Mexico: Rules for Inch Knife


Below is the Google translation, so it may not be accurate. (VIA a friendly Mexican cockfighter.)

– Gameness til the End


This regulation has two primary objectives:

  • With Proper application, Prevents STDs in the sand court discretion to make Decisions and Avoid to maximize the chances of trouble Among Competitors.
  • Is that the criteria entre regions of the country unified and Malthus Should Be Facilitate the participation in Various events gallísticos.



Article 1.

The Authority is the ultimate judge of sand, and Their rulings Are final and irrevocable.

Article 2.

The judge will only seat in the arena assistant judge marry Described in this regulation.

Article 3.

It is Strictly forbidden to Anyone Other Than the judge of sand and releasers, Involved in the Development of the fight. Only They May Remain in the arena or ring, DURING the fight.

Article 4.

The species for ring-shaped or circular will Vallin

Article 5.

The arena judge will Be responsible for checking the plugs are in. That agreement “with Those Reported in this regulation, to measure the blades in the Presence of the mooring and Given the general public as well as monitoring the tied According To stipulate is made by this regulation.

Article 6.

Before the start of the fight, the arena judge the blades Must Ensure That Are Correctly and Securely tied. Otherwise if sort is required to Be Tied Correctly, to Which the crow That His opinion is Improperly wired, Will Have a time of 2 minutes to make the Appropriate correction.

Article 7.

If During The Fight That Becomes aware Any of the blades is visibly broken (Not to be confused with bent or blunt) in More Than 2 millimeters, or the thread is chipping, Must you point it out to cover release. Just as if the cover release Requesting the Change of knife or wire, the judge Must Ensure That the state arena of Them. If the razor wire is broken or chopped to the point Where the blade is loose, legalized the change, with the time to Perform it for 1 ½ minutes after by tying a knife That Place on the snack. If after the time has Not been finished tied, the judge cut the thread Leaving a length of 10 inches for tying shot Immediately. The Opposite cover release dog Also change the blade, if desired.

Article 8.

In Accordance with the Provisions of this regulation, the sand court, vested with full Authority, is Empowered and oblige to Apply HEREIN forth the penalties in September.

Article 9.

Any event or incident That During The fight is present and Was Not Covered in this regulation, Shall Be Determined at the discretion of the judge of sand.

Article 10.

Judges Must always hold to the Terms of this regulation.

Article 11.

The arena judge will Be responsible for the Development of the fight, Taking care to observe rigorously all the rules laid down in this regulation. Authorize or when to order or to let up, and suspend at Any Time THROUGHOUT That fight led to believe is Contrary to this policy. It May Also order the release key change Makes it if He Thinks His work so clumsy, or Otherwise Threatening Himself to release key, and Will Be required to cover the release INSTRUCT not does know the rules.

Article 12.

The judge seat will be responsible for:

  • Verify the weight and the presentation of the roosters in the light of the releasers, representatives or party or farm owners and the general public.
  • Announce the weight given to fighting cocks, blade size and name of the disputing parties or breeders, this color will play and any additional remarks qe deemed necessary.
  • Order is clear that the ring and careen, issued and tie the roosters, so that the public can fully realize it.
  • check the length of time according to regulatory guidelines that will make the sand court, based on these rules, and once Judge Sand issued his ruling, announced the end of each match the color and name winning party or kennel.

Article 13.

Roosters must be submitted at the time of weighing, clean pen, head and legs. Roosters will be rejected if presented with ringworm, trace fat, drugs or any other substance smeared on feathers. In the event that, during the course of the fight, a back cover release is caught administering any drug or foreign substance will be immediately suspended and will lose the fight.

Article 14.

Conventional tables are prohibited. The judge may declare filed a fight based on the provisions of this regulation.

Article 15.

The times should be marked on a clock visible to the public, which must be handled only by the judge seat, who will check the times that Judge Sand instructed.

Article 16.

The maximum duration of each fight will be of 30 minutes and run from the time they release the roosters. The judge will announce seat when it is 5 minutes to finish the fight time, letting the public and releasers there will be no change in blade and thread.

  • 15 or 20 minutes in the case of fights between breeders and 30 minutes from the first authorized by the court lifted sand, where so agreed by the participants.

Article 17.

Judges and seat arena at any time will carry badges that certify them as such. Likewise, the cover release will carry a bow with the assigned color and his cock must keep a tape of the same color superimposed on the final assembly of the knife.



Article 18.

The fights can be a compromise, by comparison, and recapping of plugs, stopper with two cocks and recap with 3 roosters.

Article 19.

Regulatory weights are from 1,800 kg to 2,700 kg

Article 20.

Roosters of 2,800 kg onwards are considered as “Capote,” “backpackers” or “free weights” and may be compared with any weight.

Article 21.

The rooster covered will be considered “free weight.”

Article 22.

The weight tolerance will be 60 above the stipulated weight. If being overweight is more than 60 grams and not more than 100 grams, the fight will be accepted on condition the rooster is armed with the right leg. Should not be allowed any weight as you fight for which the difference is greater. If a party or submit a rooster breeder lighter or heavier than that stipulated, it remains possible that is carried out to fight, have a maximum of 15 minutes to change or replace the rooster, and so do not lose the fight.

Article 23.

When two parties or breeders play every match of a session, are required to keep roosters stepped from 100 pesos to 100 grams and fight them in order of increasing weight.



Article 24.

Roosters eyed or disabled may not participate in fighting commitment. May do so only in special fights.

Article 25.

With the exception of “Capote,” “backpackers” or “free weights”, the cocks are weighed in the place of the judge seat, and in the presence of party agents or breeders, and the general public.

Article 26.

In the case of derbies and / or tournaments, the roosters must be weighed and ringed before the event begins, noting the band number and characteristics. If a competitor has an error incorrectly rooster will have 5 minutes to present pre-recorded cock assembly. In the event that a competitor seeks to change or replace a rooster fraudulently registered, you automatically lose the fight.

Article 27.

The cock must be submitted in all cases, complete with pen and reject those that occur well Roosters plucked the feathers from the breast or trimmed ruff or culled. Roosters will be accepted only with the cutting of the long tail feathers, the tips of the wings and bottomless or pen around the vent.

Article 28.

Ram counter knife, measured from the rod, may not exceed a total length of 15 millimeters (1.5 inches) in flat cut, blunt and dull.



Article 29.

Roosters will struggle with razor natural, and this should give the squad of 90 degrees, that is, sitting double loop or legs of the spoils on a flat surface, the line coming down from the tip of the blade to the base of it, will at right angles to the reference plane, with no extension on the basis of the knife. This may be one or two edges, as agreed by the participants or the notice issued by him or the organizers.

Article 30.

Are considered unnatural, and therefore unacceptable, the following knives:

  • The extension having at its base, which provides a greater length on the sheet.
  • Those whose terminals of the double loop or legs have been folded up and submit them edge or tip.
  • Those with serrated edges.

However, these knives considered unnatural may be used by mutual agreement among the participants.

Article 31.

Snacks should be natural, meaning the same thickness throughout its length, which should not exceed 1.5 cm.

Article 32.

The wire for the reinforcement or tie may be of any material, provided that the fabric is thin and flat, and its length does not exceed 3 meters.

Article 33.

The assembly is to hold or tie the snack on the leg of the rooster, the knife on the snack. The snack will be subject to the feet with no more than three turns of wire overlapping, and the rest of the assembly or tie at will moor. In the end, the thread must be covered with tape or similar to the color of the crest of the release key.

Article 34.

Once armed cocks, if one of the roosters is linked (linked means when the cock limp or leg pain of shrinking the visibly armed) shall be granted a period of 5 minutes to correct the bond, to change the razor the other leg. Now that the time was ordered to drop the fight in the condition the rooster is affected, or will fail without prejudice to fight against the audience.

Article 35.

When the roosters have been weighed, and verified that your weight is correct, the judge assigned to each cover release sand the corresponding crest, bearing the cover release it in a prominent place hereinafter referring to the color assigned roosters. The judge ordered the seat to clear the ring and order the releasers “deliver” their cocks, so the public can see them, carrying out “test.” Once this is done, is strictly prohibited to bring to the ring or Vallin cocks.



Article 36.

Once you have examined, weighed and strapped armed roosters, Judge Sand ordered to be cleared or hem Vallin, not allowing any stranger to stay inside of it and the voice of “try and open”, the releasers walk to the center of the ring seeing the face. (In the same way will present their cocks for the “screaming” each cover release is entitled to “scream” or “monear” his cock as they see fit, may claim “the monkey”, if you think appropriate).

Article 37.

Once you have “screamed” or “moneado” revised cocks and razors, releasers removed the side of the ring that corresponds to them. A voice of Judge Sand “try and open up” quickly deposited their cocks on or behind the “stripes outside”, looking to settle them properly on their feet and simultaneously, so as long as possible.

Article 38.

When a cover release, with premeditation, prematurely released the cock, the other can lift or drop. The arena judge cautioned the offender to proceed properly. However, if the loose back cover release of “outside line” that corresponds to the sand court must admonish time to do it deliberately.

Article 39.

If released the roosters were not undertaken, the releasers should raise his cock each new account and “chill” and may, as appropriate, release them as close as both parties agree, with the consent of the judge of sand.

Article 40.

If a rooster refuses to fight at the start of combat without any shock has been crossed, will rise up and test cocks. If any of them do not fight the fight was canceled, the owner must replace it with another within 15 minutes, counted from the judge ordered sand, otherwise, the affected party will lose the fight, unless the of the parties to postpone the strips at the end of the session.

Article 41.

If a rooster is disabled during the “chill” or “Moncada” or loosening before any hit crossing, the fight is postponed to the last session, but if this happens in the last fight, the owner of the rooster have affected 15 minutes to replace the rooster. Failure to do so well, he will fight his rooster under the conditions that are or will lose the fight without prejudice to the public.

Article 42.

The roosters will be released by placing them on their feet in all cases and exactly opposite each other, looking directly.

Article 43.

The release key may not move or walk around your cock, until the animals have exchanged their first hit.

Article 44.

The roosters should be released in “stripes outside, except when they have already risen twice, or by” won. “This case should be dropped” peak to peak “or” peak “in the” stripes in “. When a party is called” a win “, the judge may not issue a ruling, or to authorize the change of blade, if the roosters are not tested.

Article 45.

When releasers release their roosters in the ‘outside lines’ may use both hands, but when loose in the “striped insiders may only use one hand, taking his cock feathers back. The cover release that does not comply with this provision and use both hands to release, can be booked in the first instance. If repeated will be suspended. If you replace the cover release insists on ignoring this provision, it will fail giving the cock fight is lost.

Article 46.

The releasers for any reason they can push, hold, or throw your cock.

Article 47.

The distance that the releasers should stay on the space where “fight” the roosters, should be 2 feet, can come only to check if your knife is broken (meaning broken when the blade is truncated at 2 mm or more of its original size. (See Rule 7) If says eta broken prior permission of the judge lifted his cock up if his cock for convenience or bad faith, the judge cautioned the cover release, applied as punishment to put the cock lying and with its back against its rival.

Article 48.

Each time you breathe the time fixed by the judge or call Sandy “to win” one of the releasers, the judge will order up and go to test in the “stripes inside.” The roosters releasers should be placed with the soles of the feet at the stripe, subject to no “ladearlos” or “stumps”. For purposes of this test, the releasers must grab their cocks feathers of the back with one hand and loosen without scatter it. If any of the releasers refuses, the judge must take the cock and take it to the test. If the release key refuses to give his cock. the judge rules the fight against it, by default.

Article 49.

When the cock lock himself or any object foreign to the other rooster, release key can unlock your own, or if it deems necessary, seek the help of a court of sand. In both cases the judge will order the other to take his cock back cover release. When a cock is locked with the other, only the judge to whom the sand will unlock, but if you can not do it alone, order the releasers they hold and immobilize their cocks, which must be done without pulling, pushing, or make some movement with or without the cock that could harm the other. Once unlocked, the judge will order “a peak” at the end of time help.

Article 50.

When the roosters are down next to each other and the blade of a rooster, or both, this hidden being impossible to see if the chickens are locked, the judge, without raising the roosters, shall ensure that, if so proceed as indicated in Article 49.

Article 51.

The release key can not lift his cock, except in cases specified by this regulation. If you lift with the deliberate purpose of cutting the development of the fight, be punished by the judge suspended sand, which will last to the judge, and may even fail the fight against it.

Article 52.

A cock-eyed or blind (that resulted in the development of the fight) will be released in the tests at the “stripes in” just like a normal, or straight.

Article 53.

The releasers will clean the knife, remove blood, dirt or feathers, the beak or head of the cock, every time I get up, during the time of distress.

Article 54.

It is not allowed to clap releasers, cluck or make some other noise or movement to attract attention to the rooster, on pain of being punished according to Article 68, paragraph b).

Article 55.

If during the development of one of the cocks fight suffer the amputation of the leg navy, the cover release has the right to assemble in the other leg (mean by leg amputated when it is separated from the body or stopped only by the skin).

Article 56.

In the event that an apparent dead rooster, not substance, the release key contario rooster the rooster may request to be tested above and “chop”, for the cock “no itch” Judge Sand will fail bout “dead rooster.”



Article 57.

When you stop fighting cocks, Judge Sand ordered the judge’s seat “to put” 30 seconds. Fulfilled this mandate to raise the roosters, ordering the judge seat “to put” 15 seconds, time in which the releasers may remove the broken feathers, cleaning the head, beak, razor and legs of their respective gallo, before resuming fight.

Article 58.

Sandy only judge may order the suspension of time who are “running” when one of the releasers is called “a win” or when one or both roosters resume the fight. In the first case, Judge Sand ordered to “put” 15 seconds, and at the end of this resume the fight. In the second case only remperá account.

Article 59.

The arena judge declared lost a rooster when:

  • “background.” Means to anchor when a crow put his beak into the ground before the expiration of the count of ten seconds after the animals have been released.
  • When a rooster definitively abandon the fight by showing fled or “tail” twice.
  • If after the time of distress (15 seconds) one of the releasers refuses to prove his cock and not release it for the judge to try, you automatically lose the fight and he shall pay a penalty and can even prohibit continue dropping during the event in turn.
  • When the cock is dead, at the request of the rooster cover release not, ask for proof of the cock up and not sink as specified in Article 56.

Article 60.

Dead rooster crow beats fled. When a cock is not in condition to present fight, Judge Sand to clearly determine whether the opponent is fleeing rooster, order to bring the “cute” and she will test whether or not challenged rooster fled.

Article 61.

The arena judge declared a fight when tables:

  • The end of the limit of 20 minutes (or however long it has been determined previously), while two roosters standing or lying, if none is in evidence fled.
  • When both cocks simultaneously give background or a background and another encounter death throes (read by rales, uncoordinated movements and convulsions of death), the fight will be a draw.
  • When both cocks flee, the fight will be declared tables, but no point should not be regarded as parties, breeders, clubs and rocks, owners of the roosters.



Article 62.

The tie will consist of armed hold the knife on the snacks and the latter on the leg of the rooster. The snack will be subject to no more than 3 turns of wire overlapping and the rest of the mooring or fastening shall be distributed so as not to alter the natural shape of the snack and the gun. At the end of the jetty or subject, the thread shall be covered with plastic tape or the color of the crest of the release key.

Article 63.

At all times the release key and the rooster must be in full public view and judge of sand, keeping the cover release in a visible place the crest that has been mapped and with due regard to the following requirements:

  • Submit to judge the blade arena, the size stipulated for inspection and measured in the presence of his opponent, making sure that the characteristics of the knife by his opponent entirely consistent with the razor’s own, and submit a replacement blade, alike.
  • Arm or tie securely attached to the snacks and the crow’s foot blade, previously approved by Judge Sand, and it ensures that at the cover, this does not cause damage to the knife and also remaining in the maximum condition security.
  • During the course of the fight will always have a minute and thirty seconds to tie or hold the knife that has been approved as a change in the conditions stipulated in Article 7.
  • To behave with the necessary correction in the course of the fight, the same with the cover release contrary, the judge of sand, always respecting the instructions of the judge of sand.
  • Be aware before and during the course of the fight in the state of the blade of his cock, which, if authorized by a court change of sand, you must give the judge seat, so that any member of the public who request to review.
  • To keep at a distance of 2 meters are fighting roosters, to prevent it from interfering with the conduct of the fight.

Article 64.

The releasers have the right and obligation to verify the weight of the cock contrary, and the knife to use for the rival, as specified in Article 63, paragraph a.

Article 65.

The releasers are entitled to lift his cock for the following reasons:

  • only locks the cock.
  • break yarn (Article 7).
  • rupture of the knife (Article 7).

Article 66.

The releasers must provide to their respective self cock all the help they can to win the fight.



Article 67.

Based on the provisions of this regulation, the sand court, vested with full authority, is empowered to apply penalties, besides those already mentioned, who, in their opinion, violates any of the rules set forth herein.

Article 68.

The punishment or penalties that may apply as appropriate are:

  • The forfeiture of the match.
  • The temporary or permanent cessation to act as cover release.
  • The representative of each breeder, club, rock or party, will be responsible for the conduct of its release key, and the good reputation of the party will take good care to choose, urging him to drive with due honesty.
  • The representative of each breeder, club, rock or party must accept without protest the punishment to be imposed to cover release and in any case may make the punishment as a pretext to abandon the commitment. It is clearly established that if the punishment imposed on his release key is the suspension, must be replaced with another.



Article 69.

The organizers or the company or have the following obligations:

  • Provide knives in case some of the contestants not having the set.
  • Facilitate a rooster called or known by the name of “cute” will serve to “scream” or “bumping” the roosters.
  • Keep a bowl with clean fresh water into the arena or “Vallin for the exclusive use of releasers and cloth towels or disposable paper.
  • Make available to the judge a square seat appropriate for the judge to check sand blades.
  • Provide adequate space for the breeders, clubs, clubs or parties keep their cocks in the room where the event is verified.
  • Have the ribbons for identification of releasers, as well as different colored plastic tape to cover the wire tie.
  • Provide ID badges for both the judges and for the persons responsible for safety and order.
  • Place in a conspicuous place this regulation and provide a copy to the breeders, clubs, rock or participating parties.
  • The company should have in reserve a run of roosters of the same quality of the contending parties.

Article 70.

Under no circumstances may be taken out of the room where the cocks are sure the event to ensure commitment to the audience and the relevant authorities.

Article 71.

Any situation or incident that arises during the fight and was not covered in these rules shall be resolved according to the criteria of the barrier judge.

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