Letter to the United Nations Human Rights Council


The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is an inter-governmental body within the United Nations System. The UNHRC is the successor to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR, herein CHR), and is a subsidiary body of the United Nations General Assembly. The council works closely with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and engages the United Nations’ Special procedures.

– Gameness til the End

Letter to the United Nations Human Rights Council

By Author (Anonymous)

I just sent the e-mail below to the “United Nation Council on Human rights”. The Council is already after the USA for other violations of human rights so why not let the UN officials put a little more pressure on the politicians in Washington by putting them on the spot with their obvious support of violating our human rights for a chicken? Hopefully they’ll do it very publicly!

Subject: Human lives are being endangered to defend chickens in America
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2010 11:15:55 -0500

Government officials within America are placing a higher value on chickens than American citizens lives.

America is trying to deprive rural Americans of our culture, heritage, pursuit of happiness, liberty, property, criminalizing our agriculture industry, ripping our families apart, violating our constitutional rights and endangering human lives to stop us from harvesting our gamecocks under the falsehood of defending the chickens.

Please address the very real threat to human lives that many politicians in America are creating under the guize of defending a chicken,we are simply trying to harvest and make a living from the only commercial method of harvest that gamecocks have been harvested in for over 3000 years. this is our culture and heritage and our agriculture industry and endangering our lives over a chicken is a gross violation of our human, civil and constitutional rights.

Every raid by law enforcement creates a situation where a person can be hurt, crippled or killed. That is an undeniable fact. The American government has decided that endangering American citizens lives is acceptable and worth while to protect a chicken that it will absolutely and possitively kill to keep the gamefowl owners from allowing it to fight because it may possibly get killed during the fight.

If every cockfighter would display the same courage and gameness we expect from our gamecocks then cockfighting would be the number 1 sport in America today!!!!

But cockfighters have given money to groups pretending to be our organizations year after year and these organizations are constantly making concessions and agreements allowing the criminalization of the commercial harvesting of our gamecocks in state after state as long as the animal extremists don’t attack AL and try to make it a felony there. These organizations are quick to tell cockfighters to keep quiet, don’t say anything about cockfighting, keep it on the downlow, you can’t talk about cockfighting etc etc and I am sick and tired of it, you want my money then represent my interest and my industry if our organizations don’t honestly represent my interest and fight for the legalization of my sport then why would I ever give them a dime? That would be the same as being a Republican but donating my money to the Democratic National Committee hoping to elect the independent candidates.

As long as it remains a misdemeanor in AL there so a few big breeders can keep peddling their chickens overseas they’re content to keep it just as it is now. Because these big breeders have a monopoly going on right now and the big breeders down there don’t want it legal in the USA because it would cut into their profits and they would lose the monopoly and the millions coming in from overseas.

We must all be stepping forward NOW united as a group before we become fewer as more cockfighters quit due to fear of the government, old age or die off, all of these things lead to the gamefowl owners becoming more weakened by the unconstitutional attacks against our animal agriculture industry.


There are those of us that are standing and speaking up very loudly and we are being heard, it’s time for those that just talk to step up also. If they don’t have the courage to step up then get rid of your gamefowl because you sure aren’t game enough to own them.

We currently have a fight going on in Oklahoma and several other states in the USA that is getting a lot of attention and support by our legislators because they know everything we’re saying is absolutely 100% true.

When you put the law here in OK into a context that the average person on the street can understand, it’s goes like this;
It is illegal to own and possess gamecocks for the purpose or intent of cockfighting (harvest):
Gamecocks have been genetically bred to be harvested by cockfighting for more than 3000 years.

The equivalent law = It is illegal to own and possess beef cattle for the purpose or intent of slaughter (harvest): Angus beef cattle have been genetically bred to be harvested by shooting them in the head for less than 300 years. But 300 years of genetics ensures they have no other commercial method of harvest.

In simpler terms = It is illegal to own and possess your property for the purpose of or with the intent to use your property for the very reason you own your property:
this is the exact same thing as stating, It is illegal to own or possess your house if you intend to live in it, rent it, lease it, or sell it:

Now because the law deprives you of your ownership rights to your property then the law MUST contain a compensation clause in accordance with the 5th amendment to the constitution if it does not then it is in violation of the US Constitution and therefore illegal. If the equivalent law can not be applied to the cattle ranchers because it would be unjust then it is also unjust to apply it to the gamefowl owners and therefore it violates the 14th amendment to the US Constitution. If the law applies unjust and excessive penalties then the law violates the 8th amendment to the Constitution. This law was passed and cockfighters across OK were made instant over night felons if they harvest their gamecocks. But also we were made felons just for owning our gamefowl just as the cattle ranchers would be over night felons if the equivalent law was passed against their animal agriculture industry and the ownership of their cattle.

A corrupt OK Supreme Court Judge “James Winchester” statement in his brief “I was told that the gamefowl owners can own their gamefowl for show purposes” is corruption at it’s worst. But his wife supported the HSUS in wanting this law passed and he used his bench to keep this obviously unconstitutional law in place because the general public does not understand the gamefowl industry. Is this the same answer this Judge would try to pass off to the cattlemen or the home owner from the equivalent context and honest look on the scenario above?

And take a look at the gay marriage ban in CA and the Sharia law measure that was passed in OK and clearly understand this truth = voters can no more violate the US Constitution by voting in an unconstitutional law than the legislature can through enacting legislation.

The laws against the gamefowl industry are violating human rights and endangering human lives over a chicken. Animal extremists organizations, a few goverenment officials and the misled urban majority are placing chickens above the lives of rural American citizens.

And that is something the United Nations may want to bring up during the debate it’s conducting on human rights violations by the US government. The fact that the government of America places a higher value on chickens than it does the lives of it own citizens.

poultry gamefowl chicken gamecock


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