Mexico: Rules for Natural Spur, Postiza, Quarter Knife and Quarter Heel


Below is the Google translation, so it may not be accurate. (VIA a friendly Mexican cockfighter.)

– Gameness til the End


This regulation has two primary objectives:

  • With proper application, to prevent the sand court in its discretion to make decisions and avoid the most likely problems among competitors.
  • Try the criteria between regions of the country is uniform and thus facilitate the participation in various events gallísticos with a regulation uniform.


Article 1.

The ultimate authority is the judge of sand, and their rulings are final and irrevocable.

Article 2.

The judge will only seat arena assistant judge in the cases described in this regulation.

Article 3.

Only the judge and his assistant, when necessary, may remain in the Vallín during the course of the fight.

Article 4.

It is strictly forbidden to anyone other than the sand court or his assistant, involved in the development of the fight.

Article 5.

The sand will judge the authority to apply sanctions for violations of this regulation.


Article 6.

The roosters should be submitted free of the pen, head and body, if presented with traces of fat, drugs or other substance will be rejected and punished, according to the provisions of the Article 42 of this regulation.

Article 7.

All rooster showing signs of ringworm (scabby) or some other disease will be rejected.

Article 8.

Roosters tusados ​​must be presented with the ruff cut into a size 7 to 10 centimeters from the ear. Considered outside of casting, roosters to be presented well plucked chest or ruff, feathers clipped or culled or shaved head.


Article 9.

The fights can be a compromise, by comparison, derby or tournament.

Article 10.

Regulatory weights are of 1,400 kgs. to 1,800 kgs., armed with natural spurs, 2 or 3 lines cutting up to 1 / 4 “, and 1,400 kgs. to 2,400 kgs. with a blade radius of 1 / 4” and cut spurs. In both cases tolerance is 30 grs. to the weight of 1,650 kgs. Above this weight, tolerance is 50 grs. Any rooster that is not within the specified weights may castes agreement between the owners of the roosters.

Article 11.

The limit of the fight will be of 30 minutes or armed with natural spurs and sharp lines in all its forms, for 45 minutes with a knife round 1 / 4 “and its various forms, and an hour to cut spurs from the roosters are released.

  • In cases where the organizer of the event and / or participants so decide, the time may be of a lower limit.

Article 12.

Start counting time when the roosters are released in combat, the judge said, and time should be marked on a clock in view of the public present.

Article 13.

Fight for comparison, are those for presenting the fans with their roosters, without a compromise in between. Also known as bumps.

Article 14.

The tournament fights are events where competing different breeders or parties, clubs, clubs or teams by invitation where prizes are awarded in cash or trophies to the winners.

Article 15.

The fights of commitment are those made between two contenders, breeders, clubs, clubs or parties, previously established by treaty.


Article 16.

The roosters may caste spurs can be made ​​of any material of animal origin. * Any spur made ​​of other materials will be considered a prohibited weapon and that the use will be punished in accordance with Article 39 .

Article 17.

The placement of the knife round 1 / 4 “, 2 and 3 lines of steel, will be on natural snack that should be the same thickness throughout, and the bulk of it shall not exceed one inch.

Article 18.

When organizing tournaments, the organizer will be responsible for making available to the participants the necessary snacks and how the weapons would fight roosters.

Article 19.

It is strictly forbidden to modify or alter the natural shape of the snack, he decides to do so will be severely punished as provided in Article 39 of this regulation.

Article 20.

The thread that is used in the tie may be of any material, provided that the fabric is flat and thin, its length will not exceed 2.00 meters.

Article 21.

The tie will consist of armed hold the knife on the snacks and is itself mind on the leg after the rooster. The snack will be subject to no more than 3 turns of wire overlapping and the rest of the mooring or fastening shall be distributed so as not to alter the natural shape of the snack and the gun. At the end of the jetty or subject, the thread shall be covered with plastic tape or the color of the crest of the release key.

Article 22.

Once armed cocks, if one unmistakable symptoms be linked (the term “linked” when a rooster after he was armed and when placed on the floor, limping or showing signs of pain in the leg lifting armed) , before starting the fight, be granted a period of 5 minutes to correct assembly and can even change the weapon to the opposite leg, but at the end of that period will release the fight in the conditions is or will fail without prejudice to fight against the audience.

Article 23.

The spurs will be measured with a yardstick on the reed free movie, once the cocks are fully armed. The judge and his assistant will take the chickens to clean and check that the measure of the spurs are specified, with none to save them for combat, and may draw on such a special cage for this event. As the bevel of the section shall not exceed 20 mm.

Article 24.

The natural and artificial spurs are considered similar and should have the same extent.

Article 25.

Once started the fight will not be allowed to change, or spurs, or knife, or thread for any reason. In the case of knife fights, to avoid the prolem of loose threads, tying should secure these with a lap with tape, plastic or paste.

Article 26.

In cockfighting with steel blade, the ram is unassembled not exceed 1 (one) cm high, and its termination must be flat, ie blunt and dull.

  • However, if both contestants agree to breed to your birds with weapons of any material here is not specified, the consent of the judge will have to do it.


Article 27.

The arena judge must declare a rooster lost when:

  • Stay cast (cast means the cock that has both shank in the sand or is touching the floor with his chest, or is lying or lying on his back) for 60 consecutive seconds. In the fighting which presents the need for accounts on both cocks cast, which will first complete the account will lose the fight.
  • When showing signs of fleeing, after counting 1 minute and peak to peak cross-examination by Judge Sand on the floor, when in doubt.
  • The dead rooster crow beats fled.
  • When the rooster cast breaks the separate account.
  • If both cocks are fleeing the fight was declared lost for both cocks.

Article 28.

The arena judge declared the fight when tables:

  • Complete the time, with the roosters feet, provided that none of them is subject to run away or thrown account.
  • When the roosters are cast simultaneously for 1 minute.
  • If at any time of the fight both cocks, are separated for 1 minute straight come to the end, be granted a test of confrontation, attached to the provisions of Article 29 , this test can also be 1 (one) minute, always and when none of the roosters take or flee during the course of it. Only if the judge’s view of sand among the contenders it displayed cowardice or shun the fight, before missing the fight, you can confront them. If the Roosters are evidence of wanting to fight, the fight is declared tables or, if one of the roosters shuns the fight at the moment of confrontation, will be declared the loser.

Article 29.

During the confrontation, Judge Sand and his assistant should handle the cock with one hand, taking them under the body and must deposit them gently on the floor, face to face, not sit back and throw it or so that are at a distance where you can touch their beaks. Judge Sand has the power to remove any object cocks vision prevents them without this means cleaning the face, the beak or weapons.

Article 30.

A rooster who has fled into account, that account does not break contact with his rival without a fight.

Article 31.

The count of fleeing from a rooster, not interrupted when the fight reaches the time limit.

Article 32.

If during the course of a cock fight out of the fence, should be brought immediately to mind carearlo in the center of the ring, if you start fighting shuns account fled, but attacks the opponent, the fight must continue.

Article 33.

The account should not be interrupted fled to a rooster out of the fence. in this case must be brought to the rooster for carearlo in the middle of the fence as often as necessary, within 60 seconds that last account.

Article 34.

A rooster fled breaks account when:

  • Go back to fight on its own will over a period of time less than 60 seconds after it began the account of the run, in this case, the fight must continue.
  • When you fight during the confrontation, either with your hand or with a monkey, as stipulated in the previous call.

Article 35.

The separate account is broken when:

  • One or both of the cocks are cast.
  • One of the roosters rush his opponent making contact with him or for attacking each other making contact, itching or shooting their legs before the completion of the minutes of the account.

Article 36.

The separate account is not interrupted for a rooster when your opponent shows signs of fleeing. In this case the bill must go to the first and start to rival even while not breaking any of the two, as determined in this regulation. If none of the roosters breaks the account, the suspect fled cock must be confronted and if the fight was declared rush tables, otherwise it loses the fight.


Article 37.

When the breeder or breeder’s representative, club, rock or party, its assistants or guests invade the fence being in full fighting cock, before Judge Sand has given its failure will cause the loss of the fight.

Article 38.

If the breeder or breeder’s representative, club, rock or party, its assistants or guests which is fighting cock then insult any of the judges, the Honor and Justice Commission, the rooster rival, the breeder, a representative of breeder, club, rock or broken, the audience or cause disturbances in the precinct where the fights are held, shall be punished with the loss of the fight of his cock, also to be entitled to expulsion.

Article 39.

The change or alteration of the snacks or weapons other than those measures to the judge of sand or possibly to those provided by the organizer and approved by this regulation, cause the loss of the fight, whether discovered before during or after the fight.

Article 40.

To anyone that disturbs public order, shall expulsársele the place where the fights take place.

Article 41.

It is strictly forbidden to breeders, farmer representatives, club, rock or cock fighting game that did not previously been registered or have been registered to another participant. Be punished with the loss of the fight. rearers, representative of the breeder, club, rock or party that lends itself to this type of situation also will be penalized with the loss of the fight and a fee for the value of the fight. Such penalty shall also be applied to the breeder, representative of the breeder, club, rock or party to substitute a rooster with one that has not been registered.

Article 42.

The breeder, representative of the breeder, club, rock or party to submit a rooster with grease, drugs or any other substance is liable to a fee for the value of the fight, love this loss. For reiterate the introduction of another rooster in the same circumstances for the event, immediately dismiss them with the corresponding loss of registration, awards and shares outstanding fights.

  • The laboratory tests will be as many as necessary, as before, during or after the fight.

Article 43.

Any misconduct that threatens against morality or the proper conduct of the event must be sanctioned with penalties to agree on a Commission specially formed or if the Honor and Justice Commission.


Article 44.

After the fights will judge’s choice of sand or his assistant, to disarm the roosters to check the weapons used, as well as snacks to verify that these have not been changed by other different or prohibited.

Article 45.

Account lying breaks the separate account. The bill applies only escape at the end of the two previous accounts. Any rooster that fights finish time is missed and you are applying the appropriate account, you continue to count and if at the end of this there has not risen lose the fight.

Article 46.

No account shall be submitted to the rooster pull game, or will cut the race. If time expires and the cock fighting is running, the cock must be proved that is not fled.

Article 47.

When a party, breeder, club or participate with a cock rock that this fight at the beginning of it, lose the fight is participating in a derby or tournament. If this is not the case the match is void. To be valid, the fight should fight the cock at least five minutes before you go fled. For derby tournament or if the fight is declared void, the game, breeder, club or rock must earn the points in dispute against the cock disqualified, as well as the post established.

Article 48.

In the case of breaking the spurs or the 1 / 4 “during the course of the fight, the betting among the audience will be void.

Article 49.

Any event or incident that arises during the development of fighting and is not provided in these rules shall be resolved according to the criteria of Honor and Justice Commission, which will be integrated counting among its members with Judge Sand.

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