Sociological Approach on Cockfighting by a University Student: First Contribution From A Cockfighter


HBJ is writing a research for one of his University course class. The research is still going on and below is one of the materials he might be using as a reference.

– Gameness til the End

Sociological Approach on Cockfighting by a University Student: First Contribution From A Cockfighter

I believe that human societies are subject to constant change, if we look through the years, we see that many things changed, remaining the most important values ​​that allow you to exist as a society.

Lost customs that are part of human culture, is fast becoming constantly changing societies to exist, is like a big whirlwind.

It is in these societies are part of three types: those who are informed about the practice of customs for a long time, those who are uninformed and are attached to the customs of the time and the misfits.

The first are those who know and respect customs practiced by their ancestors, but this knowledge is lost for lack of distribution, other activities begin to be important in your life.

In Peru, the gallística is practiced by a minority of the population (and thus in Latin America), but because companies do not yet have the dynamics of the consumer societies of the first world (with exceptions such as the cities of Brazil) much of the population still can differentiate between a rooster and a rooster poultry combat, being connected with family coming from agricultural areas and field.

Those who are not informed and are attached to the customs of the time, are most of the populations in countries where raw human interest only to live as best as possible, where information is manipulated so that the mass is addressed, the forming new currents of opinion and these are imposed, I wonder what would happen if most of these people only make the question … AND WHY?

The misfits are the people that are reactive to the society and its rules, definitely if a company is pursuing certain activities deemed inappropriate, members who are willing to challenge this, would attend the shows banned. In societies where no activities are considered inappropriate, you will find from field workers to Doctors of Law, doctors and senior police officers attending these events as more normal life.

I think the problem is not whether you’re a misfit or not, the problem of these companies is that information is handled and disorient people so that prime interests of certain groups of economic power, the people related to gallística should be able to explain and make known their opinion without fear, such as the difference between a rooster poultry and one combat.

In France, first world country, is cockfighting legal in the North of France (but not encouraged its growth), people understand it as part of their culture and definitely is tolerant of the minority because he understands what a Cock fighting and accept it as part of cultural heritage.

If a society marginalizes a person for an activity, not understanding this, then I wonder if society is right or just being manipulated.


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