What is Gamefowl?

Gamecocks or Game Chickens are Gamefowl. But we are forgetting that Gamefowl or Galliformes are an order of heavy-bodied ground-feeding domestic or game bird, containing turkey, grouse, chicken, quail, ptarmigan, partridge, pheasant, peafowl, and the Cracidae.

Our term of gamefowl, instead of gamecock, was adopted by those oppressed cockfighters to get support from other sportsmen including those breeders, raisers, and hunters of turkey, grouse, quail, partridge, pheasant, and Cracidae.

Some of the notable cockfighting books always used the word “gamecock” or the word “game chicken”. Not the word “gamefowl”. Use the word “gamecock” for both male and female of our game chicken breed. Instead of using the word “gamefowl” to refer to both sexes. From eggs, to chicks, all ages of your gamecock strain of chickens.

This is what this site been using – gamecock. The only “gamefowl” word in this site is written by the original author.

This site wants to reeducate everyone using the word “gamefowl” to refer to the word “gamecock”. There is nothing wrong about it. Only the word “gamefowl” also includes all these other birds or aves.

As an individual liberty cockfighter, you are expected to used the word “gamecock” and the word “cockfighting” everyday. Stop using the word “gamefowl”. We want you to be specific, use the word “gamecock” instead. If you only have chickens, also change your farm name from “YOURFARMNAME Gamefarm” to “YOURFARMNAME Gamecock Farm”.

Turkey is a gamefowl. Pheasant is a gamefowl. Quail is a gamefowl. Meat chicken is a gamefowl.

Gamecock strain of chicken is the fighting chicken.

Gamecock eggs. Gamecock chicks. Gamecock pullets. Gamecock hens. Gamecock cockerels. Gamecock stags. Gamecock roosters.


Also to help these oppressed cockfighters, this site also use “gamefowl” as one of the tags.

Are you an oppressed cockfighter? When are you going to be a revolutionary? Just like our patriots in the american revolutionary war, where they stand up and fight for their ideals of not paying for taxes on tea without representation.


“Stop Using The Word Gamefowl. Used The Word Gamecock.” – Gameness til the End, 2011 

poultry gamefowl chicken gamecock


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