Join to Win $454,545.455: Tomorrow Is March National Federation of Gamefowl Breeders Wing Banding for BAKBAKAN 2011 10-Stag Derby Starts

… on April 1 and ends on April 15.

Hope this got to you in time as March will start tomorrow and it will be over in no time. Get a chance to fight your gamecocks at one of the most competitive derby in the Philippines – BAKBAKAN 10-Stag Derby in September to December 2011. It is expected to be participated by about 4000-5000 cockfighters from all over the Philippines.

This is for chicks hatch from January to March. And last week of December. Most surely to be banded are those hatched after January 15. Check out our next article about NFGB stag screening.

The guaranteed champion prize is P20M last year. Another P15M are for the runner ups and straight wins. For a total of P35M. That is $795,454.545 if the exchange rate is P44 to a dollar.

The entry fee is P15,000 with P5,500 minimum bet each fight in the provincial eliminations and semifinals. P11,000 minimum bet for each fight in the national championships.

This is just like hacking your gamecock at your local cockpit in terms of budget to fight a cock.

Let’s do some math.

P15,000 + (P5,500 x 6 stags) + (P11,000 x 4 stags)

P15,000 + P33,000 + P44,000

P92,000 = $2,090.90909

P20,000,000 / P92,000


Let’s compare with World Slasher Cup budget and prize

P66,000 + (P33,000 x 8 cocks)

P66,000 + P264,000

P330,000 = $7,500

P12,000,000 / P330,000


Let’s see how much more.

217 / 36


So it is no brainer that joining BAKBAKAN is more lucrative in bigtime derby and even compared to hackfights at a local cockpit.

Get more info at NFGB and Sabong Planet.

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