Grnd Richelle Sets An All Time World Record in 2010 Bakbakan 10-Stag Derby Last December

Bagging both the championship and first runner up without a loss, RGBA’s Grnd Richelle 2 scored 10 and Grnd Richelle 1 scored 9.5 to get the Championship and Runner Up slots. That is a record very hard to beat in the cockfighting history.

Congratulations to Ralph Daquio, Gerry Garovillas, and Doc Ronnie Magbalon.

Governor Jayjay Suarez is co-champion with his Bondoc Peninsula entry.

(Not John Daquio who got 10-0 in 2008 Bakbakan and 9-1 8-2 in 2009 Bakbakan)

Bakabakan is a 10-stag derby with the format of 3-stag local elimination, 3-stag local semifinals, and 4-stag national finals. To join, there is only P15K entry fee and minimum bet per fight is P5.5K at local fights and P11K at national fights. And the Champion is to get P20M out of the P35M advertised championship prize money in the magazines and the rest goes to the runner ups. Around 3000-5000 entries expects to join every year.

The event is about 3 months starting from September to December. The stag must be January hatched or later. All chicks hatched last week of December might also be eligible to fight. Wing banding of chicks is done from February to April to make sure the fights will be among stags only. Contact local associations in your area for exact dates.

The paid prizes is published at NFGB website.


Remember this article when someone mentioned that no one dominate cockfighting events anymore. In this article there are three perfect score in a 10-stag derby – two for 2011 and one for 2010. One entry with perfect score even have a 9.5 score for their other entry. Two entries here are consistent for a few years now – getting the championship or the runner up slots.

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