is not.
3366. Doug Miller Game Cocks are born with the instinct to fight. This is not something you can train these beautiful creatures to do. In the wild only the strongest survive and go on to produce hardier offspring that are less susceptible to disease. The Game Cock wants to fight another Game Cock to show the other that he is the most dominant. If they weren’t meant to fight then they wouldn’t. God made them that way so let them do what they want to do. Let them fight!
3365. Donnie Carter Cockfighting is a Sport of Kings and NOT a blood sport.
3364. Justin At least consider legalizing cockfighting bare heel (their spurs are there only weapons)
3363. Joseph P. Tavares Jr. It is our culture in Hawaii, and we will never stop
3362. Victor A Juarez lets at least try it and come up with a saloution where everybodys happy death before dishonor
3361. scott boyd
3360. Sarah Massey
3359. scott walker
3358. michael deming
3357. jason wiley Legalize our SPORT
3356. Johnathon As Abraham lincoln once said: if god allows man to fight hewould not stop rooster fight then why is it elgal.
3355. Justin Hudson
3354. Rocio
3353. randall hampton
3352. Robert Foust
3351. bobby stepps
3350. troy
3349. dan gasque
3348. Catherine Stasevich
3346. Jessica Conard
3345. Ruben Hernandez Return to us the freedoms that our forefathers enjoyed.
3344. james m griffith
3343. timothy risner
3342. michael wood
3341. Juan Dominguez
3340. myles oga
3339. CREEK SIDE GAME FARM its ok for the goverment to push the little man aside but what happens when the little man pushes the goverment aside they through the little man in jail and for get where the key is ( THE LAST TIME I CHECK DIDN’T GOD MAKE EVER ONE WITH THE SAME RIGHTS) ALSO WHY DID GOD MAKE THE GAME ROOSTER AGRESIVE IF MAN IS GOING TO BAND FIGHTING GAME ROOSTER
3338. scot andrews
3337. Robbie Shelton there are alot of people that would sign this but they cant afford a computer cause of the rich man and that why th gov gets what thay want
3336. Sean Hancock
3335. miguel
3334. jesse andrews jr I miss going to the fights i met so many intresting people there some friends and some not i miss doodles drag mountain dan valley sunset bayou club little boxwood hog waller south hill tommy greens
3333. jesse andrews would like to see it come back
3332. Christina
3331. Anthony M rice Personally against cockfighting, but I don’t think it’s anymore inhumane than HSUS killing birds or Tyson foods farming practices. Do people think chicken meat just appears in your grocery store? Raise your own eggs and chicken and see how cruel tha animal world really is,
3330. jerry this is an Americn tradition they should not take it away from us. Since the USA respects all our civil rigths and has justice for all
3329. christian gilreath
3328. marcus olivo
3327. 4humanrights IT ‘s Not right & Immoral for an outsider NONTAXPAYING “Organize Syndicates” Terrorist animal groups, hsus & their militias, to IMPOSE their VEGAN Extremist animal Lifestyle to others so it’s leaders can Enriched themselves to live a LAVISH lifestyles & enjoy their over 200 million dollars in Pension funds…and it Economically /culturally descriminates Agricultrual zoning taxpayers & cultural gamefowl sports practitioners & it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL , to impose morale extemist animal values to others…
3326. santiago teran this’s the country of the free
3325. charles cashen our founding fore fathers engaged in cockfighting the founders of this free country how can you sit there and take this liberty and pursuite of happiness from the general voting people when the men that started this country agreed to it now you take it away mr congress person
3324. Carl Johnston our Armed forces are fighting for the freedom of third world countrys to have freedom. While our Gov. is taking ours away one day at a time.
3323. john monfort
3322. john monfort
3321. charles greer Please help save the sport we love and our pursuit of happiness.
3320. Eric Horn i belive cockfighting should be legal but e have some nuts out their that think it’s a bigger sin to show our fowl than to steal from someone
3319. zebred
3318. tim kowitz
3317. edward l wolverton jr
3316. harlen butte
3315. Gregory P. Scholten
3314. Daniel Herrera
3313. Thomas Beavers
3312. cliff risner
3311. kenneth tabor
3310. Christian Widener
3309. Linda R. Chamberlain
3308. Artie Castle
3307. Melissa Francis
3305. Richard Mallett
3304. victor andalon
3303. betty ryals
3302. sam ryals
3301. Lee Matthews
3300. Mathew Stewart This is America, lets legalize some freedom!
3299. Shelly Noland
3298. teddy leo noland jr wish it would happen i would spend my money to have r famliy sport back
3297. teddt leo noland jr
3296. Israel Torres
3295. doodle cook catch me if you can
3294. Johnny Walker Britt
3293. Jimmy Sorrells
3292. Kyle Killingsworth Chickens die everyday
3291. Shaina Giefing why not make rooster fight like a buiness we pay the goverment they let us fight rooster and ever one gets what they want
3290. Lonnie smith honest abe got his nick name by being honest in the pit while fighting roosters so why cant we fight roosters
3289. brandy smith I know why rooster fights are elgale its the money we dont pay the goverment so they dont let us fight roosters
3288. Mike Giefing its ok for human to watch men fight each other but we cant watch rooster fights whats the diffrence
3287. James Giefing
3286. Johnathon Giefing they say fighting is crule what do they do with the roosters they get from a bust. they burn them, ant that just as crule
3285. Davidy Keys
3284. Jessica Keys I don’t see a problem it
3283. Hunter Smith
3282. Ariel Cabrera Use my tax dollars wisely
3281. scot andrews
3280. Andres Perez cockfighting is here to stay
3279. Andres Perez a cultural sport my family has practiced for many generations
3278. edgar
3277. fidel sedano
3276. michael johnson
3275. Kevin Hansel
3274. marc woodard its my culture and problly yours too
3273. joe robert davis
3272. Bob Gaskins Our stimulus, money , all spent on what,,ACRON ! YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT , SO WILL WE , SEE YOU IN NOVEMBER, WE’ RE INFORCING TERM LIMITS!
3271. donald poe the united states could really use all the extra revenue that we can get. lets face it the rest of the world uses illegal cash crops to fund terrorists groups that pose a huge and obvious threat to the U.S. lets not forget we are at war in iraq and afghanistan which is a huge economic burden to the millions of hard working tax payers we work our asses off for our own government to tell us we cant have a little fun but yet we hear news about kentucky state troopers viewing this sport take place and not losing their jobs or facing the same criminal punishment as a regular civilian. there are some folks that live in areas where the best job may be just a few more cents than minimum wageand it doesnt pay them much to drive 80-100miles a day back and forth to work with gas prices the way they are these days and it makes it damn near impossible to raise a family with the skyrocketing prices of everyday living expenses.
3270. billy dean cock fighting should not be against the law!!!!!
3269. Dalon Simpson
3268. Brandon Nelson It’s a true gentlemans sport.
3267. Brandon Nelson It’s a true gentlemans sport.
3266. Clay Wilson ……..
3265. juan hernandez
3264. Jerry Riley If people don’t start standing up soon, they’ll take everything from us!
3263. clint chastain Theres notting wrong with it anybody who’s every had gamecocks knows that they fight till death .Theres usually only a few cocks left with several 100 hens just let it be.
3262. juan alvarado this will help our economy in U.S by creating new jobs
3261. gerardo alvarado
3260. Joey West
3259. Ricardo Leurin
3258. ira thompson
3257. Rico Rodriguez
3256. Kaylee M. Wiley
3255. Efren D. Rodriguez Jr
3253. Antonio Rodriguez Jr just look at how much money we spend in feed..Imagine what would legalizeing the cock fight revenue would bring
3252. shawl hughes i have been in chicken fighting for a while and i want it to be legalized again. thanks for puting up this petition.
3251. Jacqueline Garcia today there is more laws telling us what not to do… What is going on with our freedom.
3250. luis gabriel garcia let freedom ring
3249. Donny
3248. trinity simmons
3247. brian simmons
3246. morgan sines
3245. tyler williams cockfighting should be legalized
3244. Kyla
3243. Raul G Chavez You should put in the petition that we will start paying taxes to each state. For example, if the purse is 1000 or 10000, the winner will pay taxes. Because that’s why they ban it. The lawyers should go and tell them will are willing to buy licence to fight roosters like fisher men. this money will help the economy and both of us will be happy. Cockfighting is a culture but I am willing to pay a yearly licence to fight roosters. imagine how much money will each state will get if they legalize cockfighting. Each state will get money from each licence and 10\% of the purse. Think about? Congress will consider if we petition this idea they could even test it for one year and if it doesn’t work then ban it.
3242. Raul Chavez
3241. Jimmy Ooten It is a heritage and is older than our nation…It should be legal and respected…,
3240. raymond haynes
3239. billy joe clark
3238. ronald drappeaux
3237. hannis stacey “BUSINESS” MIND YOUR OWN!
3236. hannis stacey “BUSINESS” MIND YOUR OWN!
3235. agcomm
3234. esteban
3233. tammy j cooper people need to mind their own damn business
3232. tammy j cooper people need to mind their own damn business
3231. fast lane give the cocks a bigger ring to fight
3230. Scott Thofner this is smart you spelled dollars wrong you said “dollors” but it is still good
3229. Destiny Edwards
3228. randy johnson
3227. Eris Murphy Legalize cockfighting. Devellop cock boxing.
3226. Bobbi Jo Wagner
3225. Albert Blakeman
3223. Eric Lauer
3222. Derrick Evans This is what they are bred to do. Anyone who thinks otherwise then I propose a challenge. I give you a mother hen and some baby chicks. You raise them and see if the roosters dont eventually fight til the death on they’re own. Also, whoever started this group, then please get a hold of me because I too am from WV and I really want to help my favorite sport become legal. This would be huge for our states economy as well as saving a sport thats been passed down from my ancestors.
3221. Josue Rodriguez
3220. jesse garcia i raise chickens and love them like u wouldn’t believe ,still ilove to see them in battle and they fight because they want to. if we train gamefowl to fight i want to see someone to train a cock how not to fight!!!
3219. Shawn Rorrer I think if they tax cockfighting it would bring in a lot of needed money for this country. Whats the diffrence between two men in a ring beating the crap out of each other compared to roosters doing the same thing? Theres no difference at all!
3218. Dustin Hall I been rasing chickens since 1994
3217. crystal martin have been a long time cockfighter and believe that the government would not have such an issue with the matter if they could regulate revenue after all was it not this very reason that they sicked the animal rights activists on us
3216. Brian C. Brooks As a breeder of gamefowl I put so much love and time into raising and caring for my birds. It is against my rights as a citizen of a free country that I can not use my gamefowl how I see fit and proper.
3215. Chris Elliott
3214. Nick Fisher
3213. Brendan McNamara
3212. Michael Elliott
3211. Aaron Greco
3210. Earl Valley
3209. Sharon Lucas
3208. jaime rodriguez cockfighter till the day i die! what does it take to make this sport legal in the U.S. i guess horse races may have to start be illegal to people put steriods in them and bet money which is known as gambling!
3207. Bryan Lucas
3206. alex escobedo
3205. josue escobedo legalize cockfighting wheather it is legal or not it will still be going on no matter what!!
3204. Josh Strouth
3203. Kane Ratliff they were breed to fight,its our heritage,and its a sport like anything mean people bet on horse races
3202. T.Selvaraju Abraham lincon was told this As long as Almighty…………………….chickens of the same privelege.He was Popular president in USA.he was not banned the cock fighting.But George W.Bush banned cock fight.At the sametime to fight with Iraq and killed public and soldiers.Abraham Linclon was guard the Humen ,George w.Bush to guard the Cocks.
3201. Wayne Campbell Jr. Cockfighting is part of my Hawaiian culture! Why should I be penalized for practicing my culture?
3200. jose vega
3199. troy takahashi
3198. mike johnson
3197. Don E. Johnson I live in Louisiana cock fighting is now illegal. The so called do gooders have killed more rooster in the past year than we killed in the derbies we had. If the state od Louisiana would wake up and bring cock fighting back to our state and tax winnings they would see how much they have lost in the state the past 40 years.
3196. lawrence D Johnson
3195. Chue Moua We should legalize cockfighting in the US, but without knifes.
3194. Charles SimmonS
3193. Tabatha SimmonS where are all our freedoms going
3192. Brian SimmonS its more cruel what they do to the chickens we eat
3191. Martin Torres i approve of rooster fighting, they are created for fighting. If you were to put two chickens outside a couple a feet away from each other, and as soon as they see each other they will fight to the death untill one of them runs .Both of them would die ,two roosters can’t live with each other not even if they were related they would still kill each other.
3190. Jose Luis Torres I love my roosters and hen, and I approve of game cock fighting. Why do ya kill chickens for kfc ? Its like the same thing but the chickens you kill can’t defend themselves but ours can !
3189. Michael R Johnson God created all things, animals,even the fowl of the air and put man in charge of them. If you don’t believe read your Bible.So therefore I think cock fighting sould be legalized. The gamefowl only missed by 1 vote becoming the American symbol. It is a beautiful fowl in its likeness.(Religious believers). I saw on TV the other night 2 men fighting on an ultimate fighting adventure and it was legal and on TV but there is big money involved in it and it was ok, therefore I think cockfighting should be legalized and the monies used and be taxed. and the revenue goes for paying taxes.
3188. Steve Decker im even more of a redneck
3187. Dan Stitt im a redneck
3186. Robert Adams Long live the gamecock
3185. Jacob Wright Its a sad day when you can drive by a broiler farm where they raise chickens in the poorest conditions, and that is legal, but cockfighting is banned. These birds recieve the best treatment, and happiest lives. This sport is a part of my heritage all the way back to immigration. It’s sad it will fade away.
3184. Eberardo Robles
3183. maricela rodriguez
3182. Erica Rodriguez
3181. Michael Thompson Let Freedom ring
3180. David De La O
3179. Dawn Mayerhofer
3178. lawrence poff i think it is to god wether they shud fight or not and he made them to fight
3177. joe guffey
3176. Jose Martinez its our culture
3175. Tommy Honaker
3174. chris oliver
3173. Selena Thompson I believe that if people would like to have cockfights, I think they should. It’s what they love to do and for some of the men it is all they know. Why should we take that from them? One should look into the lives of these familys and see how much cockfighting is apart of the life.
3172. Bobby Jason Barley Ive not raised fighting cocks in 10 years, but I think about it all the time. My father loved it and his father loved it and his fathers before. They say its okay to be gay its okay for humans to fight they even say its okay to kill a unborn child but its not okay to let roosters be themselves. I was raised to treat my birds with respect and to give to them even if I had to do without. Who has the right to tell me right from wrong other than god. Everyone who loves there history and country should stand togather for there rights. BRING THE SPORT OF KINGS BACK.
3171. Steven Crews It’s about time
3170. Homero Lopez Gamecocks aren’t trained to fight or be agressive. It’s in thier blood and comes natural to them. If made legal , by all means … Tax the hell out of it. Im allmost positive , thier isn’t a cocker out thier that would have a problem with paying thier dues. In exchange we ask that you leave us alone and let us enjoy our birds.
3169. Norman H Davis III
3168. arturo gomez
3167. aixa
3166. Manuel
3165. Chris Shoemaker its better than legalizing dope
3164. shannon raines
3163. William Sterling save the breeds
3162. Alfredo Larios Good enough for great gentalmen great presidents ,good enough for me.
3161. floyd merriman
3160. Aaron Andress Long Live Tradition
3159. Ruben Castellanos I think it to be the saddest thing when the cultures of our people are being taken away from us by these corporations that kill thousands of animals per day and consider themselves animal protectors. They are so asanine asking people for donations so that they can euthenize 600 birds in one location and regarding our birds as too agressive. It’s depressing to see how bad our economy is in California and to realize that there’s a multi-million dollar solution right in front of their faces and yet all they do is make laws that impede people like me from geting out of the recession were in. Well hopefully our customes don’t end up being squashed under so many laws. Good luck and thank u for keeping the fight. I know me and all my fellow breeders will keep fighting these California laws.
3158. sean wright
3157. james feigl
3156. Andres Torres hope this signature helps
3155. Donald McCandless
3154. Roger Arellano Our founding fathers would have never banned this to begin with.
3153. John Bernal
3152. Hector Avila
3151. joel stewart
3150. Morris Coker Look at History of this Country
3149. Tim Casey
3148. Tom Smith
3147. Micheal Dotson
3146. Melvin McCOY
3145. Jerry Hatfield
3144. Frank Smith
3143. santiago garcia the economy needs this money! Legalize it!
3142. xavier Legalize cockfighting,and bring back all them tax dollars
3141. Abbie Schradin legalize cockfighting!
3140. Lester J. Willis In Puerto Rico alone, this is a $400,000,000.00 industry. The revenue from the states would be astonishing. This is our cultural right, and all could benefit.
3139. james r adkins i think it should be legal
3138. Jordan Kinderman Lift The Ban
3137. Hayden Hise
3136. TJ Nickell please dont do this!!! God made gamebirds for a reason
3135. fred jljljao
3134. kevin H. everyone has the right to dislike cockfighting so why do we not have the right to like it ?..we let you live your life and do not bother any1 so therefor i want the same respect. LEAVE us ALONE peda we dont bother yall soo give us that much respect and dont bother us.
3133. T.J. RESHONSKY u.s. should legalize it
3132. Toby Bogart
3131. Chris gamefowls are not animals, there reptiles
3130. jon mencer
3129. Alex Choi god bless america
3128. Jose Game fowl are the best
3127. Jody Cherry
3126. stanley risner the bible says not to be a busy body in other mens matters if other people to fight chickens so be it thats thier god given right .
3125. Braenna Burke
3124. Peter Gonzales I have seen how regular chickens are treated for meats and eggs with cockfighting the birds are treated better then regular chickens
3123. Kathy Gonzales I would rather have my son raising and fighting game fowl then on the streets useing meth and bein in gangs and bein a gang banger cock fighting involves family and doin it together
3122. terry burton who am i to judge what other people may find offensive. i do not like gays lets ban them too..
3121. Diane Jessup While watching chickens kill each other is not my idea of a good time, as an animal lover and 20+ years animal control officer, I feel that fighting cocks live an extremely humane life up to the point they are pitted. They are far better cared for than other fowl. They may die in the pit, but it is no worse than the BILLIONS of chickens killed by KFC.
3120. Greg Mousel
3119. H.B Mousel
3118. Jesus A Garcia
3117. Cristi Griffin people that live in city apartments and never go out in thy country need not stop us from what we love an dthe birds love it too.
3116. tim griffin when they gas them by the hundreds how humane is that?
3115. Tammy Mousel I think we should be aloud to fight are birds if other people can smoke and drink and do the things they want to we should be able to do the things that we want to do as well.
3114. Trey Young
3113. Zachary Frederick
3112. jimmy cornett its a sport not a crime
3111. paul goins i have been around cockfighting since i was born i have brought many people that have never been before and before they left they realized there is nothing that i do that make the chickens fight all i do is give them better chance, also you tell me what is more inhumane fighting them or giving them a shot and killing all of them at least if i fight them they have a chance to come home they can not beat the needle!!!!!!!!!!!
3110. Jordan Cupps
3109. Keith McGuire
3108. Dwayne cum jr i think u should be aloud to fight chickens
3107. Ronald Bassi It should be allowed
3106. michelle everly
3105. Tiffany Piwowar
3104. Robert Everly (porky)
3103. Stephanie Everly
3102. paul everly LONG LIVE COCK FIGHTING
3101. jessica everly
3100. Rogelio Balderas
3099. kelly burns
3098. JAMES BOGART freedom, liberty and peace is all we’re asking for
3097. michael mckenzie Ima be right here with everybody who believes in cockfighting all the way and we wont stop till its legal again!! go for it boys
3096. Trey Anderson Should be legal…anyone against it should aducate themselves as to the nature of game fowl.
3095. cody lawson
3094. mountain Bear
3093. Vicki Siders we do not instill the fighting nature of theses wonderfull WILDLIFE
3092. Timothy Baker Its not just a sport its a life still.
3091. Bryan Davis Thall shall not inposses thy beliefs on no one citizen of one said united states of AMERICA
3090. Jeff Hatfield
3089. Larry Wolford
3088. tony montenegro
3087. TONY HANG How is it cruel when its naturally in their blood? Its natures way of Culling the DULL!..
3086. James Bedard
3085. Lydia Currin Its let us kill em’ our way or let the spca and humane society do it their way. Check their pulse both ways and I guarantee they will be the same
3084. Brett Currin Jr. My family was in it for years. We had a strong business, shipped game cocks nationally and outside the US. We provided an income for our families and provided jobs for others to support their families as well. When cockfighting was outlawed in the US there went the work and money. Lets bring it back. Theirs no harm. The country could benefit.
3083. Serjio Diaz Legalize it I hate to be viewed as a criminal because I breed gamefowl.
3082. Alex Perez
3081. Rich Anderson
3080. tony powers
3079. Kevin Jude Its either, let the birds fight for survival, or let PETA cut their heads off.
3078. James M Goff
3077. James M Goff
3076. brooklyn more jobs would be available for this country
3075. roger you dont have to train game fouls to fight its in there blood
3074. bailey the government can make a lott of revenue in a organized situation
3073. douglas campbell we need the income from the taxes to dig us out
3072. Christopher Johnston
3071. Chris Duncan
3070. bobby jarrell
3069. eula spaulding
3068. Steve Stewart i agree its not cruel and it would bring billions of tax dollars in.
3067. Trey Anderson Whats next? Outlaw hunting? Fishing? Rodeos? Circuses?
3066. Brad Shuster
3065. Andrew Farmer
3064. Blake Shuster
3063. Rachel Cusick
3062. Jennifer Wattle
3061. Sam Wattle
3060. Tori Shuster
3059. james corn
3058. mark taylor Lets take our country back
3057. Edgar Sanchez
3056. Jody Wiley
3055. randy bogle same as 3013
3054. Pete Grivetti
3053. Denine Shuster
3052. Rickey Grivetti Jr I am 15 & me & my dad have always enjoyed the rooster’s,hens & chicks but it is a shame its outlawed because i miss all the good people ide meet at the pits…i really hope this hepls
3051. Rick Grivetti its a real shame that hsus made felons out of good hard workin people who pay taxes daily….something must be & has to been done….
3050. shawn chafin
3049. sonja chafin
3048. shane heath
3047. bj zeek
3046. chris heath
3045. douglas heath n.s railroad
3044. Vanessa Deleon dont see the harm in rooster fights people still do it any way
3043. dustin cook it would keep alot of young kids out of touble. on saturday morning instead of being on the corner selling durgs or getting shot at they will say hey let go to cockfight. in other word it would change alot kids
3042. Jerry L. Myers government should spend more time and money elsewhere instead of messing with folks tha play with they realize i can go in the back yard and brutaly murder a chicken!(cut its head off like granny did)and that is ok,but i cannot use the birds natural ability to please myself or make money?but i can make a huge bull buck and spin and charge for amusement and money.I can hunt with firearms big game in pens that have no way to escape for pleasure and money,blow half a leg off and lose the bloodtrail and let the animal suffer and die,SLOWLY!!!!but this is nature and life on earth and only the strong will survive!
3041. Mariano Sy This creates more jobs and business to our country.
3040. danny i think cockfighting should be legal
3039. mikah dowdy 1013
3038. boi calivoso brah we gotta make um legal cuz the vice is so iratating
3037. shawn royal
3036. ethan royal
3035. shane osborne
3034. nathanaiel osborne
3033. wilma dye
3032. Bryan Dye
3031. Kayla Compton
3030. Bryan Jared Dye
3029. Bryan Jared Dye
3028. Bethany suleckie
3027. Brain Yates Its funny how a group of peaple can pass laws on something they never attended or not know anything about and lead peaple wrong, saying that we train/make a rooster to fight i mean realy what we gona do talk to them and threaten them. And for them thats what they would rather do than anything else. Its their nature and thier gona fight regardless its all someone can do just to keep them apart. And the goverment could make a killing off rooster pits on taxes and all the gas spent going there hotel renting or make there be a licens and charge $100 a permit . Millions of dallars could be made and if everyone signed this petition it would be way up in the millions.
3026. Keith Yates same as 3013
3025. Gabe lester same as 3013
3024. Nathan Wilkey
3023. ryan
3022. randall w hardwick i have been attending cock fights since i was 2. thats when my father started taking me . theres nothing like it. it would boost the economy 19 now i would rather fights my chickens than listen watch a boxing matcg or a horse race. chickens are not trained to fight its in there blood.
3021. randall william hardwick there is nothing wrong with cockfights
3020. Timothy Lester i have never attended a cock fight. i have owned a small sting of game fowl but only in the past few years. if people can fight in an arena and kill or severely injure each other why can we not allow these birds who fight by nature not by man do what comes natural to them?
3019. shirley lucas
3018. ruben Its a free country
3017. Timothy N. Anglin
3016. Alex Zuniga legalize cockfighting land of the free
3015. Dr. David E. Harrington Until man decides to stop killing his brothers, he has nothing to say about the fate of a bird.
3014. John Myles
3013. Alex Tejeda I do not fight gamefowl, but I don’t see anything wrong with it. If everybody who owned fowl let them be,they would suffer much more than in an organized fight. Many fowl receive better care than most children in the world in my opinion. People who are against this have not experienced it for very long if at all. Like I said, if the gamefowl had their way, they would all become extinct in about a year. Abortion, hunting, boxing, and UFC fights are just a portion of bad things that are tolerated here in the US. Native Americans did it before any white man arrived in the US; why take part of their culture away as well? Legalizing this would also make a great boost in the economy. Many people travel across the world just to see a one day cockfighting event. Thousands of people in the world have died in war even presently. We can take someones life in war, someone who doesn’t want to be killed and taken away from family, but we can’t let two gamecocks battle together willingly? Make the country better. Legalize
3012. estevan orozco if u don’t like the sport stay away from it. stop trying to make it your business.
3011. Carlos La Luz
3010. Donnie Brown
3009. Albert Kirby
3008. Curtis Howard
3007. Dianne Jarvis
3006. jason goolesby allow gamecocks to do what comes to them naturally–fight!
3004. Randy Knott if you dont like it, dont attend!
3003. christopher payne
3002. gregsmartin
3000. Raymond E. Jenkins Jr. I am glad to see there our some people as game as our fine fowl. THANK YOU to all who support us.
2999. Bobby Rogers
2998. Kyle Warren I love breeding and fighting gamecocks please don’t take this away. When I get depressed or if I am feeling blue I can go outside and play with my birds, and they make me feel better.
2997. Dereck Ford Only in the land of the free does the gamecock crow!!!
2996. Shawn Perry
2995. brandon taylor cockfighting should be legal in the states it was because you don’t have to make them fight they fight on thier on. thanks all of thecockfight jod bless you
2994. lacey bailey
2993. trisha frazier
2992. matthew sammons
2991. veronica stracener
2990. elizabeth bailey love this ideal just let us have fun and enjoy our sport
2989. robby bailey
2988. phillip Its the best thing alive.
2987. Tina Taylor We need to stand for what we believe in, I don’t see anyone whining over bullfighting in Spain, let our cocks battle!
2986. Drew Dahlberg
2985. beverly robinson libs have ruined our culture,let.s take it back
2984. edward smith is in their blood to fight we just take care of them if 1 died there 10 sons and hen of that one is natural
2983. Andrew Rivera Legalize Cockfighting
2982. Derrick Wigley
2981. monte tait legalize it .put on controls, and taxes.
2980. Frincine Tait
2979. Cory Tait Actually there were gladiators that used to be honored for doing the same but the sheep below with the hillbilly coments would know nothing about honor
2978. Andrew Mills
2977. Pam Johnson
2976. Linda Underwood
2975. Larry Johnson
2974. Bryan Johnson
2973. Bryan Johnson
2972. Joyce Conn Its about time we stand up for whats right
2971. Tony Conn Do the right thing LEGALIZE IT
2970. Jason Johnson lets go WV get this legalize get r freedom back.It would bring money into the little communties and it would benifit everything
2969. Jason Johnson
2968. darin legalize its how i make a living
2967. Vincent L. Pate
2966. Car Mann let chickens die with honor!
2965. Christofer Tang
2964. nathan applegate LEGALIZE COCKFIGHTING!
2963. DEVIN PRICE Go ahead WV do it. Hell let’s be first at something. I like it.
2962. Kevin Williamson
2961. Jason Duffield God made chickens for fightin’. PERIOD.
2960. wes hawkins this would save a lot off people in this world it cant get any wores then it is know we can all make ends meet with this working they can get there dollar i would be just fine with that
2959. Lesa Gambrel I see nothing wrong with cock fighting, I”ve been around it many years. Regardless if its done in the pit or in the front yard or regardless if someone is even handling the cocks, they will fight. I don’t see it as animal cruelty, especially when the only purpose for these types of chickens are to fight. If you ask me its the chickens that we eat everyday and their living and dying situations thats cruel. You stick them in 2X2 cages piled up on one another where if one uses the bathroom the one underneath gets it. These chickens live atleast 2 years before their fought, whereas the chickens we eat int he super market only live a few months before their killed. So what’s inhumane in this situation? Ask yourself.
2957. Brian It should be legalized immediatley
2956. Anthony
2955. DEREK Please give us our rights back as good up standing, tax paying, free, american citizens.
2954. Roger Choate
2953. Ruben Cortes Why not, makes perfect sense to tax it.
2952. Deb Ferrell This is the most SICK and depraved idea to be even contemplated. DO NOT allow this disgrace and disgusting torture of animals. DO NOT ALLOW OR GIVE THIS PIECE OF TRASH IDEA ANOTHER THOUGHT. KEEP COCKFIGHTING BANNED FOREVER
2951. Bruce Jones
2950. mike ibanez jr.
2947. lorraine hatfield
2946. clayton hatfield
2945. gentry hatfield
2944. john sartin
2943. stephanie blackburn
2942. earl blackburn
2941. lacy reed
2940. john bentley
2939. David MacMillan
2937. candice davis
2936. chris faine
2935. Robert Lee Stuart Don’t let these out of state nuts come in and take your freedom
2934. Michael Guy It about time we stand for our rights
2933. Leanna Sizmore
2932. Ernie Guy
2931. mike chambers If this Law passes West Viginia ,will be the only real free state in the united states ,good for them ,and i hope it does pass,for human rights .
2930. Carl E May We need to still be Americans please honor
2929. David Duenas II
2928. Doug Williamson
2927. Eddie Dearnell Glad someone is standing up for our rights
2926. Kristy Dearnell Lets Get our Freedom back
2925. Trey Furby
2924. Walker Cisco
2923. Curtis Elser
2921. J.D. Delaney this country needs the money that legalized cockfighting would generate,
2920. Donald Newman spot this vicious act of cruelty.
2919. doug king
2918. aimee clingenpeel this should be legalized
2917. Shannon Dotson if the presidents done it then its fine for me. there is a difference between animals and fowl
2916. Sheila Grafton Isn’t this a free country? We have to many laws now, we are becoming communists, by all the laws you are shoving down our throats,Back off big brother let us live our own lives GOD,COUNTRY, FAMILY My chickens get better care than a lot of children do, NOW THAT IS A CRIME!!!
2915. Garret Gordon
2914. Tara Grafton
2913. Kris Carter
2912. Joel Grafton
2911. col. sanders
2910. Sam Holder
2909. Laura Holder
2908. David Dominguez
2907. kelly oldaker
2906. Ben Dover Is this anything like cock wrangling?
2904. kayla bergeman
2903. scott kimbrough
2902. estel baker
2901. kenneth sommers Puerto Rico could be used as a model
2900. gary evans
2899. elijah varner
2898. Marguerite Christine Cannon
2897. steven cannon its time to take our rights back.
2896. John Ray
2895. eugene facemyer the gamecocks teech usabout courage
2894. Paul Wood
2893. willam alton thomas
2892. Charles Greer Please help return freedom to our country.
2891. mike taylor
2890. Justin Thomas
2889. stephen corley legalize cockfighting
2888. Rickey Hampton
2887. steven bond i care for game cocks and like to watch them do what comes natural
2886. joyce whitley i care for game cocks and like to watch them do what comes natural
2885. Ernest M. Guy
2884. Christina Alsip
2883. Tom Jackson
2882. Jerry Hensley
2881. Adrian B. Avila
2880. luis lopez
2879. EDWARD PRICE No other state has it…………WV could, OK sure , why not. And do you know what happens to Most roosters………..they are ground up alive by the millions thanks to your major grocery stores only wanting hens and eggs. So let a few live to fight another day. At least they will be cared for for a while. And don’t talk to me about animal rights, while the killing of unborn babies goes on.
2878. Omar Avila
2877. Brandon Porter
2876. jackie smith im am 47 years old, been enjoying gamefowl for 40 of those years,oh and by the way i dont drink, dont do drugs, havent ever spent the night in jail, and i even have a job. WOW, some bad guy im am huh. these animal rights people just dont want a stop to cockfighting,they want a stop to all animal use,and you lawmakers are letting them do it one step at a time, its time someone stop them in their tracks
2875. james c everitt how true itm is ritten
2874. George Helton
2873. Butch Helton
2872. uriel jaimes
2871. Justin Boyce to not let citizens own and test these beloved fowl is a disgrace. The revenue this sport could bring to our ailing economy is much needed
2870. Estevan Valdez
2869. Brian Ferguson
2868. tamala mccoy
2867. Jeffrey Goggans
2866. roy stephens
2865. Gordon Sullivan
2864. billy alford
2863. joey murray
2862. joel andrew whitsel pit em
2861. walter dotson they turn a drug dealer loose put a chicken man in jail
2860. tonya combs lets get it legalized it keeps our children outa trouble an is our culture
2859. lance combs we need to stick together take our country back
2858. jason mccoy givem hell
2857. Ramiro Benitez Legalize The Gentlemens Sport
2856. mike scott let the people vote…..bring back the honorable sport of cockfightng…
2855. Dylan goodie
2854. Preston von Kreisler MERIKA
2853. lindsay schneider
2852. andy Miller
2851. Kenneth Byrd Without sacrafice there nothing gained
2850. Will Mousel Long live cock fighting
2849. prunk
2848. Mike Nguyen yes to only cockfighting
2847. danny craig leagalize abortion but dont fight a rooster which is natural what a communist country its is
2846. LAMARQUE Richard Il y à d’autres problèmes beaucoup plus important à interdire, plutôt que de s’acharner sur des coqueleurs sans défense, parce qu’ils n’ont pas d’appuis politique.
2845. richard pacetti thank you
2844. Ryan Ingle
2843. dustin cook need to legalize the sport of cockfihgting
2842. Daniel Thornton
2841. Marcelino Borces
2840. Betty Bauders
2839. Ronnie Bauders
2838. Franklin Brown
2837. Mary Sturm
2836. Louis I. Nava “We want to keep our traditions”
2835. Samuel A. Agado LETS GET IT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!
2834. danny craig its a tradition
2833. shane hall
2832. Mickey Walker
2831. tom oboyle
2830. Pablo e. rodriguez no one is hurt by the legalization of cockfights
2829. AnnaMarie Hurtado
2828. Eric Ramirez
2827. Juan Hernandez
2826. Martha Andujo
2825. joan castillo I grew up with my family fighting roosters.I think we have a right to our traditions.If people dont like it well stay away from it.When they take roosters away from cockers they end up putting them too sleep anyways.So they arent so diffrent,we do it for a sport.Why do they put them too sleep??
2824. Nic Bueck It’s about time we come together!
2823. william smothers I am 43 years old and some of my first memories are of fightingcocks and the great men who breed and raised the wonderful birds
2822. Alberto the humane society dont know what they are talking about they are just people that got too much free time and try to make us suffer by taking our loved sport that would benefit the country
2821. Allan Abrea It’s just not fair to ban cockfighting and allow hunting. Worst thing, those who favored the ban enjoy eating chickens too…
2820. Maryann Chapa
2819. Sergio Andujo
2818. Andy Greeson
2817. Ronald E. Lynch I have been to a few I dont see nothin wrong with it.
2816. John W. Lynch Jr. It is natural for them to want tot fight.
2815. Daniel C. Lynch They have a choice.—- They choose to fight so why can’t I give them an opportunity to do it equally…
2814. David Lynch Jr. I love my roosters
2813. April L. Lynch Our Rights are fading away one vote at a time
2812. Jonathon D. Lynch Sr. We have the Right to Life Liberty and The Persuit of Happiness even if you do not like it I Do!
2811. Betsy Clements I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2810. Will cockalicious
2809. Joseph Lara
2808. eugenefacemyer abraham linclon aproved and so do I
2807. charlie antrican
2806. Ashley Duncan I hope that some day we can go back to fighting our birds legally and no one will bother us.
2805. Anthony
2804. Nicky Shrum Not a game fowler myself but it is a historical sport that should not be criminalized
2802. Timothy Smith Cock fighting is an american tradition! IT IS NOT CRUEL it does not involve drugs like the humane society says. I’ve been to lots of differrent pits and never even saw alcohol served.
2801. david bulfer
2800. lannie embry cock fighting has been around for thousands of years it part of our culture and history
2799. Moua Vang
2798. jberdugo6
2797. lannie embry
2796. Yim Go Cock Figthing
2795. Mary Anderson
2794. Isaac Casto legalize cockfighting its a way of life for some people and no one should ever be able to take that away
2793. debra robinette
2792. ruben campos hi eddie
2791. Pedro Ortiz
2790. Jesse Ladner
2789. Edward Vargas
2788. jeffrey robinette i don’t see why we should not be able to fight our game fowl legal it would bring some good revanew to all states
2787. Kenneth R. Jammes(ll)
2786. Amanda Rhineheimer
2785. Jerry Blankenship
2784. Marco
2783. Leo Pressnell
2782. josh meade legalize cockfighting
2781. David Martinez
2780. michael walker by the grace of God…… right!
2779. mike Keep our culture Alive! Legalized Cockfighting
2778. cynthia snow i agree with abraham lincoln
2777. Leslie L Snow (Les) somehow we need to get this petition out to every person in the u.s. I think we might have something going here
2775. maria smith
2774. jason smith I will forward this petition to everyone i know
2773. Avery Bell
2772. Carlos Estrada Cockfighting has been around for years I personally dont look at it as cruelty to animals. fighting roosters have it in their blood that’s why they’re called fighting roosters. It’s in their blood by nature. On the other hand the United States of America considers this as cruelty to animals but what happens when they seize these roosters from their owners? They euthanize them, that’s cruelty to animals. They should just let them fight in that case they should banned UFC fighting that’s cruelty to humans but it’s entertaining the same with cockfighting it’s just like any other sport.
2771. Tim Ladner
2770. josh v we aren’t criminals, we are being made criminals by hsus and other groups who don’t “like” our way of life. It is our birds natural instinct to fight, and we are made criminals for it. Why are women who are killing their unborn babies not made criminals if a human is a higher being than any pet or animal according to the bible? Legalize cockfighting and see how it will help the ecomomy.
2768. Alan Young
2767. Ed Ramey
2766. Trishia Kearns
2765. Tommy Sanchez cockfighting needs to become legal again. If they could legalize gay marriage plus give them rights. which is more of a sin than fighting roosters.I understand that if these birds didnt have it in there nature but there born to fight.
2764. jose why can the gov. raise lab rats to do experiments and be ok whit it.
2763. roel
2762. Andy Oviedo let us help the economy
2761. Jeremy Napier
2760. PEDRO GUTIERREZ Legalize the sport and all will benefit
2759. pedro
2758. lacy lowe long live the redfoxx
2757. C. Rene Nava
2756. eric monteagudo legalize cockfights, or banned all poultry slaughterhouses… cockfights are part of our culture.
2755. James Thompson Legalize Cockfighting in the USA,
2754. tammy brannan our men fight daily for our rights , but special interest groups work daily to take our rights away. i’m a buisness owner and the more the hsus and peta get laws pasted the more my buisness is hurt. i own a feed company and i have review a lot of hsus paper work and can find nothing where they fund any animal shelters or help any local shelters. but htey spend 2 million a year of tax free money on travel etc. if they are tax exemt why are they not using the money for hte care of animals not just travel etc.. why does the pres. wayne passell have a salary of well over 250 thousand dollars a year?
2753. Jose Solano the goverment should not take our national traditions
2751. chris right on
2750. jeffery looney I think that we should keep our heritage awake and lively and that no one in the white house with their head stuck so far up in the air that if it rained they would drown to be able to take our rights to express ourself away from us.
2749. Jimmy Urmama they are taking away our rights
2748. Carlos Diaz Soler These Kind of Particular Roosters are born to fight. It’s on their nature to fight. God gave them this unique instinct. They only fight other cockfighter roosters. Otherwise the interest for these unique animals will dissapear and they will be extincted from the phase of the earth. Why not preserved them as they are borned for: Cockfighting roosters?
2746. tony villalobos why does the govt. spend millions of dollars on a chicken, there is better places to spend our tax dollars
2745. M. Mundy Its too bad that we stopped teaching the true American history in 1920…actually changing the history books. Reason: They felt it was un-fit to have the most highly reguarded and respected people in the history of this country as breeders, participants, and lovers of this sport….then in the same breath if air say “only scum-bags and illegal immigrants approve of that sport”. How ridiculous! …these people’s faces are on our money. Its a shame that its OK to kill 22,000,000 chickens per day in this country for chicken salads……BUT DONT LET THEM FIGHT FIRST!!!!!!! ….just making a point.
2744. Paul Clayton
2741. Richard Lakey
2740. Richard In Okla.
2739. JOSE J HERNANDEZ gamebirds fight because of there genetic breeding! just like race horses, they are for fighting!!
2738. cynthia jones it would bring in alot of money
2737. curtis ray howery thought this was a free country
2736. Luis Perez
2735. jacob schults Many people live from cockfighting so please legalize it
2734. bob jones
2733. Mel Caronongan
2732. Romil
2731. Phillip Garcia legalize it its the only way
2730. jacky keith please legalize cockfighting
2729. Dakota Reese
2728. Steven Reese If america was smart they would legalize it.
2727. joey perez
2726. Derek clark i love the quotes and article. im a cocker and love the sport and live to pass it down to future generations. i have a strong passion and love for gamecocks. i even have spurs tatooed on my back
2725. Thaddeus Shane Whittington
2724. Dionicio dela Luna i think we should be able to fight them its our tradition
2723. Joe teritorial animal free them to the wild
2722. fidel burciaga
2721. amber adams
2720. mark semore
2719. tony semore
2718. Justin Massey It’s a good way to increase job employments
2717. RICHARD ELLIOTT I SEE NOTHING wrong with fighting chickens. and im sure the government could make lots of tax dollars off fighters and spectators
2716. leo hey guys how many signature do you need to make a petition for the legalization of cockfighting,we need to move now and do something every one of us suffering for taking our rights,its our traditions and passion theres nothing wrongs with this sports,this sports gives a lot of job to the people,its our passion,it is sad that this will end without sharing to the next generations,one of the happiest moment in my life is sharing thoughts about the chicken with my dad and grand pa,so it is very sad that this might not happen again with my son,bring cockfighting back bring the freedom back bring the tradion back bring the culture back!long live cockfighter!
2715. Rickey Herring Sr.
2714. Richard Waller legalize cockfighting in this almost socialist nation that we live in lets take back or freedom by going to the polls and calling your congressmen they work for you and tell their advisers that you want to talk to them not her/him . on another note do back ground checks on the HSUS they are a hidden terriorist group that prey on people for money to take care of “mistreated animals” and then turn around to do nothing but kill them wake up AMERICA to hell with liberals lets stop this ongoing socialist rule thats becoming of th UNITED STATES of AMERICA we can stop this
2713. robert elliot
2712. Justin Fears I am a soldier and if I can die for my country then a rooster can die for his farm!
2711. doug frisbie legalize cock fighting.
2710. presley
2709. santiago garcia
2707. Leann Simmons
2706. andrea mcnelly i know that many people make money from this sport and in this economy every dime helps… is in their nature to fight……….so really what’s the big deal
2705. Frederik Carrillo
2703. Tina Coleman our fore fathers who founded this country must be rolling in thier graves over the freedoms we have lost in this country.
2702. Dwain Coleman this law is not constitional. read the constition ,the bill of rights and the declaration of independence and explain how this is constitional. we are living in a communist country. each and every time you take away our rights you hurt our so-called free country.
2701. London McClure
2700. Wade McClure
2699. Eddie McClure
2698. Nena McClure
2697. Jason McClure
2696. Jeff McClure
2695. chris kirby
2694. marco ruiz jr ok a arina sell tikets spensefe tikets make it profeshional not a free sport just like any sport ,some pepole dont like surten things so just dont go ! and kids under age well not alow them just like casinos you have to be 21 over to gamble you can do it were so many were just driming of some day we can bring are fowl to the arina and batle to see that am the best of the best with my line of fowl , maybe no fights to death just a speshial miny boxing glub with a speshil ting that caunts the hits it dilivers and caunt points so on …..
2693. antonio make arina like casino with law and order
2692. Israel Medrano
2691. loyd e. titsworth please make legal
2690. jose carmona
2689. Nardo if they can kill a chicken,if they can eat a chicken,why no cockfighting? in tradition, the loser gets eaten anyway. cock fighting in my eyes is very human,. and it’s a family tradition that we stoped when coming to the U.S they should make some type of I.D for cockfighters and tax us like $30 a month or somthing since the government loves to take our money. this is a great way for them to make some. lol. there isnt a problem with cockfight. its a symbol and tradition. Long Live Gamecocks!! legalize now!!! =]
2688. Don B. Swayne It shouldn’t be illegal in a free society.
2687. joesph p. collins
2686. scott goff not pro or con on this / just think it should be legal
2685. Tiggy Vang
2684. brandon spell i say let em fight
2683. lucas i 100\% agree to make cockfighting legal
2682. Jose romero
2681. yob austria its a tradition and culture,if cockfighting lost the gamefowl will become extinct,its not animal cruelty becaused they breed thousands of chicken.if its cruelty so eating of chicken must also stop!
2680. Johnson Dorroh
2679. josemiguel torres
2678. daniel humphries
2677. tony garcia it’s afamely culture & tradition for the usa
2676. ricardo rodriguez
2675. sheliahuddleston
2674. william toney with out cockfighting this magnificant bird will go extinct because there is no other use for it, what is more inhumane to let a bird do what it was put here to do or let it go extinct because some idiots that has never been on a chicken farm think its inhumane
2673. colby reagan
2672. stephen
2671. jo cordero
2670. mike murray
2669. Feli Hernandez legalize cockfighting
2668. Marvin O. Bagley
2667. devin Adams …….
2666. Lance Adams Tax the sport, it will happen anyway.
2665. jose cuervo cock fighting is a honorable sport
2664. daniel powers isnt this a free country
2663. William Daniel Griffith
2662. Denise Lynn Pellegrini This should be relaegalized, it is americas oldest sport
2660. Neal McKoy
2659. ernesto fernandez how can you deprive an animals’ natural instinct. If even our founding fathers had no objections and moreso were more inclned to enjoy this sport.
2658. Alberto Guerrero
2657. Tammy Adkins I am for cock fighting (100\%) there ain’t nothing wrong with it if you thing that is cruel then why dont you think it is cruel when you are sending our men over there to fight for our country which clams to be FREE but there ain’t a damn thing FREE about it in my book now to me that is what you call cruel a lot of people are torn apart by the damage is done by the U.S.A so I just dont understand how you set in your lazy boy chairs and holler cock fighting is cruel
2656. dannel montesano
2655. kevin whats so different about fighting roosters and tyson killen them?? there is nothing different
2654. Leo Barajas
2653. Maria Barajas
2652. Adela Barajas
2651. Juan Barajas
2650. Leonardo Barajas
2649. sam boworth
2648. Manuel
2647. fred hankins there is nothing wrong with cock fighting, its funny cause i know that there are thousands of chickens getting INHUMAINLY slaughtered everyday so that some big corporation can make a damn penny! And those chickens are not even safe to eat. ……. You mean to tell me you can let two men or women get in a cage and beat the crapp out of each other and you cant let two chickens fight . ITS A FREAKIN BIRD . ITS A SPORT!!!!!! just like boxing ., or cage fighting , or wrestling. come on people. make this a sport so we dont have do sneak around and do it. , it was here before time and will be here long after. take in to consideration. ITS A SPORT……..
2646. adam young
2645. Allen Kerry Bowen
2644. ryan punzalan let us fight for our rights as a cockfighter. cockfighting is a culture and tradition in our world we should not let them take this away from us . if they insist that cockfighting is a illegal in u.s.a. they should or they must illegalize deer hunting, crabbing, fishing, especially fighting championships for the humans because to me this is a human cockfighting. common let us assemble one meeting so we can talk what is the best thing to do. have a wonderful day to all of u and god bless u always.
2643. Tammy Adkins I am for the game cock fihgting (100 \%) i like to watch them fight there aint nothing cruel about it if you put two roosters together there gonna fight a long hard slow death so why not legalize because if you think cock fighting is cruel then why don’t you think bull riding and other sports of the such aint cruel so just go a head and make it legal to fight
2642. Danny Turner I Don’t See Anything Wrong With Cock Fighting SO LET US FIGHT THEM!!!!
2641. William Lunsford I like the sport of cock fighting why not legalize it we are all gonna do it anyway
2640. Kathy Turner I Think Cock Fighting Should Be Legalized In The U.S (I’m For It 100\% ) Cause Thier Gonna Fight Anyways so Why not Let’em fight?
2639. Scott Lunsford I thinks it is only right because there gonna fight anyway..
2637. jose
2636. Micheal Barksdale if cock fighting was exceptable for our founding fathers then why not today
2635. Beverly Watson I knew about this sport until i became involved with an individual that raised gamecocks. I had never been to a pit. At first i didn’t think that i would like it. But , after going and seeing for myself (before Oklahoma became illegal) i absolutely loved the sport. I went every weekend, and found myself loving the birds. I am a middle aged female and i miss the sport. My boyfriend is Barry Durham. He grew up in Blanchard, Oklahoma next door to the old Blanchard Pit that was built in the forties. This is not only his love but mine as well. Please legalize this great game.
2634. Barry A. Durham The greatest sport on earth
2633. Ray J. Millard Our economy needs all the help it can get, Cockfighting puts a lot of money into the economys of some of our hardest hit communities from which it has been banned.
2632. Ricardo Torres roosters will fight out of nature regardless if people are watching them or not i say leagalize it and let us enjoy this sport that has been enjoyed even by past presidents!!!!
2631. CHARLES FREMIN If the government would pass taxes on getting into the show and to say have a farm even a tax or licence to cross state lines this country could come out of debt with birds not animals like the pepole aginst us call the birds
2630. Paul Scearce .
2629. Billy Nicely It is ok to send our sons across the line to fight for freedom,but it is illegal to send our cocks across the line for sport as our founders of this country did.
2628. Marsha Nicely Prove we are the land of the free and give us back our freedoms.
2627. Robert legalize it
2626. mike
2625. timmy peterson
2624. Danny Smith
2623. Charles Randy Pollingue II I have been doing this for years.
2622. Jason Harris Its our god givin right government needs to back off
2621. Adan Delgadillo Cock fighting is not animal cruelty the birds are born to fight and die. Cocks are not made to be eaten or for eggs so why not fight them. As a Mexican growing up in Texas I’ve seen a lot of cockfighting and its very wonderful, beutiful, and entrataing.
2620. scott myers i see nothing wrong with the sport..
2619. andrew szydlowski Get the governement yout of running our lives
2618. DANNY and another thing these freakin birds fight on there own my broodfowl got out the other day and it killed itself in the middle of the night because he was wonderin around the yard fighting every damn bird i had and it ended up killing him self i had nothing to do with it because i was inside the house Please who ever wants to bring this wonderful sport back lets stand up and make a change people and make an organization i think we have one but come on we need to make it bigger then the people who are taking our rights away get involved ANY IDEAS ON HOW JUST LET ME KNOW OR SOMETHIN AND ILL TRY EVERYTHING I CAN TO HELP BRING OUR SPORT BACK
2617. Danny Disney whats wront with our society i mean cockfighting has been legal for so many years and all of a sudden its against the law what gives thoughs people the right to take our heritage away the birds would fight with or without our help and alot of familys needed the income from the game fowls they rise i say LET COCKFIGHTING LEGAL LIKE IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE FIRST PLACE ITS OUR BIRTH RIGHT
2616. henry aguirre cockfighting is really fighting dinosaurs , reptiles that have scales and lay eggs to reproduce ther is no law against fighting reptiles, dinosaurs actually.
2615. donkey donkey
2614. joe hankins game brooder
2613. Randy W. Hughes I’m sure the raising of the gamecock plays a major roll in our countries economics.
2612. Beto Cortes I think Cockfighting should be legalized because its a tradition passed down threw thousands of year and i don’t think it should be ilegall. ITS A TRADITION. You gyz should be worried about all the serious problems like the war an economy,not people following a tradition they have a passion for.
2611. JoAnn Quigley quit worring about fighting chicken and start worring about our children that go hungry
2610. Randy Miller
2609. Michael Cox Freedom!!!!!!!!
2608. kevin emerson
2607. John Waltz
2606. Bret Stossel
2605. Dean Turman Its our constutional rights our freedom
2604. sonny hatten I really enjoy just raising these awsome fowl and would love to learn more about them.
2603. Johnny Garrett
2602. donnie honeycutt
2601. chuck lockhart
2600. william maddex sr.
2599. Glen D. Wallace
2598. Kyle
2597. Christopher Hoon
2596. Brandon Worley Alabama Game Breeder
2595. Brandon Worley
2594. james r webb
2592. Candance Garcia
2590. alvaro garcia do it
2589. Perry Whitledge
2588. Bobby Stuart
2587. Clyde A. Johnson III
2586. Philip Ownby Please consider that there are others ways of life besides folks that live in huge metropolis areas. We in the rural areas still live what I think is the American dream. Cockfighting is not the horrible thing that the HSUS and PETA have made it out to be. These birds are a part of history and we as Americans deserve the right to continue breeding and testing them. Just because a group of so called “do gooders” don’t agree with our way of life does not give them the right to take away our priviledges as Americans. Please reconsider reversing the laws that have passed that are persecuting Gamefowl enthusiasts like myself and all the other fine gentlemen/ladies that have signed this petition.
2585. Tony Luno
2584. carlos bueno it is part of an americans cultur and tradition….LEGALIZE COCKFIGHTING IN THE U.S.
2583. fred hoover
2582. terra d franklin please give us our rights! this country has bigger things on its plate,let us few celebrate out heratige.
2581. Richard b Franklin i wont my freaken rights back! legalize cock fighting in the us!
2580. mike ruan i was born in to this sport i could remmber as a child spending time with my dad and those were the best days of my life and now that i do the same with my son now these days are now the best of my life. i can also say coming from compton ca there was alot of bad stuff going on around me but taking care of 150 game birds kept my out of trouble .
2579. athony cashen as a tax paying and voting citizen should i be deprieved my rights
2578. Al Sogo obviously the humane society obviously don’t know anything about raising these awesome birds that’s why they don’t legalize it. If they engage in this fowl maybe they will change their mind of not legalizing this sport. I will say this birds are born protect their own territory and they risk their lives to protect it. in the wild only the best male can live. just like any other territorial animals. Those who engage in this sports they spend a lot of money to take good care of them! and if the humane society saying it’s cruel the answer is not. If our fowl was killed in the battle we feel the pain too because we take good care of them for years! the fighting is an art just like martial arts in human they have their own style of ighting and why we are amazed on them.
2577. barbara rushing
2576. warner keith rushing
2575. trey
2574. E. MARSH
2573. kevin rogers please?
2572. David Rodriguez cockfighting should be legal! thousands of chickens are being killed in a brutal way too. if we were to create a ring like they do for a horse racing then all the illegal gambling wouldnt be a problem. cockfighting is also apart of my cluture and our four fathers did it. its in there blood to fight there gonna fight no matter what! the wining cocks are treated like kings best feed that money can buy fresh grass mate all season and dies of old age. but the chickens that we eat only get to live for 12 weeks! we do this sport becuse we try to create the best game cock so we fight them we do this so that we can try to improve the blood line! theres more things to worry about than cracking down illegal fights, you should be cracking down crascrack house’s etc.! make it legal agian and wont be a problem with the law again hell maybe the U.S. can make some money off it if they make a ring were people can go and fight there cocks.
2571. Tommy F*** Animal Rights,they should leave us alone.
2570. joe I feel like cock fighting is no worse than killing a chicken for food.. game cocks or game roosters are born wanting to fight nobody makes them fight like dogs. the only thing people do is train them so they could be stronger.
2569. Jamie Juarez
2568. kevin colemire
2567. Eddie Partin
2565. Zachariah Robinson
2564. andrew farmer These cocks if turned out would kill each other no matter what. It can’t be tought to them it’s in htere blood. Our damn country was founded by peopl who fought chickens, washington, lincoln etc.
2563. joey
2562. coty stephens
2561. Lavrenty Beria
2560. James Allan
2559. Jack Ohzis I am all for any amusing activities that people can include their cocks in, and I do not believe any of them should be illegal.
2558. Mark Howard
2557. Sharonda Sargent
2556. Jimmy Foster
2555. Renee Foster
2554. William Foster
2553. robert l. andrews we need to stand together for the sport of our forfathers
2552. corby kennedy
2551. Vincent Lloyd Pate
2550. eddie cochran
2549. Felix Giralt
2548. tracy walker ALABAMA game breeder
2547. Travis Powell ALABAMA game breeder
2546. jopercy cordero
2545. jose garcia
2544. phillip ham
2543. rodney ferreira
2542. Samuel Ruiz
2541. joshua simmons its a part of our history please dont take it away forever
2540. oscar
2539. Anneury M
2538. Animal Liberation Front Cockfighting is vile. There is nothing right about watching to animals violently stab eachother against their will. Of course there are more chicken killed to feed the USA than are killed in cockfights, but atleast the chickens dying for food are helping people. Cockfights are useless, and is a cowardly sport to participate in.
2537. Misty
2536. mike olivas don’t give up your freedom without a fight!
2535. DeWayne McMann
2534. Dustin Allen
2533. dennis muzquiz
2532. chuck hiefnar
2531. Robert Smith I’m For legalization
2530. charles kemper cock fighting is heritige
2529. mark benitez
2528. Nathan Yingling I dont tell the tree huggers what trees they can hug or where to plant there gardens they need to leave my gamecocks alone.
2527. Joachim Benz Gambling and drugs are everyware not only our sport we need to legalize cockfighting
2526. Joachim Benz Gambling and drugs are everyware not only our sport we need to legalize cockfighting
2525. Donna Benz Cockfighting is a sport like hunting and fishing and should be legalized
2524. scott ferree
2523. william g forren It is rediculous that tax paying citizens should have to ask for legalization of cockfighting. If our constitution was being adhered to, we would have the right….
2522. Manuel Veluz
2521. Junior Vargas Everyday thousands of normal chickens are killed to feed the public…. wuts the difference??
2520. raymond hughes not only a heritage but a right to pursuite of happiness because its not your happiness do not take mine
2519. victor.a.mosqueda i think they should legalize cockfighting
2518. owen r gloriani
2517. arvee kill the president
2516. Douglas R. Arbo Jr.
2515. dallas bernard cockfighting should be legal .our rights should not be taken away
2514. Jeremy Daniels i love the cocks
2513. Rossie Windham
2512. autumn cowell I agree to everything bring back cockfighting its always been known an the best sport an US would like to have it back legally people will still do it no matter what gov. still recieves money from it by buying books,clothes,ext. this sport was here for a reason. theres alot more cruel sports than just this so please take this into concideration!
2511. tyler
2510. frank cock fights takes off the stress of persons with many problems so i support this ancient sport
2509. charles kerns
2508. June Batuhan if the first couple of presidents loved it..I respect it…
2507. jason tankersley
2506. justin reed
2505. stephanie lester
2504. stephanie lockhart
2503. shawn thornsberry
2502. katrina sue roberts
2501. timmy roberts
2500. jacob ryan roberts
2499. michael shreder
2498. TJ Roberts lets leagalize it!!!
2497. christopher fernandez
2496. thomasdarryltaylor worry about dopeheads and child molestors and dog fighters but leave cockfighters alone hell there are millions of baby chicks incenerated daily what chance did they have signed animallover
2495. Steve Buckbee The best sport in the world
2494. mark robinson Preserve the sport of past presidents and kings
2493. Ronald Mullins
2492. Johnny Willett 3RD It should be legal in the Land Of The Free…
2491. m.d. robinson we have more important things to do in this country !!!!
2490. Dick Sucker Cockfighting, aka swords, is my favorite gay sport!
2489. Bruce Foster
2488. francis kane legalize cockfighting in MA
2487. Rodrigo H. Mejia
2486. Pamela Wooten
2485. Ronald Wilkie
2484. Z. Bible Dont attack an American Heritage. Dont make criminals out of good hard working americans. Dont destroy a great american passtime. HSUS and PETA should be the ones in trouble look at what they have done and what they are attacking besides cockfighting such as rodeos and hunting. I am a proud American, served in the military, and belive in American rights as our past presidents and four fathers who created this country.
2483. Ruben
2482. mike tumang
2481. mike tumang
2480. kevin j matocha
2479. Dale Keen This issue is not about animal cruelty but the rights of humans since anythime rooters are caught in a raid they are almost immediately put to death. It is really about one human controlling another human. There are many issues that we could get outraged over. Where are the animal rights people when it comes to the issue of abortion? Now that is an issue they should get outraged over!
2478. James Craig Bass Cock fighting should be legal. Some of our presidents fought bamefowl so why can’t we do the same. If you don’t want to fight them don’t own them. If you don’t want to see them fight don’t go to a fight. But don’t tell us we can’t fight them. This is taking away one of the many priveleges that other people have taken from us.We raise take care of the fowl bought them so why is it any of their business.
2477. Jose M Cordoba I can’t believe this is illegal. I’m sure if some of these freaks had their way, eating meat would also be illegal.
2476. dallas r bernard cockfighting has been around for hundreds of years
2475. Joseph B. Cruz Jr. I am from Guam and cockfighting here is part of our culture. The passage of the bill that stopped cockfighting has not only put a strain on the cockers of Guam but also on the people in the U.S. whos bread and butter is raising and selling chickens.
2474. thomas oboyle Make it legal
2473. Dang Xiong yes
2472. R.Bryant I agree 100\% with this petition an everything it stands for.
2471. a.cashen so many people go fight for this country for freedom give thier lives then come home and cant have the right to fight a rooster wecan kill people but not chickens guess the goverment appreciates us fighting there wars but not us fighting our roosters go figure
2470. Bryon Lee
2469. Bart Boewe I have never even been to a “real” cock fight. I am sick though of our government slowly taking away all of our rights to the point we really arent even a free country anymore and most people are to stupid to even know it.
2468. Diego Lopez 2nd generation cocker and proud of it….
2467. Sherrie Buckner
2466. JJ Alaia
2465. Joe Kirkpatrick
2464. Mary Ann Kirkpatrick
2463. Bob Flemming
2462. Frank DeCarlo
2461. Daniel D Its in our Blood
2460. michael blackwell
2459. Jermey McDonald
2458. Michael Osbourn
2457. Waylon Windham
2456. Ross Windham
2455. Joseph Suarez
2454. Gary Wilkie please legalize the sport for future people it keep meout of trouble when i was a truobled youth
2453. Jerry Bruce Davis There are enough real criminals out there without making more.
2452. Daniel it is a way of life make it legal again
2451. April Newton Our government is trying to take away every free right we have.We are supposed to be the land of the free.. Come on whats free about that, saying you cant watch to natural born fighters go at it. At least its not humans beating each other up , killing, or knocking out for the sport. I SAY TWO BRIDS THAT ARE NATURALLY BORN TO FIGHT IS BETTER TO WATCH THAN TWO HUMANS THAT TRAIN TO HURT OTHERS. Ever heard the saying BIRD BRAIN they have small brains and that is all game roosters know fight, fight , and fight.
2450. Darrell Newton it is the sport of men women and kings
2449. Bradley Newton The game cock sport has been in my family snice my grandpa was a baby. He would be ashamed to know he couldnt fight them if he was alive today. Im signing because i think they should legalize it as a sport. Two men can fight and bust up each other, why cant two birds that are naturally going to fight anyway.. Take two and put them in the wild and see what happens.. They will fight till death or till one gives up.. Same as in the ring There not pets ive seen some so mean you couldnt even hold them . Natural born fighters
2448. steve antonio please help us in this crusade
2447. Shawn Medlin Cock fighting is no different than two men standing in a ring beating each others brains out.
2446. Shawn Medlin Cock fighting is no different than two men standing in a ring beating each others brains out.
2445. edwin mobley if ya can shoot ducks, eat cows, & pigs, etc..u should be able to cockfight!!
2444. craig davis it is the rite of all americans to have the right to choose,weather to fight game cocks or not , not a group(hsus)
2443. Donna Lee Thigpen
2442. Steven Dale Purser
2441. Steven Brice Purser It is a shame that our sport has suffered such persecution.
2440. Anthony Troy Guillory
2439. Dylan Elmore
2438. joe moore
2437. Jose Gutierrez
2436. john sanchez
2435. A.Michael Duncan Its the American way like our forefathers enjoyed so much.SO LEGALIZE IT ALREADY
2434. Adam Bolds
2433. Marlena Renfro
2432. Gordon Renfro
2431. Jo E. Bolds
2430. Robert Bolds
2429. joe trinidad
2428. John Whitehead I have seen cockfighting in Guam and I think it is an interesting and entertaining sport. I think it should be legal everywhere.
2427. Gary Burkeens cock fighting is a sport not a crime
2426. jaime vasquez
2425. Mike Coster
2424. Boyd Nelson Cockfighting was before ou time and will be here long after. there are alot more things in this world that should be banned. Lets start worring about the important things in life.
2423. michael a. savorillo
2421. FLAVINO AZURIN If abortion is legal, why not legalize cockfighting. The government will not spend a penny unlike abortion.
2420. jerry mcrae
2419. trey furby
2416. John Morris
2415. James Murphy
2414. Dan L. Tucker USN/RET Our Lawmakers are guilty in my opinion of a most heinous blunder !! A few deciding for the whole is what I call Socialism !! These Laws were passed unfairly by Powercrats, Lobbyist and many more via a system based on collusive integrated dishonesty not to mention the ignorance about how this Country was founded !! Our founders had grit, were tough and did not whince at the squeal of hog, squawk of a chicken. By the Power above animals and fowl were placed here for mankind !! A gamecock fights for its territory and breeding rights in a noble admirable display of courage,gameness and will. Therefore I say, where would this Country be without “Fignting Men” who put their lives on the line to protect our Homeland and Families. Now we have people who are weak minded,gutless, spinless, pathetic examples of an American that made this country so great !! It has been said that it is not cruel what man does to animals and fowl, what is cruel is what MAN DOES TO MAN !! Gamefowl have been providers!!
2413. john brown Better to die in battle than on a chopping block.
2412. Tim Crawford The only crime here is the ending of this noble sport.
2411. William Harris
2410. Tami Nguyen Legalize Cockfighting with their own spurs. It is a natural thing. It is part of our cultral. It is a sport that brings employments and incomes to many families. It is a right thing to do.
2409. Rob Roberts
2408. Corey Tomberlin I like handling my cocks
2407. Brock Murray
2406. brien begley our forefathers loved it!!!
2405. CLYDE NELSON if our legislative reps. and senators would do and vote the way they should and that is how we who elected them want them to vote not as my congressman spencer bachas tolld me that he voted for the passage of hr137 because (he)thinks animal fighting is cruel and barbaric he who has never seen a cock fight nor has he ever looked over the sights of a weapon indefense of this country or seen combat in foriegn lands yet he voted to make me a felon because I enjoy chickens do what is a natural thing for them.,
2404. Alex Passailaigue
2403. Leolani Pias Our Hobbie for family day our culture
2402. Brennon Alika Pias Its our heritage and our culture
2401. Casey Campbell
2399. andrew prater best thing in my life
2398. Nicolas Garza Ill never quit Fighting roosters!
2397. Robert J Cox
2396. adam T
2395. jose orama
2393. Brandon Gayheart
2392. steve york
2391. Bradly Gray
2390. eric mullins
2389. John Morales
2388. David J. Mathews II You can’t allow our culture and heritage to continue to be outlawed. We are humans with a history that is so rich and bright. Why do we allow this bright flame of our forefathers to be extinguished? Legalize our way of life!
2387. Lilibeth Pena
2386. Pedro Sotelo
2385. Kevin Hess Legalize cockfighting !!!
2384. Alysia
2383. Cosmo Kramer gettttie up
2382. jaime perez
2381. sharmarick younger legalize cockfighting in the U.S.
2380. jeffrey goggans
2379. Rod Berry it is part of an Americans pursuit of happiness to enjoy the gamecock
2378. Cody
2377. Elisa Roberts I would be more than glad to be taxed in order to enjoy the privilege of keeping and showing fowl.
2376. james adkins freedom and the pursuit of happiness should not be outlawed by an animal rightist minority
2375. Trisha Johnson
2374. Douglas Pena
2373. Randy Stevens
2372. Sarah Animal rights movement is not what they claim. Look beneath the surface and study the facts. Is allowing a chicken to fight which is it’s own will (see red jungle fowl – wild chickens) any worse than sending humans to war? Why are you clogging the legal system with this nonsence when crimes against humans continue – how insulting to the victims. How does a woman feel when she is bashed by her husband…. when she sees a man fighting a chicken get a greater sentence? You can use the extra taxes to help hospitals, education or donations to starving children. Go and learn about the nature of gamefowl, and the importance of them to those who are trying to preserve the breeds in honour of their history. Look at how well the good breeders care for them then compare that to the broiler industry. And get you’re priorities straight.
2371. andres Legalize it for everybody!
2369. Yesenia the sport of roosters is absolutly amazing. I SUPPORT IT 100\%!
2367. Israel It is in my and my families blood to fight and breed roosters.
2366. raymond gibbins its no different than betting on a boxing match
2365. Esteban Polanco
2364. daniel conley me say yessssssssssssss
2363. Jesus chavez
2362. victoria chavez
2361. jereme
2360. jerry maples I’ll tell you what I think about cockfighting. It’s great. It’s not about one rooster killing another no it’s much more than that. It’s about determination and unwaivering courage matched with a will to win without fear. The game cock inspires those who witnesses it’s gloryuos dance with death. There have been stories written about men with poetic candar for thousands of years who did no more in battle than the average gamecock. I agree that cockfighting is not a sport for the weak but in the end every one knows even though we often deny it only the strong survive. Don’t deny the glory of these magnificant animals to be witnessed in awe. You may just be denying the next Goerge Washington or Abe Lincoln the key mental edge it takes to win a nations independence and to reunite that same nation as it threatened to devide.
2359. Doug Mangum PETA is a terrorist organisation
2358. The Knownfact
2357. frankie grose My cocks is taken care of better then most animals . legalize cock fighting
2356. Jessica Stevens
2355. samuel chavez
2354. Adrian Hoy
2353. james schrum dont take our freedom
2352. Krystal Kemp I would prefer that the sport be legal. This would reduce our crime rate.
2351. Christopher Emanuel I want to fight my rooster.
2350. Christopher Emanuel I want to fight my rooster.
2349. Amber Colon Legalize the sport
2348. Hugh Emanuel I think cockfighting should be legalized.
2347. Buddy Emanuel I think the sport could be benefical to our community and if controlled, it could add money to our schools and other possible resources.
2346. Dana Emanuel It would be a good idea if a portion of the profits fom the sport could be contributed to the animal shelters. Cockfighting is only a sport that actually comes natural to the breed.
2345. t.w.almeida just go ahead and tax us gamefowl lovers i’m willing too pay taxes for fighting gamefowls and even purchasing them
2344. Ryan Rutledge
2343. rob d. let the cocks fight
2342. juan arballo I love my birds!
2341. Leslie Lawyer
2340. Joshua Reed
2339. jennifer rakes
2338. Patricia Adkins
2337. Jeffery Adkins
2336. Mary Adkins
2335. James Adkins we are tired of hsus and peta’s lies
2334. dakota hullender ive fought chickens in the past, and now i breed, i hear stuff bout hilary hookin up with PETA to clear the cock fighting circuit, and i think that this is just a bunch of bull, people aint killin people, and were i use to fight it was just good clean fun. People against the sport say that cockers dope up their chickens, well cock fighting has been around before jesus and i dont think that they had crack back then.
2333. sara ross extream fighting is legal why not cock fighting
2332. ace S tradition is worth more than kfc chicken and we kill it by the millions
2331. jeff its natral for these birds!!!!!!
2330. sasha jordan
2329. phyllis jordan
2328. tommy meredith
2327. eddie jordan
2326. Crissy Meredith
2325. Dustin Kirby leagalize cock fighting this is what the game cock is bred for
2324. John Lewis
2323. Christina Moore What is wrong with this country two men can fight in an arena but when you put two chicken in one you coul face jail time. Now tell me, really what is wrong with this country.
2322. David Suiter People beieve it is cruel but it is just the natural way of the gamecocks!
2321. patrick nester thats all i did before thay out lawed my sport
2319. monica taylor Cokfighting should be as leagal as when two men fight in a boxing ring or wrestling match or soldiers in combat my point is peopl die every day from ourselves and other people that’s why it should be leagle it’s not any different. Besides chickens are just small dumb animals if you don’t like them then good you don’t have to just let us have our own fun and leave cockfighters alone on what we want to do.
2318. Larry Jude
2317. Larry Taylor As long as the Almighty has permitted intelligent men, created in his likeness to fight in public and kill each other while the world looks on approvingly, it’s not for me to deprive the chickens of the same privilege. – Abraham Lincoln
2316. charlie Theres just as many drugs, drinking, and gambling @ your local high school ball game- let me assure you I don’t do either, my family and I enjoy the gamecock from egg to adulthood
2315. brian lawley
2313. Dennis Nicholson Let’s get back to a free America
2312. Jim Brown
2311. Pam Brown
2310. Nicolas Hernandez
2309. Nick Jr. Hernandez
2308. Fidel B there is nothing to lose. legalize cock fighting.
2307. Fidel Burciaga
2306. Ned Lessor It’s our right.
2305. James H. Hurt the people who dissagree with cockfighting,have no idea what a GAMECOCK is!
2304. jim h hurt
2303. Emigdio Carrillo
2302. james thompson
2301. Ryan Durbin Legalize Cock fighting NOW!!!!
2299. Kyle Lowry
2298. tommy i think it should be our choice to fight chickens or not to fight chicken.if everyone quits fighting chicken then i believe game roosters will become endangered.
2297. nathan baugher legalize it
2296. nathan baugher legalize it
2295. deanna ross so much for a free country
2294. Eric Baugher IThink it should be legal cause theres alot of people that wont have nothing to do no more , but to go out and be in trouble or other stuff
2293. steve marquez I thjnk if the gov. would pass this it would help the economy.
2292. n. mejia
2291. daniel mark holmes
2290. Joseph Tavares Legalize Cockfighting
2289. kent vernon
2288. B. Gilley For the love of the sport
2287. Sherry Mitchell
2286. p.havard in persuit of happiness it should be leagle!!
2285. Mike Nguyen great
2284. Ramon Garza Inhumane treatment to the gamefowl? Check out a chicken processing plant, where chicken are “humanely killed” by first being electrically shocked. Gamefowl are superb specimen who are very well fed and cared for and are given a fighting chance not just raised inside a building, hung upside down, electrically shocked, then have their throats cut with a blade. I know cause I worked in one of those places.
2283. Kong Chang “To kill a something, you must first give if life.” To make cockfighting not illegal you must first make it legal.
2282. Anthony Herr
2281. Geoffrey Cox
2280. dan thathcher give me liberty or give me death
2279. Kenny Castillo
2278. sonny el abdullah
2277. justin alexander
2276. Daniel Simao It was my culture before the missionaries came and stopped us. Genociding a part of any culture is still genocide. It is a violation of the Proxmier act to genocide a culture. Those who do should be punished with the lawmakers who allow it to happen.
2275. James t miller
2274. Angela McDougal
2273. ryan reddell
2272. koob yang
2269. Ricardo Terrazas America is the land of the free, We should be free to do what we want, People have to understand we are not making the chiken fiht, They would fight each other with our help or without it.
2268. Rebekah Rowland
2267. J. Epley
2266. Katie McDougal
2265. Michael McDougal
2264. Alex Aragon I hope to be legalize the Cockfighting and put CockPit Arena In Europe!
2263. joseph robeson legalize cockfighting
2262. Timmy Vance I think cockfighting should be legalized because it has a rich history not only in the U.S but also the rest of the world. And most of the people who talk about it have never even seen a cockfight so they dont even know what they are talking about.Honestly who does it bother its just some good men out haveing a little fun.Also if our youth would get involved it would keep them busy and away from drugs and violence that is going on in our world today.
2261. Chong Vang Finally, someones doing something about this!!!!
2260. Dewayne B. ( ky) Cockfighting is a natural event that will play out with or without help from humans, or any kind of weapon, in the end there is only one rooster still living. To ban cockfighting the government should ban UFC FIGHTS, BOXING EVENTS and other stuff. Lets get real, whos the greatest danger to society, THE COCKFIGHTER or PRESIDENT BUSH?
2259. Edward Manis
2258. Victor Alfonso Juarez cockfighting is a beautiful sport yall would see if yall would only give it a chance it could maybe become an olimpic sport one day so please just think bout it
2257. Jesus Flores
2256. WIllie D Roberts
2255. Sheldon I belive that if a farmer grows a crop and sells the crop and makes a profit it is the same with a gamecock. So my theory is if a cocker raises a biddie into a cock he should be able to place money on him and it not be considered gambling
2254. Jeremy Havard I wonder what happens to all those confinscated birds? This petition sums it up, game chickens are (game) why try to prevent it and make another species extinct!!!
2253. RIck Moses Cockfighting is our heritage, and to not look at it that way is wrong!!
2252. Ken Raymer Cockfighting is a tradition in the United States just like football on Thanksgiving day. The government should not be able to ban rights that are not affecting other people.
2251. horacio
2250. Peck that is right they need legalize cockfighting cause it would help a lot of things out
2249. Randy Kennedy WHERE IS OUR FREEDOM?
2248. Danny Kennedy
2247. Michael W Bragg
2246. rick sloane vietnam vet 1969
2245. roberto antuna
2244. ralphwmcclellan
2243. Oliver Banda Abortion its allow. what has more value than a human life
2242. Archie McMIllan don’t stop an american event just because you dont think its human. Native americans and other ethics had these fights for years before hite men and women started to cross the sea to this land. To say that its inhuman or is salvage is to tsay these culters are and that would be unamerican.
2241. Carl Goldsmith
2240. amanda desire’e wells I think that cock fighting should be legal ! We pay the government taxes if we purchase these roosters we should be allowed to do as we wish !! It’s been going on for years all around the world not just in the US and nothing has ever been said until now !! Why? just because of dog fighting this is completely different and should not be veiwed as animal !! What’s the differance if you have two roosters in the yard at the same time what’s gonna happen ? they’ll fight till death !! It’s there nature !!!
2239. John Still dont deprive americans of the rights that makes us America
2238. John Still dont deprive americans of the rights that makes us America
2237. galen reliford
2236. brandon hawkins
2235. james m. faulkner life, liberty, and fraturnity
2234. Jeus Dureza,Sr If cockfighting in inhuman, much more with the horse raising….. youre subjecting the animal to stress and dehydratiion……. for dog and cat pet owners…….. you are introdicing a very innatural habitat to these animals….. to the growers of poultry chicken, hogs and cattles…… youre very inhuman….. and those who eat.. you are cannibals……. so stop all these inhumanimal acts……. dear senators…. you are all hypocrite……..
2233. daniel guerra preserve our rights as free americans
2232. Zachary Montgomery
2231. Jerrytorres please don’t band ,,,the game
2230. carlos ruelas i am currently nineteen years old ive been cockfighting since i was 12 and with the big shots in bayou it is a sport just like anything else like boxing,horse racing ,dog racing,etc all i know is that cockfighting has been around for centuries why try to take something away that goes back in time and has a history just like hunting
2229. barry crunkleton
2228. James Rowe
2227. tommy bruce no matter if cockfighting is legalized or not the spirit of the sport will never be broken.we dont make them fight they were born if the gamecock lost to the american eagle by one vote why stop such an old not only american but national heritage now.
2226. brian collett
2225. Richard adams
2224. Mike Wood
2223. Tyler Ommen I don’t understand why the government values the lives of animals more than the lives of humans. If your going to ban cockfighting you might as well ban boxing and ultimate fighting!!!
2222. deaN SPENCE
2221. jose martinez
2220. James Bradley
2219. Jeremy Smith
2218. james patrick jefferson
2217. tom Jacobson want legalize cockfighting in the U.S
2216. mike bradley keep it legal i want my freedom back that i put my life on the line in the vietnam war now i want my freedom back
2215. teresa legalize cockfighting
2214. ann jacobs THEY ARE NOT TRAINED! You people that take EVERYTHING away from us are also taking OUR COCKS DIGNITY away. You have a job on this earth and so do they, AMERICAN BY BIRTH,COCKFIGHTER BY CHOICE!
2213. Luis Martinez is a sport same as any other.
2212. Patrick David Burk I suport the right to let the game fowl be what they are.
2211. Juan Olivares
2210. Matt Trulli
2209. Shawn Childers what happened to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Animals are our property, and gamefowl I promise you are better cared for than any other breed of fowl.
2208. Arlie D. Postrero I like fighting cocks
2207. patrick baker I thik each person as individuals should have the right that our founding fathers had. that is to take part in fighting chickens if we want to . we shouldn’t have some one in the city tell us what to do. This is the land of the free.
2206. james feigel
2205. Jaitton Balcom
2204. Jaitton Balcom
2203. carmelo jaymes
2202. Will Howell
2201. craig bailey
2200. Ryan
2199. Christina Make it Legal ! !!!!!
2197. juan v. guerra as long as our country is willing to send it young men and women to fight and give there lives in war, why shouldn’t cockfighting be allowed, we are in the land of the free.
2196. lee dawes please continue to force the issue of getting cockfighting legal again.
2194. edie
2193. Woody Prosperie Cockfighting has taught me that there are consequences to violence. If more children were raised in a cockfighting family maybe they would realize this and conform to the norm.. At 20 years of age, I had considered joining our military service to fight to protect our way of life. However since cockfighting has been made illegal in my home state of Louisiana, I can’t justify killing a man if killing a chicken is a crime. Let the parents of the ARA, PETA & HSUS send their children off to war to protect their way of life. I will stay home to fight for my rights. Why would a person consider fighting for a country that places more value on a chickens life than that of their youth??????
2192. Mr. & Mrs. Tony Prosperie Apparently a large portion of our politicians & their constituents support a war with Iraq & believe that it is alright to fight our youth overseas in order to save 5 cents on a barrel of oil, but these same war mongers would turn a person into a criminal for fighting a rooster. Where’s the rub? We have elected too many women & soft hearted men to political office? VOTE THEM OUT! ! ! Bring cockfighting back to the USA where a person used to be endowed with the right to life, liberty & the persuit of happiness!! Go to GENISIS in your Bible I believe the good lord gave us dominion over all of his creations & gave us the intelligence & ability to manipulate these creatures to suit our purposes. Let God decide my fate upon my death, not some court of law created by man. The world is too harsh of a place to allow the MEEK to set the standards that men should abide by. Man’s law will never superceed Gods wrath if I’m wrong! ! ! !
2191. Dale Cockfighting is a wonderful family sport, It is time to stop making outlaws of the taxpayers of this nation.
2190. Jayson Castaneda
2189. Essence Fuerte
2188. Max Payne
2185. Will R. Kollet It is an outrage that the youngest country in the world has already forgotten its history. We are the laughing stock of the world as our cultures, ideals, values and tradiotions are slowly erased by a small percentage of our population.
2184. Lee Moore
2182. April Saavedra
2181. Shandy Cannon
2179. t.gonzalez where do i start, im a third generation cockfighter and breeder from Tucson Arizona, when we lost the vote and cockfighting became illegal i was cruched my dreams of passing on this family tradition was taken away from me from people i dont even know or will never meet, growing up i always told my self i would teach my son the sport i will never get to do that, ive become a criminal,i owe my life to this sport if i didnt have this sport growing up who knows where i would have wound up dead or in jail, this sport showed me that hard work and responsibility will pay off in the cocking world and in the real world,i still have a few birds to show my children where there dad comes from, they love this animals, i think the best we can do now is teach this people about cockfighting try to educate them, get all this big time cockers that you see in the magazines to stand up and let there voices be heard, this guys were my idiols growing up, and im afraid to say that i think its all about the dollar, PROVE ME WRONG!
2178. tomas
2177. David Mendonca Legalize it, why take away rural cultures ways to make ends meet
2175. Michael L. Ingham
2174. John Vanderhoof
2173. Wilfredo Garcia Live Long the Gamecock!
2172. Nicholas Rede
2171. spanky
2170. Norman de Jesus
2169. mitchell
2168. ray tippit
2167. eduardo legalize cockfighting please
2166. jeffery traughber i love cockfighting they need to legalize it in the U.S.
2165. John Stone
2164. Doiran Lominchar I am for legalizing cockfighting not only in the US but in the state of Louisiana as well. LA was one of the last staes that permitted “cockfighting” and they are passing a bill to congress to stop it/ Change is not always for the better. This sport has been around for centuries, if the government wants an involvement in this sport they should regulate it, not ban it. In Puerto Rico it is legal, and Puerto Rico is US property, they generate thousands of dollars from tourists and people who love this sport but they can not legalize it hear? If it was propisitioned well and successfully everyone could benefit from this sport.
2162. Glen Young
2161. Jacob Caylor Cockfighting is 4ever!!!
2160. shawn vang cockfighting is a sport…i can’t see why its wrong..everything about the game is safe..we tape to make sure that nothing goes wrong…and its a timed sport..and i believe that if this is illegal…why not banned boxing and cage fighting? am i correct?
2159. Joe Dirt That’s what “GAME COCKS” are breed for. You can’t eat them!!!!!
2157. pete armendariz
2156. Jonathan Downey
2153. allen t kimberlin they dont like each other
2152. Jason Tenbusch
2151. bobby alexander
2150. JOEY
2149. robert whitley love the gamefowl
2148. tony villalobos people look at peta’s agenda, elf’s agenda,hsus agends, rodney coronado and his backers. this bunch is the one that has everyone believing that gamefowl breeders are criminals,
2147. timothy alan chancey As s natrive of Ga Ihave been around cock fighting all my life. reacently ibought chickens for food and eggs ,due to thr fact my wife can’t eat many food due to the processing procedure. needless to say due to rapid growth in my county hunting is now being limited{ BUT THAT IS ANOTHER ISSUE} an every chicken was killed by varmits. So for the first time in my life I bought my first game chickens. I remembered my family always having them .I now own so of the most sought after breeds in georgia . What a honer an a task to r aise them right. I now am 40 years old an in my life I have seen alot of things come and go. Most of them to the middle class white male just how much more of this do you think we can take. taxes ,gas prices, hunting rights, the right to bear arms, to envasion of aliens {not to say every man should have the right to do the best he can} but it’s the way the government handled it come on give me a brake. just like the war as a north Ga. country boy L support it 110\%, enought is enought!!!!!
2146. Guy Koch I believe this needs to become legal again.
2145. Miguel Sotelo I agree to legalize cockfighting, being a game breeder myself it helped me gain more respect for the breed. Cockfighting has been around for many centuries, these birds hatch ready to fight. Cockfighting is enjoyed by all, seeing a bird fight for territory and dominance is enough to give you goosebumps. To legalize cockfighting will increase the revenue for a state, as well as crack down on drugs. Yes that is correct, many politicians say cockfighting is centered around drug dealers, but what sport doesnt have a drug dealer or “performance enhacing” drugs….theyre every where. but if made legal underground cockfightin will decrease limiting the sellers clients.
2144. carlos j ruiz
2143. jackie dean
2142. daniel dean
2141. Christina Willett Free the cockfighters
2140. Johnny Willett Legalizing cockfighting would be alot easier if we can get more Mexican/American people involved in our fight to bring chickenfighting back to the USA. It should be our Mexican and American right to fight chickens in the land of the FREE.
2139. bobby adkinson
2138. Dorothy Torres
2137. Ricardo Torres
2136. Jaime Vasquez
2135. Clay Tucker
2134. charlie m. bui
2133. David Hernandez Taking a stand for our rights is long over due and it’s never to late to voice your opinion. We all pay taxes and have a say in how our country is run. There are real criminals that need to be caught like murderers, rapists, thieves, terrorists, and the list goes on. Taxing the gambling would make more money than the housing and fining cockfighters in jail, “right?” I’m not anti-government by no means. I love god, my country, and my family; but, I’m not a criminal!
2132. melinda cannon your laws wont stop it, just as well quit spending my tax money trying to stop it
2131. Matthew West
2130. Jeffery Mcclure
2129. Jan beltran
2128. irma mcclure
2127. shane gammons why don’t we outlaw hunting too, and why are people so upset about it, probably like drugs it can’t be taxed unless made legal
2126. Javier Let’s keep the country’s last dignified sport clean and safe for the athletes
2125. Joseph S. Paci
2124. gary mattson It is part of many peoples culture,
2123. RAY PACI
2122. Matt Bolling
2121. George Garcia make it legal
2120. Tonya Waddell
2119. Todd Waller
2118. Tyler Peterson
2117. Jose Mendoza
2116. Tyler Cambell let’em Fight!
2115. Donald Foster Legalize it for future generations!
2114. Lamar I think it should be legalized its a fair sport, its like puting boxers in a ring with gloves on. its a fair sport
2113. Su Vous Yes, legalizing this sport will bring millions of much needed tax dollars. And it will keep law abiding citizens from being ‘criminals.’
2112. Alva L Dunbar
2111. Clay L. Rhinehart Sr. Is there steriod use in other sports in U. S. ?
2109. jessica taylor
2108. Robert castillo
2107. Paul Costa
2106. HenryCastillo
2105. Derek Castillo
2104. Robin Wolfe
2103. Nelson chauncey
2102. robert wolfe
2101. sherae coloma
2100. christy wolfe
2099. sherryann Duart
2098. Joseph Tavares 3
2097. shane spencer
2096. jessica taylor
2095. roberta fuentes
2094. Tanya Chauncey protected by our state constitution
2093. Joseph Tavares
2092. George Waylon Stevens thanks for letting me in on this!!!!!!!
2091. russell jimenez strong believer
2090. Zack Eckard
2089. Larry Land
2088. cha kue even people boxing/Cockfighting just another sports.
2087. micheal long keep the good work
2086. mike long keep up the good work
2085. JAMES P. JEFFERSON I think it would bring back alot of our proud heratages we have already lost
2084. Jeffrey Turner
2083. virgil lewis jr
2082. benny garcia
2081. jeff hannah
2080. Kelly Andrew Hammons
2079. Maliki
2078. Gage
2077. Micah
2076. Chad
2075. JC
2074. George San Nicolas Legalize to clean it up, make it right..
2073. john mcphate
2072. Eric Dame
2071. Timothy. P. Copeland This is a cultural issue that the people who want to homogenize cultures love.
2070. Donald D. Almond
2069. Kai Smith
2067. Tanner Gray lets get it on
2066. michael locklear
2065. Javier
2064. Saul
2063. Antonio an opinion this is what you are doing is not right because there are lots of people who do not have a computer and does not know what is happening. why don’t you put petition in writing and put it in a national paper so that they can give there opinion on what they like. Because they think that this is a free country. Let other people put there opinions in writing.
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2060. nathen davis i love a good ol’ cockfight you should make it legal
2059. John Sanchez
2058. Steven McFarland I love cockfighting
2057. James Francis
2056. Brad Gray
2055. Russell Anthony Chang
2054. Jorge Montaño It’s what i love best!!
2053. Frank Aviles I think Lincoln said it best, who am I to deprive the chicken of the same privelage. I watch the news every night about the war in Iraq and ask myself. Are those not like rooster piled up? (over 3000) and we approve? Oh, but we in the sport are wrong? Yeah. Right!
2052. Ryan Boyer LEGALIZE IT !!!!!!! Its no diffrerent from Boxing and the UFC!! its 2 animals killing each other not 2 people in a fist fight in the middle of a ring!
2051. Randall Boyer
2050. Caleb Kordsmeier Cock fighting is a way of life and it should be LEGALIZED!!!!
2049. zachary mccord
2048. inger reynolds
2047. michael reynolds
2046. steven altman i think it should be legal because it keeps people busy if you think about about it you dont hear about cockfighters killing people in cold blood all the violence in this world is by people that has no responsibility
2045. chris cogburn it heritage, tradition, you can’t kill a tradition
2044. gilbert maesse outlaw lobbyist
2042. Tony Wilkins Free the cocker
2041. Martin Martinez PELLA DE LOS GALLOS!! QUE VIVA
2040. Melonie Reed
2039. Candice Hacker
2038. Rick Reed
2037. Jack Smith
2036. James Smith
2035. Lucy Cole
2034. Lena Cole
2033. Jennifer Rigdon
2032. Christopher Rigdon
2031. Curtis Rose
2030. Latosha Rose
2029. Donna Jones
2028. Ricky Green
2027. Johnny Arnold
2026. Candice Arnold
2025. Jeff Reed
2024. Roy Davis
2023. Travis Davis
2022. James Davis
2021. Neva Richardson
2020. Chelsea Richardson
2019. Andy Graham
2018. Doyle Graham
2017. Steven Conrad
2016. Joshua Banas
2015. Tyler Burrows
2014. Melonie Cole
2013. Charlene Graham
2012. Lucy Rose Smith
2011. Billy Graham
2010. Lena Smith
2009. Travis Roberts
2008. steven ownby
2005. jeff a deason
2004. adam ownby
2003. kathy flowers
2001. Dylan Humburg I want to see those cocks out of their cages!!! YES!!
2000. Matt Boyington I love cocks.
1999. Thomas George I like to see cocks fight
1998. Jeremy Prior I like’a cockfighting
1997. janet
1996. Mario Rodriguez
1995. Rizallier Celeridad
1994. Raul Miramontes Millions of $ are being lost everyday from stores,employment,supplies, etc…
1993. jose Rodriguez
1992. steven hutchinson
1991. Trish cameron
1990. Norman Guzman
1989. jeff
1988. Aaron
1987. cecilia fierro
1986. marisabel fierro
1985. lorenzo maez
1984. tanner byous
1983. Jacob spencer
1982. kayeng her
1981. Lesa Cockfighting was around when Christ was alive. It an old and noble sport.
1980. Laura Page my husbands family has been doing it since the 1800’s, it is their heritage
1979. brock page
1978. Doug Bowling
1977. Mike Cockfighting is a wonderful family sport, It is time to stop making outlaws of the taxpayers of this nation.
1976. brian hunt
1974. ron
1973. jose contreras I would like to see this sport prosper again. It saddens me that someday these birds will be confiscated. I was raised among these fowl am proud to say im a chicken man…
1972. Johnald G. Daguio
1971. Francisco Fontanilla
1970. Jim Clem Jr.
1969. Chris Redman
1968. Michelle Rogers
1967. Jerry Glass
1966. chrisrogers its a hobie, i love gamefowl
1965. Myrna Hernandez Keep the heritage
1964. Bob Davis We have got to stand up for our rights.
1963. chad miller Make it Legal it is Our Sport !!!
1962. joseph landry
1961. Jamie Landry
1960. Lance Keep Cockfighting Legal
1959. John S
1958. Janice
1957. Michelle “Keep Cockfighting Legal”
1956. Leonard Jarrell IF EACH PIT WOULD JUST AGREE TO LET 15\% OF THE DOOR FEE GO FOR TAXES, AND EVERY COCKER AGREE TO LET GO 15\% OF THE POT GO TO TAXES WE COULD MAKE IT LEGAL. If the president of the U.S. wre to raise game chicken on the front lawn of the white house, i mean 1 cock and about 5 hens, and just let them run loose, he would understand the way of the gamecock when the offsrings turn game. Even with the naked heel the spurs will be sharp, and gouge each others eyes out, and cut each other to death. Then they would really understand the way of cockfighting.
1955. Joshua Jarrell I think that if cockfightig was taxabe it would be legal.
1954. andy speir
1953. David BIglow
1952. David
1951. richard madison
1950. Arnaldo Diaz
1949. steve fowler whats next deerhunting snagging season??help!!!
1948. Judd Bates PETA, what a joke. It is all about money to them. Leagalize our sport and leave us alone. Probably they have never seen a cock fight as their views would change. They are wrong about cruelty to animals at the hands of game cockers. We love our fowl and take verey good care of them. Better than a lot of people take care of their children. It is my God givin right and I will continue to do what I love!!!!
1946. Anthony Bates JR I am 14 yrs old. My dad and I have several gamecocks and hens. We spend hours together caring for our fowl. I have many memories of growing up around our gamefowl. A lot of my friends dads do not spend quality time with them and they get into some trouble. I do not as my dad and I have something that connects us. As did his dad and he all of his life. I do not understand. So many millions of animals are slaughter everyday to feed the ones who oppose what is heritage. Chickens in chicken houses are feed all kinds of bad things to grow fast to be killed fast for us to eat. Our chickens live long healthy lives receiving only the best feed,accomadations and care. All I am saying is it is an Americans right to fight his chicken if he so chooses. My dad is in the military and I could loose him while he is protecting freedom in some foreign land only to have mine,his and everyother American who wants to participate in the cock fighting sport stripped away. Doesn’t sound like freedom to me, does it to you?
1945. Anthony Bates We can kill them for eating purposes however we choose. We can kill them only to remove their feathers and waste the rest. I own game fowl and I always hear how you must train them to fight and kill each other. I do not train mine to fight. There is no need for anyone to assume that they must be made to fight. The people putting down the sport of cock fighting could better spend their time protecting the children in America who are physically,mentally,sexually abused or who go to bed hungry every night. What a shame! The people against cock fighting should be thanking the cockfighter for being more humane by placing the gaffs or knives on the roosters for a quick outcome than gamefowl running loose naturally which would be involved in a fight naked heel until death, which would last for several hours. That is natures way of only the best surviving to breed. If they ever figure out a way to collect the taxes and monies from the pits it will be legal.How many babies were aborted today?!!!!
1944. larry j. gallien
1943. Michael Mundy The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act – S3880. Look it up in the Department of Justice Laws. One individual was told repeatedly that it wouldn’t help us because of legislation. It’s a federal law!! This person was also told to keep his mouth shut about it. (hmmm…) He pointed out things that Peta and HSUS were doing and was told “What you said about P.E.T.A. and HSUS makes them a terrorist organization.” in which the FBI has already declared them to be America’s number one terrorist. Through their actions they have broken the law S3880 through CONSPIRACY, INTIMIDATION through news media, along with harrassment of animal enterprise. They have broken this law in New Mexico and are breaking it again in Louisiana. They are tying to ammend this law with S261 and Hr137, if they succeed it will make the S3880 worthless. Why is the law S3880 not being enforced? Laws were put into place to protect law abiding American citizens. Not private interest groups that focus only on taking away our rights.
1942. Allen Adrews Boggy Depot Game Farm
1941. Dayna Smith This is OUR RIGHT!!!!!!!
1940. Felix Burciago III
1939. fernado gutierrez
1938. Alberto countrys that alow cock fight r less agresive
1937. miguel good
1936. Priscilla Harden
1935. kimberly grimes i hope that we can save a time honored tradition
1934. Nathan Simpson
1933. randall i’m from the state of la. love and enjoy the sport.less find away to pay taxes on the sport and we will be o’kay i think. god bless the(u.s.)
1932. Todd Davis
1931. marvin armstrong
1930. John Gentry
1929. Alberto ceja jr Game Fowl have been a part of American culture ever since America was born.Our founding fathers were involved in this great sport.How is it posible that a group of so called animal protecters are trying to eliminate the game cock?In some states it is a feloney to own game fowl.So what happens if you get cought owning game fowl in one of these states?They take them away and euthanas them in other words they kill how is that right,how is that humane,how is that legal.chickens fight because its a natural to them.Its natural to every single animal.Turn on the the discovery channel and see what happens,they hunt,they fight and kill each other.Theres more important things in this world than cockfighting.
1928. Richard Ayson We need America Back
1927. James Arrington long live the gamecock
1926. Rod Biggs Game Fowl have a right to survive. Their eggs are small and not a lot of meat, they survive because of cockfighting. In the wild the birds as they turn game around 11 or 12 months old will each fight with their father until they are killed or he is killed. The fights can last for hours or days not a matter of minutes like in our cockfighting sport. Another thing the ones that fight and win are given the best of food and environment and usually along with several hens. 400 fowl were taken from a cockfight in Eastern KY because it was in human to have them at a cockfight. These birds were collected and put to death.
1925. Rosa Reynoso Let us keep our culture! Let us live our lives! This is something the whole family does.
1924. Rodolfo Reynoso
1923. Diana Reynoso
1922. Johnny Tavarez great sport
1921. Jerry Moreno
1920. ted nauta Ive fought for this country for 20yrs
1919. Lori Ring
1918. Larry Ring
1916. Jr. Albers
1914. Rowdy Albers i love this sport and the ONLY way to keep it legal is if there would be some way to tax the sport, make us cockfighters have to pay some sort of tax that way THE GOVERMENT would get there money like they want and they would leave us alone. Everything else is taxed like hunting, fishing, bingo, casinos. If we would stick together and fight this to the end we could find a way to tax cockfighting and the goverment would NEVER make it illegal. HELP FIND A WAY TO TAX COCKFIGHTING FAST.
1913. Amber Albers i have done this all me life, my parents life, my grandparnets life so dont tell me i have to stop the most imporant thing in my life, help us to keep cockfighting legal
1912. hank aguirre usmc-vet ,I believe that if young americans can be sent to a another countrry yo fight and die for for the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness we should be able to enjoy our sport of choice.Im pretty sure ther are some New Mexico cockfighters that are fighting in irac thinking that when they get home they will be able to participate in thier sport only to be slapped in the face by a law that puts good people in the catagory of rapists,child molesters,drug dealers etc.That is the tip of the iceburg.The economy will suffer from the grain farmers to the restaurants in these towns that survive because of the cockfighting.Just ask Oklahoma & Arizona .As much as this sport is Hispanic heritage it is also American.What is being pushed by peta is not saving the gamecock but driving them into extiction and we are doing owr part in preventing peta from killing off this very special breed of chickens that demonstrated courage that our forefathers admired.
1911. Richard H. Williams Re-legalize cockfighting in America. Why do we even bother to prohibit cameras in our pits if we are going to allow these activist idiots to get away with using incriminating and misleading videos and pictures of the sport in other countries against us? These videos are from different cultures and different methods of competition. We need to utilize all the membership money collected and pit owners charge an additional $5.00 per person at the door for an aggressive legal “attack”. Sunset alone could generate 10,000 to 15,000 dollars per event. Not to mention all the other pits. Good lawyers can pick them apart……or we could use the prolong the misery “DEFENSE” method that has proved to not work at all. It’s time we try something different don’t you think ! I’m not sure how a private interest group could have soo much influence and power over our law makers anyway…..hmmmm sounds fishy to me. Nobody’s gonna care enough to do something extreme until it’s legally abolished and then….TOO LATE !!!!!!
1910. Elisibeth Jones Re-legalize cockfighting in America. How long are we going to allow the animal activists to commit countless acts of slander against us? We need to stop focusing on the defense….and start thinking about a counter attack on these crazy people groups that are destoying our legal businesses, taking food off our tables. The defense method JUST DOESN’T SEEM TO WORK …….DOES IT ? it never has and obviously never will. We need somone that knows the steps to take and the people to contact to organize an offense to hit these hypocritt jackasses where it hurts. That’s not to mention they intentionally misinform the general public with the most awfull videos and pictures they could find….these videos and pictures aren’t even from this country and don’t reflect how things are done here. They simply count on people not knowing any better…’s misleading intentionally, it’s dishonest, and we have to prosecute those responsible for their careless wrong doings against the American people.
1909. James Mundy Re-legalize cockfighting. I thought this was a free country….sure doesn’t seem like it. Why is the government telling me what I can and cannot do with my own personal livestock anyway? Our roosters don’t effect anyone that doesn’t want to be involved with them, and the more people that learn about this sport the less people there are against the sport.
1908. billy rubal American sensitivity to government intervention in personal lives, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal Damage Control (ADC) program spent nearly $30 million in federal funds and $15 million in state monies “to kill mammals and birds considered predators or pests.” Anti-hunting lobbyists reported the same year that hunters, only 7\% of the population, killed some 200 million birds and animals, most on public lands. Why aren’t opponents fiercely attacking the wealthy sport fishermen who torture a marlin for four or five hours? “Factory breeding” of fetal pigs and cats for laboratories and some 100 million frogs for America’s high school biology classes of the 1960s fed an insatiable experimentation on life forms. With such a hemorrhage on the landscape and in the water, why, asks an advocate of cockfighting, should legislators be concerned about evenly matched competition, where there is a chance for survival of the fittest, among gamecocks?
1907. jacky keith
1906. wayne keith
1905. trunguy
1904. alvie ward as long as men fight . my cock should be alloud too.
1903. Robert J Heredia I’m a Viet Nam era vet, Navy here. This is how you repay me for my service time and the Animal Rights Activitist ran to Canada and now control our government because we gave them amnesty.
1902. Terry Harden
1901. Nic Harden
1900. Darryl Jackson
1899. bret felter
1898. David Garcia I am only the third generation in the U.S. My family is from Spain. All of my Grandfathers and Uncles have served in the U.S. millitary Fightng because they loved this Country so much and for the freedom that we have. This is my family’s past time , I will fight for it too.
1897. Kenneth Lail
1896. Randy Peralta
1895. Patrick Munoz
1894. gary frantzen
1893. mary tackett
1892. lavon tackett
1891. Paul Edwards I am now 26 years old and live in Louisiana. For all my life I have known this sport. Now I find it under attack and on the line to be illegalized. Bring this sport back for me to pass on to my family.
1890. Tommy Fluty I strongly agree that cockfighting should be legalized
1889. albert c cabrera willing and able and ready
1888. Ben Akers This is a great sport that i love and i dream of the day when it is legal to fight my birds
1887. Eric Pendleton
1886. doyle huston
1885. Daniel Munoz This is a free Country, in case you people of Congress have forgot. It seems you speak and do for yours selves rather than do for the peole as you were appointed to do! Let Me remind you that you are there to represent the word of the people, not your own little dreams. I believe that every State should have their own all out ballet Vote on the Sport of Cock Fighting and let the peoples right to vote deceide the will of the people not you over paid by our tax dollars people in Congress! Sorry just my thoughts!
1884. philip help keep our rights!!!!
1883. Linda Spaid The same as my husbands feelings
1882. John Spaid We have given up nearly every thing this country has ask of us wehave given our fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, cousins, blood, sweat, tears, time, money, dreams, energy and most important our prayers to keep our nation free so individuals have their GOD given rights as citizens. WHAT is happening ? the people are being strangled by laws of choice being forced on them by a socialistic liberal group in order to force into living the way THEY think we ought to. Way to much BLOOD has been shed for our individual freedoms & rights where oh where has the land of the FREE home of the BRAVE gone .corrupt and spineless officials will make a corrupt and spineless nation given time. Come congressmen/women , senators stand on your OWN two feet and vote for the GOOD of the people NOT what the other members will think of you and how it will effect your standings at the next social event.
1881. michealblong i love gamefowl thank you mike
1880. Cory Boudreaux Legalize Cockfighting
1879. marcus gutierrez we need this for our country
1878. Kelly V Still I support the petition with all my heart.
1877. claudia acosta
1876. adam
1875. Curt Howell
1874. George & Claudia Singleton is it really ok for people to fight but not chickens?
1873. Jorge Andino
1872. James Brandon Quinn
1871. Mark Ebenezer Teves
1870. D. M. Mundy Re-legalize cockfighting. Everyone that eats chicken supports the slaughtering of 22 million chickens a day here in America. That’s something that people like to ignore, or avoid the thought of. While they’re eating their chicken salads, they will sit around and criticize others on topics of : the use of animals by humans and the killing of animals by humans when they themselves are the reason for all these chickens are having their heads chopped off. Cockfighting doesn’t result in even a fraction of a percent of the amount killed for chicken salads. I guess as long as they get their belly full and what ever pops up on a ballot doesn’t effect them or their favorite sport or family tradition, then they’re happy to vote out someone else’s sport or tradition. If we could only get half of the people that eat chicken to realize what hypocrites they have been all this time, we might get this re-legalized.
1869. M. R. Mundy Re-legalize cockfighting in America. 22 million chickens have their heads chopped off everyday here in America. Those chickens only get to live 2 or 3 months before they face the chopping block, after being fed the “mystery feed” and raised in pen about the size of a toaster. The game rooster lives a minimum of 2 years, being fed the best grains available, the best alfalfa, the best fruits and vegitables, the best all around diets and fresh water daily. Not to mention the medicines and vaccines that promote a healthy rooster. Being raised on some of the nicest farms anyone has ever seen. “These” roosters are given the chance to prove their worth and possibly never face the chopping block, or end up in anyones crockpot. Which one sounds more humane ? I know which chicken I’d rather be ! The double standard crap has got to stop !!
1868. Dixie Mundy Re-leagalize cockfighting in America. Cockfighting is a respectable sport , that is by far the most misunderstood sport of all time. Everyone I have ever talked to believes that these roosters would not kill one another if someone hadn’t trimmed down their natural spurs and replaced it with a steel spur or knife. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH . You have the same end result if a rooster breaks his tie cord at home while you are away, except he will kill two or three other roosters with his natural spurs, until he is killed or until someone realizes what has happened and stops him. There is soo much more to this sport than just the fighting part anyway. The name alone is simply “CHARGED” with emotion. Soo many people have been mis-informed about the sport.
1867. mike
1866. joseph
1865. Daniel Carreon
1864. Teexa Yang Cock fighting isnt cruel its a sport just like boxing, only i believe we shouldnt use blades no more only tape around the spur like boxing.
1863. Arnold Abrams This is a tradition that sould be carried on to future generations.
1862. dewayne scoggins i will gladly pay taxes to do what i love
1861. sergio fierro
1860. Tomas Perez Please Leagalize Cockfighting in the United States.
1859. Bruce Taitano
1858. Michael Shane Till I agree to the whole petition and if the Good Lord didnt want them to fight he would not have made them that away. Think about that if you are a God fearing Christian
1857. Eric Stalnaker
1856. Brennan Lawson if gays can get married why can we fight cocks
1854. John Green
1853. Tommy Hale whether or not you participate in cockfighting is irrelevent it is not the place of the federal or state govt. to dictate to citizens what they can or can’t do with their private livestock.
1852. Javier Rodrigues
1851. Samuel Rodrigues
1850. Jose M. Padilla
1849. Christian Padilla
1848. Jordan Padilla
1847. Martin Padilla
1846. Sergio Padilla We want our rights back.
1845. Adriana Lopez
1844. Melinda Smith Cock Fighting should have never been banned in the first place
1843. Melissa Smith Cock Fighting should have never been banned in the first place
1842. Rose Cock Fighting should have never been banned in the first place
1841. David Smith Cock Fighting should have never been banned in the first place
1840. Leisa Smith
1839. Paul Nichols sad day when peta lobbies away our freedom
1838. Cheryl Nichols
1837. Joshua Nichols
1836. Mathew Curtis
1835. byron b. hood
1834. Adrian Soto Please dont take our sport away, Im from Texas and I fight my roosters in New Mexico. I’ve been doing this for the past 15 yrs. my father and grand father used to fight roosters also.
1833. vanessa
1832. Jeff Mcclure
1831. kenneth poe this is a great sport i truly love it!!!
1830. joey grimes we need more people,keep up the good work
1829. nikki grimes
1828. Jongi Ledbetter Hoorah America
1827. scott hollis i think we should be able to keep the rights we were given
1826. Amiee Mundy NOBODY can make these roosters fight. You spend 365 days a year keeping them from fighting and killing each other at home with their natural spurs that mother nature gave them to kill with, their spurs have absolutely no other purpose. As far as trimming the natural spurs down and mounting the steel spurs or knife goes, that only makes the fight equal to both roosters, because every rooster’s spurs don’t grow equally. By “LETTING” the roosters fight with the steel spur the fights don’t usually last as long , and is by far less brutal than the way nature intended. Believe it or not , some people actually believe that these roosters would not kill each other if someone hadn’t tied a knives on them…That’s ridiculous. I’ll tell you something else that’s ridiculous….It’s perfectly legal and acceptable for me to grab a rooster and chop his head off and eat him, but it’s not ok for me to allow him the privilage of fighting. NOW THAT’S RIDICULOUS.
1825. juan its for life!
1824. Glenn Griffis
1823. Fuechyv Vang this game has been around for centuries and has become a tradition and to ban the game isnt right.
1822. Lana Derr cockfighting is not a crime, it’s a family tradition
1821. Tommy Christy Our founding fathers did it so should we
1820. jerry delong
1819. bruce bush
1818. Dustin I think that this sport is stupid how do u think the chickens feel i should put you in a ring with blades on your hands and make u fight and get killed
1817. brianna mcdougald stop texas bills from being passed!!!
1816. Carol Torree This is something for the government to think about. To legalize cockfighting would allow collection of revenue so urgently needed. Instead of continous raising of individual taxes, why don’t the government find a way to collect taxes from pit operators and participants. If one understands the history of our country, whiskey and tabacco was illegal until the government figured a way to collect taxes. Now what about cockfighting. It is natural for two cocks to fight just as two fighting fish would fight. If it the gambling, what about the gambling you folks partake on the golf tees. Now if your thinking cruelty to animals, sending our young to war to protect people that don’t want nothing to do with us is more cruel. Think about it, Respectfully, Carol Torree
1815. david it would make lots of money for our goverment to use like helping restore social security for the future
1813. James i say legalize it i mean it’s a sport
1812. Rick P Time to save a national heritage
1811. Dylan Mundy Re-legalize cockfighting. Preset a mandatory tax added on to every entry fee at every derby at every pit, also tax every spectator ticket , every hambuger, etc. That would result in tens of millions of tax dollars per year for each state that re-legalized the sport. Alot of people don’t realize how big this sport really is, and still getting bigger. Could you imagine how big this sport would be if it were openly legal and the pit owners were able to advertise big derbies and upcoming events in newspapers and radio, even television ? As it is , people fill the pits to the ceilings…even in illegal states. Could you imagine the amount of spectators and competitors that would be generated through simply informing people that have been misinformed of the sport or people that have never heard of it ? The amount of people involved that love these roosters and love this sport would be x100 of what it is today. The amount of tax dollars that would be generated would be millions on top of millions for every state.
1810. Steve Cannon
1809. Paula Burgess
1808. Roger L. Croll humans before animals
1807. hatchman Legalize cockfighting and tax them all.
1806. Brian Petrey
1805. Jimmy Thornton
1804. smitty smith
1803. Dawson Dean This is wrong, some one needs to read up on old american past times, not baseball and football, cockfighting.
1802. Jaqueline Dean This is a family tradition, and whether you want to admit it or not, an American tradition. By some of the great forefathers.
1801. Jaqueline Knight My daddy, his daddy, and his dad was raising game chickens since the late 1800s now my husband, son,daughter, nephew, and greatgrand son all carry on the bloodlines of such a humble respectible sport.
1800. Donna Dean My family has been around gamecocks as far back as the civil war. And it just so happens that Abraham Lincoln got honest Abe from being a referree.
1799. Daniel Dean If you consider what Abraham Lincoln one of the fore fathers of America, then you could maybe Martin Van Buren or George Washington. But look at what these great men like Thomas Edison has done and they were against war and hurting people but they could make since that this was a natural act of nature. Even more so then coondogs, beagles, or even hunting. God doesn’t give us guns but he gave roosters spurs. Think of that one for a minute, Americas finest
1798. Va Pheng Vang
1797. Eric Edwards
1796. Daniel Fuentes Long Live the Sacred Gamecock!!!
1795. john w walker
1794. fay fitzgerald
1793. kathy fitzgerald it is about time
1792. tim fitzgerald yes yes yes its time
1791. Tony
1790. Jose P. Perez legalize
1789. Larry Edwards It is my GOD given right. To abolish it would end the life of a gamecock for ever. He would be gone as the prehistoric animals have vanished. Nothing more beautiful than a true gamecock. Losing our young men in War is acceptable, They not only lose their lives but their arms, legs, eyes, hands, speach and suffer so mentally for ever and ever and yet this is socially accepeted. Tell me what is the difference? The Gamecock is fighting for the same rights , just to exist…..
1788. Zaheed Hussain
1787. Cecil
1785. M. Mundy The name ” Cockfighting ” is one of our biggest challenges. The name alone is CHARGED with negative emotion to those people that really don’t know anything about the sport , except for the fighting part. Most people don’t realize that the act of fighting of the roosters is actually a very small part of the whole rooster buisiness. It’s an important part , but still a very small part. I think if we really want to preserve this sport and keep it legal in the states that it is still legal in , we need to petition to have the legal name CHANGED ON THE BALLOT to something that actually describes the sport , and doesn’t automatically subject us to slander and misunderstanding of what the sport is really about. That may sound unrealistic, but it really isn’t. People have legal names changed all the time, if an item is going to be on a ballot for the general public to vote on. The humane society and other other crazy people groups would come unglued. Knowing thats their best weapon.
1783. dennis condor
1782. sean wright chickens fight cause they want to let them roll
1781. STEVE LEWIS Another victimless crime . why is it perfectly legal for me to chop off a roosters head for dinner yet I cannot allow him the privilige of fighting? RIDICULOUS.
1780. Timothy Hughes I love the missunderstood gamecock.
1779. stan waldo
1778. Donnie G parrigin jr this is our heritage screw the animal rights junkies
1777. Robert R. Noer
1776. Daniel Ortega
1772. john balberdi
1771. rochelle domingo i support cockfighters
1770. Rodney Ferreira JR
1769. Logan Beeman cock fighting will always be around, alot longer than mine and yours flesh and blood. If you can’t beat em….join em
1768. michael bonner
1767. Lacy Greer
1766. DJ Johnson
1765. Patricia Johnson I myself think that having a hobby is great for a family. Having these beautiful birds has brought me and my family closer. We get out and my kids are outside as well as myself. We spend a great deal of time with these birds. At least my kids aren’t inside the house all day long watching cartoons or playing games. If loving this sport makes me and mine wrong then what makes us right. How can a sport that draws a family together be so wrong?
1764. Bee Thao
1763. keng lor
1762. Michael Mundy As long as we feel its ok to publically kill other HUMAN BEINGS when we’re at war for a cause like protecting our territory or removing any possible threats to us or our territory and showing our dominance over other nations, and being proud of that, how can we condemn a sport that displays the EXACT same qualities ?? It’s a shame that we felt the need back in the year 1920 to start changing, removing, editing the true american history. This sport defines who we are as a nation ! We are dominant, we are willing to fight for our territory, and we eliminate all threats. That why the gamerooster was nominated to represent the United States of America as our national bird, along with the bald eagle and wild turkey. The bald eagle received the last deciding vote. We were one vote shy of becoming the fighting gamecocks as a nation. That should tell you a little about how important the breeding, raising, and competing with gameroosters is to our American history, our heritage, our FREEDOM.
1761. juan mendiola
1760. patsy butler
1759. charles butler
1758. Sa Vang
1757. jason
1756. Gary Maynard its in my blood
1755. Farrah
1753. Scotty Alger
1752. Daniel Moses It is our right as americans!!!
1751. James Booth legalize rooster fights
1749. Melisa Valenzuela
1748. Mamadshah “Hi, nice site!
1747. Joe S.Buckbee
1746. Paden Wade This is our country, a free country.
1745. john clawson
1744. glenn deimler our nation was founded on cock fight they even had pit in the basement of the white house if our four father where alive today they would be exstemely upset onemore thing animal right people still go home to there staek every night so why depribe our youth of something so historic it even part of religoin
1743. Marsha Swerczek
1742. Glenn Deimler Jr They are taking away our rights as citizens of the USA
1741. Enrique N. Waldo please leave alone our favorite sport/hobby
1740. Adrian Garcia
1739. shaun hatcher i would pay a tax on a cockfight ,at least i would be paying a tax on something i love
1738. Jimmy Mundy
1737. Boyd Miles
1736. Alejandro Gonzalez
1735. Leslie Shultz
1734. Treasa Shultz Dont make criminals out of honest people
1733. John C. Shultz Dont make criminals out of honest people
1732. Artie Kidd Dont make criminals out of honest people
1731. Jim Evans Dont make criminals out of honest people
1730. Bob Halstead Dont make criminals out of honest people
1729. John L. Shultz Dont make criminals out of good tax paying americans
1728. John L. Shultz Dont make criminals out of good tax paying americans
1727. James feezer we the people are speaking and we also VOTE
1726. darrin wood pull baby pull!
1725. jan wood let freedom ring!
1724. James E. Milligan Jr. Roosters may not be for all. BUT for me it is a Right we should have! YES-Legalize Cockfighting in the U.S.
1723. Tommy Dunham please help us keep this great sport alive
1722. Tommy Dunham please help us keep this great sport alive
1719. Tommy manuel J. MANUEL its the peoples right to chose
1718. adamd.hines
1717. adamd.hines
1716. Keith Ford Keep the sport alive
1715. Lenav Covey
1714. richard a. covey GOD gave man Dominion over all animals of the EARTH let these NOBLE BIRDS do what they LOVE to do.
1713. Billy W. Ryals , Jr. Freedom , it`s more than just a word that kids learn in school.
1712. Angela Hoskins
1711. Donnie Hoskins US Marine
1710. R. R. Aquino
1709. Lorin J.K. Torree Raising and testing gamefowl has been in the U.S.A. since the English setlers. With the migration of other nationalities to this country their culture as well as the Indians was to raise and test gamefowl. We need to capitalize on this sport and allow legal pits for testing to be operated and revenue collected. As Whiskey and Tabacco was it was illegal until the lawmakers discovered a way to collect taxes. Cockfighting is no different, the operators can pay a fee to the State which will enable Federal funding distributed to the state to be reduced. With our national deficit, why don’t our government operate the country as a business and help reduce the deficit by legalizing raising and testing gamefowl.
1708. Galen Kidder
1707. wayne galinato legalizing will improve our economy and bring in revenue for a many different states; where is democracy; wheres our american rights; millions of people should not be deprive of there rights because a group does not like our sport;
1706. Richard Breazeale
1705. Alfredo Pasatiempo We need to educate and work with the animal activist , religious sector and our US Congress on benefits of legalizing and taxing the gamefowl industry! Everyone will definitely win, including our beloved gamefowl.
1704. BJ HUNT It is unfair to have a law that changes the course of how a species was created by god..these animals wether wild or demesticated have natur4al instinct to battle for4 supeiorty.. for a few people to deny them that or us that is insane… these birds have a better life than 95\%of any other demesticated farm animals they are taken care of ,loved,and respected by those who breed and raise them …In my opinion the sport makes the species stronger and healther just as they would have been in the wild …. keeping this sport a crime is nothing but a legaly way to exstinct this creature
1703. josh b hatfeild i love the cock
1702. Michael Estremera
1701. Justin Walker
1700. Teddy Morris these birds serve no purpose but fighting/ hence GAMEFOWL
1699. kevin ray cusack
1698. ted baxter
1697. Charles Fitz
1696. David Gonzalez fight the power…its our right to fight
1695. Bred “Hey,nice site look this:
1694. ronnie creech this should be legalized here it is in the philipenes.
1693. Jason Raleigh
1691. jaime e cardenas cockfighitng has been in my family for about 50 yrs i dont think we are going to stop why not let us be
1690. Raul Valdez I been around these birds all my life and there part of my family if u take them away its like taking part of my life too
1689. David Peeler
1688. Alta Horton
1687. Danny Peeler
1686. lisa gingery let us get back our freedom to enjoy game fowl
1685. Andy L Gingery
1684. Jose Rodriguez Please stop ushs and PETA they kill animals
1683. sergio hernandez
1682. isidro guardado
1681. jose leos
1680. adrian alvarado
1679. jesus contreras
1678. manuel contreras
1677. ruben de luna
1676. martin rodriguez
1675. jose sosa
1674. nicolas ocura
1673. grable hernandez
1672. adrian posada
1671. max mangia
1670. joe fernandez
1669. domingo aguilar
1668. rigoberto guerrero
1667. nolberto alvarado
1666. juan marines
1665. alicia calderan
1664. gabriela alvarado
1663. porfirio martinez
1662. martin martinez
1661. richard alvarado
1660. jesus alvarado
1659. lien nguyen
1658. Nick “Hi, nice site!
1657. Anthony Smith Please Legalize it, end the reign of these ignorant fools, the humane society. Special interest groups such as these make me sick.
1656. peter nguyen i agree
1655. tronia ryder
1654. Lane Everett
1653. Jane Murrell
1652. barbara Murrell
1651. christopher m. smith dont make the working class felons
1650. john still its not politicle,its a tradition that needs to be passed on
1649. Asa Baer It’s a great tradition that should be again legalized in this beautiful country.
1648. Lawrence Peabody Who cares?
1647. Hoa Nguyen Get rid of laws that restrict freedom
1646. javier irizarry
1645. Lucky
1644. Kai this petition should be brought a long time age, definitely, the people that’s banning the sport know nothing about it.
1643. shannamiller i
1642. shannamiller i
1641. Chase Hatchett
1640. David Mendez
1639. Nicolie Negele
1638. Gilberto Martinez
1637. Sergio Padilla
1636. Gary E Maynard Jr
1635. Lisa M. Rester
1634. Joe Langaman,Sr. It Help Poultry Industry/Veterinary Products
1633. James Parker
1632. ivan o i think that cock fighting should be ligal
1631. Ivan “Hi, nice site!
1630. Mahmud legalize cockfighting in the U.S
1629. Phil Urrutia It’s one of America’s Heritages…..
1628. Arif Hussain cock a doodle doo , cocksuckers
1627. Anthony Hampton Although
1626. Jakob Heath
1625. Brent A Murrell
1624. Santiago Herrejon legalize cockfighting in the us
1623. Dana Brown Stop letting the animal rights people tell the rest of us what is acceptable.
1622. chris lowe
1621. Edward Catahay This is a viable revenue source that the government can regulate and bring money into the tax coffers. Tax revenues will multiply rapidly with the opening of new pits nationwide. More gamefowl breeders and customers will contribute to the tax base. The U. S. Postal Services and businesses like the airlines, hotels, feedstores, farm suppy stores, restaurants etc. will profit from tthis, thus producing more taxable income.
1620. Michael Hahn please dont take our feedoms away ! my family has given four uncles my father and now in afganastany my brother. we have given enough for the freedoms of this country now let us enjoy them. thank you and God bless
1619. Ricky Nunez keep cocockfighting legal!!!!!!!
1618. Dale Delaney
1617. Glen Haines This sport is no worse than boxing,football or hockey. Heck….Whats worse than running the hell out of a horse in the KENTUCKY DERBY?
1616. Billy Alford
1615. Curtis Elser Were Not hurting anyone,
1614. Wallace A Ishibashi III
1613. Jeremiah Montel lets get this sport legal if people would read up on this sport they would learn why it’s done. Our past presidents done it so why can’t we
1612. george m knowles please help keep our freedoms here.
1611. andy gingery
1610. Cody Blackmon Make cock fightin legal in the U.S., Maybee not in all states but atleast more then just lousianna, If you dont make it legal people are still going to fight there cocks like we have been for the past hundreds of years .
1609. John Simmons
1608. Nick “Hi, nice site!
1607. DAVID SANCHEZ Geatest sport ever
1606. KEVIN SANCHEZ KEEP COCKFIGHTING LEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1605. Ahmed “Hi, nice site!
1604. Mamadshah “Hi, nice site!
1603. Ryan kok fiting rooooooooooooolzzzz
1602. rush limbaugh i don’t think i’ve evr seen a bigger bunch of idiots as the a-holes that have signed this petition. shame on ou freaks
1601. steve abbott Leave these people alone. 99\% are simply rural folks who enjoy fowl as a pastime.
1600. Ahmed “Hi, nice site!
1599. Nick “Hi, nice site!
1598. Ahmed “Hi, nice site!
1597. Ahmed “Hi, nice site!
1596. wyatt
1595. Troy Thompson
1594. daj
1593. chris
1592. chris
1591. Jordan Foschi
1590. Eddie Ramirez Why not at the very least have affordable cockfighting licenses????
1589. larry parawan
1588. Luis Alaniz make it legal
1587. Brian Haulk
1586. ronnie chilton
1585. Samuel Sullivan Enough rights have been stripped give us this one back!
1584. david castro we well win!!!
1583. Kenneth P Caldwell live and let live
1582. andrew szydlowski
1581. Christina Aguilera
1580. Nick Miller
1579. Shannon Harris
1578. tim fields
1577. brandon fields
1576. robert beverly
1575. carla beverly
1574. kelly coots
1573. freddie coots
1572. carl asher
1571. ISAGANI MABILIN SIR Please look back the past entertainment of cock fighting,People engaged in this of sport are simple people who want to live in peace. In todays entertainment is so very damaging to the human civilization especially the casino or going to the Bar club looking for fun. How many family turn apart of that kind of entertainment. Why we human being tried to curtail our happiness with nature and allowing the damaging Casino Club Bar to supercedes above all.It is true that cockfighting is a blood sport. But it is a choice as we all all know it is not a felony to eat chicken sold from Walmart and etc.Don’t lislen your both ears to these Animal Right Activist because these people seeks happiness in going to Casino or Club Bar for entertainment.And they have there own political agenda which is all the time for sale for the high bidder. What I mean their making a business at all.Then is their motive Real??? Why the poor people will be taken off their happiness all the time, Why the poor people has no voice????
1570. Joel Pollitt I have fought Roosters for several years in Arizona and Oklahoma and have found the people involved very likeable and honest, and believe that it is their God givin right to use their livestock as they see fit. This is a assault against my freedom and the violation of my property rights.
1569. Sergio Aguilera
1568. Richard Redmond Jr
1567. Ricky Price
1566. bobby keener
1565. Jose Roberto Chairez jr God made them as they are….Perfect!!!
1564. MuratMikeIvan “Hi, nice site, visit my web site too!
1563. harold jason mccoy
1562. Larry Givens
1561. DickIvanBalvan “Hi, nice site, visit my web site too!
1560. joe pelham
1558. Jeffery Elliott
1557. john peneku
1556. Victor if they fought them 3000 years ago why stop it now when all it does now is let alot of pepole bennifit from it and even more if it was legal
1555. DELVIN BALDWIN we need our rights back please
1554. David Moore
1553. Nicholas Benz
1552. michael ralston
1551. brandie saba foss
1550. John J Burns We are being stripped of our rights, and laws are being made without thought. Whe was the last time you had KFC Chicken. Do you think they were papmped trained and fortified before being euphaminze?
1549. Juan Dominguez
1548. Charles B. Saba Sr. Lifetime gamecock breeder
1547. Bryan Lindley
1546. Doug Underwood Stop the HSUS terrorists and restore this country to its former greatness!
1545. Daniel Saba
1544. rolando martinez
1542. tomas Where does one begin, for me cockfighting is part of my family tradition, it is who i am, i can recall growing up and always thinking to my self, one day i will pass this on to my children, and one day in arizona the passed a law that said i couldnt do that,all my dreams were broken, and all because some group of people ive never met came into my life and took my dreams away, to me that does not sound like freedom, i still raise gamefowl to this day, cause if it wasnt for my family and gamefowl who knows were id be now, mabey going down the wrong path.cockfighting will never die its to deep in our heritage as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, this people that vote aganist us dont know any better, how can they say that the life style we live is wrong, when 90\% of the time they dont even know about cockfighting, they have never walked a day in my shoes, its up to us to educate this people, not fight them but to educate them, i know we can win this battels we just need to come foward and let us be heard,
1541. Clay mchone
1540. Phoebe Woods
1539. Cameron Its like pokemans and everyone loves them
1538. dathboy i forgot why but ill sign.
1537. Zach Booker
1536. John Boxers=Chickens. We eat chickens. ‘Nuff said. Legalize plx.
1535. crystal canada our 4 fathers did it many of you set in there places today follow there examples
1534. glenn lindsey our 4 fathers did it many of you set in there places today follow there examples
1533. Travis Skinner Gambling is everywhere from local lotteries to the internet and beyond.Pridefighting on TV has a huge following and viewers are charged to pay to view.In the Phillipines, there are hundreds of liscened arenas to view this time honored sport! Congress men and women its time to look past the HSUS and look what poeple really want. There is no difference between three razorblades on a broadhead in deer hunting, or a gaff used in fishing.The thing i do not understand is why the USA could send two uncles of mine off to foreign wars and get them killed and their nephew has to travel across three states to fight a chicken! They were both cockfighters and were proud of this great US of A. If you would legalize cockfighting the revenue from across the country would be immence! From liscences to motels and everything in between cockfighting would be king!
1532. brendo plsss accept the petition
1531. michael r hernandez these gamefowl have the same genes when they crowed for jusus christ .
1530. james phillips you eat your chicken let me fight mine
1529. metin gunel
1528. Cresencio Dominguez
1527. Bao Tran In order to maintain a free society, we must respect individual’s believes, hobbies and traditions-cockfighting
1526. Gene Pierce save a AMERICAN tradition
1525. Fernando Perez
1524. Jonathon Wales
1523. Jerry Torres i hope my kids get to know this wonderful sport
1522. John Arthur Semana legalize cockfighting in U.S.(like in Phil.)it’s nice hobby
1521. Jorge Verdugo Cockfighting is the best
1520. michael
1518. william taylor
1517. russell
1516. James Cramer Jr Lots of people believe that the gamecock is made to hate or trained to kill but this is false.Without people raising gamecocks it is just a matter of time before they are extinct ,they are game and roaming freely they would take each others lives anyway.Thanks for your time.
1515. MikeDickMuratIvanMehmet “Hi, nice site, visit my web site too!
1514. Roy Sweeney Jr. Bet you didn.t know how abe lincoln got his knickname (honest abe) yea that,s right,refreeing a COCKFIGHT. nuff said (LEGALIZE).
1513. Alan Zaragoza we got rights too
1512. Caleb Jones Thanks for this site!!!
1511. sean aka hogdog hell yea
1510. Robert Ramos save our national sport.
1509. Pepito Paguirigan Jr
1508. Aaron Need to get this to the public
1507. Sammy Williams
1506. steven duplantis
1505. roberto macias
1504. Claude D. Beasley Jr. I can’t see how it is legal to pit man against animals hunting and fishing ‘and not let two gamecocks fight. Because no animal will stand and be shot if he can see his shooter; nor will any fish take the bate if it knows there is a hook waiting. But two gamecocks will go over food or hens just fight so why not let us have our sport just as do the hunters and fishermen do.
1503. Kenneth Hettinger
1502. fil consolacion This would boost our economy! from farmers to exporters, Honest way of gaming where you see your fowl than a folded deck of cards, pls. approve it, alot of people would would be happy and willing to support on the upcoming elections
1501. roman zamora keep cocockfighting legal please
1500. Santiago Teran
1499. Fred Keen
1498. Jesse MeMillan
1497. Darby Brewer
1496. Danny Brewer
1495. Lanny J. Schwartz Sr. I,ve raised game fowl for 35yrs. becoming a legal sport in all 50 states would be a great thing.
1494. jeffrey lamelas
1493. Frank Stuart it’s in their blood
1492. nathan cogburn they were created with the fighting instinct
1491. john vrgara lets keep cockfighting legal in louisiana .
1490. Robert D. Gray Jr. I was raised on a legalized cockfighting farm in Louisiana. I was taught at school that the root of war is when humans mimic and think like animals. This happens on a legalized cockfighting farm. My civil and human rights were violated. PLEASE MAKE COCKFIGHTING ILLEGAL FOR HUMANITY.
1489. jame wood i love the sport
1488. theo hooks cocking in the us should be legal they are birds
1487. cesar uribe
1486. Terry Harper When a society begins to make laws that punish those that have not harmed their fellow man in any way that society is headed for chaos and tyranny. When one group of people deem themselves so superior to others that they have the RIGHT to determine what the INFERIOR segments of the society can and cannot do , the results are exactly the same as is seen in the Muslim extremist groups in the middle east and the creation of states like Nazi Germany!
1484. Dilson Rocha
1483. chad osborne
1482. gene sweater
1481. Ronnie Cook
1480. Rafael Regalado please legalize cockfighting in the u.s please.
1479. jodi brooks
1478. jason brooks
1477. almon brooks Jr
1476. david payne
1475. Mike Bean
1474. Gary A. Smith
1473. Dustee holland land of the free so lets make it legal to be free so we can raise and test our gamefowl
1472. Brian Batchelor
1471. Randy Putman
1470. james bradshaw
1469. Mary Taylor
1468. Cloyd Guidry
1467. david Mendonca Lets keep it legal and fare
1466. Norman Chreene
1465. Jean Chreene
1464. Joe Chreene
1463. Robert Shriver
1461. Jeremy Javier
1460. Wilson Billy Williams Legalize Cockfighting
1459. Billy J. Page
1458. `Jose F Luna Reyes
1457. SMALLS
1456. James Cliff Massey Jr. The history behind this ancient sport is bigger than you and I.Please consider this petition.
1455. James K. Hoffmaster Gives us back our stolen freedoms!
1454. Cody
1453. Bryan Waddle
1452. jason malloy our forfathers that helped write the constitution raised and owned gamefowl for happiness. If it was good enough for them, it sure as hell good enough for me. amen.
1451. walter edfelman
1450. fred hoover for the love of the birds!
1449. martin
1445. Ricky Nunez
1444. chris addis present and accounted for
1443. Jay Daguio
1442. Gus Paris someday we will win the battle
1440. ronald l seymour
1439. arturo terrazas jr
1438. Dwight Valeros We are fighting for afghans to have freedom and now they fight gamefowl. Its a shame we have to fight for our own on U.S soil
1437. Jason Sacayan
1436. Johnny Davis
1435. John Johnson
1434. Razil Gonzalez
1433. Jason brown
1432. juan escobedo
1431. Minh Pham Please let the freedom of cockfighting in US
1430. James B. Thompson
1429. bob jones
1428. Ricky Gish
1427. Paula Waller Its a great Sport!!!!
1426. Clayton Waller Lets keep the U.S. free
1425. victoria ross cockfighting is a good thing.
1424. eulalio baraoidan jr
1423. willie n rodriguez
1422. wayne roberson
1421. John D. Roach
1420. james harris
1419. Joseph Howard
1418. Brent Caryl Sr.
1417. Mary
1416. Cj.
1415. Cloyd Keep it going
1414. Anthony Chavez Legalize Cockfighting in The U.S. “The land of the free and the home of the brave”
1413. David Wars
1412. thomas james
1411. Dwan Glidewell
1410. Charles Jones
1409. brayan
1408. donnyman carry on cocking win lose or draw we will fight chickens for ever and more
1407. B.J. Savoy
1406. Shawn Vang There is nothing wrong with cockfighting…i don’t see why only some states are legal and this issue can’t be solved by legalizing it nationwide!!!!
1405. Carlos Ringlstetter
1404. Angela barrios Yeah these doctors inject animals with diseses to find cures when animals dont want to do it but cocks want to fight at will. LEGALIZE IT!!!!!!!!
1402. Linda Edge
1399. C. J. Hamilton How could it be wrong if Honest Abe participated in this fine sport?
1398. brad conner
1397. Tara Faulk Remember our freedom!! Americans have rights we were all born to. I strongly support legalization of cockfighting.
1396. Jared Faulk I am handicapt ! This is one occupation I am capable of. I am a gifted breeder going back to AG. in school. Since I have become a game bird breeder I can enjoy my passion with animals. Should breeding these spirited fowl become illegal myself among many other handicapt breeders I am acquainted with would have NO INCOME, and years of time and money waisted. NOTE: Perhaps there should be an amendment made concerning this to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) law. I have lost enough through my disabilities, I should not be denied the freedom I was born into. The Constitution states, ” We The People ” not ” We The Government .!” The hipocracy of it is the U.S. does have State Lottos but they dare deny us cockfighting. Politicans it seems take huge pay off’s from HSUS suporters to choke poeple into silence by denying me and other Americans in this business to have a voice and to be heard………Legalize Cockfighting..Do not denigh myself and countless others the same freedom and libertys Forefathers had!!
1395. gary rasnick
1394. Jennifer Harris
1393. Amanda Stilp
1392. Dennis Laws
1391. Michael Meyers
1390. Brittany Patterson
1389. Brittany Meyers
1388. Greg
1387. Robert Gibson
1386. Danny Pritchett Who Ever Started This… God Bless You! Cockfighting will keep us teenagers off the streets, sure people gamble on it. Why not charge us for a license or something. Then the government will be making money from it!
1385. dalton sonenstahl i am all for it
1384. Daniel Sims
1383. Juan man I love this awesome sport and I want to enjoy every minute of raising my fowl.
1382. Jason Raleigh
1381. brian rodrigue
1380. sirrenio herrera
1379. Carol Torree I was born into the sport so was my father, grandfather and now my children enjoy raising and competing roosters. We travel our roosters to other states and countrys where cockfighting is legal. We can reduce our country’s deficit and collect taxes as well as admission fees that will help lower taxes paid by our citizens. Thank you.
1378. Gary Batho we are a nation of heritage and tradition, as well as voters do you want my vote?????
1377. dan r. bateman
1376. clay bradham
1373. pao heu
1372. manuel azevedo
1371. Long vang I stand by legalizing cockfighting
1370. Carolyn Bourque
1369. brooke granstaff
1368. Cody Edge
1367. James & Brenda Milligan
1366. James & Brenda Milligan
1365. jeff small
1364. David Barclay
1363. Rodney Buroker
1362. Brandon Spalding i say let the birds do what they do
1361. Mike Mafnas
1360. tommy
1359. rodney wagoner
1358. robert gibson
1357. scott hauser cockfighting should be as legal as hunting and fishing
1356. beverley barbee states could use the revenue if it was legal instesd of wasting tax dollars fighting it
1355. jacob enriques we can kill 100 thousand chickens at a time to eat but if we kill 100 fighting them we are felons!! go figure
1354. pong thao
1353. Jerry Golden I agree with Abraham Lincoln, he is reported to have said, “As long as the Almighty permits intelligent man created in His image and likeness to fight in public and kill each other while the world looks on approvingly, it is not for me to deprive the chicken of the same privilege – Burkhard Bilger: Enter The Chicken – Harper’s Magazine ) March, 1999
1352. Kao Lor Freedom
1351. Grant Robichaux
1350. KEITH BOURQUE cockfighting has been in my heritage for as long as i can remember . I know many young and elderly men that enjoy the sport in southern louisiana.To see century old sport banned would truely prove what?
1347. brandon
1346. Miguel Hipolito
1345. Steven Richard
1344. roel dehoyos legalize cock fighting,
1343. Lloyd Plumbar
1342. William Bennett
1341. Leo Reyes FREEDOM
1340. Jimmie D Knight
1339. Duong Phan
1338. Thong Duong Don’t waste money to stop this sport. Use money to help Katrina victims and fight gangs problems
1337. James Myat I strongly agree to legalize cockfighting in the US.
1336. Anthony A. Diaz cockfighting is natural for the fowl and the breeder take care of his gamefowl batter then most people that have animals.
1335. Seth Covey please help this cause
1334. Jackson Mansfield If people can fight, why can’t roosters?
1333. Dot Domingue
1332. Taylor Domingue
1331. Roderick Domingue I raise Gamecocks An I work At a Feedstore an this is about 85\% of our buishessI am From Carencro Louisiana An it is still Legal Here For Know but it looks more an more like they are trying to get rid of all of us cockfigthers we can’t let that happen God bless
1329. Minh Pham
1328. Greg Kelley
1327. gillie howard
1326. rey espinoza
1325. Alexander Reyes Its a part of the American culture, as well as many others.
1324. John Pham
1323. Kevin Love
1322. Gregory Ted Hargett II
1321. Sai Xiong I think tape cock fight is just like boxing with gloves.
1320. chang vang
1319. Stephen Richard Schoen
1318. Nguyen Quoc Viet
1317. Bj Lo legallize it please it my tradition
1316. Tuzong Vang
1315. Johnny Blackwelder
1314. Ken Nguyen cock fighting is the heritage and tradition of our people, please let’s we continue our heritage
1313. Lynette Fears I am one of the ones not born into the sport, but i married into. I can still remember the very first event i saw in detail, i loved every second of it. the people that have never experienced this great sport don’t know what they are missing. I couldn’t imagine trying to find a sport better to be apart of.
1312. Dennis Fears I personally believe that raising gamefowl has given my family strong values and has given me and my boys a strong bond, its something we all love to do together in my family.
1311. Kimberlee Sato
1310. Kirby Wade
1308. Genaro Eisma
1307. Herman Gayheart Jr
1306. richardacovey
1305. jimmie shane stricklin this is a free country supposely if u dont want to watch it dont go!
1304. Robert Walter Hall
1303. clyde nelson
1302. michael marsh
1301. william t. roberts
1300. Cheryl Lieberman
1299. Ronnie Robertson
1298. Lonnie Roberson
1297. Susan Holland
1296. Jackie Lawson
1295. Robert Barker
1294. Janis Deavers
1293. Tommy Holland
1292. Billy Waddle
1291. Clarence Holland This sport of the finest men, and finest bond between man and bird, should have been legalized from the start. The bond of man and bird, the complete trust in one another, is the finest bond one can make other than with his own children.
1290. Janice Holland If boxing is legal, and that is man beating the fudge out of each other, why can’t birds who do this naturally to prove survival of the fittest, do what is in nature to do.
1289. Mark cockfighting is a tradition, why stop tradition
1288. kody jackson legalize it is awesome
1287. javier gonzalez
1286. scott engle from where im from me and a few cocker friends has help several young boys and a couple of girls off drugs and stealing with gamefowl. they nolonger are on drugs, and going to court for the trouble they were causeing. if just one person in the gamefowl line can help just one child, off drugs and stay out of trouble, then thats something big to me ..drugs are killing our young ones today. because of these animal rights people. that has no clue in what it takes to raise and take care of gamefowl. the law needs to leave us alone and go help the homeless thats dieing everyday on the streets. and put a stop to the drug rings thats killing our kids today.i have a 4 year old that loves to help feed and take care of my fowl. and as long as it keeps him off drugs and drinking ill have gamefowl untill i die.. thanks.
1285. Charles Tiffey
1284. Daniel Ruiz
1283. Douglas Pena
1282. Clintwood -Lee H.K Yap Let’s Get It On Cocker !!
1281. Raul Gomez
1280. Quentin Osborn
1279. roberto madriz i believe that as an american u should embrace the words of one of our fathers thanx
1278. Marguet Grindle
1277. Tony Grindle
1276. Heather Schrimsher
1275. Perry Vesely THE LAND OF THE FREE
1274. Joe Warren
1273. Gene Hale
1272. Heath Hopkins
1271. Jerry Warren
1270. Logan Warren
1269. Aric Ladner
1268. Michael Ralston
1267. MIke Saldivar Legalize Cockfighting,My family has 6 generations that are in this together.”There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any goverment has is the power to crack down on criminals.Well,when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them, One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible to live without breaking laws.”
1266. Willey Harden
1265. carla maxwell
1264. greg schrimsher
1263. heather schrimsher
1262. jenielyn solayao
1261. juan lutero
1260. Xeng Xiong
1259. Jeffrey R. Blackman It’s a sport that has been enjoyed by both young and old for generations so why not make it legal and let all who enjoy the sport do it and not have to worry about being arrestted. These Chickens are feed and kept in an excellent atmosphere and are well maintained health wise.Nobody Twists anyones arm to go to Las Vegas and gamble only the people that enjoy it, so why not let this be the same way.LEGAL EVERY WHERE
1258. David Noles
1257. junior saulog
1256. Frances Johnston
1255. Tonya Franklin
1254. keith schrimsher these roosters where breed to fight its their nature
1253. John Stokes
1252. BUDDY INZERELLA keep the sport alive.
1251. Jaime Ramirez
1250. Stephanie Reyes land of the free
1249. Butch Reyes
1248. Tj shelton
1247. Terry Shelton
1246. Henry Young
1245. Robert Bennett atleast by making it legal they could get the taxes from it
1244. mark fisher
1243. Jerry Marsh
1242. Phil Eason
1241. Dennis Condor
1238. Cesar Rodriguez Legalize Cockfighting in the U.S.A.
1237. Jowin owens
1236. kenneth francis it’s no harm
1235. Joshua Manshack We need the sport legalized.
1234. Fuechy L. Vang The game of cockfighting is not only a sport but is also a traditon that has been around for thousands of years.
1233. Neil L. Animals have no rights.
1232. kaygene bailey
1231. christiekaminski
1230. josh manshack
1229. martha manshack
1228. chris manshack
1227. Julio Sanchez Jr.
1226. john zickefoose
1225. David Hannah Cockfighting should be legal, and the people in it is good American people. God Bless America
1224. Ramon Aviles
1223. Christina Aviles
1222. kenneth sommers
1221. Stephen Joubert
1220. jason gibson
1219. katherine
1218. Vince
1217. james hollin
1216. Robert Aguilera
1215. chantal Craig
1214. Joe Aguilera
1213. Gloria Ancelet
1212. Tammy Craig
1211. WIllie D. Roberts
1210. Richard
1209. Ignacio Cardenas it should be legal
1208. Barbara embry
1207. Ramona Venable
1206. Jeffery J. Venable
1205. joseph keith thomas
1204. Brad spalding please legalize cockfighting
1203. Michael Rioux How many chicken’s do you eat in a yr?
1202. Fran Meyer George Bush has no problems with the rising gas prices. Too bad he dosen’t own Game roosters instead of oil fields.
1201. jason halverson
1200. Wade Chavers
1199. Gordon Freeman By the PEOPLE, for the PEOPLE
1198. John D. Gideons States could require license. $
1197. Sally A. Gideons Make our sport as legal as hunting and fishing
1196. David A. Jones
1195. Clayton A. Baker
1194. Mack A. Baker
1193. Heath A. Baker
1192. elvin hatfield
1191. jeffrey embry
1190. rollie tatro
1189. Mark Soto
1188. stephanie surratt
1187. jonathan surratt
1186. terry elliott
1185. James Armstrong
1184. Debby Durrett
1183. Larry Durrett
1182. Eddie Durrett
1181. Jason Ray How can you suffocate MOTHER NATURE?
1180. Judy Duthu Cockfighting needs to be legal in all states!
1179. Dale W. Buratt
1178. kris ray
1177. josh guzman
1175. Stanford D. Fay
1174. Matt Dorrell
1173. Travis Stubbs
1172. David C Roberts
1171. edgar rey
1170. Judas Perea Keep our herritage, traditions, and way of life alive. We are part of a free country, let’s live free. That’s the only way we can proudly say, we are free!
1169. Jesus Lopez its a sport
1168. Jaime Olivas pleaz pleaz pleaz make it legal
1167. Hung Nguyen
1166. gene dedmon i support this great sport.
1165. Wayne Fuller The loss of Cockfighting in Oklahoma alone has cost the local economies untold milloins of dollars in revenue. Resturants, Motels, Gas Stations, Feed Producers and Sellers not to mention local Department and Clothing Stores have all suffered loss of revenue. A simple tax, collected at each Testing Operation would ease. if not erase. the tax burden on the Local, State and National levels. Education could be a big winner if the funds were used to improve and/or update the current School Systems.
1164. Tony Pierce
1163. robert ofo-ob jr hope they dont ban fishing too
1162. Tina Blevins Animal rights activists spend way to much money to stop so called animal cruelty, then most of the animals they get are killed, so they waste all that money to save them supposedly then they turn around and put them in a gas chamber to breather toxic fumes while they suffer, the goverment should disban the animal rights orginazations and put all the money to good use like feeding the starving or helping the poor in our country. But no they want to bother people with gamefowl who do nothing wrong, all we want to do is raise the best fowl and watch them be the warriors that they are meant to be, but we cant even do that because of the animal rights lunatics. LONG LIVE THE GAMECOCK!!!
1161. Wayne Blevins Legalize our nations and the worlds oldest sport give us back our heritage and what is righfuly ours.
1160. Daniel Rosado Is a sport,as save or better than boxing. What is worst,two birds fighting or a dead boxer from a punch. I go for the bird and invite the boxer to watch!
1159. Marsha Verber 100\% in favor of letting real tax-paying American citizens do something that has been historically one of the greatest sports the world has ever known. The benefits to our country would be enormous and it would provide many states with economic benefits as well. Isn’t it about time our country concentrated on real crimes against our citizens instead of making criminals out of law abiding folks who want to do something that has been done for thousands of years? Especially since the laws against cockfighting have been pushed by special interest groups that spread incredible misinformation in order to get these laws passed.
1157. greg a nance
1156. Cheng Leng Xiong
1155. Joel Pando this sport is part of my families history and it is a shame that i am not able to pass it down to my kids as my father and grandfather did to me please legalize cockfighting in the US…
1154. Steve Langstaff
1152. Paul Fitch Nothing wrong with Cockfighting ,War is whats WRONG
1151. Robert Franklin
1150. Esteban s Vargas
1149. kevin heath
1148. wayne farmer
1147. Donna Smith
1146. Raymond Stewart
1145. Sue Wagoner Gamecocks are beautiful, proud birds. Raising these birds is a family thing. My kids love helping me feed our chicks, watching them hatch and grow.
1144. Mark Marino
1143. Hoa Nguyen
1142. Edward Ziska
1141. wayne embry
1140. matthew gayle It’s our right!!!
1139. Edna Deleon
1138. Bryan Goodman it does not harm anyone or infringe on their rights
1137. jimmy r knox keep me posted
1136. Randy Boykin MAKE IT LEGAL
1135. Elizabeth Avalos IM ALL FOR IT MAKE IT LEGAL
1134. Rick vanHull
1133. May Thet I agree with this petition.
1132. James Myat I strongly agreed to this petition and U.S Congress should Legalize Cockfighting in The U.S.
1131. dan walden
1130. Kevin West
1129. william fitch
1128. alvie ward
1127. kim pollard
1126. teddy pollard
1125. Fred Crane What’s wrong with this country. Lawmakers say it’s OK to kill unborn babies but it’s not OK to let chickens do what comes natural. Killing babies is NOT natural. There will come a day when we the people WILL take back our country.
1124. Jonathon White
1123. Ronnie Brock This is a great sport and should be legalized in the US.
1122. Joe A.Want It could be licensed like hunting 🙂
1121. Cheryl Beyer With cockfighting being illegal, I really don’t feel that this is “the land of the free” I feel like we’re being told what to do. We can’t do what we want. What is this country coming to? I don’t feel free if i can’t even enjoy my hobby without breaking the law. That’s a bunch of crap. I’m no criminal…those animal rights activists are. What makes them better than us? Long live the gamecock!!!
1120. Ilikea Kahanaoi Cock fighting is a religious ordeal for us, it’s simply a way of life…….legalize it!!!!
1119. Travis Beyer
1118. Colby Hosier
1117. rex dailey
1116. DMUllins you people are sick, NO NO NO NO do not legalize the cruelty to these animals
1115. andy partin this should be done for the bird not man the game fowl should be free to live and die the way it was born to do.God made them what right dose man have to take them away or stop there way of live.
1114. Laura Chambers
1113. David Wilkinson
1112. Sheri Barrios Leagalize it!!!!!!!
1111. Beto Barrios
1110. Jesse Millwood I agree with everything it would help everybody iof we legalized cockfighting. The hell with PETA
1109. Richie Barrios PLEASE MAKE IT LEAGAL !!!!!!!!!!
1108. dean rhodes
1107. Claudia
1106. Luis Perez Jr.
1105. Luis Torres let what once was be again
1102. Juan Torres
1101. Juan Gonzalez We can do it!
1100. john swiderski
1099. Joseph Boudreaux
1098. Antonio L. Mayonado Love Cockfighting
1097. jose m dejesus let us do wat we love the most
1096. John Lambert I think cockfighting should be legalized for it has been a true sport of gentlemen and royality and I think that this keeps alot of men from having idle time on their hands to get into trouble. Because they have to take care of their gamefowl every day. Cockfighting is one of Americas first sport and I think it should continue. Gamefowl suppliers such as feed stores, Vet. stores and stores that sell supplies will have reduced sells and most importantly to you people you will inturn loose alot of tax money. It affects alot of sells: gas, clothing, supplies stores, vet supplies.
1095. John Lambert I think cockfighting should be legalized for it has been a true sport of gentlemen and royality and I think that this keeps alot of men from having idle time on their hands to get into trouble. Because they have to take care of their gamefowl every day. Cockfighting is one of Americas first sport and I think it should continue. Gamefowl suppliers such as feed stores, Vet. stores and stores that sell supplies will have reduced sells and most importantly to you people you will inturn loose alot of tax money. It affects alot of sells: gas, clothing, supplies stores, vet supplies.
1094. ronnie eli dean legalize it plz
1093. john kruger
1092. willie rodriguez Its about time for a change…..
1091. Alex Tijerina
1090. Glenn Owens
1089. javier manzo
1088. sammi griffith
1087. jason chambers
1086. Ventura Hernandez
1085. Victor M De La Torre
1084. Arnold L Clayton It’s a chicken for Gods sake!.You eat them almost every day. Make more money. Let em fight!!!
1083. Edgar
1082. Ralph Asberry This is a win-win situation.Goverment collects alot of extra taxes and the great sport of Cockfighting continues.It makes big $$ already in Louisiana,just take a look at what the Goverment is missing.
1081. Bryan Foucha
1080. William S. Worthington So you convict a person for letting a chicken fight. Then he goes to prison where they serve chicken!!!!!
1079. larry hereford
1078. tyler
1077. samuel harrison legalize it again its the best way to help out the economy in everyway
1076. brandon they should make it legal its just a sport true gentlemens sport
1075. Lester A. Holton The feed we buy is enough tax moneys to make this legal.
1074. Frank DeGroat I can think of alot of worst things people can be doing than cockfighting.
1073. Abel Hernandez
1072. Doug Wheeler The laws against interstate and international shipments of game rooster should be repealed.
1071. Amauris Rodriguez
1070. Darwin Hanson
1069. Erik Camcho i totally agree
1068. Billy Postma
1067. indiana legalize cockfighting you sissy congressmen
1066. veronica they was breed to fight and i think they should not be denied that right.
1065. Omar Avila
1063. Ricky lawrence Cockfighting has been a big part of my life and now people who have probably never even been to one are saying it is cruel and takin away part of my heritage and life. lets band together and get the cocks back.
1062. wesley hamilton
1061. Shawn Price
1060. john plank we’ve been surpressed by animal rights long enough and have sucomed to their agenda and not the wants of the people and certainly not to minei
1059. Brandon i think cock fighting should be legalised
1058. Phillip Eason Lets do this….for those who oppose it….It wont be Manditory…you dont have to participate.
1057. ted nauta
1056. Christa Swiney
1055. Darrell King Restore the freedom that was once admired around the world. Free America!
1054. DAVID
1053. Jamey Perry
1052. Derek Bise it shouldn’t be a crime
1049. ferdie de leon
1048. ferdie de leon
1047. Joe Cash
1046. Hannah Randall
1045. Brad Tackett
1044. Jessica Gonzalez
1043. Richard Kocurek
1042. Dustin Smith
1041. Cody Gilstrap
1040. triston buncome
1039. james adkins its part of our american heritage
1038. delvin baldwin
1037. Samuel Franco
1036. Kenny Franco
1035. Juan Gonzalez I hope we can make it legal.
1034. Terry Wray There is more things to worry about than what we are doing with our gamefowl. Congress should be more worried about what is happening to us as a nation. Having two gamefowl fight to the death is nothing we can control it is a act of nature.
1033. badboytavarez
1032. Stewart R Johnson II Give back freedom
1031. Josh Hoffman
1030. Debra Gayle Freedom!!!
1029. John J. Gayle Please listen to your voters!!!
1028. Robert Combs I love my gamefowl.
1027. Jessica Combs They are beautiful creatures and they fight themselves. No one forces them to fight anyway.
1026. Ben Mosley
1025. gil sahagun II
1024. Kathy Arias
1023. Isaac Arias I have been around cock fighting all my life and i have respect for the sport .
1022. rodney wagoner i love by brids cock fighting is a family thing for me and my kids an a way of life
1021. Jonthan Stone
1019. steve ridenour It is a noble sport
1018. Anthony LaCoe
1017. Louis J. Torree National deficit can only be helped by the dollars collected as taxes at cockfighting arenas. Spectators can also pay an admission.
1016. Salvador Arias
1015. jonathan arias
1014. Jonathan Arias Jr I ask the U.S. Congress to legalize Cockfighting here in the U.S. This beautiful nation is know as the ” The Nation of Freedom” by making Cockfighting ilegal it is taking are freedom away. GOD made fighting-cocks to be fought and that is what we should be doing.
1013. Doug Taylor
1012. Doug Taylor
1011. mark marsh I totally agree with the statement by President Lincoln. They are only chickens doing what God intended them to do and are NOT FORCED to combat one another.
1010. Georgia Gamefowl Breeders business would triple there income if cockfighting was legal everywhere..
1009. Sidney Hardigree If cockfighting was legalized all of the U.S the economy would boost with all the money it would bring in..
1008. Ronald Mullins
1007. Joey Canteloupe
1006. Jessie Exendine give us our rights back
1003. john wilson
1002. Patti Bailey
1001. Mike Bailey I should have the right to do what I please with an animal, afterall, God gave me the right
1000. Julie Mckaughan To each his own.
999. william forren cockfighting should be a moral issued decided by an individual, not communist animal rights activist
998. Elymous W. Norton My son&nephew is fighting in iraq& afghanastan for what so the polititions can sell my rights to the aras because that is just what they have done.
997. J.L.Allen
996. debbie sanford
995. ron sanford
994. sabinoalvarado
993. Ronnie V. Patterson
992. Mark McCullough
991. lloyd barham l
990. Henry Carroll Jr.
989. Jesse L Schultz
985. Travis
984. joseph upchurch fight for the right
983. Ryan Kim
981. daniel gutierrez
980. Gerardo Zavala I’m willing to pay taxes on each gamechicken I sell as long as you let me transport them, and let me as a United States citizenbreed an show my gamecocks as I please. Also by making it harder to keep our gamecocks you are just making people not cooperate with their localgoverment to treat and prevent poultry diseases.
979. Joseph Sena
978. Alma Gutierrez
977. Richard Allen
976. Miguel Enriquez
975. jacob young
974. Carrie Allen 298 w 1st street Okolona Arkansas 71962
973. jason halverson
972. Ruston A Perkins
971. raul valdez
970. Robert Allen 298 w 1st st Okolona Arkansas 71962
969. Andrew Tran legalize the sport of kings
968. jonathan wagoner
967. maria estrada hope this works
966. Rusty Cook
965. jamie carpenter theres no better place to be america the land of the free,with that being said we need are rights back to test these great animals as it was meant to be so please give us are rights back. yours truly jamie carpenter
964. DAnIEL
963. david loveless dont fight but raise them and enjoy raising them and where i live it is illegal to raise fighting birds and i just want to keep my hobby
962. Freddy Lopez
961. Antonio Zerafin There is nothing wrong on doing what you love!
960. Jackie Wayne Smith Sr.
959. Wayne R. Jones
958. Cheryl Wallace
956. jose j hernandez cocking is needed with taxes!
955. Michele Crawford
954. Edber Olvera
953. Brian Stancil T he only way we might be able to get ahead is to come together ! There is way more to this than cock fighting so get everyone you can involved! WE GOTTA BE GAME TO WIN THIS ONE!
952. Thomas Rhyne
951. Billy C. Morris
950. nic We as Americans must strive to maintain the very things that make this country as great as it is. One of these things is a little thing called freedom. By outlawing something with such cultural significance to the roots of this country as cockfighting, you have not only robbed this generation but future generations to come, of the culture and heritage that helped to create this nation. We cannot give in to opinions of the few loud mouths living in suburbia who would like to dictate what is best for us. This nation was founded on the backbone of hard working individuals who wanted a place to live life free w/o persecution. If we do not bring back the noble sport of gamefowl we have lost the very essence of what America means. Freedom.
949. Stepnen L. Corley Cockfighting is deeply ingrained in much of the American culture. It is not something that a law can simply do away with. America is losing much needed tax dollars, and fathers and sons are missing to much time together. Legalized cockfighting would bring both to our nation.
948. gina morgan
947. michael morgan Our rights and heritages are being violated,Simply because some do not agree with what we do on private property.This country is in trouble ,we do not harm another human being ,or cause damage to another yet two men can beat each other to the point of brain damage ,or we can attack another country and kill it’s occupants but cock fighting is ”cruel”,go figure.
946. joshua guzman
945. Thurston Poltorak
944. Robert White The sport of gentlemen
942. Steve Walden
941. Thomas Delong
940. Zach Leach
939. Misty Hilbert
938. Jamie Hilbert
937. Dana Wallace
936. chris
935. zach i think it should be legeal and it would help bring in lots of money
934. John Whitehead This would be great if it were legal. They are just chickens it is not like they are dogs or anything.
933. Ariel D. Padilla give us our right to enjoy our favorite sport
932. carl j edwards i love the sport i have done it for years. People say that the sport is cruel but look whats on tv boxeing what is more cruel two roosters fighting or two men fighting you decide. Cockfighting is a sport and a tradition why teach history in school you learn about wars in that subject and our veterans fought for this country our ancestors done it why cant we. One might say this is a FREE COUNTRY what is so free about this country when a human cannot fight the animal that was fought hundreds of years ago. When a cockfight is raided what happens to the birds that have not been fought? The birds are killed,now tell me how cruel that is when two roosters go into the pit to be fought one has the chance to prove that he is best PLEASE LEGALIZE COCKFIGHTING IN THE U.S
931. carl w edwards
930. Robert Rios To me its a tradition that should not be forgotten or let go of.
929. Blanchard Mobley
928. Martha Anne Tucker
927. Beth Smith
926. Joshua Turner
915. John E. Gallo Another Freedom, Another Right Stolen !!
913. dustin turner
912. Alfred Smith
911. Heather Smith
910. Greg Smith
909. gregorio c. sablan Cockfighting is truly a game for gentlemen and women in this arena, it can unite a poeple from all parts of the world!
908. Ernesto Alvarado Cockfighting isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. It brings in quite a bit of money into our economy. If people don’t like it than they don’t have to worry about it just stay out of it and let us do your thing, we don’t go out complaing because you guys choose not to eat meat or wear leather or those sorts of things. It’s the least you could do, after all you are taking away alot of our hard earnes money foe your so called TAXES.
907. john Hoffpauir
906. jerry traywick
905. Joseph O’Gorman
904. Herman LaGrange
903. Horace LaGrange
902. Steve T. COCK FIGHTING ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
901. Dalton Sonenstahl Go cockfighting
900. Rick Sires
899. jonathan walker billof rights 14 section1 no state shall make or enforceany law or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of of the us
898. Walter Rodríguez We are the land of the free and the home of the breve gamefowl.
897. Rodolfo Holguin i always go down to the fighting pits and i am geting some of my own breed ready to go and fight them
896. rodolfo holguin
895. rodolfo holguin
894. lancing j burgess
893. lisa pridemore met more good people at a chickenfight than i’ve any were esle chicken fighters will help you before most other people long live the sport
892. texas pridemore i think that cockfighting is something that my father handed down to me and that keep me from trouble and brought us closer as a family.
891. Tracy Walker I hate Travis chickens
890. Travis Powell I love my chickens
889. Larry T Borbon Jr
888. allan minkler jr great source for taxes besides gambling is already legal
887. doyal linn
886. Shane Helton Cockfighting was a sport of many of America’s Presidents
885. Chris Turner This sport helped me stay out of trouble when I was young, there are worst things a person could do.
884. Ronald Gray The reason cockfighting is illegal now is that it is an easy propaganda target for those whose agenda is not against cockfighting per se, but against ALL animal usage. Many of those have been designated “domestic terrorists” by the F.B.I. Look up the Animal Rights Activist groups on the Internet; learn the truth about their agenda.
883. Carlos Jaramillo
882. Jose A Lozada Cock fighting is a good sport and I am in favor of it
881. Richard Lozada I am in in favor of Cockfighting and I love the sport
880. Richard Ford
879. Robert I am all for it….please make it legal….
878. chad watson Our forefathers did it, should authorities today be able to tell us we cant. They made this a free country, now these are making it a prison.
877. Omar Avila`
876. Omar Hey let me tell you people that think this is cruel. How about those battery chickens that have no room to move walk never see the outside world and die laying eggs. Once they don’t lay they are killed that is much worse. So legalize cockfighting it would benifit everyone.
875. Diego Hey cockfighting is what has been done for many years and should continue on.
874. esteban ramirez
873. Rose Y Osuna
872. Rosalinda Osuna
871. Luis Ramirez
870. timothy brown all chikeens fight its torcher noy to let them fight if thay pleas
869. Ashley
868. Valerie Hernandez
867. Gabriel hernandez
865. Alex Aldave
864. david jones
863. Kaesar Cabrera
862. Alex Reyes A lot of good could be done from legalizing. Such as taxing the winners and breeders, and using the money for something positive such as, homeless people and stopping violence.
860. William Hayes Please solve real issues and leave our culture and heritage alone!
859. Loretta Bradley
858. joan martinez
857. Geno Ferdores Since I was 11 years I just love to watch and see rooster fight . I just like there instinct the true warriors, God created them to be the entertainer of the human society. Just legalize it. from vegas boyz.
856. Geno Ferdores Since I was 11 years I just love to watch and see rooster fight . I just like there instinct the true warriors, God created them to be the entertainer of the human society. Just legalize it. from vegas boyz.
855. Klaus Benz This sport is not any diffrent then hunting and fishing. Legalize Cockfighting
854. marcus dixon my cock is so big i’d never lose
853. Maegan Mason You are bold. Keep up the good work.
852. Jeremy Perry I am an Iraqi Freedom Veteran, who participated in this sport since i was seven years old please consider, this is one of the main reasons i joined the Marine Corps and fought for not only my country but also what i believe to be my God given right. Semper FI!
851. John M. Parham
850. Joel Abril
849. angel flores ebry bared have diferen mint sorry my english is not good and this world only live dreems thanks indersrthand
848. Terry shelton my son and me are real big fighters
847. T.J. Shelton me and my dad are real big cockfighters in humboldt ks after they ban it all we can do is raise them
846. Paul Osborne
845. kyle floyd save our rights
843. Mikal Neff cock fighting forever.
842. Rachael Berry I feel like it is a shame that we can take things out of our history just because we feel like it crual or unusual. Does this mean that we will soon outlaw things like hunting and keeping pets . Hunting used to be a very popular practice, which still is, that would provide food to your family. Does this also mean that we will all have to stop eating chicken or beef just because we have to kill the animal in order to eat it. That to me is very wrong and should not be allowed. If one person or one group thinks it is wrong they are entitled to their opinion just as much as we are. If they don’t like it, then they do not have to particapate in the practice. But just the same, just becaus you are in power does not give you the right to tell the american people who have freedom in this country or so I thought what we can enjoy as a sport and what we can not.
840. Albert de guzman I love cockfight since i was 10years old. i still go even so its illigal,it make me happy when i see one especially if its my chicken. its not the money the enjoyment i lke this better than a boxing , in boxing somebody can get killed ( i dont understand you can kill a human but not chicken )
839. Albert de guzman I love cockfight since i was 10years old. i still go even so its illigal,it make me happy when i see one especially if its my chicken. its not the money the enjoyment i lke this better than a boxing , in boxing somebody can get killed ( i dont understand you can kill a human but not chicken )
838. Dennis Campbell
837. Dave Clayton I love cockfights!
836. William Quinn III i just turned 18 and i own maybe 75 game birds, they are some of the proudest animals i’ve ever seen and they are not made to fight, it’s in there nature to do so, there is no cruelty involved, only love and respect towards the gamecock
835. will quinn
834. andrew szydlowski If we eat chicken why deny them fight? what a hypocracy !!!
833. Kyle Coleman I will do it legal or not why not make money off me and every one else who does it by taxing it you cant tax it under ground
832. Leland Williams Carruth Jr.
831. Ricky Lawrence Legalize cockfighting!!!!
830. Jaysen ferreira from hawaii come on legalize it no matter what im still fighting
829. Paulette Blanchard
828. Finley Dalmacio
827. John Lewis save our rights
826. carlos vasquez
825. Joey West Been a fighter for years till I joined the army. taught me responsibility, commitment, and duty along with bringing my family close together
824. Sabrina Abero
823. giboyeaux it’s here to stay
822. Deborah Pearson
821. Phillip and Andrea Ray It’s a billlion Dollar industry that pays taxes and supports people form the farm belt to the White House
820. brandon cameron
819. David M. Fortman Why not legalize? Less crime!
818. Thomas B. Sutton i am a breeder of the gamecock and whould hate to think that you would put me in prison for raiseing a CHICKEN what has this country come to you have nothing better to do but to make us a crimenal for berrding and raiseing chickens?????people are starving and liveing in the streets . i think your time and my tax dollers would be better spent on something more important than trying to take our livelyhoods away from us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
817. Rolando Constantino cockfighting is an honorable act of men to train,maintain and make figthing cock a symbol of honor in loosing life in a battle that gods even dream of.
816. Blake Thibodaux
815. Amanda Thibodaux
814. Jan Marshall
813. TIM TAYLOR Do it for johnny!
812. toti montenegro
811. joe bryan
810. james mcgowen
809. adam floyd
808. Mr. Tracy D. Marshall
807. Dana DeLong
806. MICHAEL J MCDANIEL All of the people that are so busy spending time and money to try and stop cockfighting, and at the same time our country is being overrun with illegal imagrant, drug dealers, terorrist, child molesters, murders, rapes,and theives. Dont you think that maybe they could use the time and money to stop some of these things. maybe they could use some of the money they would make off of legalizing cockfighting. well atleast that would make sense, but when do these people make sense.
805. Billy Tanner
804. M. Pierce We should all stick together on this issue ,and try to take back some of our rights that as, americans we are losing every day.We should pass some laws to protect us from the terrorist we have right here in the us ,going around and using our law enforcement, to terrorize honest country people that have never hurt anyone.We need our law enforcement do deal with all the dopeheads,chiid molesters,thieves,rapists,murderers,most of us are hardworking,law abiding citizens,LEAGALIZE PLEASE
803. Rodolfo Soria Cockfighting is part of a culture not cruelty
802. Roger O’Neal We enter our children in sports such as football ,basketball etc. (and they have been killed in there sport) The Government enters our children as young adults in the military by draft. (And give them a bayonnett knife to fight with) And they have been killed. We pit two humans together in a boxing ring to fight , and they have been killed. But we can not put two roosters in a ring. (as a controlled inviroment ) and give them a bayonnett . Gamefowl (chickens) are not trained, They are born with the instinct to fight for their domain and will fight until death just like our soldiers. PLEASE LEGALIZE ROOSTER FIGHTING IN THE LAND OF THE FREE ( USA ).
801. carl patton it makes more sense then eatting them
800. Rhonda Lee
798. Ubaldo Alvarez I would like to say there is a diff. between a rooster and a cock, a rooster can get along with another rooster in a pen with chickens, a cock is breed to fight another cock because it’s in their blood. The sport of cockfighting can bring intertainment and like Arizona, new mexico and louisiana they found a way to tax the sport. So like Nevada legalized gambling because the state can tax the sport, they will be next on the list of legalizing cock fights because money talks.
797. heather lockhart
796. twain lockhart
795. DeLila W. Sanders
794. James A. Sanders
793. James M. Sanders
792. shane stricklin excellent information!
791. william for the love of the sport
790. terry they allow it in one state why not the others
789. billy good
788. Gayla Brittain the u.s. government has more important things to spend the tax payers money on than cockfighting. the government doesn’t mind giving a young man a gun to go kill people with during war, but yet the same government tells us it is inhumane to fight a rooster to death. what’s wrong with this picture? our president is not the son of God, yet he is trying to change biblical history. the sport of cockfighting has been around since before christ.
787. Jefferson Cheng Why is it that people have to stick their noses in a matter that doesn’t concern them? I don’t cockfight,, but I do raise gamefowls for a hobby and I have always loved chickens as a kid. I think that if someone wants to fight their cock, let them… It’s their lost! Why should anyone care besides the owner of the cock? I don’t think it’s right that just because a few people dislike an idea, a whole country has to suffer!?!?
786. monica arguello legalize the sport of kings and countries.
785. Jeffrey Clark to whom it may concern…probably 99% of all people who engage in the sport of cockfighting, are GOD fearing , family oriented, hard working,law abideing, and good outstanding citizens….
784. Thomas Delong
783. ken Make this legal
782. tony
781. Andrew Rosenbalm
780. Timothy Singer
779. Josh Chang
778. Thomas M. Flannery Jr.
777. Jack Dingus
776. Chou Xiong
775. wendy turner i think cock fighting is totally legal and alot of people depend on this to make a living
774. jay turner me andmy family raise game fowl , you know what none of my 4 children are running the streets. every chick i hatch out has a great sporting chance to live a long and full live and die of natural causes, you think any chick hatched at tyson’s or pilgrims pride farms will have that chance. do you know what happens when the humane society or spca does the game fowl when they get them , they are so concerned about the roosters not getting killed by us that fight them they get them and kill them immediately. they claim it is cruel andthey have a right to live . which what they should state is they have a right to live long enough for us to take so we can put them to death.
773. Bernardo Chavez Our sport will Never disappear
772. Dennis Canterbury
771. aron stilley
770. Chevelle Peters I think every one should mind their OWN business..the world would be a better place
769. Travis Peters Let the cocks be cocks & Man be free
768. Daniel Peterson
765. Charles A. Brown 3rd genteration
764. scotty burrchette
763. edgel burrchette
762. micheal sparks
761. trevor hampton
760. brandie combs
759. emma combs
758. lance combs sr
757. bj combs
756. jeff tackett they legalize a gay marriage in some places but wont legalize cockfighting dont make sense to me
755. patsy dotson
754. joanie dotson
753. chris dotson
752. shelby lynn combs
751. shane combs
750. seth combs
749. tonya combs
748. walter dotson yea legalize cockfighting will keep our children off drugs we make this fine sport a family ordeal here i think the us should quit being comunist an leave us alone cause the gamecock was just about to be like the eagle but they have for got about all that hell we fight for our country but the country will take our rights away we need to fight for our rights in a offensive way in my opinion but you see our government they are just interested in how many votes one can get an the damn money
747. lance combs=indianacres gamefarm yes they should legalize cockfighting bet if they could tax all the betting money they would its a shame the ara an peta is a discrace to the humane race you guys should be paying more attention to all the children in the world in stead of our gamefowl we take better care of our gamefowl then you ara or peta which ever than you people take of your children you people have nothing better to do then to stick your nose in other peoples buisness you guys keep putting each state down on the cockfighting deal but really you people are as ignorant as can be who do you guys think buys alot of purina feeds we do so you see we pay expensive prices for our gamefowl we care an love our gamefowl how would you people like someone to take your favorite hobby from you . you people talking bout the ara an peta have no idea of what a gamefowl breeder goes threw to save his biddies or his brood fowl cause you people turn your un wanted dogs lose or the ones who turn bobcats an junk that can an will harm us an our children
746. Samuel N Cowley
745. EDWIN CABAN Let’s fight for our rights , let congress know that when it’s time for election our votes count as well .
744. jose luis arguello gameroosters rule.
743. Karl Nelson
742. berniece madore
741. michael ball
740. Ronnie Snipes
739. Faye Swiger
738. James Wright If it was a Blackmans sport it would be legal in a week
737. Randy Bywater
736. Joe A Want
735. Raymond Meneses
734. greg cypher
733. karen i am 38 and female,my father and grandfather always took me to cockfights and i loved it, so much that i now raise them and sell them.cockfighting should be legal,if half the people of peta would go to one they would love it also.
732. Lenny Wahl ARA’s SUCK
731. Fermin A Diaz people don’t understand the sport, just because they are sitting in a office trying to make people pay fines that are out of this world. And That they know that these people can not pay that kind of fines….
730. Adam Cain
729. Fay Swiger
728. Jerry Swiger
727. Mike Cain
726. Christian Allevato
725. Chelsea Swain
724. Josh Bumgardner
723. Josh Dodd
722. Randy Deal
721. Jason E Wright Legalize CockFighting. It is an AMERICAN HERITAGE. We are slowly losing our rights, day by day. This land was made free by our forefather’s for a reason. You took “GOD” out of our schools, and you saw what happened. Don’t take our freedoms away any longer. We have brother’s, sister’s, father’s, mother’s, aunt’s and uncle’s, nieces and nephews, as well as grandchildren oversea’s protecting our rights. Let us be AMERICA. LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE!!!!!!!! Let’s keep it this way.
720. allen wells
719. Albert Sanchez Make Cockfighting Legal. These are Chickens we are talking about. We here in the USA let two men or women get in a Boxing ring and knock each others lights & brains out, but wont let two chickens do the same thing. These are Chickens people nothing more & nothing Less, Chickens..
718. Shawn M Summers They fight to live so why not let them live.
717. kick Keep The Gamecock Alive for Many Year’s To Come!!!!
716. John A.Summers
715. Stacy (KelsoRidge) Plumley
714. Denise Jones We need to stand together strong for what we believe in. Let us ban to make a difference for our children’s futures.
713. PHILIP JONES This country is suppose to be “BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE”. What has happened to democracy? We have a right to freedoms and the humane society, Peta, and the ASPCA is controlling how we live!
712. David Baldridge I’m not a fighter per say, but I don’t see that is any worse than hunting.
711. Ernest R. Torres The anti-cockfighting groups are so insistent in killing the sport but I have not seen any alternative to the sport. More importantly, they have not come up with any solutions on how the communities that have lost millions of dollars in revenues can recover their losses.
710. Rob Wilkie Who cares, they all fight anyway, whether one or a hundred are watching. Aristotle said,”two roosters chose to fight, we chose to watch.”
709. Stephen R. Gibson Love the sport!
708. Zachry Tiberius Frazee Cockfighting is a glorious US institution that has been laid waste by liberal hatemongers. Please, if there is any decency in the world, allow a few chickens to fight, it’s a hell of a lot less significant than teenage hussies popping out babies, or prisons filling up with criminals that couldn’t find jobs thanks to their half rate educations. Also, we should confine all Kryptonians (sans Superman) to one of those prizim things that flies through space. Thanks.
707. Angel J. Camama
706. drew donatale i agree!
705. David M. Johnson
704. Edward Dominguez
703. David Dominguez
702. Lillie Siscoe
701. Richard J. Lakey LET’S FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHT’S
700. D. Keaton
699. juan escobedo let the sport live
698. Cesar Hernandez
697. Jonathan V arney
696. linda terrell we should legalize cockfighting because it is a fun sport to watch
694. Kamonwan Kanokwiroon
693. mary_schulz31
692. Gary D Morgan
691. jimmy mayfield when it gets so bad we cant fight them at all whos going to keep breeding them the breeders will stop because they wont have anyone to sell to no one breeds them to look at it cost to much and fighters sure wont breed anymore.and no one trains them to fight that is stupid people that dont know anything about them saying that i dont train mine but they still fight when a stage gets old enough running the yard if not caught he will fight to death with a cock on tie cord so how r we traing them
689. eric bronz
688. Louis Larios NOW!!!!!!!
687. Bobby Phillips
686. chaise klatt God put animals on earth for one reason for our use. LONG LIVE COCKFIGHTING!!!!!!
685. Luis R
684. shandra quiroz a gamerooster is a fowl not a animal
682. Alan G. Payne Protect people … prosecute PETA
681. joshua hernandez For some people it is a way of life that is how they make their living
680. Robert F. Hing
679. martin mills
678. James Cooper I no longer have fighting birds but was a big part of my life for yrs. I feel we a slowly loosing all of our freedoms , In this home of the free.If this continues many yrs & centries of breeding these great fowl will soon vanish.This has been the sport of Kings, Noblemen, Presidents. Senators, & other great Men & women & now its against the law. Is this not going against our freedoms that we have fought so hard to preserve?
677. Gary Neidhardt
676. pete saenz
675. Alan Zaragoza Legalize Cockfighting in the us
673. TJ Burchett
672. jimmy ball
671. Alfredo Gutierrez
670. randal brewer all american’s are sapose to have the same rights.Do We?
669. Al Sanchez Long live the Game cock and the Sport of Cock Fighting.
668. David Janke Freedom is just a seven letter word in the USA
667. douglas duane campbell thank god for america and the game cock
666. bobby strickland
665. Ken Wall
664. Mike Gomez
663. Larry Esquivel life, liberty, and justice for all
662. Tammie Nash Gamefowl helped teach our children responsibility, truth, honor and a good work ethic. Now they are becoming responsible working, tax paying citizens instead of criminals.
661. John Nash I am a Business owner, father, tax payer and registered voter. Game fowl are more honorable than most people!
660. James A. Sanders
659. DeLila W. Sanders
658. James M. Sanders
657. Michael Morta
656. Louis Larios Cockfighters dont make cocks fight, they let cocks fight. take away this law that makes poor roosters live a unfullfiled life… they cant vote .. they cant drive… they cant get drunk.. other then the basics in life like mate and eat they can only fight!!
655. Ronald Gary Reed Sr.
654. clark williamson 100% honesty there
653. Kenneth Richard Jammes (II) we the country of the united states is at war with terrorism world wide but yet home land groups are able to get laws passed that would put god fearing people in jail for doing something they enjoy and not try to force on to others..groups like A.L.F. P.E.T.A. and the humane society of the united states,,, are just a few of these groups that are known groups
652. Doug Page
651. Ric Lopez
650. ben willis
649. john
648. Julian M. Esquivel This is supposed to be a free country but it dosent fell that way
647. Miguel Hipolito
646. matthew ball
645. Juan Carlos
644. Raymond legalize it
643. Jonas Hernandez
642. mike chavez cock fighting is the greatest thing ever it will make gambling and betting much better in vegas so LEGALIZE COCK FIGHTING
641. Christina Cora
640. Ramon Aviles
639. Tyler Laney
638. Natalie Toon
637. Donnie Goodwin
636. Carlos A. Colon
635. Rick Hurst A gamefowl fancier fought and died in almost every war the usa has been involved in. i do not believe that they were fighting and dying for PETA or HSUS.
634. Ned Lessor Haven’t we already lost enough of our freedoms?……..
633. Juan Muniz
632. Robert C. Cowden It is a shame that in the “land of the free” this liberty has been stolen.
631. Phaseuth Bouaphaphan
630. Nelson Rodriguez
629. Mark Cooper legalize it
628. Forney A Lowery I Spent $4000 last year on feed alone?????
627. renee navalta love to raise gamers
626. mike stone keep trying, these birds are only doing what mother nather has intended them to do, and thats kill or be killed!
625. Phillip Yardley
624. Phillip “Cockfighter” Perez If it’s not legalized, oh well… we still do it in Central California, 5 AM in the morning in abandoned buildings… The sport will not die!
623. TravisHouseholder Keep America Free
622. Nicole Peison it is animal abuse, but people have the right to make the wrong choice.
621. Daniel Ramirez
620. feliciano ramirez Its our freedom! WE RAISE THEM!
619. Lamar Presley
618. jon morris
617. Arnoldo Perez We do not train gamefowl to fight they are already born to fight. We just make sure it a fair duel.
616. ricky davis
615. Freddie Whitley Ga
614. Gary Hale
613. Gary Blair t
612. Steven Gilbert LEGALIZE THE SPORT
611. mike reynolds people’s rights come before animals!!!!
610. eric m
609. grady franklin
608. David Peeples
607. Sal Lammy I have the biggest, baddest cock in town. I want to fight with it. The ladies love it.
606. Andrew J Antonczak hahahaha cockfighting
605. Juan Carlos
604. Arnulfo Gonzalez There economic benefits that can come from legalize cockfighting. Hence the creations of jobs for the local economy. It can also reduced crime.
601. Rickey Hampton
600. tristan witt if you outlaw it then do you know how many people you will put in jail for it cause most of us are as game as are birds and will die for what we believe in hell i think football is cruel look how many people get their lives ruined because there not good enough to go to the nfl or get injured for the rest of there lives
599. wesley witt this is the greatest sport ever known to man
598. hadi 4587
597. Warren Grissom
596. greg botts
595. Kassy Courville
594. Jackie Courville
593. Damian Courville
592. Deanna Breaux
591. Mary Miller I think that whatever someone likes to do for sport shouldn’t be opionized at all.Yeah people do things that others don’t like, but c’mon people! its a sport and also a hobby as well if you think about it long enough. People do crazy things everyday of their life, and people critize them for what they do, but most of the time they’ll go right back and do it all over again. But when it comes to chicken fights, like I said, its a sport and a hobby. Yeah people critize it as well, but they still do it. So, I don’t think that cockfighting shouldn’t be banned, for one reason my son loves the chickens and he enjoys all what goes on. So LEGALIZE IT!!!!!!
590. lynn nash I think that everyone has the right to enjoy what they would like to do, it’s a right
589. Joey Miller I believe that cockfight is a right that everyone should be allowed to enjoy as they want
588. Gilberto Cazares I think that if cockfighting is illegal you should either make box illegal or legalize cockfighting since box and cockfighting are a battle between equals.
587. Duane Lovett
586. John C. Holmes I bet I’d win every fight…
585. Joe W. Borges 3rd
584. Deanna Prejean
583. Lance Prejean
582. Denny Hopson
580. Juan Perez I don’t see nothing wrong with fighting cock, as a matter of fact you can’t make them fight that what they do for a living.
579. Arnoldo Perez
578. Beverly Floyd
577. Frank Raines
576. sandra raines
575. David Hoback
574. Miguel Gomez
573. Martin Richard
572. Jason Reynolds Cock fighting is a big part of history and should be kept alive.
571. James Derouen
570. blake GAME COCKS!
569. Royce Brown JR I read all these articles about cockfighting that are wrote by people who have no clue what cockfighting really is,so I say at least learn about somthing before you judge it
568. Landon Carrion
567. antonio freire Some of the most peace loving societies in the world practice the spor of cockfighting.
566. Robert K Stafford
565. angel flores is an historical sport game
564. Adrian B Avila
563. Jeffery B. Robinson please sir, remember, the most important right of all, is the right to be left alone.
562. Rod Colegado For the Love of this Sport
561. Denny Hopson
560. Ed Abad
559. scotty alger
558. justin
557. justin knox game cocks!
556. ben willis cock fighting is not as bad as many people think….and us cockfighters also pay taxes
555. joseph edwards
554. Brigitte Karl
553. Jose Gandara
552. Dusty Willcuts Its sad to see the Horses being run to Death and all the beting going on. Why not let gamecocks do what they have the natural instinct to do just like horses~~
551. Erik Ducharme
550. Carlos R Cuevas
549. Scott Collins Feed Dealers
548. Lehman Christopher Stroud 16 year old cockfighter and Gamefowl Breeder it is time that we get our hertiage back.
547. Marisa D. Patterson
546. Rodrigo M. Belloso
545. Brenda C. Belloso
544. ollie king free our sport
543. Michael Bailey game cocks fight because they want to and not because they are forced.
542. Tammie Bailey game cocks fight because they want to and not because they are made. people think its wrong to let game chickens do what they want to. but, what about horses that are whipped to make them race and bulls that are spurred to ride? this is all allowed on tv, whats the difference?
541. kevin noble
540. don noble
539. jean noble
538. mark noble
537. liza wells
536. scott noble
535. Jonathan Adam Wagner Its more than fights its an art passed down for generations. Longer than any of us alive thats a true american sport an pass time.
534. Daniel Mc Daniel
533. Kevin Nevers PhD/Cub Reporter They had people sitting on top of the mail boxes. Many mail boxes were shut from the inside so that mail could not be deposited. They illegally intercepted our mail (stole our mail) and email. Everywhere you went, they were: “IN YOUR FACE!!!”. They swarmed people with their Ford cars, they kept driving and driving around in circles. They attempted to steal money from people when they deposited money into their bank accounts. They had “street” soldiers trained in psychological warfare patrolling the streets, schools and shopping malls. Read my commentaries @ ,
532. Bubba Whitetrash Watchin’ dem birds keel each other iz a sport, jes lak watchin’ dem der NASCARs drives roun’ in a circle!
531. Billy Boy I have a really big cock and I want to fight with it.
530. robert dunn cock fighting should legalized stop giving in to the liberal way of life and thinking
529. Robbie Feinberg
528. Kyle Blaylock well we kill them by eating them so wuts the difference
527. Robert Jones
525. samuel theres nothing wrong with some ole boys getting around on the weekend fighting there roosters. u people are worried to death bout us when theres kids dieng of crack and meth. if you would spend more time worried about that the world would be a better place. out of all the people that fight chickens i dont know anyone who has died from it. but i know lots who have died from meth
524. andrew szydlowski
523. Dave Roberts
522. Lloyd Billingsley
521. Haley Billingsley
520. Linda Smith
518. Dixie Wrecked
517. Jason Craft
516. Rey Bautista
515. georgecgriffin legalizecockfightingingeorgia
514. Gregory K. Batson
513. Derrick Evans What would George Washington and Abe Lincoln think of you now?
512. Joshua Thompson
511. Bobbie L Ross
510. James B. Thompson
509. winfield rhyne
508. Lisa Gail Lara It’s not what what people think.They were made for fighting
507. Jon Cammon cockfighting is an old tradition to teach responsibility!!!!!!
506. andy partin lets pass the word and get this done. For the gamefowl has its right to be free to live the way it has for year.
505. Danny Ramey
504. Rhonda Ramey
503. Marcos Lopez i love roosters and how they fight
502. Jason Gnehm make it legal
500. Heidi Cederlind
499. Edward McAnulty Legalization of this great sport would be very much appreciated.
498. Frank Spank I want to be in cockfights, because mine is so big.
497. ronnie hooper give us our freedom back………..
496. Gabriela Mallo
494. kaohu
493. Luis Ordaz Don’t take away our fredom by taking our sport from us.
492. Rene Alvarez Tax it and make it legal
491. Ivan Figueroa
490. alvieward
489. chris fuller The founding fathers of our great nation fought cocks. Mr. Abe Lincon got the name Honest Abe from being a cockfight ref.
488. Mark Kelley ( SlipSpur ) Why should city people DICTATE what country folks do?
487. ok ok
486. Rachel Peters
485. Dominic Baca
484. Andrew N Ecklund LIVE AND LET LIVE,Dont punish me for being born in the 21st centry.I love the sport as my forfathers did.We are hard working honest people, in persuite of happieness.
483. Stop being a sinner, respect the creatures of GOD! BAN cockfighting forever. Any self respecting civilized country would never allow such type of criminal activity to take place.
482. jeff newsome
481. Kevin Haynes legalize it!
480. James W. Smith I urge you to pass this petition.
479. Anthony Miller
478. Sundown Game Farm
477. scott chiesl
476. Joe DeSander
475. j.g. ford give us back our rights to our property!
473. corby kennedy
471. frankie blitch It’s a pasttime that needs to carried on
470. Estrada, Armando
469. Molinar, Reyes
468. Galindo, Aldo
467. Dusty Willcuts
466. Jason Tucker
465. bobby thornhill its a sport and should be treated like a sport
464. linda beshea
463. Darrell leagalize cockfights its my culture
462. valerie bryant
461. ray bryant
460. jorge sanchez Cockfighting is a big part of my customs and heritage. I come from mexican ancestors and it has been passed down now for 3 generations.
459. Virgil Lloyd Sitsler Lets keep our rights,freedom.
458. Teresa Sitsler We like game fowl.
457. Beverly Thompson Keep the game cock crowing!!!
456. Terry Sitsler I love show fowl,or fowl of any kind.
455. Mark Bush People spend more time in jail and are fined heavier than men convicted of rape or drug charges. I served my country to protect my rights and freedoms as well as everyone elses. I feel it is unfair that my rights and freedom are taken away just because a few people that know very little about the sport don’t like it, so theirfore no one should enjoy it. Why dont we start outlawing boxing and football why we are at it. The average Game cock that is raised on a string walk has a 12 foot circle to walk in, a perch, the best of feed, care and love for 2 years before he is asked to go into battle. If the rooster is successfull in battle he will spend the rest of his life out on the walk being loved and having offspring untill he dies a natural death. Chickens raised on poultry farm are crammed into small cages with several others or raised in large poultry houses where you can’t even squeeze one more in. They are put on a high protien diet and slaughtered at 6-8 weeks of age.Now you tell me what’s more inhumane.
454. Jerome Cabanit
453. Ronnie C. Singleton It is my opinion to legalize cock fighting
452. Harold Parker
451. Martha Mayhugh
450. Joseph Becerra
449. Ruben Becerra
448. johnny holder
447. B.N. Spratt in america a family tradition of ours from 1736 to ????
446. Sotelo, miguel
445. Bruce Offenbacker Let the Sport of Kings live on…
444. RONNIE HOLLOWAY lets fight its about time
443. Robin Peay
442. Aaron Shoupes
441. David Wilkinson
440. JOse Pedro Torres Good for the sport of the kings
439. Jason Chambers
438. jeffrey quisenberry this sport is not cruel these birds are not trained to fight they were born to fightplease understand thanks
437. timothy engle there is nothing wrong with cockfighting,in my eyes and million of others as well.i would much rather have my son fighting chicken,and meeting great people than on drugs,and hanging with the wrong crowd.
436. Gilbert Garrido
435. Lance Johnson
434. Kevin Erwin
433. Andy Hawks Please sign this bill!
432. Kenny D. Bartlett
431. Garry Montgomery
430. david alaniz legalize it
429. Gary Kincade Let freedom ring
428. Andrew Rosenbalm
427. danny hardwick were will they go next to ban.
426. David C. Roberts
425. kris
424. brandon bristol
423. Dustin Saylor legalize cockfighting.
422. shannon stevens gamecocks forever
421. ISIDRO SEVILLA Long live our sport
420. charlie graham legalize it please
419. edward sampson gamecock, the proud,the courageous.
418. Jack Garrett
417. Bob Corey Jr.
416. David F. Viloria
415. Paul Citrano Thank You
414. al delicana time to fight back
413. Michalle Sanderson we have to fight for our rights
412. David Sanderson let freedom ring
411. Houston Neal Davenport my family has fought chickens for many years and I am not legally allowed to carry on a family tradition. If this country was as free as everone said it is then why cant we play one of the oldest and most popular sports in the world cock fighting. Why wast your time arresting someone for playing a sport because the gamecock will fight to the death with or without the help of man. So why not make cockfighting legal and start aresting someone who comits a crime.
410. Jorge Andrade Jr.
409. Harley Goodnoe American…Cockfighter…Voter and Tax payer…Long live the Gamecock…
408. Joe DeSander
407. James Waite
406. Lloyd E Plumbar Jr. one of the things I love
404. steve helton usa where u have freedom. yeah right
403. Ira Jay Crisco
402. kurt simpolt
401. keith yates
400. scott blanton long live the bird
399. Sam Barnette
398. Joel Roberts
397. Shane Braddock
396. stoppen Sie die Tierprüfung Verbieten Sie alle kämpfenden Idioten des Huhns!
395. samuel foust
394. George Sarmiento
393. Jennifer Shepherd
392. Mike Reedy My son(15) owns a few game chickens that were given to him as gifts and he takes care of them the best he can,he has learned so much from and the chickens keep him out of trouble,he asked me to sign this for him because he doesnt want to see cockfighting banned,he has been to Louisiana to see the fights and he doesnt think it’s inhumane,he also says they have been breed that way for thousands of years and he also says he wants to keep his chickens, breed them,and be able to test them.Thank you for your time M.R.
391. scott maiden let freedom ring
390. john d. shepherd im all for legalizing cock fighting! ive only been in the sport for about 14 years, but i love it and i think it is a real tradition.
389. John Edward Coronado Fight the good Fight Legalize cockfighting
388. Tiburcio Hurtado
387. Johnny Perez Good Luck
386. Deanna Troi Persilver LOVE MY CHICKENS!!!
385. Heather Persilver
384. Bernadette Byron
383. Bob Gary
382. Marty Persilver Jr.
381. Florence Persilver
380. Marty Persilver Sr.
379. Roger Rambo My family enjoys raising gamecocks together. We do not appreciate our officials allowing insane satanic morons like Peta and Inhumane society to pass laws regarding OUR property! Its time for a change, NOW. We are a minority that should not be victimized because we are not armed with the 57 million dollar annual bidget of the INhumane society. HSUS are a lawless subculture that are anti christian satanist. they have no place in a country whose primary religion is based on a book in which human dominon over animals and animal use is prevalent. Jesus ate meat and wore skin. Get the hence satan!
378. Ronnie Singleton
376. mike cox dont let the animal rights group tell us what to do or how to live cockfighting has been a tradition for many years we are simple folk not terrorists like them animal rights people
375. Diego Tijerina the rooster crows twice
374. Alejandro Tijerina
373. john clawson
372. Ken Raymer All rights not reserved in this constitution are reserved to the states and then to the people. Your rights end were anothers rights begin, words to live by.
371. Kenneth Flippen tradition….heritage
370. michael shane henderson It would be nice to live in a free america once again. Must all our freedoms and rights be for sell to the highest bidder?
369. Charles Alan Butler the animal rights laws / new bills have gotten ridiculously out of control.
368. Robert L LaCroix
367. james earl blankenship cockfightin has been around since ceasars time also ancient egyptians used to cockfight
366. jeffrey clark
365. Leo Bautista
364. Earl Gray
363. Henry Carroll Why create criminals out of honest people?
362. Robbie Scott
361. Tony Scott
358. javier becerra
357. gary robbins eventually we will have no freedoms or rights
355. Jeremy Rankin
354. Michael Kuykendall
353. Hugo Sandoval My wife will be more than glad to sign it also. And of-course all my family and friends will also sign.
352. Bruce Hansen Land of the FREE, and the home of the BRAVE!!!
351. Ronnie Goss We have lost too many rights and we need to take a stand as one and be heard!
350. Eddy Gomez Gamefowl as a US Culture and Tradition.
349. Betsy Garcia Texas
348. Jesus Gonzalez
347. Jesse Gonzalez
346. Joseph Gonzalez
345. Ambrose Martinez
344. Shelly Noland
343. Teddy Noland Jr
341. Ray Baker
340. Ryan Russell
339. antonio
338. leo it create jobs
337. Jimmy Mundy
336. steve w. ridenour
335. Tommy Sutton (Pure Pride) ÿ
334. mario santiago
333. Brian P. Bourke
332. Eutiquiano S. Pineda, Jr.
331. Stewart Morrison Freedom at any cost
330. Darryl R. Wright we are not criminals!!!
329. melissa stanley
328. scott stanley
327. Thang Tran Let Rock
326. Peter Pham Let people exercise their right
325. Peter Nguyen Legalize Cockfighting in The U.S.
324. Rickey Ellis Wilson
323. al palmer
322. leon.isenhower
321. danny johnson
320. Mike Gomez I stand behind this law 100%. This is part of my culture and should never try to be done away with.
319. J.J. Tann
318. Michele Griffith
317. Micheal Ostaff
316. James Griffith
315. Corbin Griffith
314. Lacey Griffith
313. Katlyn Babers
312. Karma Griffith
311. Dan Griffith I believe if this sport is legalized it will improve the economy tremondously.
310. jose julian herrera lets legalize cockfighting
308. Mike Robinson May in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, the Gamecock crow FOREVER.
307. chip you would have to be really sick to want this back
306. Krystal Spratling
305. Teresa Spratling
304. David Wilkinson
303. John Harrelson
302. Jose Fernando Perez
301. denver polly
298. Aaron Shoupes
297. J C Oxendine If God made it who are we to defy it
296. Chad Dupuy
295. Gregg Harvey
293. Neal Avril We would like to keep this traditional sport alive in America.
292. thomas blanton i thank since the president use to fight roosters in the white house we should not forget our heritage
291. Terence T. Moniz Thank you for your consideration!
290. Michael Anderson Email me at so I can send you some signatures for this pettion
289. Rick Smith legalize it in all states people can go if they wish this is still a free counrty FREEDOM OF CHOICE AMERICAS MOTTO
288. Kobe Bryant You should see my cock fight.
287. Ambrose Martinez
286. adam hawke smith
285. Charles Bloomfield Let people live the lives they choose to live in this free country of ours…
284. joe johnson what made us free? guns, guts and cockfighting!
283. Michael J Graham Long live the GAMECOCK
282. Roger Fossett
281. Laura Fossett Please give the Freedom back to the people of the USA
280. Jose Gallegos
279. William Torres God gave us freedom of will, this we must defend, or else we would be nothing more then common mordern day slaves driven by laws that take our rights away.
278. Curtis Crochet
276. Dawn M. Cummings legalize it
275. Vernon Comer
274. Don L. Cummings lets legalize it
273. Michael Jamison
272. Ben J Taylor This legislation that has been needed in this country for years and now is the time to make it legal. Its time to stop taking our freedoms away from us just because some tax free terrorist group doesnt like the sport. How many more laws are gonna be inacted to turn us into a police statte as was the old soviet union.
271. Charla Graham
270. Bobby Graham
269. James A Jones Proud American
268. debbie demao i am a lady with 3 kids and we all love this great sport!!please legelize it!
267. erwin demarino i support cockfighting 100%
266. Kenneth Dupuy
265. Debbie Stoneberger
264. Rodel A. Erece
263. elvin
262. Alice Swank
261. John Swank
260. brandon puentes cockfighting should be legal
259. John C. Clark I am a retired Army Non-Commissioned Officer.
258. royce fussell
257. BrianWebb legalize my sport of choice!or do i not have no rights!?
256. Tyler Webb legalize my freedom i allready have!
255. Gustavo Estrada lets do this!!!!!!!!!
254. Ginger Fidel
252. George Faulk
251. adriana lugo
250. maria lugo
249. rolando salinas
248. Aaron Lugo
247. Brian make it legal!!!!
246. Belvin Evan Stroupe
245. Beverly Faucette
244. Brandy Stroupe
243. Bao Tran Violence, sex and drugs shown on TV corrupt our young minds. More and more networks exploit the system to reel in profits. Our children become immune to what they see, and think that’s how society is. If we allow conservative groups to scale down on what is being broadcasted as purely entertainment, then we are taking away that freedom of expression and freedom of choice. Companies have the right to express themselves; we, as private citizens, also have the right to choose what we watch. This principle applies to our basic right to express ourselves as cockers, while the ARA’s have the right to partake or not in the sport.
242. Josue Viera I think that if people have the right to go out and destroy nature by killing deer and other parts of the nature environment,why shouldn’t we be able to fight cocks when we are the ones who bust our butts raising them.
241. john bennett
240. jimmy williams
239. ronnie miller i think in this suposely free country ishould be able to travel and show gamecocks anywher in the usa
237. Tony Reed
236. nora saenz legalize cockfighting
235. pete saenz i love my chickens
234. Tommy Dopson
233. joel stroupe
232. Jacqualine L Armstrong
231. Roger M Armstrong
230. ray velarde
229. Jose Franco
228. Pedro Ortiz
227. raymond l range jr
226. Steven Vang
225. Jon Palmer .
224. Barbra Alger A LAdies Sport
223. Terry Coy I believe cockfighting is part of our constitutional rights
221. Larry Esquivel Our Constitution protects our right, to legally fight Gamefowl..
220. Hope Alay FREEDOM
219. Clara Blakeslee
218. Michelle martinez
217. George Cavazos Lets Keep This Country FREE and not let the ARA Dictate our way of life.
216. Lobo Richards
215. juan arballo
214. Daniel Amian
213. sabino sugui jr.
212. Jorge Zamora
211. Nghia Luong
210. antonio freire
209. Hong Vo Two states can do it.
208. Jason Adams
207. Pappy Ted Our Forfathers taught us this way of life.
206. Carl Smith
205. David F Viloria
204. Norris Touchet
203. roy stephens
202. c.e.charton
201. Lance Prejean
200. Bill Norris Who are the humane society to control our life? Think about it…
199. Romuald Mauricio This is the most ridiculous thing that happened in America: Humane Society corrupting our political system. Pretty soon with all the political corruption USA will be as bad as the third world countries. Now, that ‘s pretty sad. ry .
198. lynn cruse [csa]
197. Jason Castagno
196. Celestino Rivera
195. Ramon Rodriguez
194. Nemesio D. Talic freedom for the pursuit of happiness, and how to live ones life should be equal to all citizens in a FREE country. There is a lot of gamefarms here in the USA and it’s a big business that also affects other kinds of trade.
193. clara dopson
192. Tommy Dopson
191. theresa l bean my boys say it all ..
190. mike a bean im 21 years old and you expect me to join the military to fight for the freedom of our country but you will let some crazy bunch of rich people come in and take away something that has been here for as long as there has been freedom itself .why dont we try out the freedom thing here first then we can worry about other countrys..
189. Luan Tran Animal Rights Activists should not justify a ban on cockfighting as barbaric and cruel activities. Their preconceived notions, exagerated and manipulated claims are fused by self-interests. If we allow a certain interest group to dictate a certain norm on our lives, then we should always conform to the masses. We are better than that. Don’t take those individual rights from us.
188. Timothy Garcia
187. Bryn Tran Some would consider cockfighting not a sport; Many consider BOXING gruesome and barbaric. What is the difference between the two? That depends on how politically someone perceives it, and the $$$ behind it.
186. Chau Truong America is founded on the basis of preservation of other cultures. Cockfighting has been a cultural and religious celebration in many countries. As Americans, let us enjoy that freedom.
185. Jonathan Stone
184. Carl Moore
183. Manuel Luna Number one sport in usa and mexico
182. Bill Preserve our heritage!
181. Jose J Hernandez
180. Aaron T. Miller
179. Mark Jay Brewer long live the GAMECOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
178. Cameron Wilson
177. Lauren Wilson
176. Dorothy Wilson
175. Charles Wilson
174. Donnie Hobbs
173. James Pat Ward
172. Dennis Berndt
171. Jill Wilson
170. Bill Wilson
169. Bil Wilson
168. Jennifer Wilson
167. Jesse Simpson
166. Randy Wilson
165. Angie Moore Please allow cockfighting in the U.S.A.
164. ecelino
163. terry d. louis
162. Renee Turner
161. Lauro Moreno
160. pam duniven keep cockfighting legal
159. Danny Alger long live the gamfowl industry
158. Mark Marsh
157. Eric Leezer Land of the FREE
156. John Purdy I’m a taxpayer, registered voter, college degree holder (M.Sci.), farmer, government employee, business owner, father, husband, son, citizen, and cockfighter.
155. Dong Coronel Let’s unite
154. Roger Hughes Please help fight the terrorists here in our own country also
153. jenny cloud lets all do our parts to legalize this great sport
152. dylan kelly legalize cock fighting
151. roger kelly best sport ever
150. Jeff Meyer Never saw a Cockfight, but have some “game fowl” They are magnificent, and if outlawed, will become extinct.
149. Juan A. Rios Jr. The tyranny in this nation is out of control. The idea that the backbone of this nation must sacrifice an age old pastime to oblige a a few hundred bored yuppies is absolutly sickening. I’m willing to bet with organization and funding game fowl breeders could pose a formidible challenge to the law through class action lawsuit. How many sports precede recorded history in the Old World? The government should only illegalize the dangerous and immoral. Any cocker knows that cockfighting is far from immoral. It’s the only true gentlemans sport.
148. Robert Ayala There are far more important issues such as aids, cancer and drugs. The U.S. Government should not make our local law enforcement waste time on a sport that millions enjoy world wide. Thank you for your time. A U.S. Citizen.
147. Sharon Miller
146. estel baker
145. Jerome Cabanit
144. Larry Rose 3rd generation cocker
143. Rene Calip Strongly request legalization of cockfighting in U.S.
142. Gregg Tate
141. denver polly
140. tracy wampler we are still a free country the last time i anyone in high places could let these restricktions be passed in the first place i do not understand. we let our children play sports that has proven they can be killed doing so.and how anyone could protect chichens more then our children makes me want to hide in disgrace for what our government will let happen for the sake of power and money.anyone that votes against rooster fighting could never care about the things that are most important our kids.we eat chickens for the love of god and we show the world how stupid the usa can be by letting these silly laws become reality
139. Stephanie Lee the antis lie about everything, I thank the cockers for educating me that cockfighting is not the seedy thing its been made out to be
138. Francisco Javier lopez-Martinez
137. B.L. Cozad Jr I have a very large family, we all vote, they support me and I contact them about all legitlation regarding my sport. I helped put Brad Henry into office as governor of OK with over 350, yes 3 5 0 of my imediate relative’s votes. I don’t know how many second hand votes they pulled. I do influence elections in pittsburgh county, OK.
136. Stewart Stanford
135. Joel Rayos
134. Jessie J Rayos
133. keith scott maiden
132. Scott G. Sullivan
131. Ted (Pappy69)
130. Juan P. Villarreal
129. Joseph Melson cock fighting shoud be legal if the birds fight to the deth on the chiken yard when no one watching why not match them up buy weight an fight them in the pit my dad loses many rode island reds from his egg laying flock when the cocks start fighting buy them selves on the chicken yard so it is not just game cocks that fight.
128. jeremy smith
127. Lito Valeros
126. chona choneco
125. Alan Valeros
124. Darrill Horton
123. Charity valeros
122. Ruby Valeros
121. Pilar valeros
120. Danny Valeros
119. Sharon Velasco
118. Shiereen Valeros
117. Dwight K. Valeros
116. joe phillips its sad that abortion is legal, and cocking is not, i as a american citizen should have the right to choose!!
115. roger fultz
114. Gerry Cayanan
113. Bill McNatt
112. David Janke Live free or die
111. Sarah Darnell
110. Donald Barger Although I am not actively involved in the sport, I think that it is a travesty that there are those that think it is justified to take away the rights of Americans that are not violating any other persons rights. The only reason that there are any true Gamefowl left, is because of those that have strived to retain the beauty and quality of these birds.
109. Roland W. Peay
108. chad darnell
107. Scott Spencer
106. Dwane Montgomery It was wrong to have taken this sport away. And even worse when raids take place on given pits confiscated fowl are always killed bye the confiscators…This makes no since at all now does it.
104. Baxter Carr
103. higino ramirez
102. Frank Stetler
101. Roberta Patterson If it’s good enough for Abe it’s good enough for me!Keep those birds shufflin’ YFIS “COCK’S READY FOWL FARM”
100. Guenther Gonzales
99. Joey Stoneberger This paper tell the whole truth of the gamecock
98. William L Hollis
97. Arnel Hogan this is the land of the free is it not???…we just have to realize people comes first before animals…if some people dont like eating meat then that is their right but it is not right to force everyone to do the same…when cockfighting is totally illegal here then what is next?…by making cockfighting illegal here in america that will be the beggining of the extinction of a very majestic creature the “gamefowl” which posses traits all of us humans can only dream of…the unquestionalbe courage, proudness and beauty of this bird it will be ashame if someday it will only be seen on a picture frame in a museum…that will be great shame another testament to our greatness in destroying something beautiful, i hope this will not be our legacy.
96. Larry Hereford I see Washington still has plenty of money
95. Elmer Gilbert
94. Aldo Franco
92. Jeff Proctor
91. Denny Hopson
90. Carol Hancock We have made gamefowl a family sport for all four of us for over 30 years.
89. Ace This is a No Brainer…. there are NO Victims , and the money the sport pays into the US economy is Great… if it falls, not only does my Heritage, but the Very weak economy will surely feel it, can we afford to have more Unemployed Americans just so a Minority (ARA’s) can save bunny ? Wake up, this is the USA… Give me Liberty or Give me Death
88. Terry Hancock Gamefowl kept me off the street and out of the bars and in church!!
87. Terry Jude
86. Greg Garcia
85. martin jeansonne cockfighting is not only a sport its a tradidition and an important part of heritage.
84. kawika souza aloha i live in hawaii i am 15 years old and i love cockfighting
83. John McPhate
82. javier elias
81. Lou Tran Let citizens decide what’s right
80. Peter Nguyen
79. Tom Everhart…Arbuckle Game Farm
78. Miguel Enriquez
77. Alma Gutierrez
76. jp
75. Ed C. Cockfighting is legal here in Guam, a U.S. territory. Guam’s residents are among the most caring people on this planet — proof that there’s no cause-effect relationship to criminal activity as falsely claimed by the H.S.U.S. and other animal rights organizations.
74. Jes Ree Buensuceso
73. g elrod why are our rights being taken away by the hsus &peta?
72. tom knotts please legalize this!!!!!!!!!
71. Joe Howard
70. Retha Barron
69. emile chaisson COCKFIGHTER
68. Pete De Hoyos none
67. Orlando Jaramillo
66. jeremy scott
65. Bobby Flinn
64. Miguel Gomez
63. russell c veach
61. rob vanpelt my cock has a ring
60. Ben Rodriguez If they were really for animal rights, they would give the gamecock the right to do what he loves.
59. danny johnson
58. david mcmillan
57. arturo terrazas jr
56. jeff jolly this is a long respected sport and teaches many values and ethics it is not the blood sport some would have the general public to believe please preserve our rights to be a free socitey and not one goverened by big money thank you
55. Lawrence Crain Land of the free
54. aurelio sanchez
53. duane smith III
52. Thomas JR Knuckles I’m 18 I live TN Gradarate from high school with good grades and I love my chicken’s and if it wasn’t for my chicken’s I propley would’nt have nothing to do after work but get into troble but I don’t drink or do drug and my chicken’s are probley why because my extra time I spend on my bird’s. So please Legalize cockfighting in the u.s.
51. Dean Derouen Support cockfighting
50. Charles E Greer return freedom to the people,i am a veteran
49. David Henlsey
48. Wayne Brown I think the goverment is going about this the wrong way. They really need to use thier heads and think for them self and not let the week minded people do it for them.
47. Darryl Yates thank you for your time
46. Billy McGwier
45. Ronald Harvey
44. JC Williams
43. Andrew J. Goetz
42. Brian Whidden
41. Jerry Wayne Hamlin Please legalize Sanctioned cock fighting
40. Cody Taylor
39. Howard C. Lowry
38. Matthew L. Griffin
37. james a bean i’ve been here doing this since i was 6 years old im 18 now i dont drink and i dont get in to trouble and i get very good grades, i play high school football and i love coming home to take care of my birds with my dad and sister so please dont take this away from me and other people like me, please ,thank you for your time….
36. Mark McCullough
35. david d galvan for the rights of us all..
34. mike padilla
33. David Miller
32. Krystal Moran
31. nathan bucao legalize gamefowl in america.
30. Kevin Allen
29. james t bean lets git it done !!!!!!!!!
28. Elisa F. Roberts Let Freedom Ring!
27. Michele Crawford
26. Ray Beane Land of the free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25. Eugenio Barron
24. Joseph Grijaldo It’s all about freedom being taken away.
22. D’Renda Lewis
21. paul butterworth
19. james smith
17. will lambert
16. judy snyder
15. Russell Griffin
14. scott morris
13. carlton cleveland
12. beulah cleveland
11. noelle griffin
10. tammy griffin
9. Joseph T. Griffin
8. Robert M. Fields
7. jeremy dawson
5. Kennith R. Jaggars
4. James Schmitt Freedom first! It’s the right thing to do!
1. JOHN DEMARINO long live THE GAMECOCK.Please vote yes to is a great sport and would benifit everyone!

Document with almost 4000 signatures and comments

poultry gamefowl chicken gamecock

One Comment Add yours

  1. government could make more money by legalizing the sport. there would be more derbies, more jobs and that means more taxes. People would buy more land for there farms, more feed and medications = more taxes. I have heard what happens at a cockfighting bust they gas every bird till they are dead. When u have a derby most birds go home alive and are broodcocks for the rest of its life, sounds like heavon to me. This is what gets me government sends men and women to fight in a war for gas, trained to kill other humans. Roosters are born with it all we do is make them stronger and healthier. Sounds like goverment is doing more wrong and why are gas prices still so high, something sounds like its all about money.

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