Bullang Bullang 2011 7-Bullstag Derby Starts on April 14 and Ends on May 10 from National Federation of Gamefowl Breeders (NFGB)

Bulang is another filipino term for sabong (cockfighting).

Hence, bullang is a word play on bulang and bullstag.

Guaranteed Prize P7M
Champion P3M
Any 6 Points P1.3M
Any 5 Points 1.5M
3 Points Elimination Round P1M
Handler P150000
Gaffer P50000
Entry Fee P8800
Minimum Bet P5500
Accepted Weights 1.8 kg to 2.3 kg
Submission of Weights 1 day before the schedule, 2-7 pm only
3-Bullstag Elimination, 2 points to qualify
4-Bullstag Finals
BAKBAKAN Banded Only
Local Eliminations April 14-30
National Eliminations May 3, 5
Finals 2 & 2.5 points May 7
Finals 3 points (perfect score) May 10

Get more info at NFGB and Sabong Planet.

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