The liberty tramplers (aka animal rights lobbyists) might accused these boys of animal cruelty

These boys reminded me of myself. How I chased these chickens until they are tired and just try to hide due to exhaustion. I grow up around chickens (gamecocks), pigs, geese, water buffalos, cattle, and dogs. We raise them from young until they are given away, butchered, sold, and in case of gamecocks either die in the cockpit or become one of the chosen few brood cocks to propagate their genes to the next generation.

The liberty tramplers (aka animal rights lobbyists) might accused these boys of animal cruelty. These bunch of misfits… err lawyers do not have anything to do but brainwash young minds. If you are still of young age, I hope you grow up with your own intuition of how things are. Just think, these domesticated animals are properties of the farmer. No one must interfere with the farmer action towards his animals. Even the law and the constitution is on the side of the farmer. Nevertheless, law makers and judges are writing and interpreting laws according to their own minds and not abiding with the constitution and the bill of rights and amendments. What are these people trying to make of this world?

Cockfighting in the United States of America will be back and will be stronger. And it will signal the change of time.

I am sure that all of you liberty advocates out there are thinking that a LIBERTY REVOLUTION is due in the United States of America. You may leave me a message so that we can organized better. I am proposing that we create an UNITED NATIONS OF LIBERTY as the UNITED NATIONS is not up for its name anymore. Too much democratic and bureaucratic process. Too much economic agenda. We live to enjoy life. Not a political one nor financial one. Just enough money to buy food and shelter, to share our wealth with our neighbors, and to enjoy our chosen past time.

And cockfighting is the battle cry of our liberty revolution. And we will conquer all liberty trampling laws and stereotypes on drugs, sex, child marriages, cousin marriages, same sex marriages, polygamy, genetic modified foods, animal use, animal sports, animal cruelty, human cloning, cyborgs, human genes engineering, and many more.

– an individual liberty activist, 4 February 2011

PS. Even a day old chick is tasty when deep fried just like wild birds we used to shoot down in our parcel of land with air gun and sling shot. Yes, dogs are tasty too but I only like the grilled skin which are diced then marinated in good vinegar.

poultry gamefowl chicken gamecock

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