The Best Chick Cockfighting I Witnessed

We got these two male chicks from different sources. One stag is a single comb and green shank. The other stag is pea comb and white shank. They were about a week old.

After a week at our place, we were holding them as they will eat from our hands. Separately. After they were finished feeding, we let them loose for them to walk around.

The two male chicks approached each other then the best chick cockfighting I witnessed to this day happened.

Both of the male chicks got a strong bill hold and sit on their tail and unleashed multiple blows for the longest time it seems. Longer than our cocks. Perfect execution than our cocks. And they looked like a mirror of each other. It seems the two male chicks have choreographed and synchronized their fight – the longest synchronized shuffle of all time for me.

The two male chicks do not have feathers on their backs and breast yet. Just their wing feathers have grown and not green anymore. About two weeks of age.

We broke them up immediately and did not bother to engaged them any further. Thinking they could not repeat the same performance. And that preserve in our minds their great ability to punish their opponents even at this young age.

The pea comb and white shank was shredded by our dog when it got loose from the chain. At around 5-6 months of age, he looked like a lacy roundhead when he died. (The dog was butchered not a long while after.)

The single comb and green shank was never fought as we have better fighting cocks to fight. So he was bred over to our hens in our yard but never thought we got to fight his offsprings. He looked like a blueface.

That was their story. They were great chicks. One died before turning. The other died of old age. We had the pleasure of their greatness even not as a cock.


This greatness was witnessed by two other people namely my Papa and my Uncle.

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