The cockfighters of Oklahoma are waking up, standing up and speaking up, we’ve got our legislators attention and they are listening


But I beg to differ on author’s view on prostitution, gun, and drug.

I support prostitution as an individual liberty but not as a slavery and human trafficking activities.

I also support drug as an individual liberty. California is becoming open to the idea when it first made an excuse for medical marijuana as legal. I hope CA will broaden its legal drugs to other narcotics.

I also support gun ownership for high power guns. As we are up for a liberty revolution just like we did in the revolutionary war and civil war. I always think of Waco, we will never know if they are guilty of anything criminal.

I have drafted a lot articles on past, present, and future revolutions in the world. People Power is one of the past, Egypt Jan 25 is one of the present, and our liberty revolution is the future.

On GBA, I do not have any personal dealings with GBAs. But I will tell GBAs to toughen their constitutional law knowledge. Also of the Bill of Rights and its Amendments. Do not hire a lawyer or a lobbyist. They maybe too technical and would just ruin your will. Stand up for yourself. You are better equipt with chicken knowledge and farm lifestyle.

I hope everyone of us, cockfighters, will continue this fight of individual liberty in public – prints, books, websites, blogs, facebook, twitter, youtube, radio, tv shows, movies, video games, and school curriculum under animal husbandry.

Remember the story about the sun and the wind. The wind harshly blew strong and he made the man shivers and cover himself.  But the sun shines gently and the man enjoys his life again. We are the sun and the liberty trampler is the wind. We just need to stay the course. And all of lost glory and liberty will be gained back.

– Gameness til the End

The cockfighters of Oklahoma are waking up, standing up and speaking up, we’ve got our legislators attention and they are listening

By Author (Anonoymous)

Hello all,

Economic studies show the gamefowl industry brought in more than $113,000,000.00 dollars a year into rural Oklahoma counties. As cockfighters are seeing the daylight at the end of the dark tunnel as we make our side of this issue public knowledge, the push to repeal the unconstitutional law is gaining ground, more and more of chicken fighters are starting to return to raising gamefowl.

They’re putting brood pens back together and raising chickens again for the first time in 6 or 7 years. A man just two days ago told me he now has over 900 baby chickens on the ground, these baby chickens need feed and water, shelter, worming, warming, vitamins and medication as necessary.

All of this creates jobs, industry and moves money across our Oklahoma economy and the legislators are beginning to comprehend the impact Oklahoma’s gamefowl industry has on rural Oklahoma.

Eight years ago the HSUS came into Oklahoma and manipulated our legislative petition laws and the urban majority to pass a law making it illegal for rural Oklahoma gamefowl owners to own and harvest our livestock. Gamecocks have been harvested by fighting for more than three thousand years it is simply the particular method of harvest for this species of fowl.

The state law against our agriculture industry is depriving rural Oklahomans of our culture and heritage, our pursuit of happiness and liberty (trampling on the very principles of freedom that America is founded on), depriving us our agriculture industry we used to supplement our incomes and feed our families. This unconstitutional law even criminalized ownership of gamecocks and stripped us of our property rights to own our livestock if we intend to harvest our livestock.

After this law was passed law enforcement officers in Oklahoma have made several raids ripping rural families apart, endangering human lives and created many situations that had the potential to result in killing someone out here in rural Oklahoma for harvesting their game chickens.

During one of these raids in Carnegie Oklahoma, law enforcement officers went in with more than 100 Officers, a SWAT unit, and a gun ship helicopter. The Police Officers were absolutely pointing loaded guns at men and women of rural Oklahoma for harvesting their gamecocks. Shoving men and women onto the ground and violating their most basic human rights over chickens. Taking  away their personally owned livestock (property) they were harvesting while trying to earn a living and provide for their families in rural  Oklahoma.

After endangering the lives of these rural Oklahomans the law enforcement officers found NO DRUGS, NO ILLEGAL GUNS AND NO PROSTITUTES the entire threat to human lives created by this raid was to defend livestock (chickens) that were simply being harvested.

I know that the animal rights extremists at the Humane Society think that endangering human lives, potentionally killing people and trampling our inalienable and Constitutional rights to defend a chicken is acceptable but I hope that our legislators are wise enough to reject that idea and will have the courage to repeal this unconstitutional law.

As far as gambling at cockfights that’s a misleading statement, there are gentlemen’s wagers (bets between two people is common) but that’s common on all sports. And the purse money is exactly the same as calf roping contests, pool, golf and dart tournaments, participants put up money to enter and the winner takes the money home it is called general prize funds not illegal gambling.

Neither can you can force, train or make gamecocks fight anymore than you can train, force or make (the BETA fish) Chinese fighting fish fight. This is just the natural instinct that God placed into these creatures (the gamecock) when he created them (it).

Thank you.

Cockfighters across America must wake up, stand up and speak up

By Author (Anonymous)

Cockfighters across America have allowed the leadership of the  gba’s to condition them to lose.

Run, hide, keep quiet and give us your money while we don’t represent, promote or defend your interests is the message of the gba’s for the last 40 years.

Take two gamecocks 24 months old and spar, them the first  time and they may be unbeatable, but spar them against each other for 10 minutes each pitting, 3 pittings each day for 30 days and you’ll have the two biggest dunghill, ducking donkey’s that ever walked.

In essence and reality you conditioned these brave, noble and unbeatable gamecocks to lose and that  is exactly what the people behind the leadership of the gba’s have done to America’s cockfighters.

The gba’s agenda has been manipulated and guided by people behind the gba’s leaders that are working with the HSUS to keep their overseas chicken peddling businesses from being shut down.

That is their only interest and right now these  big peddlers with dunghill fowl have virtually got a monopoly on the overseas gamecock market and they’ve been using the American cockfighter’s money to protect their chicken peddling to gain protection for their farms and interests from the HSUS socialistic animal extremists agenda by pressing the message “to run and hide” onto cockfighters in return for the protection while small cockfighters across America are being raided every week.

Cockfighters must dump the gba’s that aren’t stepping up and making this a public fight using the written arguments I’ve laid out in the ads I’ve written.

The HSUS and their government cronies can not publicly justify putting chickens above human lives.

America’s cockfighters must unite and stand up as groups and individuals in a grass roots movement and make our side of this argument public knowledge and that will absolutely end the HSUS attacks against American cockfighters.

Thank you.

poultry gamefowl chicken gamecock

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