National Federation of Gamefowl Breeders (NFGB) Inc Stag Screening Rules – Adopted 10 March 2011

I edited the feet marking list as it got several duplicates in the hardcopy given to me by NFGB during the wing banding of my cockerels aka stags.

It is best to use binary numbers to list complete combinations (i.e. 0000-1111 for feet markings and 000000-111111 for feet and nose markings):

– Gameness til the End

National Federation of Gamefowl Breeders (NFGB) Inc Stag Screening Rules – Adopted 10 March 2011


The National Federation of Gamefowl Breeders (NFGB) Inc. is adopting the forgoing Stag Screening Rules to ensure the holding of fair and honest derby.

  1. The following are qualified for banding:
    1. Members of game fowl breeders associations, affiliated with NFGB,
    2. Members who participated in previous BAKBAKAN,
    3. Members in the banding list of local president / NFGB.
  2. The breeder will be banded only by the association who has jurisdiction in the area where his farm is located.
  3. Members from other associations maybe be banded and accommodated under the protocol of the association in the area.
    1. Under the above stated protocol, the accommodated breeder must pay a banding fee and full entry fee of BAKBAKAN.
    2. The accommodated breeder must join one entry in the eliminations of the accommodating association otherwise, the deposit will be forfeited.
    3. Communication or request for said accommodation must be relayed by his mother association to the association in charge of the area on or before March 20, 2011.
    4. Failure to comply with the above protocol is a ground for suspension of his priviledge to be banded in the next season.
  4. Breeders banded by NFGB, wherever he was banded, shall undertake to join at least one BAKBAKAN eliminations derby hosted by his own association, or lose eligibility to be banded in future seasons.
  5. Accommodation banding among associations shall be allowed only within the following geographic regions: Luzon region, Visayas region and Mindanao region.
  6. Screening and banding of cockerels starts simultaneously in all association beginning April 1 of each year. The board may move said date for practical reason.
  7. The local association prepares the schedule of farms for banding on the daily basis.
  8. The NFGB Advisory Banding Council prepares the master working committee deployment schedule based on available resources and practicality.
  9. NFGB BAKBAKAN wing bands, Stag Registry and approved NFGB pliers are to be used during the banding period.
  10. NFGB to send the wing bands, Stag Registry and pliers to the local association one (1) week before the scheduled screening.
  11. Sample wing bands sealed by assigned pliers must be kept by NFGB together with the records.
  12. All original copies of the stag registry, un-used stag registry and wing bands including deformed must be returned to NFGB by the local president within 2 days after banding.
  13. Biosecurity Protocol: Upon arrival in the farm, the Banding Team to:
    1. Park the vehicle outside the farm. If allowed entry to the farm premises, ask farm representatives to disinfect tires of vehicle at the entrance of the farm
    2. Step on footbath
    3. Clean hands & foot ware
    4. Disinfect the wing banding pliers and wing band and
    5. Again, to clean hands and footwear before leaving the farm.
  14. The Pre Screening procedure in banding is as follows:
    1. Greet the farm representative, introduce the team and state the purpose of the visit.
    2. Clarify with farm representative the wing banding rules specifically the “four – four criteria”, the maximum allotted cockerels for banding and the time allotted for banding.
    3. The maximum number of cockerels that may be banded is based on the banding list given by the local association which is based on entry participation of the preceding BAKBAKAN event.
      1. 75 bands maximum for new members
      2. 100 bands maximum allotment if with one entry
      3. 200 bands maximum allotment if with two entry and
      4. 300 bands maximum allotment if with more than three entries.
      5. However, the local president may approve allotment based on certain conditions provided that there are sufficient bands for all his members.
  15. The Screening & Banding procedure is as follows:
    1. Only cockerels with four (4) original primary feathers on both wings shall be qualified for banding.
    2. Cockerels without the four primary feathers one either wing shall be rejected.
    3. Only NFGB certified / authorized banding representative may assist in recording.
    4. NFGB will band cockerel that passes the NFGB criteria regardless of any band attached to it.
    5. Two and not only one NFGB representative coming from different NFGB member association must be always be present during banding.
    6. As soon as the cockerel passes the screening, the screener reads the description of cockerels and its assigned wing band.
    7. The bander must advise the recorder of the starting wingband number for the first cockerel.
    8. The bander must ensure that they regularly checks with the recorder every after 10 cockerels.
    9. Member of the screening committee is not to band his own cockerels.
    10. Deformed bands must be replaced during banding.
  16. The Recording procedure is as follows:
    1. Stag Registry Records is the sole property of the National Federation of Gamefowl Breeders Association. No individual is allowed to use these records without written consent and permission from NFGB.
    2. It is the responsibility of the recorder to fill up completely the stag registry and see to it that the writing is legible up to the fourth copy.
    3. The recorder must write the abbreviations for the following descriptions:
      Description Abbreviation
      Color of Feather
      Red R
      Grey G
      White W
      Black Bk
      Dom D
      Blue Blue
      Pumpkin (Gold) P
      Spangles S
      Brown Red Br
      Color of Shanks
      Yellow Y
      White W
      Green G
      Blue or Black B
      Dirty Yellow DY
      Dirty White DW
      Sota S
      Comb Description
      Pea P
      Straight S
      Markings in Nose
      Left Nose L
      Right Nose R
      Double Nose D
      No Mark
      Markings on Feet
      Left In LI
      Left Out LO
      Double Left DL
      Right In RI
      Right Out RO
      Double Right DR
      Out and Out OO
      In and In I-I
      Four Webber 4W
      Double Right Left In DRLI
      Double Right Left Out DRLO
      Right In Left Out RILO
      Right In Double Left RIDL
      Right Out Double Left RODL
      Right Out Left In ROLI
      No Mark
  17. Tampering of wing band is punishable by expulsion from the membership of NFGB. The breeder, the entry owner and or the financier shall be both responsible for this action.
  18. The local association provides a decent accommodation & P250 per diem of the banding team.

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