Peru: International Regulation Pico Cockfighting World Association


Original Spanish Posting is courtesy of Lic. Ricardo Pedraglio Flórez (via email).

Below is the Google translation, so it may not be accurate.

– Gameness til the End

International Regulation Pico Cockfighting World Association

Breeders of Fighting Cocks
Coliseo de Gallos The Rose Garden
(Lima, Peru)


Gratitude to Do Gamecock fans who consider ourselves at some point we have given some time to analyze how much we owe to cock?

If you have not done that we should, to find in an exponent of moral values.

He has remained pure and intact from the beginning to our time have never obeyed dishonesty or closed.

Is an example of courage and bravery and gallantry presence of clear decision and mystical attitude your life will always be the least cares to defend their rationale.

These virtues should be taken into account now that moral values are scarce in ordinary society and in our hobby.

Eliminating careadores will be the best support for our dogs, it beats the cock crow.




They have free entry to the arena of roosters, people, officials and authorities because of the high representative offices and exercising are indicated in Articles 284, 285 and 287 of the rules of municipal events.


Ensure the performance the audience of at least 6 fights in 12 fights regular meetings and special events, otherwise the administration will provide a free pass to a meeting of the kind in which this requirement was not met .


“It must provide the tools necessary to perform as a scale cockfighting, bells, tape, alcohol, clock, stopwatch, etc. so it should be possible using the laboratories, and other reagents.


Must adequate facilities to enable farmers bearing deposit roosters for competition and whose number shall not be less than 50% of average fights that is usually done in that arena.


Maintain the cleanliness and beautification of the arena and coliseum toilets having regular fumigation and after each event.


You must provide the means of security, guardianship and first aid at no cost to attendees Coliseum


“It must provide support for the court, maintain order and discipline to work closely with the implementation and enforcement of the provisions and penalties that apply under this regulation


must require the presence of the forces for maintaining public order and clear access routes into the ring, without which the judge did not authorize the beginning of fights.


will not allow entry into the arena of minors were not accompanied by their parents or take responsibility for them. It also should prohibit the entry of people who are serving a disciplinary sanction.


They should give preferential seating breeders who are distinguished for their outstanding and continued involvement in the fighting cock


must prohibit entry to the arena vendor, minors and persons with visible signs of intoxication.


It must prohibit the introduction of the ring bottles, glasses or any other kind of objects that can jeopardize the physical integrity and safety of the public.


Ensuring that for any reason the public to occupy the arena, doors and corridors of access.


This obligated to post these rules in a visible and accessible to all fans and stakeholders to be consulted as they see fit.




To be a judge is required:

  • Being an active citizen.
  • Prove good behavior
  • Understand, interpret and apply the rules to know
  • Owning appointment of Judge


The judges shall be recorded by the city council for each location in the order chosen from the shortlist.

ORGANISING THE DIRECTORS OF THE WORLD ASSOCIATION OF FARMERS, report such findings to the council through their respective subsidiaries, should not exist, the farmers carry out a commission to fight their roosters in this arena.


The last two Fridays of the month of April will proceed to the registration of candidates for judge in this arena. Then shall vote to elect the slate of judges. Voters will be the contractors of the coliseum and a group of regular fans to the Coliseum the rose garden at no less than number six.


The judges may be reappointed by the procedure described in the preceding articles.

Judges must be submitted properly dressed and possibly a fotocheck be credited on the flap, indicating their name, category and status.



The judge is the ultimate authority of the Coliseum from initiation to culmination of the meeting. Its judgments rendered pursuant to this regulation have binding

The judge is due respect and consideration that his endowment will appropriate.


To maintain order, respect and good manners. Provide for kept clear and unobstructed access to the arena to ensure comfort and safety of the public.


Require the coliseum manager, before starting the fights and during the course of the same to keep the ring in top

Cleaning and maintenance conditions.


intervene and resolve complaints arising between the public gambler.


Do not allow people betting notorious drunk because in no case be valid.



“The judges in exercising their powers can not make bets on whether or through third parties, otherwise shall be punished with current maximum penalty.


“The judges can not assemble in the fighting cocks to arbitrate or referee fights in which roosters involved in which they have interests.


Art.26 .

The sanctions that judges are subject to this infringement

Rules are:

  • Warning
  • Suspension
  • Dismissal

These penalties will be given by the organizing committee along with two amateur breeders chosen by lot, after agreeing post and advertise the penalty

Art.27 .

judges are admonished:

  • For tardiness.
  • For personal impropriety
  • For poor or incorrect application of rules.
  • By mishandling the public.


“The judges will be suspended

  • By protester biased attitude.
  • For willful misconduct in the performance of duties
  • Inexcusable negligence in the performance of its function
  • For relapse into the faults referred to in the preceding article


“The judges will be removed when the faults referred to are repeat in the preceding article or the lack of extreme gravity.




blind and / or obvious signs of disease (ringworm, smallpox, lying, etc..) Just as bushings or despichados not be allowed to heavy, the judge must order the immediate withdrawal of the ring.


defined for each event schedule (start and end) and as the maximum of the fights. Suggested term when the time is 00:00 so the organizers have set the start time fights according to the number of fights agreed or you want to perform.

The role of fights be displayed in a conspicuous place.

Under no circumstances accept interim fights unless special design foreign delegation or honored in turn.


The fights may agree in two categories:

  • Weight.
  • Weight and collated.

Heavy were made on time and by lot if a party or concentrations suggest the use of two or more scales properly calibrated

After weighing the judge will put a numbered seal under the wing or numbered sticker on the right leg for easy identification at the time of fight, avoiding possible changes in roosters.


Al agree the court shall hear a fight in a security deposit cash shall be twenty (20) suns and fifty regular meetings (50) soles special events this warranty being part of the box play the rooster. If one party has refused to carry on the fight or delayed initiation or committed serious misconduct, as provided in these rules, the judge shall indemnify the other party having made it guarantee delivery.

Note: The security deposits were readjusted periodically.


agreed fights from entering the jar and will be registered by judges, numbering according to the applicable drawing. Recorded the numbers assigned to the roosters as Article 36, the color weights and characteristics, shed or breeder name and place of origin to be the case. Providing that, having agreed the ticket of the fight in the jar to participate in order to fight drawing participation in the event is of a mandatory, otherwise you will lose the deposit being delivered this l container.

If the two desist from making the fight, they will lose their deposits being the organizer of the event.


Before each fight the court convened for farmers ratification of weights and roosters. If one of them was struck by change

Rooster and the judge finds the fact, apply the penalty referred to in Article 33.

If during the ratification of the weights and cock one of them was injured or cover release death by negligence, the court shall compensate the other party providing you do guarantee delivery if the rooster is wounded and the total amount of cash if the rooster dies or is disabled for life.


Ratified the fight and before the judge started the fight review carefully to the roosters and be reviewed and cleaned with cotton soaked in alcohol or ketone head legs and wings neck spurs. If noting the existence of suspicious substances aside the fight and punish the offender as a serious offense by suspending it in every competition and underArticle 33.The organizers or organizing committee were brought to the implementation of a laboratory for the arrest of those errors. The organizers in due course to provide information for implementation laboratories in various arenas.


The judge recorded in place visible and announce the information on the fight of the day, owner pesos, color, box and as deemed necessary and as well as color identification using tapes or tarsi legs of roosters


“Everything cock


be brought to the arena to fight should be weighed by the judge who numbered as provided in Article 32 it. The weight of each cock shall be recorded in a form and the ticket which will be registered, in addition to weight the following:

  • Number assigned to the judge seal or sticker.
  • Warehouse owner or that owns the rooster.
  • Color of the rooster.
  • Fight in which he plays.
  • Agreed amount of cash.
  • Security deposit.

The fight will be approved for all purposes when the maximum difference weights between two roosters to fight is as follows:

In the category of weights:

  • Up to 4 pounds 15 ounces …………….. 2 ounces.
  • Since most ………………….. 5 pounds to 3 ounces.

When the weight difference between two roosters to fight more than indicated

The judge authorized the consent of the breeder fight at a disadvantage

publicly announcing the difference in weight before the fight. Limit

category is set by the cock of greater weight.



Cockfighting will be directed by a judge who will have the help of substitute judges and in their absence by a clerk.


To maintain the continuity of the fights and streamline the show time of season, the judges granted a tolerance of three minutes start the next fight, after the deadline will apply to the infringing provisions in Article 34. The fights are on threes.


The fights have an effective duration of 15 minutes, unless the

According to organizers farmers have less time in which case can not be less than 12 minutes.


“If one of the cocks shun the fight within the first minute fight, the visibly injured and the judge issue declaratory judgments lost, the owner lost the case and voiding the betting public.


After the first minute of fighting the judge will ring your bell saying out loud that the fight is at stake for all purposes.


“There will be no careadores


only exist at the beginning of the releasers fight. The judge shall verify the roosters before the fight with a rooster tester if they are fit to start the fight.


To start the fight the judge ordered are released simultaneously roosters facing each other, with established brands separating two meters taken from the wings and chest by the releasers. In coliseum in boxes which have releasers, the use of this system, provided should be spaced two meters.

The withholding or push the cock shall be punished by a fine the judge owner of the rooster is approximately 10% of the case and the expulsion of cover release of the ring for that day. If the owner does not want to pay, it is claimed lost the offending rooster and lose the case, the fine or the case as the case will be delivered to the owner of crow hurt.

If one or both roosters refused to be undertaken after 30 seconds, the judge ordered them up and after further inciting the fight will be again released.


started the fight can only be broken:

In the case of the provisions of Article 45.

If one of the roosters spur drives his own after 15 seconds, are the judge and an assistant to unhook and release them again spur the

Roosters face to face in the center of the ring.

If both cocks are hooked or entangled in the wings or legs, after 15 second are the judge and his assistant who disengage the roosters and released face to face in the center of the ring.

If a rooster poked somewhere spur of the opponent, the judge was 15 seconds, after which accompanied by his assistant to disengage

Roosters and will drop back into the center of the ring.

If broken or turned spur of the base, the judge shall notify the cover release or owner of the rooster in question and this will have 1 minute to decide whether does or does not change by making him known to the judge concerned.

For rotates spur change 4cm cane should spur 5cm and 5cm if 6cm spur after verification by the judge. It may make one change per rooster during the fight. The judge will make the rooster

Broken Spur and order their return. When changing any container spur may take his cock during the fight, the rooster will be taken by the assistant judge during the corresponding spur change. Neither

Participants will sharpen his spurs. If the participant shall be punished and expelled from the arena.

During the first and last-minute fight you can not change the spurs.

The shoe will have 3 minutes to change the spur, after this time, the judge and his assistant will release the roosters and so the fight will be restarted under conditions in which they are located. At the time of change spurs only be allowed to enter the ring the owner (owner) and assistant.


The cocks fight with their own weapons or additional spurs artificial: be made of plastic, bone, fiber, tortoiseshell or tooth sawfish. The weapons did not exceed 5cm, measured at the helm of cock cocks up to 4 pounds 9 ounces and up to spur measured at the helm of the rooster, for

Roosters 4 pounds 10 ounces more.

“The organizer exceptionally


may vary the order of the fights, basis of national or international events. Agreeing to provide facilities to visitors more representative.

The judge will


claims heights owners roosters as regards the preliminary acts and the development of the fight and decide on the facts immediately.


“The court shall hear the allegations and claims of order, and bets groups, after hearing the witnesses, if any, resolved to trial supported by the discipline committee, if any.



constitute grounds for losing the fight:

THE ABANDONMENT OF FIGHT, if in doubt drop and will use the rooster tester which will be a small cock with gloves and the color preference ajiseco which will be released in the center of the ring with a test cock 30 cm. There must be tested in more than three occasions. After cock test run will be declared (not necessary the three evidence if the judge finds that fled), if it were not continue fight, you can repeat the test at another time, if necessary

Provided that when a rooster jump on the ring and throw the opponent, the judge will tell you immediately the cock down, the minute regulatory making use of the watch. The judge will keep their hands on the cock jump ring, if the rooster cast will rise, the judge will to fight the roosters again. To shun the cock fight jump will be declared lost.

HELPLESS WHEN, ie without kicking standing at the mercy of hand for a minute straight, in which his opponent has the been punished with legs frequently during that minute, this test shall be made on the last 2 minutes, with the objective of making uniformity in relation to the time that must elapse from the punishment ceases until you can set your watch to the tables. The judge must inform aloud the beginning of counting the missing.

WHEN CAST, resting on both knees or on your body for a consecutive minutes instead stand-in, if the rooster who is on during that minute walk would not have punished the rooster legs cast, that should be tested for cowardice, should pass

Test won the match, otherwise cast wins the rooster, lying or dead.

Provided that if a rooster when lying, your opponent will punish the feet, to break the account it has to stand and fight, this is not applied at the last minute regulatory, in which case you just have to to break up the account.



When reaching its final regular time duration of fighting, none of the two roosters have been reported lost.

When in the course of the fight both cocks are thrown for a minute resulting row or both roosters escaped.

When in the course of two roosters fight to stop fighting or be separated by a minute, in which case they are put to the test both if both cowardice and fight or flee the fighting both tables will be declared


If during the last minute, one of the roosters to lie down, the judge immediately tell the minute regulation. If in the meantime rings official clock bell indicating the end of regulation of fight, the judge shall disregard this notice will continue telling the minute regulations. If the sound the clock counting the minutes regulatory the cock remained lying, the judge declared lost the rooster cast.

Provided that stopped the Frenchman missed, after finishing time regulatory fight, p ero regulatory minutes before it will be declared table. The proof of cowardice will only be necessary. If the rooster standing evidence of cowardice. The term of the fight will be extended to include the seconds needed to complete the minutes of regulation and

While the judge later in the test of cowardice.

If, during the last minute of the fight one of the roosters jump on or off the ring, the judge proof of cowardice effected for if while the judge carries out this regulatory process clock bell rings official judge to submit to both test cocks cowardice and give sentence.

If at the time of 1 minute for tables, one of the cocks to lie down or dies, it stops counting tables and starts counting from 1 minute to loss after the test is declared the winner cowardice cock stay standing.


It is in the first minute of fighting, when the rooster is dead, kicked or lying as it drops in which case you count 15 seconds, after which declare it lost the cock and get up after the count.

Under no circumstances may lift the rooster in the first minute of fighting.

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