Sociological Approach on Cockfighting by a University Student: HBJ is Looking for Materials and Contributions From You


HBJ is writing a research for one of his University course class. The research is still going on. Use Contact/Ask Us menu to send me your contribution. And I will forward it to HBJ.

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Sociological Approach on Cockfighting by a University Student: HBJ is Looking for Materials and Contributions From You

I’m currently a senior at a South Texas University and am doing research for my social deviance class to cover my minor in sociology. I was asked to choose a topic which is deviant to societies norms and what better topic then cock fighting.

Now before you think im against it i am actually for cock fighting. Deviance is behavior that is sharply different from a customary, traditional, or generally accepted standard. This means deviance is not always bad such as a teenager spraying a wall for his artistic pleasure. He is not hurting anyone physically yet it is frowned upon by society and considered deviant.

Now getting back to the topic i need to give a sociological approach on cockfighting. I believe it is a society within itself and what better example than this website. We get to interact have discussions, get to know eachother, ect… I believe there is many social values dealing with cock fighting such as commercial values, scientific values, and to me the most important cultural values.

Commercial values because there is a certain income obtained in the field itself. Such as a discussion Tiny put up not to long ago about dealing with breeding, feeds, vitamins, ect..

Scientific value in where every breeder want to achieve the highest standard within the breed. With this comes some scientific knowledge such as genetics.

Cultural value to me is the most important when it comes to breeders within the sport. My great grandfather was a cock breeder/ fighter and it brings my cousins and I pride that we have it in our blood to continue the tradition. I am certain that the sport is within every cultural background all over the world. At least that what it seems like with my research.

Although breeding is not as deviant as fighting I believe it is important to put in my paper because it plays an important role in the topic. How could we have cock fight without the main breeders?

I know every country is different, actually every society is different but would like to hear your opinion in this topic whether it be good or bad.

Thanks to those who participate. I really appreciate your feedback and may God Bless!


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