Veterinary Health References

During my elementary or high school days, I came upon the PPD (Philippine Pharmaceutical Directory) and self medicate myself with stronger drugs by asking our school doctors to write prescriptions of my new found drugs instead of their recommendations. I also used PPD for our gamecocks since. Even now I usually used human drugs and supplements instead of the recommended poultry drugs and supplements.

But my desire to learn more about health of poultry and gamecocks led me to get these two books that are for animals.

1. Merck Merial Manual for Pet Health

2. PPD’s PVET (Philippine Veterinary Drug Directory)


Although some gamecock vet med companies do not put their listings in PVET, you will at least get an idea what other poultry or gamecock vet med companies are offering.

Here’s PVET Quick Look at Its Table of Contents

PART 1 Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, Biologicals & Diagnostic Products

  • A. Anti-Infectives
  • B. Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
  • C. Antiparasitic Drugs
  • D. Antiseptics, Disinfectants & Environmental Products
  • E. Biologicals & Immunologicals
  • F. Diagnostic Aids & Supplies
  • G. Gastrointestinal Drugs/Rehydrating Agents
  • H. Genito-Urinary Drugs
  • I. Hormones, Hormone Antagonists & Related Drugs
  • J. Nervous System Drugs
  • K. Respiratory Drugs
  • L. Vitamins & Minerals

PART 2 Veterinary Nutritional Products

  • M. Acidifiers
  • N. Complete & Concentrate Diets
  • O. Flavors, Taste Enhancers & Pellets Binders
  • P. Growth Modifiers
  • Q. Preservatives
  • R. Special Ingredient/Nutrient Preparations
  • S. Supplements
  • T. Toxin Binders
  • U. Veterinary Supplies

Check what are the reference directories available in you country and what are the Pharmaceutical companies serving your country.

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