Steve King (Cockfighting Supporter) and KingWatch.Org (A Website Against Him)


Hope to let others know that Steve King maybe a cockfighting supporter and it could be that he is a supporter of individual liberty too. In both cases, we need more like him to stop the liberty tramplers.

– Gameness til the End

King Watch / Cockfighting


The Facts

Steve King is actively opposing a bill now before Congress to crack down on staged animal fighting. The bill would upgrade penalties for the crime of shipping animals across state lines for staged dogfights and cockfights – contests in which the animals are placed in pits to tear one another apart for the amusement and illegal wagering of spectators.

Why? King, said he would not support any animal welfare legislation until Roe v. Wade is overturned. To outlaw animal cruelty while abortion is still legal “diminishes human life, and for that reason I will be opposing this bill.”

And, of course, Steve King is one of the favorite members of congress of the pro-cockfighting lobbying group CHETA.

The Hillbillies

Steve King’s Beverly Hillbillies
Don’t Reflect Iowa’s Values

Looks like Iowa Representative Steve King is hell bent on heading up the hill to join Uncle Jed and Jethro for a little R & R – (wink wink). You know, dem der hills where y’all can place bets on cockfighting. Ah shoot, Uncle Jed, don’t you worry ’bout havin’ no money for dem bets. I gots plenty right here, thanks to my good friends with CHETA. No Jethro, not them monkeys. I’m talkin’ about Citizens for the Humane and Ethical Treatment of Animals.

What’s that, Miss Ellie May? You thought them folks was “fur” them critters bein’ treated kindly? Well, Miss Ellie May, ain’t you just a card! Don’tchu know nothin’ ’bout how we name our PACs ’round these parts? Whaddya mean what’s a PAC? Dadburned, Ellie May, if that don’t beat all. I never knowed you had such a sense of humor! Now, what’d you say Granny done with her checkbook?

Iowa Representative Steve King has said he will not support any animal welfare legislation until Roe v. Wade is overturned. Excuse me? Isn’t this somewhat of an oxymoronic statement? I mean, King is a republican, and they’re the ones who will ensure Roe v. Wade NEVER gets overturned. (And risk losing all those single-issue voters?) I mean, let’s be realistic, folks. If they didn’t have that to use as a wedge issue, voters might (gulp) actually start paying attention to what and whom the R-Rated Party really stands for. (Sorry Uncle Jed and Jethro, but it ain’t you. Nope. Not even you, Miss Ellie May.)

Cockfighting is a popular “sport” in parts of the South, where spectators come to gamble on the outcome. Two roosters – each sporting steel blades on their legs – are pitted against each other in a dual to the end while cheering crowds applause and feast their eyes on blood.

A typical cockfight usually involves eyes getting gouged out, punctured lungs and broken wings. One-third to one-half die on their own; the fate of those still breathing is left in the hands of their barbaric proprietors.

In states where it’s illegal (that would be 48, including Iowa), backwoods participants take it underground. Yet a cockfighting bill – the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act, aimed at stemming the spread of bird flu to the U.S. – has stalled in the legislature despite support from (most of) the Bush administration and the poultry industry. In fact, three conservative Republicans introduced the bill, and the Senate version had the support of both Iowa Senators, Charles Grassley and Tom Harkin. So why the stall?

Well, for one, Rep. King is on the Judiciary Committee and is the bill’s most outspoken opponent. But why is he opposed, you ask? Why, shucks, Ellie May, your guess is as good as mine – depending on the day you ask him and who’s doing the asking – but since you brought it up… what’s that you say, Ellie May?

Hmm. You got a good point, Miss Ellie May, and you’re absolutely right about them CHETAs donating money to Steve King’s campaign. And no, I couldn’t believe it either. King later returned the money, but what is it with an Iowa congressman taking money from a group that needs some protection from a criminal act that’s illegal in the very state he’s s’posed to represent?

Well sure, it’s not quite a bribe, Miss Ellie May. But just ’cause them CHETAs have money and just ’cause you and Jethro and Uncle Jed and Granny got money and done moved to Beverly Hills, that don’t mean the rest of your kinfolk back home have that kind of money.

So no, I don’t think King opposes the bill because those ethical cockfighting folks are payin’ him to fight for them.

What’s that? You think perhaps King is opposed because he thinks it’s a state issue, then? Dang! You know what that buzzer means, Ellie May. Even though it couldda been the right answer this time.

‘Peers he said that very thing at first – you know, about such matters being left to each state and all, but then Mr. King done shot hisself in the foot when folks found out this weren’t the first time “Mista King” came face to face with this issue. Guess it came up back when King was just a spud in the Iowa legislature, and guess what? Yup. You got it. He was agin’ it then, too.

Now wait one minute, Miss Ellie May. Just ’cause Rep. King doesn’t reflect Iowa values don’t mean the rest of us Iowans are guilty of havin’ no morals. He just never found his way back once he fell over the fence.

So, since it ain’t about them donations he got, and it ain’t about the state, guess that means we need yet another new argument. Wait! I know! ‘Cause he don’t care ’bout that recent report by the New England Journal of Medicine what found most bird flu victims in Southeast Asia were folks who had direct contact with birds? And it included them who handled and groomed fighting cocks!

I mean, after all, Miss Ellie May, in one place, an 18-year-old man who raised fighting cocks already done died from avian flu! And Ag Secretary Mike Johanns – bless his heart – even expressed support for the bill during his confirmation hearings. Said that deterrin’ cockfighting could prevent the introduction and spread of exotic poultry diseases, and said the bill made sense from “an animal welfare standpoint.”

For heaven’s sake, Ellie May. Here’s a tissue. Well of course it choked me up, too! But I already done told you King don’t think any more like republicans than he does democrats. Ain’t you ever heard about Planet Kiron?

We gots to keep thinkin’ ’bout this, Ellie May. If it’s not about bein’ bribed with donations, and not about it bein’ a state thing, and it ain’t about protecting us folks from bird flu neither, then what? Wait! I know!

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