Whole Grains: Rice, Corn, Oats

I have heard a lot of puns about whole grain rice, whole grain corn and whole grain oats as the only feed for gamecocks. These came not only from the younger generation of cockfighters but also from old timers. These may come from their own experiences and observations. Or, are these the result of short term memory and of formulated feed marketers?

Rice, Corn, Oats.

One of these whole grains used to power the best gamecocks. Most are unknown to me personally but history and manual books mentioned Oats. Oats power the american gamecocks in the past.

Several were fought successfully by my ancestors (team owners and team mates as cockfighting is a sports). I feed only rice or corn when I was a child until high school and we are against “modern feeders” cockfighters most of the time.

Currently, I am feeding it to some of my chicks and adult gamecocks to retain the knowledge of its usage as the price of formulated feed is getting very expensive and ridiculous. That I can see one day, corn or/and rice whole grains will be my sole feed for all my gamecocks of any age again. Just like my ancestors (and myself) in the past.

Why is it forgotten now?

Formulated feed marketers programmed cockfighters that their products are better and essential to our success and our gamecock success. It is logical as it packs more nutrients for the same weight of feed. Easily digestible. More absorbable. We can have a game stag when he is 5 months old as his body is well built already. We can fight them early as 6 months, which we did, instead of 9 months.

Popular uses today?

Most of the experienced champion cockfighters today, might use one of these three whole grains in the final days of conditioning through the last hours of pointing, which popularly known as carbo-loading (Carbohydrate Loading).

Unknown to most.

Whole grains of rice or corn are the only feed from chick to death of some of the most game aseels I have known personally. Not ten years ago but today. These aseels will fight for more than three hours as they are game to the core even when dead exhausted. These aseels are lean and mean, not an ounce of fat in their gut. Actually they are thinner but lots of power.

One of these grains are the feed of choice by rural farmers with free range chickens. I sometimes pick some of the aces from these free range chickens as my ancestors used to.

ROI? Rice vs Corn vs Formulated Feed or Mixed Imported Grains

In the Philippines, whole grain rice is P12 per kilogram (per 2.21 pounds) and whole grain corn is P10 per kilogram (per 2.21 pounds). The cheapest formulated feed (intended for commercial poultry) is P17-19 on retail price. The most popular formulated feed (intended for gamecocks) is P32-50 on retail price. Roughly we can say that it is 1 vs 2 vs 3. That is 100% more expensive to buy the cheapest formulated feed. That is 200% more expensive to buy the popular formulated feed.


Feeding is an art and a science. Anything you chose within your budget (and time period too) will do. You just need to know how much and how often do you feed. Hold your warriors (males and females) at least once a day (especially when you change your feeding). Looking at them is not enough.

So do not laugh at someone using one of these three whole grains. Just try fighting against them. You will see that some cockfighters who knows the virtue of these grains will be hard to beat. They know feeding (and sure selection too).

For an adult gamecock, these whole grains will maintain their body weight even when fed by someone who does not know chickens. Do not get me wrong, one of these grains is the sole feed for chicks, stags, pullets too as I mentioned above.


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