American Revolution Today As Experts and Activists Sees It

All of these videos are about American Revolution today or in the near future. But they are talking about different American Revolutions. Some about Rights. Some about Financial. Some about Identity. Some about Culture. Some about Politics.

You can see, we, the American people, has a lot of problems right now that will need to be resolved for us to continue what our Founding Fathers started.

As most of blogs here are about Individual Liberty which were lost by Real Americans when the liberty tramplers succeeded on legislating new laws that are unconstitutional and oppressive.

I support all individual liberties and here is a partial list.

  • cockfighting
  • hunting
  • fishing
  • bullfighting
  • dogfighting
  • horse racing
  • pigeon racing
  • dog racing
  • dog sledge race
  • falconry
  • laboratory animals
  • polygamy
  • sex industry
  • same sex marriage
  • cousin marriage
  • child marriage
  • drug
  • human cloning
  • genetic modification
  • cyborg

My American Revolution is about Individual Liberty. What is yours?

poultry gamefowl chicken gamecock

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