Mexico: The Golden Rooster Tournament Juirquilla Rules


– Gameness til the End

The Golden Rooster Tournament Rules

Publish for event from 19 to 21 February 2010, Juriquilla, Qro.

The 18-20 nation’s most powerful parties face their foreign counterparts in a competition of nine roosters, three of 2,200, three of 2.300, and three more than 2.400 kg Each team play three roosters per day, which amounts to about 54/60 fights daily.

Registration: $ 50.000 and $ 5.000 fight inside.
Friday 19: Three roosters 2.200 kg
Saturday 20: Three roosters 2.300 kg
Sunday 21 *: Three roosters 2.400 kg
* They will play games with the Awards option.
Weighing: Friday and Saturday, 9:00 hrs., Sunday, 10:00 hrs.
Start fighting: Friday and Saturday, 10:30 hrs., Sunday, 11:00 hrs.
Time table: 12 minutes after they are released roosters.


Arrangements for all participants:

Change knife:

Be permitted provided that the knife is visibly damaged, broken or bent, or if the threads are chopped to the extent that the knife is released. Will be given 2 minutes to change and knife thread from authorizing such a change and give them his knife, before 5 min.

Once arriving at minute 5, the change will be binding upon both parties, if they have not changed knife, no matter the conditions in which they are roosters. There shall be no change for a rooster is in condition fled, must try and break the bill. There will be dramatic change if it was a change only if the knife before it is visibly damaged leaf, broken or bent, or legs are broken the same degree of let go of the knife.

Before starting the fight, every game will be a knife hand, same as the judge sand deposited in a transparent container with red and green indicators, which remain with the Judge seat, in view of the audience. It urges the parties to it, while developing their fight, have to hand their case and essentials for this purpose.

Once he finished his fight, whatever the result it is the obligation of the participant to cover the blade of his cock and disassembly make out (on the side) of the ring.

Win, lose and tie for the following reasons:

For dead rooster.

By rooster that gives background on tests of the center line before the count of 10 seconds.

By rooster fled. By “run away” means when a rooster tail gives abandoning the fight, or when refuses to fight (if unable to move roosters.)

Test de gallo fled:

They get the roosters to the center lines to continue the fight. If the rooster is fled condition clearly shows this (stopping the “nose”, shouting or clucking, if it runs off or away), it fails the match immediately.

When in doubt of whether or not fled, the judge will ask the monkey or test cock to cock up. If rival is dead, the judge has the power to open the ruff to simulate combat, or call it off. Whether the release key evidence requested above, or that the judge is to use “cock to cock” or monkey, if the Rooster gives sample identified as fled to continue the fight, the fight will continue in a position common.

We reiterate that our priority is the integrity of all participants, therefore, any circumstances, if an armed cock tends to leave the ring, and those involved (releasers and judges) can help it, this will take place without protest and the rooster will join the fight immediately.

We remind you that dead rooster or cock beats anchored fled. No boring or confusing a cock indifferent to the rooster run away.

The only account that will not break and get time tables, because a dead crow or anchor, is when he fled the condition. Then do not fail the fight until the rooster fled condition to perform the testing, only then will issue the ruling.

We remind the parties that there is evidence that only dead cock and is made cover release request.

Dead crows test: When is authorized?

The judge checks whether the request comes (ie, that the applicant has the live rooster and opponent, the dead rooster). If both cocks are dead status, will fail or tables continue on the floor.

It is not forced to chop the rooster considered dead, as they may be recovering from a hypovolemic shock moceada or blind. If you give sign of life, the fight will continue.

If the cock of applying the test cover release up dying at the time that this test is granted, the fight was declared tables, because it is just that, first apply the test above, grant you victory, both of which are technically dead roosters.

The term “test or fight”: chase, chase, fight, bite, bite an opponent or open ruff naturally in front of it, move straight to his opponent.

A “dead rooster” cock that is loose or stiff body, which then moves uncoordinated for wheezing or death or that does not give the slightest sign of life to continue combat.

Anchoring means when the rooster is filed, the check, leaving his body lying on or its back on the floor and place the face and beak on the floor permanently as a result of tiredness, fatigue or wounds received in combat and without the pressure of the body of his adversary. Gallo stand with the peak in the ground, not considered thoroughly.

In the center lines has no protection (counts 1, 2, or 3).

Judgement by default

Each cover release center lines released his cock with one hand, holding the feathers of the back and legs on the line. Spring to order “release or free”, given by Sandy judge without waiting for any account , failing which, it may fail with no opportunity to fight claim. Once the judge gives the indication of release, the releasers and should not clap or noses to the rooster, or stop the hand from his cock, and it will not break the count of 10 seconds and the roosters will fight naturally.

Similarly, in testing the center lines, the release key will put the rooster with the peak horizontally, facing the opposite gallo. To cover release found to be putting the peak his cock upright, facing the center of the ring lights or ring, you may be miss no opportunity to fight the claim. The obligation of the release key is present in the lines to rooster with the peak in horizontal position when free, if when the cock fight, in the form naturally, this raises the peak, given the type of injury or rigor mortis, this is considered legal and continue counting.

The count of 10 seconds will start when both releasers have withdrawn their hands rooster. Otherwise, you may fail the fight for contempt . The release key is to help and assist the cock as humanly possible, therefore, if you are caught snapping his cock with intent to injure or kill, you will fail the fight without a chance to claim.

The releasers can only help his cock with her saliva and his hands when time is the permit (within 15 seconds of relief). During the fight, can not touch razors only in raised.

It is forbidden that takes the cover release liquid, ice or any substance to the mouth during development of the fight. If the cover release falls in contempt shall be punished by cock, if repeated, can no longer keep dropping, until the end of the tournament. If the contempt influences the outcome of the fight, it will fail against.

While the rooster into the arena, supplying prohibited substances such as tablets, capsules, drops, powders, injections, ointments, or any prohibited substance. The party is caught doing it, and make sure you lose the fight.


Is a draw because:

Both roosters die or flee the battle simultaneously.

Both releasers retain or do not release the cock when Judge Sand’s indicate in the testing center lines.

The cock ringed and registered for the tournament will play in the conditions you are, and only judges (of sand, and the auxiliary seat in the tie) you can cut and remove the register ring. The party that violates the register ring or replacing the cock ringed lose the fight.

The rival party will win the points below his cock fighting. This is to protect the parties, preventing fights are given by “default”, for which the firm or parties who are playing able to restore the cock changed or damaged, and this fight will take place as soon as possible long before the final fight.

The judge’s decision is irrevocable.


Observe the order and care are key factors in these events. Aware of the importance of time, it is necessary that the assembly of the roosters is performed in an area adjacent to the ring. You engaged, you know the order of his bout and must pass through before mooring area. No can assemble into the ring. A judge will be exclusive to the jetty area. Only in certain circumstances (such as round or other change in the company requires) be allowed to tie in the ring.

Each team will play three roosters per day. National parties will face off against U.S. as far as possible, since the third day only play those with option awards. It may require a wildcard if the number of teams is odd and the wild part automatically against lower ranked teams that have managed to enter the final. Also, the ninth and last fight only play those teams confirmed as candidates the first three places.

The wildcard will be the team with the highest score among those who have not made it through to the next stage, and is the country with less equipment representatives. The wildcard required to stop a fight to another. It is very important to note that the last five places in each country may not play the next Derby Golden Rooster, unless at the end of the inscriptions have places available. In case of a tie in the first place, will add as assigned to the first two positions and the amount be shared equitably. The gold trophy will be for the party that has less time made in their battles, and the silver will be delivered to the team that first place tie number of points. The amount allocated to the third place will be awarded to second or second places, also the bronze sculpture will be delivered to the party with less time on their fighting. There will be trophies for the top three spots. It is important to mention that it will deliver 100 percent of the proceeds from registration fee.

The allocation of places in the ring is carried out according to the parties sign up tournament, it is noteworthy that there are only 100 seats available around the ring, so ask for your understanding.

Consider this effort and the Derby as their own, we promote respect between us, we respect and respect-especially to our companions, the provisions, as all contribute to the good performance of our part: our environment gallístico.

Pay your tickets. The box office is an important point of support to continue making these events, please make it aware of all attendees, as sources of income is limited, remember that our motto is quality.

The general public

The day of the event note that all participants consider as an example of performance, professionalism and sportsmanship in gallístico environment, so that all broiled the slogan of honesty and transparency, legality, as a decent and quality in all aspects.

If everyone who participated in this event we used intelligence as standard, we will agree that, above all, we must prevent, therefore, is worth mentioning the following:

Everyone, without exception, will be reviewed by entering the event and as often as necessary, both in their persons and in the household goods used during the event, by security personnel. People who do not agree to these measures will be invited to leave (In the event that the protesters are complete games, there will be participants reserve or company will have made provisions to this effect.)

Any action detrimental to the roosters, so to favor another team, expellable the event.

Also, without exception, prevent access to events after releasers, or amarradotes equipment whose behavior is not appropriate. The same will be done with equipment to intentionally delay the event.

Where possible, seek to be careful in our personal appearance and dress. We are to rise to the occasion.

Procedure and development of the Tournament

a) Draw

There are 18 Mexican and 18 American teams.

b) Group Assignment

The first group was comprised of the teams number 1 to 18, while the second will teams composed of the number 18 to 36. The first group is fixed, so the number matches 1 to 18 will always keep your turn fight, while in the case of teams from 18 to 36, to turn depend on which team Group 1 will touch play. The privilege of belonging to group 1 corresponds to the last Derby winner country – Mexico United States or the former Golden Rooster Tournament, that is, the country’s last winner Mexico – United States take the places of 1 to 18, in the first group (fixed).

c) Determine the number of team

The assignment of numbers (1 through 18 in group 1 and 18 to 36 in group 2) will be by lot, as bingo, to the event.

d) Scoring

All teams will play their first 6 fights in the first two days (Friday and Saturday) but on Sunday involving only those with the option to win, so the minimum score required to advance to the Round 7 is:

If the top team (s) has (n) 11-12 pts., Then the required minimum score of 6 pts.
If the top team (s) has (n) 9-10 pts., Then the required minimum score of 5 points.
If the top team (s) has (n) 7-8 pts., Then the required minimum score of 4 points.
If the top team (s) has (n) 5-6 pts., Then the required minimum score is 2 pts.

Our organization reserves the right to go to teams with the lowest score here established if and when conditions exist for it.

e) Protection rating

To prevent any collusion between teams of low scores and those with higher chance of winning, from the 7 th round in the first fights will face each other teams with fewer points. Have wildcard, will play in the first fight, for the rest of the equipment, shall be subject to the result of bingo.

f) Go to the 9 th round

The 9 th round only play those teams with the possibility of reaching the top three places.


Hotel Juriquilla: 01 44 22 34 00 00
Hotel Roosters: 01 44 22 34 05 92


MVZ. César Cornejo Castillo
Radio: 52 * 241 195 * 2
Nextel: (01 55) 17 93 07 37
Fax. (Mexico): (01 55) 58 91 15 05

Aubert César Peñaloza
Radio: 52 * 241 195 * 1
Tel: (01 44) 21 48 59 37
Fax (Qro.): (01 44) 22 16 89 39

Trade stands
Mr. Augusto Aubert
Cel: (045 44) 22 19 08 13

Ticket sales (the audience) :
Tel: (01 44) 22 16 89 39 and (01 55) 58 91 15 05

Travel agency and rental houses
Claudia Galván: (011) 52 44 21 34 22 80, Cel 44 22 46 36 92
The Golden Rooster Tournament

Our organization has always been concerned about the legality in all aspects involving the event.

The decision of the judges is considered irrevocable since we consider the moral and professionalism from them.

However we are not exempt from engaging in considering possible errors in absolute any malice there.

Our organization has very few points of support as opposed to the real business palenques organizing so we are not in a position to exercise any compensation either by the fault or any other aspect in the Derby.

Total and fully comply with the awards and proceeds according to well himself obtained through sponsorship, or discounts that we extend to them all contenders.

Derby Intercontinental Appreciates the attention given to this provision and please sign the agreement to participate in the event.

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