Asociación Rajah Murgh, Asil Boricua


I edited MC’s post a little and might have misunderstood it. So take this with a grain of salt.

– Gameness til the End

Asociación Rajah Murgh, Asil Boricua


From the late 50 to the present time the Asil in Puerto Rico had suffer a big change not only in body conformation but in gameness and class. The ASIL was only use for crossing into the naked fowl. Thanks to our Cuban brothers they were now as cornish. That is the way the Cuban call them.

But all this change in 1990 with the first educational competition in La Muda in Caguas Puerto Rico. Thanks to J. Roman, N. Cartajena, myself and the La Muda Club we have the first friendly competition and exposition of orientals.

In 1991 we have our second event in the same place but this time was a serious one. Money was involved.

In 1992 I went to Oklahoma to compete in an Asil and Oriental competition. As you see the asil was changing from a gamefowl to cross with to a combat gamefowl.

In 1993 the Asil Club was founded, for the preservation and development of the classic asil or Rajah Murgh.

In 1997 the Asociación Rajah Murgh was created and that group bring with them the key for the true Metamorphosis of the Asil in Puerto Rico. And that what rules to be used. We continue to use the same standard created by the Asil Club for the Rajahs. But we developed a better standard for the asil.

The Boricua Asil with this new set of rules become better fighters with more stamina. They are head and neck hunters.

Genetics of Rajah Murgh of Puerto Rico

The sizes are small to medium about 4.8 to 6.8 pounds. The strains are almost the same one as South America Rajah Murgh with Rampuri, Pakistani, and Atkinsons. The Rajah is almost South American over 75 percent and the rest are of Rampuri or Atkinsons.

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