Why do people want to mess with an American History?

This question was posted by FW (I will provide his really name when I got his approval).

And here’s what I wrote in reply or just an exchange of thoughts.

It is also more than 10000 years old. In China archeologists conclude that 10000 years ago there were chickens domesticated in China.

And cockfighting is Universal Sports. From China rulers and India’s rajahs. From Persians and Greeks. From Romans and Saxons. From Pacific Islanders to European Highlanders.

We are in the front of the war against individual liberties. Along with polygamy, child marriages, gay marriages, cousin marriages, sex professionals, genetically modified foods, human cloning, which are all individual liberties.

All of these endeavors were not hurting anyone but just an exercise of our freedom. To chose whatever to pursue happiness.

I have some blogs that hopefully reignite our fight our REVOLUTION in the United States of America at https://gtte.wordpress.com/.

Some of our individual liberties are recognized again in some states. Like gay marriages, cousin marriages, brothels, gm foods, and Utah is on the front of polygamy. They ought to be commendable. Private practice of polygamy cannot be stopped. It should be legal in all states.

Let’s focus on our youths as they will continue our fight for liberty in the United States of America.

Bring them to country fair to show your gamecocks. Help them become gamecock whisperer. Ask them to take care of the chicks early in their life as long as they seems to be enjoying it.

Also invite your children’s friends over to be introduced to farm life and gamecocks. They will spread our sports like fire within their immediate friends as well and to the world.

Again, we have to concentrate on bringing all our unwritten knowledge and historical references on cockfighting in print or in our own website.

Yes, I encourage you all to create your own website and blog site.

I recommend. http://wordpress.com/ or http://weebly.com/.

They are all free and are the most use website platform of all walks of life including by high technology friends of mine and large companies as well. They should be more than enough for our cause. Spread our knowledge of cockfighting in the internet. Make it child friendly and child grabbing attention.

I still need to work on some of these child points on my own web and blog sites. Child grabbing websites and blogs on cockfighting or just plain farm life. Where children learn to take care of animals from birth/egg to adult animals.

Do it now. Start your own websites and blog site.

1. open an email at http://gmail.com/ (do not use yahoo or any other; just gmail)
2. create an account (website and blog) at http://wordpress.com/ or http://weebly.com/
3. make it child grabbing and child friendly.
4. publish your blog and website in http://facebook.com/ and http://twitter.com/

Fight! We are the liberty revolutionaries today and our children will continue our fight for our individual liberties.

poultry gamefowl chicken gamecock

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