Sociological Approach on Cockfighting by a University Student: Second Contribution From A Cockfighter and Reader of Our Site


HBJ is writing a research for one of his University course class. The research is still going on and below is one of the materials he might be using as a reference.

– Gameness til the End

Sociological Approach on Cockfighting by a University Student: Second Contribution From A Cockfighter and Reader of Our Site

I have lots of opinions on these different values you mentioned. But I will defer it to the internet. Like one of our member got a site about “Gameness til the End” – with tagline ” Cockfighting From All Over The World – The Only Universal Sports – 8000BC – An Individual Liberty”.

Deciphering this tagline:

1. From All Over The World

It is enjoyed by era of chinese dynasty, indian empire of rajah, burma civilization, indonesian civilization, greeks, etc. – I used “world” word as in time – not the globe or earth or country.

2. The Only Universal Sports

It is practiced in most countries.

3. 8000BC

This must be an emphasis that cockfighting is really old.

4. An Individual Liberty

Noone is hurt, cocks are property of the owner or cockfighter, why would someone tells you what can you do with [your own] property.

These four is enough for decent man.

No more about religious and/or cultural reasons. even some are clinching in these two reasons. As they forgot they have the laws in their side and only the liberty tramplers are blinding the legislature with false facts and political support. (more on these stuff at our members site at He mentioned it is unconstitutional and oppressive to ban cockfighting in united states. I will add that the same oppression is in Pakistan, Europe (except part of france or other euro countries I am not aware of), Indonesia, etc.

To think Netherlands must be the most progressive liberty – I wanted to know if cockfighting is legal there.

Our friend is trying to spread cockfighting to the youth as they are the generation that will benefit the fight we won in our lifetime. that is to bring back cockfighting in the united states and all countries.

His website is looking for contributor on from all countries about cockfighting traditions and if legal about current events.

Lastly, he predicted cockfighting be legalized in 10 years from now. 2021. In all United States.

I will add not just in united states but in the whole wide world. World, this time, as countries, with us working together and not not just Texans or Chicagoans. or Indonesians? We need to stand up for our sports. In all of countries.

Our friend, told me that someone wrote the United Nations about the oppression on cockfighting.

I think we need to be signatories in that letter to the united nations. Are you with us?

If you are with us. It will not jeopardized your family. as we are not yet doing an armed revolution that might happened again in the United States history. Check out [our] friend site for the american revolution article. What we are doing is to spread cockfighting to all our friends, networks, the internet, twitter, facebook, youtube, etc. esp. to kids. as they are the voters of bringing back cockfighting as legal again.

We do not tell you to arrange a cockfight event in your place. But we ask you to spread the word about cockfighting sports. Cockfighting industry. Cockfighting hobby. Cockfighting lifestyle. etc.


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