The Phenotype of Aseels

source: CP and others

Yakut Color of yakut (Red Ruby) = bright red
Amir Ghan Red
Lakha Red
Jala Lakha Color of Over Burned Red Brick
Mushka Color of mushk kastoori (Musk) = such dark red that it is almost black
Khajuria Color of khajoor (Date) = dark brown
Bajra (India) Color of millet = dark brown
Sajra or Shajra Punjabi word for Ornamented/Ornamental = laced variety
Salaita Color of slaitee (Granite Stone) = blue
Dhuar or Dhuwar Blue or Gray (US) color of ash
Neela (Urdu), Naila Blue
Bihaingam Single Comb
Potamari or madipara Hennie bird
Galwa or galva Bearded asil
Cheetah Spotted asil
Shikra Color of shikra (Eagle) = yellow or grey with black spotted chest
Jawa, Java Yellow
Peela (Urdu) Yellow
Zardi Yellow
Tanbooria Color of Tanboori (Wasp) = dark yellow
Sunehra, Sonatal Color of Sona (Gold) = golden yellow
Noori Color of Noor (Light) = white
Heera (Urdu) Color of Diamond = white
Safaid (Urdu), Chita (Punjabi) White
Kala, Kali Black
Siah (Urdu), Kala (Punjabi) Black
Kalkatiya Black
Kaptan Black
Kagar Black (India)

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